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  1. The need for light as above plus increasing discomfort from arthritis in the cold. Otherwise…
  2. Wow. What an absolute throbber. Said guitarist was lucky to not have you crack either the “improper” or “proper” bass off his bonce.
  3. Cheers for that and yeah, the Bright Onion one I use has isolated channels.
  4. Weird I was just browsing on here and a thread this old is revived! Anyhow, it did a great job, though I took it off my board a couple of months back as it started generating a load of noise through my rig. Not had the chance to properly check what’s caused it yet, but currently alternating between a TC Sub n’ Up and a Digitech Whammy Ricochet in the meantime, both of which do a decent job, though can’t do the simultaneous 5th…
  5. Seems you’ve dealt with it perfectly. Hell, you even took the time to properly consider it rather than jumping straight to it during or after the rehearsal. It’s a rubbish thing to have to boot someone, and it’s rubbish to be told it too. All you can do is be straight, non-emotional and non-confrontational, which it sounds like you were. How that’s then taken by the other party isn’t on you. Hope you get someone in who works for you all without much hassle.
  6. Different deal with what I do but I’d be lost without a split signal. I’m in a two piece bass/drums band so have a bass and ‘guitar’ thing going on through my rig. My rig is a Crown power amp and Hilbish Design Beta preamp. As both the power and preamps are two channel I use one channel for ‘bass’ and one for ‘guitar’ (which has an octave up and fuzz in the pedal chain). Each channel goes through its own cab, and I switch between either or both channels from my board. Can’t say either channel is ‘clean’ though. The signal gets hairy to blown out once the drive dial on the pre is cranked a little. That’s Sunn clones for you though…
  7. Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing the story and pics.
  8. I hate that phrase with an absolute passion. And everyone that uses it.
  9. Likely would’ve continued with rounds only but flats came as stock on the JMJ I bought. I like them (after a bit of oddness over how weird they felt initially). I have since taken them off in favour of rounds again though, but that’s purely due to flats not giving me what I wanted in my band. Will get the flats on another one of my basses some time soon I reckon.
  10. Muzz Skillings rarely gets the props he deserves for his playing on the first two Living Colour albums. Nice little bass solo on this one off Vivid. Solo around 2:20.
  11. Sounds interesting, but I also don’t think they did fretless at any point, though I’m by no means an authority. Suppose it could have been a custom order though? Really rather curious to see a pic! Re: Gary Tallent of the ESB, he’s had and played a bunch of Longhorn-style basses over the years, from Danos through Jerry Jones to custom jobs I think so likewise, if he has used a fretless one it was likely bespoke.
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