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  1. Feedback for Zvirus

    I bought a strap from Tomas. Good guy to deal with and great communication. Would be more than happy to deal with him again.
  2. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    That does indeed look amazing! Attempting to take the discussion slightly off topic how does the stock PB50 stack up against the Classic Vibe 50s? I'm GASsing for a 50s precision at the moment so interested to know if a new pickup and loom for example in one of these would give a better 'working' bass than the squier.
  3. @andy67 - Good to hear. My BT500 came back today well packed and wrapped in the box I sent it in. I've given it a quick blast and seems like the problems all fixed (I didn't expect any less). They've also helpfully included a service report listing the following: Diagnosis of fault Dodgy valve sockets, bad solder contacts, broken Active/Passive switch Action taken Replaced preamp board, set clock frequencies, tested Considering I ended up paying less than 2 hours bench fee at my local tech including shipping in both directions I couldn't be happier. Thank you Orange for providing fantastic after sales service!
  4. @andy67 let us know how you get on.
  5. Here's the update ... The head went back to Orange and I've just had an email from them saying that they've fixed the issue. Here's what they've said (I'm assuming that the issue would have required a little soldering and wasn't just a badly seated valve as I'd tried switching them out/reseating them a few times before I sent it to them): I've paid them for labour and shipping but so far this seems fantastic customer service. I'll post another update once I get the head back.
  6. I don't think I'll ever understand why anyone wants to stick a fake logo on any bass. Does it make it play better?!
  7. Thanks @dannybuoy. I'd read something similar elsewhere so I'd already shot Orange an email. And right enough they got back to me suggesting to send it to them and they're sure they can fix it at less than a local tech could. I've no idea what the cost will be yet (it'll arrive with them this morning) but the very helpful chap at Orange suggested they haven't had to charge more than £100 for a repair on a OBT yet. Fingers crossed.
  8. Actual Scott Whitley swb1

    Nice to hear it went to a good home! I was also surprised it had no bids - regardless of the Big Country connection you don't see that many SWB-1s going 2nd hand and the starting price seemed reasonable.
  9. I had tried swapping the valves and it didn't solve the problem. I may give it another go though. I'll also try your other suggestions .
  10. I'm happy enough with a soldering iron and not so confident with the voltage that might be lurking inside the components of the amp.
  11. My Orange Bass Terror 500 seems to have developed an issue whereby I've got very little volume and the sound can only be described as crackly on top - a kind of a scrunching paper sound. I've tried plugging straight into the effect return and the problem persists so I'm pretty sure this isn't a valve issue. I know the solution is probably to take it to my nearest tech but anyone have any ideas? If it is a job for a tech are there any recommendations near Teignmouth/Newton Abbot in South Devon? Any help much appreciated.
  12. Cheap American Deluxe?

    Different profile and different listing so I'm not sure. If it is a cheeky flip then I say it's fair play - a few of us saw it and put in low offers so had time buy it if we really wanted. I know some people get upset about that kind of thing and I don't want to risk another one of those discussion ;-)
  13. Actual Scott Whitley swb1

    I think it was supposed to end today and had no bids.
  14. I know nothing about Scott Whitley or Big Country but I do like the look of these and quite like the paint job. I know it means nothing until the last minute in an eBay auction but I’m amazed this still has no bids ... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263428133008