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  1. I thought the exact same! Does look a beauty though and imagine it sounds amazing
  2. Selling my blackstar bass amp as I mainly play through headphones. I bought this brand new at the start of the year and have used it literally a couple of times. Comes with the original box and I can include postage in the cost
  3. Bassman666

    Lakland 55-02 Natural finish

    Love my 4402, awesome instruments! Good price can't imagine it sticking about long
  4. Bassman666

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    Love the look of this, kept looking at it on bassdirects site. The black hardware really sets off the wood. I imagine the pickup configuration makes for a fantastic tone?! If only I could justify another bass...
  5. Bassman666

    Washburn XB126 cheap 6 string bass £50!!!

    £50 for collection only!
  6. Price dropped to £800! This is alot of jazz for the money and I won't be going any lower on price. Go on treat yourself
  7. They are stunning! Always happy to hear opinions, however new these are £1500 ish and this one is only a year old and immaculate condition. I feel it's a good price, especially as regular US fender jazz would cost about the same.. That said I would move slightly on price if someone interested was to collect
  8. This bass is far too good to be sitting unused! Superb weight and huge punch, just not a "jazz" man these days! Help a bass brother out
  9. Bassman666

    ***NOW SOLD*** Spector Euro 4LX TW

    Where abouts is this beauty located??
  10. Where are you located bud?
  11. Off topic but that stingray is a beauty! Have a free bump
  12. Not 100% this is the right choice, however, I've decided to see if there is any interest in my maruszczyk Elwood Absolution. I bought this a few months ago from bassdirect and it's in immaculate condition. These are handmade in Poland and this one is a year old. It's visually stunning and plays unbelievably well. It has a great tone and the build quality is 1st class (Delano pickups/preamp, zero fret etc) . It's incredibly light (my luggage scales say 8lbs!) However my ONLY reason for not keeping it is I've grown to love abit of MM pickup tone in my sound. It comes with original gigbag and certificates. Would prefer to meet but can post at cost. May consider musicman sounding trades so try me, apologies if I'm fussy though any trial welcome in Gosport Hampshire
  13. Such a good looking bass, matching headstock looks amazing!
  14. Bassman666

    Lakland 44 02 Deluxe £700 back up!

    Using my high quality poundland luggage scales it appears to be 9lbs. Seems fairly accurate as my warwick says 9.5lbs and maruszczyk 7.5lbs
  15. Hi people! Don't really want to sell this but after a recent purchase of a maruszczyk, I can't justify having all these lovely instruments sitting around! I'll check the year tomorrow as I can't remember (possibly 2006?). This bass has been frequently used and as such the rear of the body has bucklerash and the front has some glossy patches from arms rubbing. The bridge pickup toggle switch is worn/loose. It only selects single coil and series mode, still works however ideally wants changing. The pots can be a little crackly however probably just need a clean. There is surface rust on the bridge screws and bridge pickup poles. All that said, this bass plays great and sounds fantastic. It balances very well and has that quality feel you get with a warwick! Any trial welcome, can post at cost. Trades considered especially for musicman pickup instruments!