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  1. Ok mate! Cheers for the info 👍🏻
  2. Was the fan very noisy? The 226 doesn’t have a fan apparently. Cheers!
  3. Yeah I’ve seen this advert. Cheers!
  4. Cheers for the info. Should I pull the trigger I’ll update the thread. Thanks!
  5. The ampeg VR Mini rig looks awesome. But it’s about £600 plus!
  6. I’m tempted by the 500 watt head for the sake of an extra 60 quid. Did you get the 226 or 501 head? Also what cab do you run with it? Cheers!
  7. Also found the 500 watt version for £229!
  8. Just been looking around & seen one of these. Any thoughts? They were around £400 when they came out so £177 delivered & new appears to be a good deal.
  9. Cheers for the recommendations! I do like the look of the ampeg VR 200, not so fussed about a fender to be honest. Ashdown maybe a good option (CTM 15) would probably do it with a 110 or 112 cab. I was looking at another Basschaters post regarding the thunder bass when he said he compared them with two much more high end & higher powered amps & he preferred the Hotone 🤷🏻
  10. Yeah there’s two of them. The 100 watt head & the 200 watt VR head. Both have 210 cabs, the 100 watt is black & the 200 has silver cloth.
  11. Mainly the House Steve. Sorry should of said!
  12. GAS is getting the better of me & I’ve been trying to resist during lockdown. FAIL! I have an Ampeg B15 (House use only) BUT, fancy another toy! Any recommendations at all, preferably lightweight combo or cab/head set up. I did put a wanted ad up on a local forum to me but nothing really caught my eye. Wattage isn’t that important but maybe it would be better to have a few more than not so many. I was looking at the TC 208 but the TC 112 combo appears to be better regarding its a full volume combo. The TC 208 would need another cab thus hiking the price up. My budget really depends on what’s available. Cheers in advance!!!
  13. That looks like an absolute beauty! Is it an ash body?
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