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  1. Just purchased Patricks Mayones. Exactly as described and even agreed to meet me half way making the deal even easier! Would happily deal with again
  2. Lovely looking bass! Do you know what the string spacing at the bridge is and the nut width? Thanks!
  3. Yeah sorry that's my terrible pictures! It is the bartolini pickups
  4. Decided to see if there's any interest in one of my 4402 as my 55 02 can cover the lower tunings. This bass is in good condition with some light scratches to the rear (very hard to capture in a picture). There is a small screw hole just about visible under the bridge. I have had the hardware powder coated black and fitted black USA hipshot tuners. I have also replaced the original nut as it was worn and this one is set for heavy gauge strings as the bass is currently set up on Drop C with ernie ball beefy slinky strings. I would imagine you could restring with lighter gauge strings however may need a new nut depending on gauge etc. She plays lovely and sounds fantastic with so much versatility in tone. Collection preferred however a buyer can arrange courier if they wish. Viewings welcome, can send more pictures if needed. Thanks
  5. I've had a few messages asking so thought I'd say: UK only buyers please and the missing string ferrule is now fitted May also consider a cheaper 4 string as a part ex
  6. After picking up a GK combo I have decided to sell my little ampeg. It's the version 2 ba108. This is a brilliant combo especially for home use due to the wedge making it like a monitor and the aux input having a separate volume. Excellent condition with a few very minor marks. Comes with a power lead. Collection preferred but could possibly ship/meet at buyer cost. All the specs are online. No trades thanks
  7. Completely agree, it's a lovely bass. I've come very close to keeping it however I'm in the process of buying a Warwick so could really do with selling it!
  8. Bassdirect have a stunning LT5 in stock if that's any interest https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Spector_Euro_5LT.html
  9. Love the look of this. Do you have any sound samples as I'm curious as to how the pickup sounds with the series switch?!
  10. Evening chatters! Considering moving this beauty on. I have two lakland 4402 and convinced myself I needed a 5 string to join in the fun. I don't 😂 so have decided to sell. All the specs are online, it's in good condition with a few small marks from general use. The back edges of the neck in places look like they've had a stain or something removed, however you can't feel anything and she plays fantastically! 35 inch scale so excellent B string. It's also very light, will check shortly but about 9lbs (it's lighter than both my 4 string ones). I can wrap for posting if buyer organises but will need time to get materials especially given the current situation, collection preferred following current guidelines! Thanks
  11. Jeez that's pretty!! Trying to decide how much I actually need food for the rest of the year 🤔...
  12. Mannnn that neck is pretty. Trying to find some info on these online and coming up blank. Anyone know much about them?
  13. What is the relief of the neck like? As if its OK with the rod where it is, could you not just shim the neck? I take it the truss rod doesn't move? . Just a thought that might save such a big loss!
  14. Just purchased a TU2 from Lozz. Really easy to deal with. Item arrived quickly and exactly as described. Thanks again!
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