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  1. I don't own one but I have used one on many occasions and found it great. They sound pretty good, though I don't imagine any better than your current set up. Light as a feather, mind, although I can't think that your current rig is exactly a back-breaker. Are you sure that you're not just a little unhappy with your playing? That's what GAS it usually means for me! Up your practice regimen: much cheaper... Good luck with whatever you decide Shug
  2. Hi Nord1 I'll take these if you still got 'em... My number is 07539 237 291 Paypal? Bank transfer? Whatever best for you... Cheers Shug
  3. I'll have 'em at that. Cheers Shug 07539 237 291
  4. Good on you, Chewie. I know what you mean. At one point a few years ago I had a dozen or so cluttering up the place and I began to feel a bit uncomfortable with it. Of course, catastrophic reversal of fortune cashwise helped me make my mind up but I've come to feel that less is most def more. Best to concentrate on playing as well as you possibly can on one or two basses than having more stuff than Bass Cellar. Nobody digs a dilettante... With you on the Rickenbacker, though... Classy bass, btw. GLWTS Shug
  5. Well, obviously not. Living in York can't help, either.
  6. See ya down the Jobcentre, then...
  7. Anybody put off by the 'no-name' thing be assured these are great guitars. A guy I play with has a 12string version and it sounds and plays GREAT.
  8. Nah. Rockers Revenge the bar band from Barnoldswick.
  9. Yeah, it's important alright. There's a band here in the NW that call themselves 'Touching Cloth'. Now, I'm sure they're great and everything but I wouldn't go anywhere near. Contrariwise, 'The Johnny Friendlies' would have to be pretty terrible for me to write 'em off. ' Vincent Black Lightning' sound like the kind of people I could spend an evening with whereas 'Eye of the Tiger', say, or' Gypsies Kiss' would put me right off. I like a bit of definite article myself - The Cheating Hearts, The Mighty Revelators, The Hiding Magpies - y'all get the idea. Atomic Rooster kind of of break my rule but I get round that by referring to them as 'The Rooster' at all times. I once got offered the bass chair in a band and accepted on the condition they changed their name. There was a short pause on the other end of the line, if I recall, but given that the band were called Rockers Revenge at the time the feller soon saw sense and acquiesced. I guess in the end it's the fine line between clever and stupid.
  10. shug

    Feedback for Magee

    Matthew bought my Roland Cube a couple of weeks ago. Dead easy, stress-free transaction, good comms, ultra-quick payment. Hope he's as happy with the deal as I am. Cheers, fellah... Shug
  11. Use this space to tell everybody what a fine, upstanding fellow I am. The cheque's in the post... Shug
  12. I had one for a while and thought it great, It compared very favourably with my fond memories of the ex Roger Glover Magnavox era SVT that I used for years. In fact it sounded a hell of a lot better than an SVT-VR that I paid 4 x as much for a few years ago. I used it with a 4x12 Aguilar and it felt great. My only reservation was the - possibly undeserved- Bugera rep for reliability but I have to say I used it a dozen times or more and it always delivered for me. PITA to lug around, though. I'm 60 you know. Lovely looker, too... (The amp, that is) Shug
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