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  1. Tough one to call purely because (for me at least) it’s a very different playing experience with a Precision to a Jazz. As above, on the face of it given the bands/styles of music you mention I’d say Precision. But that’s not much use if a Jazz style feels more comfortable to you... Are you purchasing blind after not playing bass at all for that long? If so I’d seriously consider waiting until you’re able to at least give a P and J style bass (at least of some description) a quick run out in a shop to give you a better starting point. The differences between the styles (pickup type and placement, neck, body shape etc) make a big difference to me with P and J basses.
  2. Thank you! Yoink. Not now there isn’t! 😬
  3. I’m planning on a pickup switch out on my 5er and had been looking at a Warman as didn’t want to spend much given the cheapness of the bass. He’s not currently got the 5 string pickup in stock though unfortunately.
  4. No experience with Warwicks I’m afraid but I’ve been stringing Precisions BEAD for years and love it. As above - widening of nut slots, slackening the truss rod a tad and correct setup and you should be fine. My strings of choice are the Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky.
  5. Keep checking back at Thomann. Always a chance they’ll get returns and sell them as B-stock with a few quid off. Was how I got my MB-5 when they were out of stock. Not a thing wrong with it, they just can’t sell them as A1...
  6. Ordered a B-stock MB-5 last Wednesday. Was late Friday when they confirmed it had all gone through and that the shipping process was starting. I then received it on Tuesday (a day ahead of the scheduled delivery date) so hopefully it should be fairly swift...
  7. Buying from Thomann and other EU based merchants may well become less attractive to UK punters come the new year anyway given the likely increased costs and delivery times to the end user. Personally I’d be holding fire on selecting a new bedfellow until it becomes clear what’s what if you’re not going domestic.
  8. As there are a few HB MB posts around I wasn’t sure which to post on. Anyway... I snagged a B-stock MB-5 SBK which has landed with me today. Playable straight out of the box with a fairly low action, excellent fit and finish, comfortable enough neck (not played a 5er for years so it’ll take a bit of adjustment on my part). The colour is ace and, while I may black out the guard it looks great as is. Can only echo the words of others. Stupidly good for the price, and regardless of that just a very, very decent bass. Was thinking back to the absolute dog of an Encore P that I learned on almost 30 years ago. Was a combined 15th birthday and Christmas present. It wasn’t far off £100 then. How far we have come...
  9. Matthew Ryan (the singer here) never misses the mark for me, whether solo or otherwise.
  10. I think it’s a cracking colour too. Also in agreement re: hardware and headstock. An ebony board would have looked great too.
  11. Have to admit I’ve absolutely no need for another bass at all, and particularly given the current state of play and as I’m playing shorties only for band stuff now. That said it’s been years since I’ve had an MM or MM style bass and I can’t find a good reason to not go for one of these and may well do so in the next couple of days.
  12. The one clip that I remember him playing bass on from years back was from the short lived C4 music show The White Room. Sure that’s somewhere on YT. But regardless, as above, one of those musicians that seemed great on anything he played...
  13. I can roll with most things, but amp overhang is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.
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