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  1. @L Proudfoot sorry - sold on eBay and I completely forgot to close this!
  2. I've been enjoying this thread so I better stop lurking around in the shadows ... One cover and one original for good measure. Both with my Knutson Messenger.
  3. I like the design but I'm always unsure about putting those micro switches so close to the foot pedal. They seem to risk getting obliterated by a careless stomp of the foot.
  4. Still fancying a change but may withdraw this soon - any takers at £525?
  5. I'd rather this sold locally with collection but if anyone is interested but needs this shipping then I can see if I can get hold of enough cardboard to wrap it at your expense and risk. Drop me a PM and we can talk.
  6. Bump and back to collection only from Teignmouth, South Devon. Could possibly meet up at Exeter services though if it helps.
  7. If anyone is interested in this but location is an issue there's a chance I can get it up to just north of Cambridge early next week. Please let me know if this option is of interest.
  8. There is a possibility that I may be able to get this moved to just north of Cambridge early next week (w/c 26.10.20) if that helps a sale. I'll need to check the details as it'll be asking a favour of a guest we have coming to stay but thought it worth mentioning as I know our location far down the South West could be problematic for some. Please private message me if this could help.
  9. Still not convinced I want to sell this so won't be coming down any further on the price but a small price drop to £550.
  10. Just to update this thread for future reference ... I sent my head to Laurence at AI Europe (@bassadder ) and he's done a fantastic job servicing it. Couldn't be happier with the response from him. The only slightly odd thing is that AI in the us didn't mention this to be an option until I confirmed it with them. I would have thought it's far easier for them to offer servicing in the UK than have everything shipped back to the states? @Happy Jack Did you get your amp serviced in the end?
  11. @Bloopdad1 Thanks - that's interesting to hear. I was looking at both the BB2 or the Fearless F112. I've just picked up an Acoustic Image Coda+ which paired with my PJB C4 works pretty well so it may be this is all overkill. I just need to keep something that works well for doubling gigs and BG. I guess I could pick up another C4. That said, it's all academic unless this sells and it is a lovely cab for loud gigs!
  12. I'd be greedy to take it as I already have a copy but @lozkerr has just bought my Stagg EUB so may be interested.
  13. @spyder Yup. Totally appreciate its terrible times - I'm hopeful we'll all get back out at some point though and fortunately not in a position where I have to sell this at the minute.
  14. I guess it's a sign of the times that there are a number of Barefaced cabs up for sale when previously they'd have been snapped up pretty quickly. I'm happy to keep this if needed but anyone interested enough to make an offer?
  15. @lozkerr bought an EUB from me which I'd marked for collection only but we agreed a plan for a hardcase to be delivered then sent on with bass. Great communication and pleasure to deal with at all times. If only every buyer online was like this (luckily most are around here at least)!
  16. I hadn't spotted that 🙂 Maybe the seller is trying to stick to the one in, one out policy by putting one of their collection up for sale.
  17. But surely it must be valued close to this? ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264792096446
  18. I tend to find that the suggestion of cancelling the sale is the acid test. Any serious buyer will usually argue to try and keep the sale going. Scammers and time wasters generally duck out quickly without a fuss. Anyway - best not get too distracted from the sale thread ...
  19. Thank you @franzbassist I've had a couple of nibbles but nothing solid. It sold once on eBay but the buyer raised enough red flags with me I cancelled the sale (payment via PayPal, travelling a long distance to collect at 5pm on a Sunday then suddenly her brother was collecting). If it had been the same story from someone on here I may have been less paranoid about it all!
  20. I'm afraid I don't know much about the history of it but did buy it here a while back. I wouldn't be selling it if it wasn't for the opportunity to try a Big Baby which feels like it should suit my current needs better. It's an impulse sale really and I'm still not 100% sure!
  21. Just noticed how much of an angle the bridge is at (that tells you how little this gets played these days)!
  22. Temporarily up for sale as I've got my eye on a Big Baby 2 which may work better for me as I'm playing more upright at the moment. Not much needs to be said about these - phenomenal cabs and light (around 17kgs I believe). This cab has the tweeter but no crossover installed. I believe it was a custom order to be used biamped. When I bought it I contacted Alex at Barefaced who reassured you could run it fine as a standard Super 12 which is what I've been doing. Comes with the roqsolid cover as photographed. A little wear to both the cab and cover but I'm pretty good condition. Local collection only I'm afraid from Teignmouth, South Devon. I may withdraw this if the cab I've got my eye on sells first. Alternatively if you want to trade a Big Baby 2 then get in touch. I may regret this! It really is a great cab!!!
  23. I've had this bass about 20 years but since I've started playing upright as well it just doesn't get used at all. In fair condition for its age with a number of dinks in the body, a small chip in the nut and the logo in the headstock has separated slightly (this has been the same with no change for as long as I've had it). It's been fitted with some form of pickup which is functional but YMMV. No case and local collection only from Teignmouth, South Devon (just south of Exeter), on this I'm afraid as I can't imagine how to ship it safely. I appreciate that decreases my market considerably so if you want to send me a hard case, wait for me to stick the bass in it then have a courier collect it we can talk about that. I've no idea if I've priced this fairly and I'm always hopeful someone round here will point it out to me on PM if not. Thanks for looking.
  24. A bit of interest but nothing concrete so I'm going to be either brave or stupid and try my chances on eBay again ... Would much rather sell to someone here!
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