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  1. Decided to put this up for sale as I've recently bought another lakland, and they're always my go to bass! Plays really well and sounds great. Very punchy. Recently fitted a set of Ernie Ball slinkies 45/100 so still nice and bright! Has some scratches and marks to be expected as it was made in 2008. Collection prefered but can post in a gear4music foam hard case for £50 extra. Trials welcome, not really after trades however a decent home amp like an ampeg/gk or a sansamp or similar may interest me as part trade. Any questions just ask! Thanks, can send more pictures to interested parties
  2. Selling a set of labella flats (so I was told by previous owner, I have no clue on flatwounds!). They were on a lakland string through body on 4 inline so should fit most long scale basses. Would say they feel like a medium gauge going on me using a medium/light. I have removed these from a bass I just bought as I'm a roundwound guy. Was told they had been fitted recently and to be honest don't look or feel old. Price includes postage!
  3. As part of my clearout of gear, I've decided to move this on as I no longer use it. I'm giving it away, so would be good if it went to someone who needs a little home practice combo or a school/pub jam room etc. Specs can be found online. It works fine and is in pretty good condition. Plus... It's FREEEE! Collection only really as would probably cost too much to post. Thanks
  4. Just sold my big muff (🤔) to Ben. Really quick payment and very easy to deal with. Deal with confidence!
  5. Just sold Colin my epiphone rumblecat bass. Was excellent with communication and would happily deal with again! Hope you enjoy it mate
  6. Selling my swan flight case shallow 4u rack case. This has been in storage a few years but functions fine. Has some marks to be expected but a great quality case. It has a burgundy/pink finish. Internal depth from mounting face to rear case lid is 33cm. Can post but would prefer collection/meet. Thanks
  7. Another item up for sale as part of my big clearout! It's a peavey predator USA electric guitar. Peavey strat copy. I believe this is a 1994 model. Excellent build quality and seems to play and sound good (I can't play guitar!). It was my dad's and hasn't been used in a few years so would benefit from some fresh strings and a setup to suit taste! Good condition with chips and scratches associated with an older instrument as well as discolouration of the pickguard/pickup covers (looks awesome IMO). I don't have the whammy bar. Slight crackle from pickup selector switch, probably requires abit of electrical cleaner. Viewing welcome, can post at cost. Thanks!
  8. Selling this pedal board as I don't use it. Was used by a friend for guitar, however they obviously do work on bass! Pedal board is a kinsman (missing the key, 32x54cm internal) with a power bank, big muff pi (SOLD), joyo chorus, joyo octave (SOLD) and a aural dream delay. All tested and working. Will sell the whole let for £75 or separately for: case £20, power bank £15 all others £15 each. Can post. Thanks!
  9. It's my rumble cat for sale and it's about 7/7.5 lbs I'm afraid my hofner shorty bass is very very light but also more of a travel bass then a full time bass
  10. I'll keep that in mind and may look into it, cheers! Yeah me neither to be honest, really pleased
  11. Truss rod needed a little tweak but now plays great. The emg hz aren't fantastic pickups but the bass still sounds awesome. Very resonant when played acoustically which translates nicely when plugged in... Still not quite as nice as my lakland but a lovely bass none the less!
  12. It was on Gumtree but from Emsworth not Brighton. Yeah was up for a good price, got it for £250
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