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  1. Hi @owen I sent you a PM about these a few days ago. Did you get it?
  2. Jack Cassidy project - £150

    Damn. I almost had a deal sorted a week or so ago on this then the seller suddenly got cold feet on a courier collection. Glad someone here got it anyway.
  3. Good to see you’ve come to your senses! Good luck with the sales.
  4. SOLD SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal

  5. MXR Envelope Filter - price drop

    Pm'd re: Gojira octave. Cheers!
  6. Withdrawn from sale.

    @ambient Did this sell? I PMd on Tuesday evening but not heard anything back?
  7. Free Stuff

    I could be interested in the USB connector - PM incoming
  8. Stagg EUB Bargains

    [quote name='Geddys nose' timestamp='1508861770' post='3394960'] Mine turned up minus headstock.. Only Bubble wrap over soft case. [/quote] Ouch - mine was wrapped in fairly thick cardboard with the handle passed through the case to make it easier to carry. That said, it's not all rosy - the case has no tags on the main pulls and the volume pot seems to turn indefinitely and is stuck at full volume. I've emailed the seller but also acecpt that these were pretty much 'sold as seen'. Oh and the strings are disgusting - looking forward to getting a new set on there!
  9. Stagg EUB Bargains

    Mine just turned up. I've only had a very quick look and it's survived the journey OK. The pulls are broken off the zips on the case, there are the expected small chips here & there and there's only one of the rests supplied (fortunately the body side for me being right handed) but otherwise it's looking like it should be fun. The strings also look like they need replacing but I've got some used ones on the way. Now listening to a whole load of Danny Thompson to get me in the mood :-)
  10. Stagg EUB Bargains

    I'll PM you - but for public consumption it was less than the asking price but more than people paid yesterday. I imagine the more that sell though, the less inclined he may be to move from the asking price.
  11. Stagg EUB Bargains

    I just spoke to the chap who's selling them. He seems genuine and is apparently selling them on behalf of the music service he works for. He's a brass player so doesn't know much about them but did say he thinks the at least one side support is with each one (YMMV!). I crumbled and bought one :-)
  12. Stagg EUB Bargains

    These don't look like they come with the side supports? Anyone who's bought one already know? Very very tempted ...
  13. Two Notes Le Bass - £155 BIN!

    £235 at SXPro so is it that much of a bargain if the power supply is missing? Maybe these don't come up 2nd hand that often?
  14. Little Mark 2 speakon not working

    Thanks all for the help. Ordered a new speakon cable and it works fine - I guess it concludes that the LM2 is fussy about speakon cables.