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  1. Bought a pedal from Nigel. He’s a great bloke to deal with, the pedal was delivered super quick & the packing was bomb proof! All is good & the pedal is exactly as described. Cheers - Anth
  2. I bought Paddy’s Tech 21 VT Amp. I had a phone conversation to discuss the amp & payment etc. He’s a lovely bloke, amp as described & it was a really easy deal to get done. Cheers - Anth
  3. Now Sold Tech 21 New York, VT BASS DI Pedal for sale. Comes with tin & booklet. Reason for sale is that I’ve bought the Tech 21 VT 500 Amp Head. Price is £150 collected from North Shields, Tyne & Wear. Can be heard working in a socially distance manner. Pedal has some Velcro on the bottom ( I can remove it no worries) I can post to the U.K. mainland for £7 using a signed for delivery service. Check my feedback (I have a fair bit)!!! Only trade I maybe interested in would be a bass cab. Cash either way depending on what’s on offer. No 810s though 😉
  4. @matybigfro sold Matt my bass clone. Deal was straightforward & he is a trustworthy member of Basschat. Cheers - Anth
  5. Cheers Andy, I’d have no idea myself! 👍🏻
  6. Just bought a Tech 21 VT Bass 500 Head from @Paddy515 Thanks for all the input... Now it’s time to look for a suitable cabinet!
  7. Just bought a Tech 21 VT Bass 500 Head. Thanks for all the input... Now it’s time to look for a suitable cabinet!
  8. Yes it does mate! Cheers! I can’t stand anything that messes with the sound, I do a good enough job of that with my sausage fingers! Cheers mate - Anth.
  9. Hi mate, what’s the fan like if you use the amp of really low volume? Cheers - Anth
  10. Hi mate, thanks for the very detailed reply! It’s much appreciated. I did have a look around the Internet forums regarding that combo & there did seem some quality issues but then again it could of sold 5,000 units of that head & you might only hear of the once that go Bang! The one I’ve seen is 2nd hand & according to the rear of the amp it’s a 2016 model. I have been looking for an alternative amp/head/combo as it started a thread last week. This markbass caught my eye but I’m still looking at other options. I did see an Eden TN 226 at thomman for only £177 but then a I’d need a cab so there’s another £150/£250 or thereabouts. Eden doesn’t seem as fashionable as markbass at the moment. The market seems to change regularly!!! Thanks once again for your reply to my thread. Regard - Anth
  11. Anyone on here know if the fans in these are on all the time or just when the head gets hot & has any owners on here had any issues with this combo? I maybe getting a later one so it not Italian made. Cheers!
  12. Ok mate! Cheers for the info 👍🏻
  13. Was the fan very noisy? The 226 doesn’t have a fan apparently. Cheers!
  14. Yeah I’ve seen this advert. Cheers!
  15. Cheers for the info. Should I pull the trigger I’ll update the thread. Thanks!
  16. The ampeg VR Mini rig looks awesome. But it’s about £600 plus!
  17. I’m tempted by the 500 watt head for the sake of an extra 60 quid. Did you get the 226 or 501 head? Also what cab do you run with it? Cheers!
  18. Also found the 500 watt version for £229!
  19. Just been looking around & seen one of these. Any thoughts? They were around £400 when they came out so £177 delivered & new appears to be a good deal.
  20. Cheers for the recommendations! I do like the look of the ampeg VR 200, not so fussed about a fender to be honest. Ashdown maybe a good option (CTM 15) would probably do it with a 110 or 112 cab. I was looking at another Basschaters post regarding the thunder bass when he said he compared them with two much more high end & higher powered amps & he preferred the Hotone 🤷🏻
  21. Yeah there’s two of them. The 100 watt head & the 200 watt VR head. Both have 210 cabs, the 100 watt is black & the 200 has silver cloth.
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