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  1. The 5 string been easier than I expected tbh. I'm managing to keep the low B muted when not in use. My main issue confusing the E and A, and I'm not so quick on the note finding as I was. On the plus side I feel much quicker on my 4 string... But I am persevering with the 5 for now. Thanks to all of you for the nice welcoming messages. Basschat really is a very friendly forum! I should have mentioned my basses. I have a 1st run Sire V7 signed by Marcus Miller. This is a fantastic bass which I keep thinking about trading up from, but then realise how good it is and stay put. My 5er is a Cort Artisan B5 Plus in red. Was going for a steal at GuitarGuitar a few weeks ago so took the plunge. It's lovely. But.... now I keep getting GAS attacks and keep checking the basschat ads for something amazing, as well as using the Maruszczyck configuration to spec basses I could never afford... 😜
  2. Hi everyone, Have been lurking for a long time and thought I should say hi. Ive been turned back on to the bass recently after a long period of little music making. In a previous life I was more of a studio/electronic music type but a move for work and family commitments took me out of that. I got my arm twisted to play guitar on an old friends album just before covid kicked off. After that I wanted to play more. While trying to get back in to playing guitar properly I felt very uninspired and couldn't find any guitar music that I wanted to play. On reflection I realised that all the music I love is bass driven... So I have taken to the bass again. Lurking here has encouraged me to take my first foray in to five string territory. I've been enjoying the extra low end immensely. Anyway, thanks for all the advice and, hi!
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