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  1. Lovely looking jazz, however the lack of string retainer use would have me questioning the authenticity of that professional 😂 and will definitely not help with buzz! I have a bass collection jive bass and that is a really nice jazz, can only imagine how good this must be! Any trades?
  2. George just bought my lakland 4402 (😭). Really easy to deal with, fast payment and even organised his own courier. Would happily deal with again. Enjoy the bass!
  3. Just purchased a j retro preamp from Steve. Completely hassle free deal. Posted mega quick and arrived in less than 24hrs! Would happily deal with again. Cheers!
  4. Just stuck a j retro in this so going to hold onto it for the time being 😁
  5. I've got one of these and it's the only gig bag (almost feels an insult to call it that!) that I've ever used that I actually felt would protect an instrument in the event of a knock/fall. Have a free bump
  6. Lakland have amazing customer relations so I'd recommend emailing them directly As said above Steve Pirrucello is always about on the fb page and has sent me a private message before when I posted a question on there 😁
  7. Yeah I had my lakland bridge powder coated black and it looked perfect, although I believe that bridge was chrome plated brass not aluminium. Might be worth a call to a metal refinishing place to see if they can advise
  8. Hey people, decided to see if there's any interest in my bass collection jive bass as I'm not using it and could do with some space back! It's a lovely dark metallic red, crimson I believe they call it. I had a fender jazz in candy cola which was a very similar colour. She plays lovely and is one of the best jazz basses you could buy for the money! Everything works as it should and is currently fitted with a set of daddario chromes flat wounds so gets mega smooth if needed. In excellent condition with the only mark really being a couple of little indents on the back of the neck (see picture). Not after trades, collection prefered but may be able to post at buyers cost. Will get a weight tonight when I'm home. The pictures are very average as the lighting is crap so will try and get some better ones! Will listen to sensible offers
  9. Just sold a dunlop cleaning kit to Gary. Mega simple deal, another good basschatter! Thanks
  10. I'm so close to just keeping this as every time I play it I question why I'd want to get rid. I'm trying to commit to 5 string life so will leave it up for the time being! May consider a nice 5 string as trade (can add a jive bass or bongo 5 hs)
  11. Always loved these, alot of money but such an awesome bass! Wish I could justify it GLWTS
  12. Just sold my barefaced cab to Pete. Was really easy to deal with and a nice guy too. Another excellent basschatter. Enjoy mate!
  13. Hi folks, here I have for sale a dunlop body and fingerboard cleaning kit. This is brand new and only selling as I have ended up with two new ones! Postage to UK included in price. Thanks
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