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  1. Thanks. I like the look of that radial big shot. At the moment I’m compensating for volume difference by switching my Tonehammer off when I switch to upright. It kind of works but this looks like a good solution.
  2. Is anyone here switching between the two regularly on a gig? I'm getting to grips with the upright and I'm tempted to start getting it into the set for my Rock and Roll but wondered how are people switching between the two? Will a simple A/B switch do the trick? I'm currently muting with the tuner then switching the cable but I don't like it! Bonus points for cheaper solutions - I'm sure there are lots of nice solutions out there but I need to try and keep the budget down at this stage (still interested to hear though).
  3. I'll take these if they're still available: Building Walking Basslines £5 Expanding Walking Basslines £5 The Funkmasters £10 I'll drop you a PM as well.
  4. £47.40 including VAT & shipping! That’s seems like incredible value! +1 again for Orange service. Glad you got it sorted.
  5. Well played. Well jealous ;-)
  6. @bigmuff69 did you get this? I messaged the guy who said it was still available but someone going today to take a look. Interested to know if you saw it but decided against it. Cheers.
  7. Damn - saw this and considered a £400 offer but thought it would be too low! Well played!
  8. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    That sounds about in line with what I intended - I don't have grand plans (at least not initially). Really it's a case of reshaping the headstock. I've got a Wizard pickup on route which I'll probably stick in it along with some flats and a set up.
  9. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    Thanks all. With the help of @kodiakblair it sounds like I’m in good hands.
  10. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    Thanks @kodiakblair. It's funny, I like 'players' guitars and have no desire to stick a decal on the headstock. I'm not fussy about the brand - if it sounds good and feels comfortable to play then that's all good. But that headstock is just a little ugly (IMO) :-)
  11. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    Thinking of taking the plunge with one of these but wondering how easy is it to reshape the headstock? Can anyone point me in the direction of a template? Are you guys doing it with a coping saw? Are you just sanding back the logo? Apologies for the newbie questions but even at £90 I'd rather not mess this up :-)
  12. Feedback for Zvirus

    I bought a strap from Tomas. Good guy to deal with and great communication. Would be more than happy to deal with him again.
  13. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    That does indeed look amazing! Attempting to take the discussion slightly off topic how does the stock PB50 stack up against the Classic Vibe 50s? I'm GASsing for a 50s precision at the moment so interested to know if a new pickup and loom for example in one of these would give a better 'working' bass than the squier.
  14. @andy67 - Good to hear. My BT500 came back today well packed and wrapped in the box I sent it in. I've given it a quick blast and seems like the problems all fixed (I didn't expect any less). They've also helpfully included a service report listing the following: Diagnosis of fault Dodgy valve sockets, bad solder contacts, broken Active/Passive switch Action taken Replaced preamp board, set clock frequencies, tested Considering I ended up paying less than 2 hours bench fee at my local tech including shipping in both directions I couldn't be happier. Thank you Orange for providing fantastic after sales service!