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  1. All my P’s have track & trace on them so I’d find you 😉
  2. Thanks Phil, I'm really surprised it still here to be honest! Cheers - Anth
  3. I’m pretty sure my pricing for this bass is a fair one. Am I a million miles off as I’ve seen the same year basses go for £2200 plus at music shops? Cheers!!!
  4. Hi Soledad, I believe the body is ash & the weight would suggest that. A lot of late 70s basses were ash bodies. It’s no boat anchor by any means but it’s not as light as poplar. We’ve not hit the VAT limit yet, luckily I’m only selling 4 of my collection! Cheers 👍🏻
  5. So tempted but you are the other end of the country! Great looking setup Nik & I bet it packs a punch 👊🏻
  6. I’ll get a rough weight & amend the thread hopefully today or tomorrow. You are welcome to try it out. Are you anywhere near me?
  7. Ok mate, no problem. Would you like me to get an accurate weight & look into a cost for sending the bass? Or was it just a general question regarding the weight? Cheers Anth
  8. Hi, I think it’s approximately 10lbs if memory serves me right. Your more than welcome to try it out. I think most 70s P basses that are made from ash are around the 10lb mark. Cheers 👍🏻
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