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  1. There’s a Behringer one (MX400 I think it’s called) that’s a 4 channel mixer, so more than you need, but will sort this with aplomb for less than £20.
  2. I know there aren’t many of us gigging just now but how these ABMs aren’t getting snapped up at prices like this I don’t know. Such great amps. I’ve got an ABM400 that I’ve not been using lately but with prices as they seem to be there’s no way I’m moving it on. GLWTS anyway...
  3. Think mine came out at £469 delivered. The price was lower (started at £529 I think) when they had the restock initially and that dropped further and further over a period of a few days. Then I got lucky with a 5% discount voucher too.
  4. Russian Circles. I've been listening to them loads over the last 12-18 months and massively so since lockdown and while plenty will find the whole instrumental post-metal thing lacking something I love them. Lots going on for a 3 piece too.
  5. Have to say after all the horror stories I was relieved that my purchasing experience from order to delivery was Absolutely fine. The bass? Well, I’m not sure if I’ve just been unlucky but it’s the second MIM PJ Mustang I’ve bought (12 mths or more apart) and both have had issues on delivery. On the first one (domestically purchased) the pickup selector connection was dodgy, and on this one the jack socket is faulty. Fortunately it’s something fairly minor thing so I’m fixing it myself rather than trying to utilise some/any after sales service from Bax and invoke the warranty. Seems way too much hassle given their location too. Other than that issue I’m very happy with it. It’s lighter than my other PJ Mustang, presumably due to the different bridge and tuners. Will move to number one status in my current band once I’ve sorted the little issue out.
  6. Word of caution on those All Parts replacement bridges (checked them out a little while back myself). Likely not a gamechanger, but worthy of note. From their website - https://www.allparts.uk.com/products/danelectro-adjustable-bass-bridge NB. The front two mounting holes match up with the longhorn bass bridge (BB-3810-010). However the rear mounting hole does not so adjustment to the body would need to be made if replacing the longhorn bass bridge with this one.
  7. Dang, I didn’t know the pro model was a thing. Have to say my preference would be for a ‘proper’ bridge and tuners. That said, the unconventional aspects of these basses is half the fun I guess. And I can’t complain as I picked mine up a few months back for just over £150.
  8. Also own a 90s reissue. As with previous payer find the pickups and wiring to be fine. I did look around at pickups a little a while back out of curiosity more than anything. Not loads of options out there from what I saw. There’s a Kent Armstrong Hot Lips bass set, but from memory they’re J bass pickups in a lipstick cover. Think they’re what were used on the Lakland Scheff signature.
  9. How you finding the Pessimiser on bass? I’m using a Hilbish Beta preamp and was considering adding one of these in at some point.
  10. Grown arms and legs at times this one... There are a few comments on the thread that aren’t of the sort what I’m used to reading on BC. Talkbass maybe, but not here. Stay classy you lovely lot. x
  11. The MiniMax is great for the cash. The in built tuner would be a help and there’d be no need to upgrade any time soon. The downside I’ve found with them though is the fan is bloody noisy so not ideal for home use for that reason.
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