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  1. They were on a little after 8 and it was done for just on 10. Worth sticking around for the lot though for sure, they were ace. Had similar woes as live near Birmingham so up about 5 this morning to get back from Manc for work! Enjoy!
  2. Helmet last night in Manchester. They were flippin’ ace. And Page Hamilton is still rocking a pink ESP.
  3. I’m permanently on BEAD on my P and have been for 15 years or more. Never miss the G tbh, but I’ve got it on my others if I need one... Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys in answer to the question. 65-130 they are, I think. I’d never used them before getting a free restring at GuitarGuitar recently (always used Rotos), but they’re ace.
  4. I’ve canned it a few times, sometimes for a few years. It’s always worked well for me. Alternatively, have you considered (while a little left field) learning a different instrument? I did this with the uke a few years back and, maybe because I wasn’t putting any time or effort into bass, it got my love for playing bass back.
  5. I get pretty damn decent results for a ‘guitar’ signal through the aforementioned T-Rex Quint Machine (does octave up, down and 5th, all of which can be used simultaneously or turned right down). As has been mentioned it sounds weird and ‘wrong’ on its own, but with a Green Russian Muff after it in the chain sounds great.
  6. Don’t think this has been posted, and apols if so, and it’s probs a bit late but as part of their 15th anniversary celebrations GG are offering free Ernie Ball restrings this week (including the weekend I think). Call or email to book in. Lovely fella in the Birmingham store just did my Mustang. Top service and who’d say no to freebie strings, even if they’re not your brand of choice...
  7. Thanks for this. I now know which version the one I’ve recently bought on a whim is!
  8. Basses. I have a wish list for basses, amps, cabs and effects though. Difference is, for all but the first it’s for fulfilling a specific need (portability, tone, because I need x pedal for what I’m doing etc etc). With basses it’s more “I’ve always wanted one and I’ll regret it if I don’t.” I inevitably love what I’ve bought, don’t use it, move it on and continue with my tried and tested two I’ve had for years...(only exception to this thus far is my fairly recently purchased Mustang).
  9. First time I’ve done this and didn’t even manage to remember to take a proper pic so apols for quality! Anyway, started a two piece thing so got my signal split - one ‘bass’ rig (Ashdown ABM 400 into TC RS212) and one ‘guitar’ rig (Hartke HA2500 combo). Board is Korg DT-10 into an EHX Switchblade Plus... Bass then through a Malekko Assmaster and TC Ditto. Top end into a T-Rex Quint for the octave up and a bit of added fifth, EHX Pocket Metal Muff, Reissue EHX Green Russian Muff. Plan on also adding a TC Mojomojo for a non-crazy bottom end dirt option and maybe a delay somewhere in the chain.
  10. I have a Joyo branded one. Sounded very decent to my ears. Found mine to be a little on the noisy side, lots of hiss. Guitarist in my band at the time used it for a while and it sounded really good for him too. Been sat in the box since as I changed bands and board! I should give it another whirl, now you’ve mentioned it...
  11. Living Colour at The Mill in Birmingham. Playing Vivid front to back. Just awesome musicianship as always. And by God, Doug Wimbish remains an absolute beast of a player.
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