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  1. Hi sorry I have now been able to return the bass to andertons music as they were very understanding!
  2. Now I recently bought this stunner from Andertons music via ye olde interweb. I convinced myself that due to always loveing the look of a single cut and this having a stunning finish, that it didn't matter about the extra string hovering over the fretboard.... However, after 14 years of playing only 4's, I just can't get on with it. My lakland feels like home. So I have decided to see if theres any interest as it's a shame to just have it sitting there! All the specs are on the net, it's light about 8lbs according to my luggage scales. Has a 45mm nut. All works great and is in fantastic condition with just a few very minor marks (can get more photos for interested parties). Collection prefered, would post at buyer cost or possibly meet depending on location. Cash sale prefered, may take a trade but 4 strings only and apologies in advance as I may be fussy! I wont be moving on price as it's a steal for this money, looks like a bass 3 times the price! Thanks!
  3. Head now sold bump, cabinets available 212 £120 210 £100
  4. Just sold my wireless unit to Mike. Paid very quickly and great communication. Would happily deal with again! Cheers
  5. No 😂 sorry it's my terrible photos, the covers have no dents just paint fade from use
  6. Selling my smooth hound wireless recieved/transmitter. Comes with the power supply and a angled jack lead. Good working condition, few small marks as expected and the transmitter has a small stick on pad to prevent scratches to the instrument. Have only used this at home/practice and the sound quality is very good with minimal loss. These are £149 new so this is a good price and decent entry level onto trying a wireless postage to UK included
  7. Bargain at that price, again shame you don't want to post
  8. The BH500 has now sold, however the two cabinets are still available. Both have damage to the tolex but function great. Lightweight and powerful! Collection prefered, could meet. Looking for 120 for the 212 and 100 for the 210. Can get more pictures if wanted. Thanks
  9. Man that looks amazing! Why are there so many pretty looking basses in the world, need a lottery win
  10. Nut is 42mm and weight is abit over 8 1/2 lbs according to my luggage scales
  11. Recently acquired this however I'm not a short scale guy so decided to move it on. Will post a link to info below. Plays great and is in almost new condition with one mark to the very lower part of the back of the neck. The strings on this are very flat/dead, can include a brand new set of Ernie Ball short scale slinkies for a tenner extra. Happy to meet up to an hour from gosport thanks https://chownybass.com/product/swb-1-scott-whitley-signature/
  12. Recently acquired this however I'm not a short scale guy so decided to move it on. I'll post a link to the specs below. This bass is very light and sounds incredible both amplified and acoustically. Very good condition, pitting/wear to the pickups covers/bridge. All functions as it should. Can post in a hardcase at additional cost. Can send more pictures if wanted. Happy to travel up to an hour from gosport to meet. Thanks http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Bass/Allen-Woody-Rumblekat.aspx
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