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  1. Don't worry my tail is firmly between my legs. I updated through the editor with so much excitement I just assumed that Firmware update would include the patches. I can see it makes sense it doesn't. Thanks for putting me back on the right track.
  2. What an idiot - RTFM! I didn't spot the instructions on the first read of the updates page. Thanks for the prompt - off to give that a go!
  3. Spoke too soon ... The firmware upgrade appears to have worked. When powering on the FI I now see the 3.00 firmware flash up followed by BASS signifying it's in Bass mode. However, must of the patches appear to now be mostyl dry bass with the occasional one with glitchy synth behind it. Any ideas on what might be happening?
  4. Should have read the manual! For future mes you need to power up the FI with both footswitches pressed! Right - off to see what v.3 firmware has to offer.
  5. I need some help upgrading - I'm convinced I'm missing something obvious! I've purchased a Roland UM-One and connected it to Windows 10. It did it's thing ad seems to have installed the drivers. But when using the online firmware updater no MIDI in or OUT are shown to select the channels. I tried downloading the patch editor and this seems to recognise the UM-ONE. I've updated the MIDI preferences to use the UM-ONE for all options. Clicking on the virtual keyboard sends a MIDI signal to the UM-ONE as the in and out lights light up but nothing gets to the F.I. Trying to run the firmware updater through the patch editor just says 'communication error'. Any ideas?
  6. I had no luck updating via the controller keyboard. This might be a silly question which I can find the answer out elsewhere but for the benefit of myself and possibly others on this thread I'll ask it ... Bearing in mind at this stage I only really want the USB to MIDI cable to update the FI is there a big difference (apart from £25) between the Roland one suggested earlier in the thread and something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Digiflex-Adaptor-Musical-Keyboard-Laptop/dp/B00K4UXH5Q/ref=sr_1_19?keywords=USB+to+MIDI&qid=1573222092&sr=8-19
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I don't have a USB-to-MIDI interface but do have a USB Controller Keyboard that has MIDI in and out so hopefully I can use that. I'll try and dig out the MIDI cables later tonight and let you know how I get on.
  8. Mine turned up today - got a good deal on a FI.v1 direct from Panda Audio after chatting with them via their website. One quick question ... How do I know if it's v.3 firmware or not. Gabor at Panda had told me it would be upgraded to v.3 but when I power it up '1.33' flashes up briefly on the screen and from the manual I understand this should be the firmware version. Regardless first impressions seem very promising - I can imagine with some tweaking this will be a lot of fun!
  9. Did someone say there was a way to do a sample and hold ‘EHX freeze’ type thing on the FI.v3? I’d love to know although I’m hugely tempted anyway.
  10. Of course if you’re looking without the shimmer the Game Changer Audio Plus Pedal could also be worth considering.
  11. Doesn’t the TC Hall of Fame 2 do something like this? I think they call it MASH although I’ve never tried it. See around the 10 min mark in this video ...
  12. Not sure if this is the right place and I may be well of track but can the FI do any of the sample and hold stuff like the SuperEgo or Freeze? I’ve not seen anything like that but thought it worth an ask. Also, is anyone using one on upright?
  13. @franzbassist Glad you posted a positive comment 🙂 I’m really looking forward to trying this. I wasn’t specifically on the hunt for a slimline but coming from playing EUB it seemed very tempting. Now nervously looking forward to other responses on this thread!
  14. I picked up a Raven Labs blender/preamp in a job lot of pedals recently. It powers up in as much as the light comes on but I don’t get any signal through it. I had a friend take a look and he couldn’t work it out either. This was his diagnosis: Unfortunately it looks like a power rail problem. The voltage rails look good until it turns on, at which point the 18V split rail becomes an 8V single rail. So I'm guessing something has blown. I've taken all the chips out but it made no difference. I know it’s a long shot to ask for help with such a vague diagnosis but does anyone have any ideas? Failing that, who in the UK would be well suited to look at fixing this? I’m in South Devon so someone local would be preferable but happy to send it off it it could be fixed. Many help much appreciated!
  15. Are they good machine heads? The Facebook ad I saw mainly talked about the neck so I wasn’t sure 🙂 As I said above - it’s your call what you do with it. I’m just suggesting from my viewpoint that it’s not in the spirit in which it was passed on to you. Best of luck with the sale.
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