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  1. “I’m not gonna get all weird”, says bloke who spent the previous 4 minutes getting all weird. Move on, Roger. Everyone else has...
  2. Having read this thread my long held view that I just can’t fully trust wall hangers enough to use them remains steadfast,
  3. +2 for these. Great amps for the price.
  4. Cool and thank you - I’ll definitely have it off you if you do have a change of heart. I’ve been thinking of picking one up for a while to give it a whirl in my bass and drums two piece. All the best.
  5. No clue on these but I’ve found that a Dano Longhorn is pretty on the money in terms of body dimensions and weight for my just turned 8 year old lad. New they’re a tad overpriced imo, but I hunted about and found an eBay bargain for £160. Weighs nowt and s/s so it’s ideal.
  6. That punk still annoys some people after all these years is very...punk. Likewise a man who’s been dead nearly 20 years. There are a few rather ‘un-BC’ comments on this thread. Shame that...
  7. Nice. Matching headstock on the mint one too.
  8. A +1 for these. Stupendously good for the price, esp if you can grab one used.
  9. The zombiest of zombie threads!
  10. Agree with the above on the SP212. Had this arrangement in the TB combo I had for a while. Dinky little thing but Christ that thing could shift some air. Be surprised if the performance of the OBC212 was any different.
  11. Suggestions above are bang on. I would suggest finding your way with one method or the other first for a couple of months or so though. There’s plenty to get your head around and get used to generally and flitting from fingerstyle to pick and back again may not be beneficial this early in. Just my thoughts though. Enjoy!
  12. Current herd - a recently acquired Revelation Bass VI being the newest addition. Don’t think I’ve ever been above 6 in the arsenal at one time but I can see it happening this year...
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