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  1. Thanks for the reply but that's exactly what I've done. The old string is back on for the time being - I'm reluctant to buy the new D as I'm still not sure if medium or light tension may be better for me.
  2. I finally got round to putting on the Evah Pirazzis on my bass last night that I picked up off here a while ago and while I was winding the D around the peg it’s somehow snapped the outer winding near the peg. I’m not really sure how it’s happened as I don’t think the point it’s snapped was actually wrapped around the tuning peg at the point it snapped. Ive not tried these strings before so rewound it again and it seems to be holding and staying in tune. The point where the break in the outer winding is now wrapped around the peg but only on the last wind. Would I be insane to trust that this will hold? I’m obviously gutted as a perfectly good set of strings is potentially missing a D. I have a gig on Saturday so obviously don’t want to risk it breaking under pressure mid set. Whats the consensus here? Should I cut my losses, stick the old strings back on and wait until I have a little more cash to buy another D? Does anyone have a spare Evah Medium D that they’d like to sell on relatively cheap? I know could buy a single string but I’ve already overspent (as usual) this month and I’m also a little undecided as to whether I’d prefer the lighter tension.
  3. MrTea

    Feedback Cosmo Valdemar

    Bought a Boss LS-2 from Ben. Great guy to deal with - good communication and all as expected. Happy to recommend him as a seller.
  4. MrTea

    Beginners resources

    Thanks for the replies. Found the Ed Friedland DVD cheap enough on eBay so that's been ordered already. I've watched some of Geoff Chalmers videos on YouTube and found them useful but wonder if the structured course would be worthwhile. Has anyone any experience of that?
  5. MrTea

    Beginners resources

    I've been playing a few months and feel like I'm making some progress. I've got the Tod Phillips DVD and the John Goldsby TrueFire course (https://truefire.com/bass-guitar-lessons/upright-handbook/c1017) but wondered what other learning resources would be recommended. I also have the Rufus Reid Evolving Bassist DVD although I haven't got stuck into that one yet as I feared it may be a little beyond me at the moment. I know I should probably find a local teacher but time and money are both a little tight at the moment. I'm not too worried about genre - I'd rather learning technique then apply it to whatever I'm playing. Any recommendations?
  6. LS2 seems tempting as it’s so flexible but I still like the look of the Radial Bigshot I/O. I actually did this at my last gig with my wounded paw blender v4 but it’s huge and just doesn’t feel quite right for the task. I’ve hopefully a new EUB imcoming tomorrow which will soak up any funds so this may have to wait until I can pick up a ls2 or bigshot cheap.
  7. Don't get my wrong - the microthumpinator is great (I also have one) and I do like the size of the micromix.
  8. Thanks @jpj - the micromix looks like a pretty good solution as well but seems a little pricey and lacks any ability to mute either of the inputs so I'm not sure that's right for me. The Radial Bigshot I/O looks to be the best solution for me so far - the only thing I'm not sure about is the lack of LEDs on the black version to signal which input is active (there seems to be a black and a green version and I'm assuming the green one is newer?). I know as soon as you pick up the instrument it's fairly obvious!
  9. Thanks. I like the look of that radial big shot. At the moment I’m compensating for volume difference by switching my Tonehammer off when I switch to upright. It kind of works but this looks like a good solution.
  10. Is anyone here switching between the two regularly on a gig? I'm getting to grips with the upright and I'm tempted to start getting it into the set for my Rock and Roll but wondered how are people switching between the two? Will a simple A/B switch do the trick? I'm currently muting with the tuner then switching the cable but I don't like it! Bonus points for cheaper solutions - I'm sure there are lots of nice solutions out there but I need to try and keep the budget down at this stage (still interested to hear though).
  11. I'll take these if they're still available: Building Walking Basslines £5 Expanding Walking Basslines £5 The Funkmasters £10 I'll drop you a PM as well.
  12. £47.40 including VAT & shipping! That’s seems like incredible value! +1 again for Orange service. Glad you got it sorted.
  13. Well played. Well jealous ;-)
  14. @bigmuff69 did you get this? I messaged the guy who said it was still available but someone going today to take a look. Interested to know if you saw it but decided against it. Cheers.
  15. Damn - saw this and considered a £400 offer but thought it would be too low! Well played!