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  1. I haven't but friends have and if it just for the purpose of getting a demo together...
  2. Welcome to Lewes! I'm just about to leave after many years but for high quality use Echo Zoo in Eastbourne. Or if you want cheap and cheerful Starfish in Lewes.
  3. That's (almost) better 😀
  4. These are soooo good. Why would any working musician buy a 70's Fender for three times the price (yes I've been there) when you can have this? Crazy times...
  5. Perfect transaction with Paul. Great communication and a top man. Hope you enjoy the bass as much as I have. Cheers!
  6. I think your're right that it would look better the other way round but you can take the lid off the MB for ventilation and it would indeed cover that hole so rather than risk it I stack it this way. The 4x8 is a great little cab but the revelation for me with this amp is adding the cab and running at 500 watts. It was always a good combo but now it just sounds brilliant. This could be the simple fact I'm just shifting more air but whatever the reason I love it. The problem for me is that I have a stiff load cover in my car and the MB will not fit under it so I have to travel with it on my back seat and it's why I'm thinking of selling it. I wouldn't hesitate to have the head and separate cabs...
  7. MB Cmd 210 paired with an Ashdown ABM mini 4×8. Not one for the visual purist but wow it sounds good. Adding a cab to the MB turns it into something else all together.
  8. Anybody changed the pickguard on their Ray 34? The pup rout is different from the standard SR. I have a black I want to change to tort with minimum expense.
  9. SOLVED! After taking it all apart what seems like a hundred times, the culprit was the connection between the battery poles and the contact strips in the battery holder. TFFT! Thanks again to all who got involved in trying to help. I know a lot more now then I did at the start of this. Cheers!
  10. Ok, just checked it with a multi meter and there is continuity between all points from the pre to the battery and the jack which has also confirmed that the wires are in the correct places. New battery installed. Zilch....
  11. Thanks for everybody's help. I'm certain the jack is now correct. Black and red from the top of the board are to the battery.Gnd sw and out go to the jack and appear correct. I'll check the wires haven't melted together. I'm snowed under but determined to get to the bottom of this soon.
  12. Thanks Andy. Yes, the red is on the longer one and contacts with the tip when a lead is in. I also though about the battery and replaced it with one from a working bass. Interestingly it didn't wreck the battery as that works in the other bass.
  13. Thanks Andy, that was the point I'd got to which seem the same as your instructions and still no Joy. I've had everything apart and everything seems connected and in place. Red and black wires you see from the pre are going to the battery. The wires you see connected to the jack are from the underside of the pre and there seems to be no loose connections. I'm not sure what I could have actually disturbed whilst doing this. Dog was no help btw😀
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