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  1. Agreed. It's certainly excellent news. Fingers crossed all the next stages go well!
  2. Yes, you missed it. Effectiveness, cost and practical advantages are covered in other articles too. It looks like fair and balanced factual reporting to me. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55040635
  3. Useful and informative. Thanks!
  4. The Diamond Bass compressor. So simple and natural sounding it sprinkles fairy dust on your sound and has a surprisingly useful eq tilt nob with switchable frequency centre.
  5. Time to reactivate this thread... Great live version too.
  6. That's a great sound and inventive, proficient playing. Thanks!
  7. I just love watching that guy on the vids. Tim? What's his story?
  8. An 'always on' compressor for me. It adds a professional sheen to my sound. Good luck with your sale.
  9. I saw them at the Brixton whatever-it's-called-now a couple of years ago and the sound wasn't that good. Ronnie's will be an altogether different proposition. I so much prefer smaller gigs, for the sound and the atmosphere. And you can see the sweat! Large stadium gigs leave me cold. So do pyrotechnics and such shenanigans.
  10. Monday early show for me! Anyone else? Great venue to see such a world class band. Can't wait...
  11. No 5 for me. More harmonics & 'life'.
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