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  1. Quite agree. He explains things very well! I'll be checking out his other material.
  2. Very soulful. So intense I'd had enough before the end of the song!
  3. The Kiss, recorded live for The Old Grey Whistle Test is very moving. Judee Sill had a short tragic life.
  4. And a live version: Saw them live at the end of last year in Kings Cross. Awesome.
  5. Understated but with soul. Nice guitar playing too.
  6. Seldom have I read a more entertaining classified ad. The bar has been raised. Chapeau!
  7. Best thing about this is your vocal: It seems to draw me in a la Lou Reed. For the arrangement I'm hearing harmonium instead of guitar, percussion (maybe shakers and congas) instead of drum kit, and double bass in place of the electric bass. Or maybe no bass at all? Nice! I look forward to your next offering.
  8. Agreed. It's certainly excellent news. Fingers crossed all the next stages go well!
  9. Yes, you missed it. Effectiveness, cost and practical advantages are covered in other articles too. It looks like fair and balanced factual reporting to me. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55040635
  10. Useful and informative. Thanks!
  11. The Diamond Bass compressor. So simple and natural sounding it sprinkles fairy dust on your sound and has a surprisingly useful eq tilt nob with switchable frequency centre.
  12. Time to reactivate this thread... Great live version too.
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