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This Sunday!

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  1. Boss LS2 Line Selector - SOLD

    Yes still available
  2. Boss LS2 Line Selector - SOLD

    Price dropped to £50
  3. MXR Micro Amp Pedal - £45 posted

    Still available as PM not replied to...
  4. MXR Micro Amp Pedal - £45 posted

    Have sent you a PM
  5. Oxd FX Morse Device Killswitch/Stutter Pedal - £18 posted This is a killswitch/stutter pedal. The bottom switch is the stutter pedal, the top switch alternates the pedal between 'push to break' and 'push to make' modes. It is a passive pedal (requires no power input or battery). Velcro attached to the bottom which can be removed. Comes with original box. These are not currently available to buy from the pedal maker.
  6. MXR Micro Amp Pedal - £45 posted in the UK Clean volume boost pedal. Very good condition. No box or instructions.
  7. Boss LS2 Line Selector pedal - SOLD Good condition. A few dings but nothing major. Full working order. No box or instructions.
  8. SKB 3U Shallow Rack Case - £60 posted in the UK. The older model - as here: http://sierracases.com/SKB-1SKB-XRack-3U-Shallow-Roto-Rack-Case.html
  9. SOLD - Eventide Modfactor

    Last bump before eBay
  10. SOLD - MXR Blue Box - As new

    Last bump before eBay
  11. Messaging issues on new site

    Cheers Ped (although slightly spooky you posted as me lol ) I can confirm it’s working. I cannot emphasis enough what a mammoth undertaking this must have been. Top notch effort from the guys for managing it successfully with only a few minor issues.
  12. Messaging issues on new site

    Should work now guys
  13. Can Sunbabba who has paid for this PM me their adddress please (lost in the migration). Thanks