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  1. Thanks all. Not sure I like the idea of risking the import tax on ordering the adapter from the US. I did find these though - I wonder if they're still available somewhere and would work? https://www.musique-shop.fr/uk/steinberger-bass-string-adapter-4-string-bass.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-aGCBhCwARIsAHDl5x9YoCndcLGZ4232o0fuvcrxY05cpaRYf4mCUqja_tthJogr7GkMSecaAv0bEALw_wcB Otherwise it doesn't look much difference in price on ordering some double ball end flats or the adapter.
  2. Thanks guys. Double ball ends are still an option. I'd just wondered if possible to convert to using regular strings would open up my options (I also have some flats sitting around which aren't being used). I do like those tape wounds though ....
  3. I've got an old Hohner B2A fretless which I've been meaning to set up properly for ages. Does anyone know the best option to get some decent flats on these? Is it worth upgrading the headstock to take regular strings and if so which part do I need? I had a look on eBay and couldn't quite work out whether options I'd seen like this would do the trick ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-String-Electric-Headless-Bass-Guitar-Locking-Nut-with-Mounting-Screws-Wrench-/293146773871?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Any help much appreciated.
  4. @L Proudfoot sorry - sold on eBay and I completely forgot to close this!
  5. I've been enjoying this thread so I better stop lurking around in the shadows ... One cover and one original for good measure. Both with my Knutson Messenger.
  6. I like the design but I'm always unsure about putting those micro switches so close to the foot pedal. They seem to risk getting obliterated by a careless stomp of the foot.
  7. Still fancying a change but may withdraw this soon - any takers at £525?
  8. I'd rather this sold locally with collection but if anyone is interested but needs this shipping then I can see if I can get hold of enough cardboard to wrap it at your expense and risk. Drop me a PM and we can talk.
  9. Bump and back to collection only from Teignmouth, South Devon. Could possibly meet up at Exeter services though if it helps.
  10. If anyone is interested in this but location is an issue there's a chance I can get it up to just north of Cambridge early next week. Please let me know if this option is of interest.
  11. There is a possibility that I may be able to get this moved to just north of Cambridge early next week (w/c 26.10.20) if that helps a sale. I'll need to check the details as it'll be asking a favour of a guest we have coming to stay but thought it worth mentioning as I know our location far down the South West could be problematic for some. Please private message me if this could help.
  12. Still not convinced I want to sell this so won't be coming down any further on the price but a small price drop to £550.
  13. Just to update this thread for future reference ... I sent my head to Laurence at AI Europe (@bassadder ) and he's done a fantastic job servicing it. Couldn't be happier with the response from him. The only slightly odd thing is that AI in the us didn't mention this to be an option until I confirmed it with them. I would have thought it's far easier for them to offer servicing in the UK than have everything shipped back to the states? @Happy Jack Did you get your amp serviced in the end?
  14. @Bloopdad1 Thanks - that's interesting to hear. I was looking at both the BB2 or the Fearless F112. I've just picked up an Acoustic Image Coda+ which paired with my PJB C4 works pretty well so it may be this is all overkill. I just need to keep something that works well for doubling gigs and BG. I guess I could pick up another C4. That said, it's all academic unless this sells and it is a lovely cab for loud gigs!
  15. I'd be greedy to take it as I already have a copy but @lozkerr has just bought my Stagg EUB so may be interested.
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