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  1. @Happy Jack Do it - I would but I'm at completely the wrong end of the country. If you get it down to nearer the centre of the country and change your mind then I'll register my interest.
  2. Me too. I have a 1/2 size Zeller which sounds fantastic! Someone should get a lovely bass here.
  3. @knicknack Thanks - I may get in touch with them as well. Had a quote from Devon Strings Workshop in Exeter but I wasn't sure how much bass work they do.
  4. I think you're right - I spend far too much energy and cash chasing the 'right bass'. If I made a quick decision and put that energy into practicing I'm sure I'll get further on the journey!
  5. Resurrecting this thread from the dead with a little update ... Had this up for sale but by the time I got a nibble I decided I may well keep it. The bass I bought to 'replace' it turned out to be a 1/2 size Zeller (not 3/4 as advertised and in fairness to the seller he did send me dimensions). That said, it sounds and plays fantastic so it's stayed but I couldn't quite let this go and only keeping a Zeller so it's still with me. I'm now thinking about having a new bridge fitted which I've been quoted £250 + vat. I'm down in South Devon so options are a little limited. I don't really know what I'm asking here - I guess it's 'is it worth getting the work done'! At the moment there's a wide gap between the sound of both basses (the Zeller sounds considerably more pleasing to my ear) but I suspect a lot of that could be caused by the poor contact of the bridge on the body on the Stentor. I don't want to get into a debate of should you play a 1/2 or 3/4 size bass. If it sounds good and I can sit in the pocket on it I don't really care!
  6. Phil Jones Bass C4 in good condition. These are fantastic little cabs. I'd be hanging onto it but I've been tempted by some other cabs which I don't really need and in all honesty this hasn't been out since I got my Tricky Audio F112. That said the above is no reflection on the quality of this cab - it really is amazing for its size. If you're looking I'm sure you know. Happy to discuss courier at your cost and risk.
  7. Damn - very generous offer! Would have been perfect for mini mixer into my sampler. Snoozer and lose(d).
  8. Some love for this head but no bites on the line. Is it the terrible gigging situation at the moment or have I priced this wrong?
  9. I'll be sad to see this one go but it's not getting used at the moment and I've decided to hang on to my Tecamp Black Jag & now have an AI Coda for upright gigs. This is basically 2 amps in one box. You can run them independently or bridge them. 900W and plenty of control over your sound. I bought it when I was doubling on EUB and bass so could run two separate channels but there are lots of possibilities of how you might run this. Footswitch, carry bag and manual included but not sure if I have the cable but they are easy enough to source (I never used the footswitch). More info at bassdirect here - https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/TEC_AMP_Bona_Fide.html Usual caveats that I may have bought this here and if anyone thinks pricing is wrong then please DM me. I can't recall what I paid for it but thought it was around this price. It's certainly worth it for effectively 2 amps!
  10. Let me know if I've got the price on this wrong. I could do with moving it on although appreciate being in the South West we're a little out the way!
  11. Now listed in the for sale threads - Thanks to the mods for allowing me to post the request for help with a valuation and thank you all who contributed to this post.
  12. I picked this up with the intention of getting the work done on it to bring it back to life. It's solid and playable but the bridge probably needs some work and the neck has gouged 'position' markers in the side (which I think are actually wrong as the bridge was well out of position when I got it). That all said, it's playable and has plenty of volume. The body is in pretty good condition for its age and it's solid. When I bought it, it had a kids toy lodged inside and the bridge was well out of position. The tailwire snapped when I tried to bring it up to tension but all those issues have been sorted. I can't recall what strings are on it but they're good and fairly low tension. I drilled the bridge for a Wilson K4 (overkill?) So it does have 4 small drilled holes in it. The pickup has now been removed and is not included in the sale (nor is the wolftone eliminator pictured). I've now picked up another bass so can't see myself spending the money on this and can't really justify having 2 Double Basses. All in its a good solid beater bass and with some work could be a good gigging bass. I'll add some more photos later when I get a chance but any questions please let me know. Needless to say collection only preferred unless you can arrange your own private courier to collect and deliver the bass but any risk would be yours.
  13. Ouch! Thanks for the opinions. I'll sleep on it but you may well see it listed here shortly - I'll need to sort out my subs first.
  14. Thanks chaps. There's nothing major that needs doing to the body that I'm aware of and agree that I'm sure with some work it would make a solid gigging bass. I'm now having 2nd thoughts about moving it on but having just picked up an Andreas Zeller Stentor from here I don't think I have space (or need if I was totally honest) for both. Overall this feels bigger than the A.Z and a little heavier.
  15. Not sure if this post is allowed so apologies if not but need some help valuing this bass before I decide to release it back into the wild. I'll caveat that if I do end up with a direct sale through here I'll ensure I've a valid marketplace subscription. I picked this up with the intention of getting the work done on it to bring it back to life. It's solid and playable but the bridge needs some work and the neck has gouged 'position' markers in the side (which I think are actually wrong as the bridge was well out of position when I got it). That all said, it's playable and has plenty of volume. I've now picked up another bass so can't see myself spending the money on this (unless you lot convince me otherwise!). Any idea of what it's worth now and also once up to spec would be helpful. The Wilson K4 pickup will obviously come off (which sounds great but I'd expect it too!).
  16. I thought I was ... I'd had the strings from either a previous bass or some bulk buy of old strings. Just eagerly whipped off the old G to find these have been cut far too short for my use. I'll check out the lenzler and see how much they are - if I can afford it is rather do this properly.
  17. I've read a few similar posts on here so don't want to tread over old ground but ... I think I'm ready to start my journey into guts. I'm not playing another that really needs the slap but rather interested in the tone and feel. I suspect I'll probably keep my Evah Weichs on the E & A and look for a gut D & G. Here's the question ... Will Superior Bassworks synthetic guts give me a good idea if I'm going to like guts? I have some to chuck on but wondered how close they're going to be to the sound/feel? Following that - what's a good starter gut without spending a small fortune? Has anyone used these - http://www.janika.co.uk/webshop.php?page=BSTRINGSGUTGD ? I don't think these questions have been answered before but please shout if I've missed a similar thread.
  18. Glad both the audience and yourselves enjoyed it. That's all its really about. And no rush for a live sample - only post something when you're happy with it. Good luck again on Saturday and look forward to hearing the report.
  19. @Happy Jack Hope the gig went well. And how did the Tonedexter fair? Looking forward to your report.
  20. Yeah - I remember when I looked at these i struggled to find any outside the US. Looking forward to the gig report. Out of interest and as a point of reference what was your gigging signal chain before? Did you have an AI Clarus? Are you now going straight to the PA with the tonedexter?
  21. I'll also be following this thread with interest. I'm pretty sure that Daniel Kimbro was using one of these on his last tour over here with Martin Harley. Not heard of that many people using them over here. I'd also be interested to know what results you get blending a fantastic sounding bass with something that doesn't sound as good. Does that work at improving the amplified tone of the lesser bass? @Happy Jack Did you buy direct in the UK or import it from the US?
  22. Thanks all. Not sure I like the idea of risking the import tax on ordering the adapter from the US. I did find these though - I wonder if they're still available somewhere and would work? https://www.musique-shop.fr/uk/steinberger-bass-string-adapter-4-string-bass.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-aGCBhCwARIsAHDl5x9YoCndcLGZ4232o0fuvcrxY05cpaRYf4mCUqja_tthJogr7GkMSecaAv0bEALw_wcB Otherwise it doesn't look much difference in price on ordering some double ball end flats or the adapter.
  23. Thanks guys. Double ball ends are still an option. I'd just wondered if possible to convert to using regular strings would open up my options (I also have some flats sitting around which aren't being used). I do like those tape wounds though ....
  24. I've got an old Hohner B2A fretless which I've been meaning to set up properly for ages. Does anyone know the best option to get some decent flats on these? Is it worth upgrading the headstock to take regular strings and if so which part do I need? I had a look on eBay and couldn't quite work out whether options I'd seen like this would do the trick ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-String-Electric-Headless-Bass-Guitar-Locking-Nut-with-Mounting-Screws-Wrench-/293146773871?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Any help much appreciated.
  25. @L Proudfoot sorry - sold on eBay and I completely forgot to close this!
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