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  1. Haha! I'll have look sometime. There are only two 'Jaffas' on the Shuker website gallery so I guess I have your old bass.
  2. My BB2 gen 3: Tremendous cab, powerful & light. I'm not gigging at the moment and using a powered cab at home. Bought a couple of years ago from this esteemed parish and used occasionally. There's loads of information on the web about this cab & Barefaced has plenty here too: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Big-Baby-2.htm No dings, handle is secure, feet are solid. Padded cover by Hotcovers included. Collection from South London SE24. Sale only, no trades! LP
  3. For sale is my Olympic White P bass. It's seen action on several continents and has a few battle scars to prove it. It has started to fade to a nice vintage cream. Truss rod is smooth, everything works as it should. I bought it new with a white scratch plate and also an additional tort plate at the same time. Currently wearing the white. Frets are good, Schaller strap lock buttons installed. Shod with La Bella flats & will include unused DR Hi Beams too. Soundwise it does the P bass thing. Has a fairly chunky neck. A good working bass! No hard case but can include a soft case. Sale only, no trades, pick up only. May be able to meet up in central London for exchange of bass/cash/bank transfer! Weight is 4.2kg or 9lb 5oz in old money. £850.
  4. Prefer the second bass. However it's so close as to be immaterial certainly for live and probably also recording. Go through some plug-ins, nice valve compressors and eq and either bass will sound fab and different again. And that's before mixing eq, mastering eq/compression.
  5. I have a twin to this. Same colour, neck and body but standard headstock, Delanos and a J East pre. I call mine the Jaffa!
  6. Am I right in that you bought the Shuker p bass body that was on sale here a while ago and added a new neck to make a complete bass? The body looks the same as the one that was for sale - plastic film on the scratch plate?
  7. Really enjoyed that, thanks. They all have unique characters. The Thunderbird was a pleasant surprise.
  8. Took the words right out of my mouth!
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