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  1. Just sold my bongo bass to leuan. Really easy and hassle free deal. Quick message responses and a nice guy! Enjoy the bass mate! Thanks for another perfect basschat deal
  2. Love the look of this and digging the cover song too!
  3. I have a 55-14 and agree it is such a lovely and easy to play bass that sounds amazing! GLWTS
  4. Looks awesome and love the hidden battery compartment position!
  5. Stunning looking single cut! Damn you brexit! GLWTS
  6. I bought my Bongo 5 HS used without having ever tried one but was always curious. Once you put the marmite looks to one side, it's a stunning bass. The basswood body may put people off, however I feel that some basses rely more on the construction/materials used and others the electronics. The bongo I believe is the latter. I feel like the body wood could be any type and a bongo would still sound like a bongo due to the neodymium pickups and hot preamp. It's one of them basses that I think once you've played, you will like it more. Maybe not enough to buy one, but enough to realise why so many people love them
  7. Evening basschatters! Whiskey influenced post arriving. In my humble being, music has always been a big part of life. My dad passed away when I was 23 (8 years ago) and he was a unreal guitar player and the reason I play an instrument. Aftwr accepting at a young age that I couldn't grasp a 6 string guitar, I've managed to work my way up to a 5 string trouser flapper. I've learnt to live without him but it's never easy. No matter how your emotional state is, music helps. Just been watching a programme on skyarts 'Brian Johnson meets dave grohl' granted through half a bottle of Jim beams finest 😁. Awesome watch with two of the nicest and greatest musos the world has ever seen. Two absolute heroes of rock. Amazing to see how music can influence people and the passion these gents have for music is contagious. I've mainly used this forum for buying and selling as I seem to have a fetish for trying different gear, however as someone who hasn't been active in a band for a few years, it's awesome to be apart of a big music community. I don't really know what I'm getting at so sorry if you've been expecting a Oprah style shocking revelation! Keep playing my low end family, stay safe and enjoy the time with people who matter to you. Happy Friday (just!) and rock on! 🤘
  8. Cheers for all the good words about these basses chaps! Toilet puns aside it is a lovely bass and surprisingly versatile due to the eq/pickup configuration!
  9. Not really after trades but pm me any offers
  10. I usually stand however sometimes I treat myself by sitting down
  11. It's a strange world we currently live in, so why not make it a little bit stranger and treat yourself to a bass modelled off a toilet seat? Mocked worldwide throughout the bass community for looking similar to a toilet seat, this is a beast of a bass. Putting the feelers out there to see if there's any interest in my musicman bongo 5 hs in carbon blue Pearl. I am only considering selling as I can't part with my 5514 lakland. My pictures are fairly terrible (will try to get better ones) so check Google images for a better representation of the colour! It's a lovely bass, comes with the original hardcase in used condition, straplocks and a spare white pearl pickguard. I have given the rear of the neck a light sanding (with wire very fine wire wool) to remove the gloss. I've done it neatly and if you wanted I'm sure you could buff it back to a gloss finish. It also has a homemade ramp fitted (with tape) which is clear acrylic however it cracked so I covered it with electrical tape to prevent it falling apart 🙃 There are some chips to the end of the headstock and a chip to the g string side of the body next to the neck. I bust my nut on the g string... Hang on... The outer edge of the nut on the g string side has chipped off which doesn't affect its performance however I have ordered a replacement compensated nut in black which will be included if I haven't fitted it before sale. Everything works as it should. Currently strung with 45/100 slinkies with a heavier 135 b string for added tension! Plays great and has a very fast fretboard due to the 17.5mm spacing. I don't have a box to box so would prefer a collection or meet. Obviously given the current situation we will need to be sensible about it and follow the rules. Be safe and keep playing!
  12. Lovely looking jazz, however the lack of string retainer use would have me questioning the authenticity of that professional 😂 and will definitely not help with buzz! I have a bass collection jive bass and that is a really nice jazz, can only imagine how good this must be! Any trades?
  13. George just bought my lakland 4402 (😭). Really easy to deal with, fast payment and even organised his own courier. Would happily deal with again. Enjoy the bass!
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