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  1. I'm sure if you have one for reference then getting an alternative made wouldn't be too hard. I've not tried a Clifton but the extensions do look good - I like the look of the addition of the lower support. That said, the combination of the support and endpin on the Eminance does a pretty good job for me.
  2. Had a £1 listing so stuck it on evilBay and sold on there.
  3. Just to close up this thread. Ordered and received the waist extension from the US. Cost a small fortune in the end for what it is (due to customs and processing adding whack into the cost) but glad I did.
  4. Reset the bridge again this morning and now everything seems fine. No idea what's different but it seems to have remedied my problem. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks @Silvia Bluejay I'll take another look tomorrow but again the position in your photos look to be what I'd expect. Out of interest, when looking through the f hole does the sound post also look like it makes contact under the bridge foot or does it look slightly further back?
  6. Thanks - and yup, I don't want to rely on those markers but as they're there I'd like it to be close if it can.
  7. @Burns-bass that's what I've also been taught but when positioned here say the D on the first string is sharp against the marker on the neck. Maybe the bridge is leaning forward and I'm not noticing it?
  8. This feels wrong ... I've been trying to set up my Eminance to get the intonation correct agasint the markers ... Everything I've ever been told or read suggests setting the bridge by the markers in the f holes. However my Eminance has the markers on the neck to guide intonation and if I set it using the usual method then by the time I'm up around the middle of the neck the pitch is out against these markers. I also noticed the sound post looks further back than I'd expect. I guess it could have slipped at some point but shouldn't that match the feet of the bridge? Any thoughts from other Eminance users?
  9. Picked this up a while back to try out a short scale bass but haven't found myself using it that much. That's not to say it's not a nice little bass - it very much is, just not been the right bass for the gigs I've had lately. It's a passive model in what I believe is the natural ash body. I bought it with the minor ding behind the neck heel and frustratingly the ding below the upper horn happened during transit. Once a strap is on you really don't notice this - it's not somewhere you ever really feel but there's no denying it's there! I've tried to price accordingly. No case (either hard of soft) with this. Ideally a social distanced collection would be preferred (payment up front via PayPal or bank transfer and we'll arrange a time I can put it on a stand in my front garden, step back and you can take it) but happy to talk couriers at your expense. IM if you want to discuss that and I'll dig around and confirm I have suitable packing before we complete the deal. Would probably prefer to ship with the neck off. I think you can only get the active models now but more info on the chowny website here: https://chownybass.com/product/swb-1-scott-whitley-signature/
  10. The endpin bar is a neat addition and goes a long way to help steady it. It's a shame I can't find a waist extension closer to home but I may end up biting the bullet and ordering one.
  11. Thanks all. I must admit I considered if I could get away without it but being relatively new to upright I have a tendency to grip a little tight on the left hand and thought the waist rest may help. That said at the price imported from the US (looking to be around £60) I may have a think about making something. I didn't want to end up putting too much pressure on the taper.
  12. Just got myself an Eminance portable upright and like many threads have said before it's a great instrument. Maybe not as loud acoustically as I'd hoped but sounds lovely with a little amplification. Unfortunately it's missing the waist extension and before I go and order one from the US thought I'd just get peoples thoughts on here. Does it do a good enough job or do others end up switching this for something custom? Shipping costs are going to add up on ordering it so didn't want it to arrive then wish I'd rolled my own.
  13. Top Baschatter to deal with. Good communication, fast payment and made the sale a pleasure.
  14. Cheers all - really hope I don't regret this but this will be making its way to a new owner.
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