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  1. Well, stone me...C'mon, bassgeeks, I've started out pretty low but, twist my arm, y'all can have her for £175. I've oiled the castors and everything...
  2. Sunday night bump! C'mon, people. I can't move for bloody bass combos. Throw me a frickin' bone, ferchrissakes...
  3. There you go! Unsolicited testimonials. Buy with confidence! The cheque's in the post, fellahs..😉
  4. I doubt the wisdom of putting up this listing in the middle of the night... Here's a peaktime bump for the ol' gal.
  5. Great small combo. Excellent old-school tone and plenty of power for small/medium gigs. Line-out works well for larger rooms with PA support. I've done tons of shows with this fellah over the last year or so from little bars to large theatres and with various bands and line-ups and it's always come up with the goods. Sound engineers like it,too... Comes with a flightcase style slip cover which,in addition to protecting the lovely diamond blue tolex, also serves to raise the amp up to a good working height without increasing the stage footprint. Loads of positive stuff about this fine bit of kit here https://www.talkbass.com/threads/ampeg-b-100r-rocket-aficionados.487110/ I always do a load of research when I get some new gear and I struggled to find anything negative about these. Don't be put off by its relatively low power rating - I play in several bands of various types and all of 'em have been happy enough with the the sound and presence of this ol'boy. I don't suppose it'd be much good for a Rooster show but I've got a big dumb rig for that sort of thing. It's not a lightweight amp - about 25kg - but I've put locking castored wheels on it and the handle's nice and comfy. Only selling as I've just picked up a Rumble 500 for a SONG and I don't need two high-quality compact combos. I'm in Padiham (near Burnley) if you want to come round and try it out. Can pack and post. Probably cost a bit, though... My number is 07539 237 291 Cheers Shug
  6. I don't own one but I have used one on many occasions and found it great. They sound pretty good, though I don't imagine any better than your current set up. Light as a feather, mind, although I can't think that your current rig is exactly a back-breaker. Are you sure that you're not just a little unhappy with your playing? That's what GAS it usually means for me! Up your practice regimen: much cheaper... Good luck with whatever you decide Shug
  7. Hi Nord1 I'll take these if you still got 'em... My number is 07539 237 291 Paypal? Bank transfer? Whatever best for you... Cheers Shug
  8. I'll have 'em at that. Cheers Shug 07539 237 291
  9. Good on you, Chewie. I know what you mean. At one point a few years ago I had a dozen or so cluttering up the place and I began to feel a bit uncomfortable with it. Of course, catastrophic reversal of fortune cashwise helped me make my mind up but I've come to feel that less is most def more. Best to concentrate on playing as well as you possibly can on one or two basses than having more stuff than Bass Cellar. Nobody digs a dilettante... With you on the Rickenbacker, though... Classy bass, btw. GLWTS Shug
  10. Well, obviously not. Living in York can't help, either.
  11. See ya down the Jobcentre, then...
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