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  1. C'mon, fellas! Somebody buy this. I wish you were nearer, Comrade. GLWTS
  2. In further news, I've just sourced the same stuff, locally and for immediate supply, at half the price. A cancellation call in the morning, I think...
  3. I've ordered the ply from a firm in Falmouth. Can't say I'm massively impressed: I ordered it on the 23rd April and when I chased it up yesterday they were quoting a despatch date of 25th May. Really bloody expensive,too... I got the ply cut to size. I've built a couple of cabs before and the hardest part is cutting the stuff accurately without at least a proper table saw or preferably CNC table. A circular or jigsaw just don't cut the mustard, no matter how steady a hand you have in my experience. I've always used a local firm but they were shut for the duration. Of course, they have since re-opened...*sigh* It's a 1212Sub that I'm making so no crossover involved. I figured if I need to I can add a horn and crossover post build. Looking at the response curve I don't think it'll be needed, though. So, I'm kinda twiddling my thumbs now 'til the ply arrives. I've cut all the bracing from some 12mm ply I had in stock so this company are just doing the main panels. I'll keep you informed Shug
  4. . Blimey! ''Jaco on the slide,''eh? I wouldn't mind hearing something extraordinary, then... I, too ,find such an excess of facility somewhat unsettling but I fear you may be clutching at straws there. I think the young fella could do my gig but I'm not sure the opposite would apply.
  5. I quite fancy one of these. Kinda quirky and interesting. I'm friends with the guy on Facebook,somehow, and he is dead cool.At least the fella's doing something original. I'd take one of these over one of the big guys' soulless items at 10x the price. Long may he roll, I say Shug
  6. Lockdown mania continues to tighten its grip... I've been mulling it over for years having, as I do, an Ent-like aversion to hasty-ness, and so last night I ordered the Russian birch ply needed to make me a Fearful 2x12 cab. I've got a lovely old Traynor Custom Special head that needs a mate and this looks like the very thing. It's likely to be a longish term project. I'll keep y'all informed. Photos and that if I can manage it. Though I'll have to tidy up me unit... Any of you good folks out there done one of these? All input welcomed. All Regards and Keep Safe, Comrades! Shug
  7. Stinky poo? I said S -H -I-T...
  8. I despise this kinda stinky poo. Money grubbing chancer...
  9. I don't usually chip in with the 'lovely bass, GLWTS' schtick, but be aware that G&L basses are the real deal in every regard. This bass will knock ANY Fender bass into the middle of next week. Or is it last week? Whatever... Fabulous piece o' stuff. Hell, even that ugly/pretty headstock got charm... Lovely bass, GLWTS, as I rarely say... Shug (Devoted Fender bass player since 1975)
  10. Eek! 'Harder playing'? Don't like the sound of that
  11. '' For the player with finesse''. Well, that wraps it for me... I'd read about Leland's thing years ago - in the 70's maybe - and could see where he was coming from, The idea of a more 'woody' sound is appealing but, as you say, it's the fingers and one's own 'touch' that make the sound. Fret noise never been an issue really - I use flats, mostly, and do mostly live with some studio work. Or did until recently. Thanks for your input, guys, I really appreciate it. I've already fretted the neck with regular wire as it happens but have made a frightful bish of it, to be frank, so will have to start over I think. Learning curve... Here's to us all in these difficult times. Stay Safe! Shug
  12. I'm putting together another 'bitsa' P-Bass and I've got a nice walnut neck that's been slotted but not fretted. Any of you smart guys ever used mandolin fretwire, a la Leland? Would it fit into regular sized fret slots, d'yer think? I'm probably going to tune it BEAD if that makes any difference, though I don't suppose it does. I'd be dead grateful for any input at all on this. Stay well, y'all Shug
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