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  1. I have one in the same colour, which also looks great with a tort guard (think I posted a pic in the short scale thread somewhere). Lots of fun to play. Agree on the quality of pickups in these vs previous MIMs I’ve experienced also. I bought mine expecting to want to swap out the P pickup at least (I generally play with the P pickup soloed) but have been really pleased with it.
  2. Even by BC GAS standards 115 is a lot of cabs. I’ll get my coat…
  3. In my experience (am in a bass & drums 2 piece myself) the sub n up is the best option for the upper octave at not much cost. The Mooer Tender is decent too. The T-Rex Quint is another, albeit slightly pricier, option and you can dial a fifth above in on that simultaneously too. Useful for this kind of thing. And, as others have said, an ABY or LS-2 before it to split the signal plus a drive of your choice and you’ll be in the general ballpark.
  4. Learned to play with fingers 30 years ago, couldn’t take to a pick so never used one. Started playing in a bass/drums two piece a couple of years ago and fingerstyle wasn’t sounding right. Shifted to a pick and from long scale to short scale at the same time.
  5. I love it when I see Sandman/Morphine mentioned anywhere. They’ll always be criminally underrated and unknown by so many. Great work!
  6. Different strokes and all that, but as I never managed to gel with fivers I’ve had one 4 string tuned BEAD for 20 years or so. All depends on how much you use the G when playing the stoner/doom stuff of course. Hell, if nowt else it’s a great reason to buy another bass! 🤣
  7. Not yet, though I do know that they really need to be making them in the tacky silver metalflake they used to use on the long scale.
  8. Strap yourself in for a likely detailed and informative response! Ace company. I love my Two10.
  9. Martin P Casey of The Bad Seeds’ Precision.
  10. This. Also, if you want ‘trad’ Mustang the PJ won’t give it you as such. I love them, but then I’ve always been a P player and weirdly struggle with a mini pickup! If you are buying new and considering the Vintera I’d also consider a used JMJ, which you could likely blag for not far off the same price as a new Vintera (at least based on Vintera prices I’ve seen lately), and are ‘roadworn’ anyway.
  11. Love sunburst. Only thing I’d say if you do go for a refin, won’t look as good as it could unless you colour match the headstock, being a Jazz variant and all… How about a gold anodised scratchplate instead to freshen it up a bit? They always seem to look cool on a SB finish where there’s a dark board…
  12. Seems a good time to link to a rig rundown. Lou’s bit is from around the 30:20 mark, should you not wish to listen to J and his socially awkward drawl!
  13. I’d suggest that’s likely more down to whoever’s done the tab. He’s pretty much always using a strumming motion that you’d expect from a rhythm guitarist. Doubt very much most of that results in single note lines. Root and fifth will get you there a fair bit of the time I’d say. Also, bear in mind he was away from the band for a long time before rejoining. Are the tabs from songs he originally played on?
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