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  1. Prefer the second bass. However it's so close as to be immaterial certainly for live and probably also recording. Go through some plug-ins, nice valve compressors and eq and either bass will sound fab and different again. And that's before mixing eq, mastering eq/compression.
  2. I have a twin to this. Same colour, neck and body but standard headstock, Delanos and a J East pre. I call mine the Jaffa!
  3. Am I right in that you bought the Shuker p bass body that was on sale here a while ago and added a new neck to make a complete bass? The body looks the same as the one that was for sale - plastic film on the scratch plate?
  4. Really enjoyed that, thanks. They all have unique characters. The Thunderbird was a pleasant surprise.
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth!
  6. Misdemeanours (UK) Misdemeanors (US)
  7. The lowest notes on a piano are full of overtones and harmonics. Take the lid off when you next have the chance and compare the lowest note with the octave up. The overtones are distinctly different. You'll notice almost no 'heft'. Someone will have a graph of individual note frequency responses!
  8. Is there an advantage (for bass guitar) in a larger voice coil in the HF driver, all other things being equal? I ask because RCF make great play of the advantages for vocal reproduction. A technical point I know...
  9. I was wondering about this as well. The more expensive offerings have larger voice coils on both woofer & compression driver. This seems to allow not only more power handling but also allows the compression driver to do more of the work : The crossover frequency is lower with the premium cabs so the HF driver covers more of the frequency spectrum Is this a big deal for bass guitar? @EBSfreak what say you Sir?
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