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  1. Had a V1 combo. Cracking amps. Great price too. GLWTS.
  2. Thank God for that. My fingers were getting more twitchy by the hour!
  3. Horrible news. Have had a Lull on my wish list for a long while.
  4. Fallen in love with Mustangs this last 12 months. That looks an absolute belter!
  5. Available on the website too, for those who don’t have a store nearby. https://www.tkmaxx.com/home/kitchen+dining/kitchen-cleaning+utility/lemon-oil-polish-473ml/p/79536727
  6. The Electro-Harmonix Mole is an option that you may want to have a look at.
  7. Pantera opening for Megadeth in ‘92 springs to mind. As for Young Neil, guess he’s always been a bit marmite. Never seen him less than amazing across the last 30 years or so.
  8. It was written by a white man of Russian Jewish descent if I remember correctly, so I don’t think you need to worry about appropriation as such. For a song with such a heavy and inflammatory subject matter I’d be concerned just with what the ‘purpose’ of performing the song is, as for me performing that song has to serve a purpose. Secondary to that I’d be basing it on whether you feel justice is being done to the song and if it fits/works in the context of the rest of the set. Best of luck with it all.
  9. So many of you lot seem such very lovely, patient, understanding people.... I’m not where band matters go though. For me it’s a tell him straight you’ve no interest in playing someone else’s lines and if that ain’t in agreement with his view, walk. This said, I am a self-diagnosed bolshy git! 🤣 Hope it works out for you, regardless of which approach you decide to take.
  10. Common fault then possibly On those as mine had the exact same issue. GuitarGuitar fixes it under warranty for nowt just after purchase. Been perfect since.
  11. IMO you’re not getting a full comparison just playing seated. The different in scale feels more pronounced to me when standing and comfort/fatigue of your left arm may differ as a result. if you’re moving from guitar then a shorty is an ideal mid-point in scale, and ultimately it was the market Fender had in mind when they first came out. The suggestion above re: Squiers is a decent one, particularly the Vistas. if you do prefer the feel of a Mustang in further consideration, have a look at the MIM Mustangs. P/J pickup configuration on them so you can get some sort of approximation of the P and J bass tone, or a blend of both. if you’re savvy these can be had secondhand for the £350-£400 mark. Anyway, as primarily a P and Mustang player now, either are good safe bets for me. But I am kinda biased as, in their own way, both kinda feel like ‘home’.
  12. I play both a P and a Mustang. First thing I’d ask is whether you’ve played both on a strap when testing? Standing up and feeling the difference in the scale length and the difference the extra ‘reach’ that playing a P will bring may direct you to your answer. in terms of price, there’s a beauty of a Vintera Mustang on here, unless it’s sold in the last few days, for less than £500.
  13. No sweat and thanks right back! It doesn’t do clean, that’s for sure. Rages like hell though. Great bit of kit!
  14. There’ll be little if any price difference, so I’d say go for a 3u if ventilation is something you’re concerned about. Then get a vented plate to fit the ‘extra’ rack space. That’s the route I’ve gone down at least...
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