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  1. I’m on 7 at the moment, which is the most I’ve ever had at one time. They all perform a function though. That said, I could easily be happy enough with one of them in particular. I see nothing wrong with being a ‘one bass’ player at all, particularly if you’re not playing in a band (where a backup is always a good idea). I’d be led by one thing only myself - do you LOVE any of your current three? If so you may regret moving it on. If you just, well, ‘like’ them all and don’t feel massively attached then personally I wouldn’t hold back from going for it.
  2. Fancied a scratchplate change. Don’t think the mint green did much for the colour of the bass. The red tort works better to my eye. Looks less bland if nowt else...
  3. Have dabbled in a live setting and may go back to it. The TC Ditto is a decent starting place, or at least I found it to be. Very easy to use and that’s the best thing you can have in a first looper I reckon.
  4. Durst is a real teacher. This was another gem of his of course. Thanks for the ‘math’. One, two, three times two to the six Jolts in for your fix with the Limp Bizkit mix
  5. There’s a favourite knowingly bad rhyme of mine too, from Mr. Knowitall by Primus... They call me Mr. Knowitall I am so eloquent. Perfection is my middle name And whatever rhymes with eloquent.
  6. This from American Life by Madonna. And she raps it, to a fashion. Disgraceful. I'm drinking a Soy latte I get a double shotay It goes right through my body And you know I'm satisfied I drive my mini cooper And I'm feeling super-dooper Yo they tell I'm a trooper And you know I'm satisfied I do yoga and pilates And the room is full of hotties So I'm checking out the bodies And you know I'm satisfied
  7. As you’re new to bass I’d personally think about getting something similar (body shape, pickups, neck width etc) to what you play at home. Might make life a fair bit easier for you when you’re in either location.
  8. The weight of the negativity and sniping over there has probably crashed the server.
  9. I’m sure a T-Bird player with more info will be along soon with more to this, but at the very least the cheaper one is a bolt on neck with Epi pickups, crappy 3 point bridge etc, whereas the vintage pro has a thru-neck, probucker pickups and a far better bridge. Design wise, the vintage pro is a repro of (I think) a ‘63 T-Bird so has an oversized headstock etc. All in all a LOT more bass.
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