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  1. Yeah the brass nut is a great upgrade! It is very light around 8.8lbs I believe. 😂 If I decide to sell I'll give the good people of basschat first refusal don't worry
  2. Yeah I think it was listed for about half an hour before I pulled the trigger 😂. I'd say it sounds very different to a regular 5 string thumb from online videos however I haven't owned one myself. The p pickup gives a great p bass type tone (kind of obvious lol) but it has a very full and punchy sound with both pickups on (my preference). I think I still prefer my lakland tone however this one is piece of art!
  3. Just took delivery of this beauty from bassdirect. Stunning looking instrument 😁
  4. Both my 5 string jabbas have been just over 10 lbs, the schaller tuners make them neck heavy as well. The later ones are generally lighter and use hipshot tuners which are much lighter than the schallers
  5. I have had two mayones jabba classic 5 basses (still have one) and they are amazing basses. Agreed new they are expensive like many other high end instruments and the build quality is top class. "A" being better than "B" is completely down to personal preference in terms of tone and what neck specs etc that you prefer. I love the very flat fretboard radius and the solid b string. I also have a USA lakland 55 14 which until I got my mayones was my holy grail 5 string. The mayo is easily on par with the lakland but again, preference as they are very different beasts. Definitely if you get chance give one a try
  6. I've got a Xotic XJ-1T 4 and it's such a lovely and easy to play super JAZZ! Amazing basses and this colour is awesome! GLWTS
  7. The specification of these is crazy for the money! Amazing value GLWTS
  8. Bump! I'm heading to Milton Keynes Tuesday morning for a few days so could take this with me if anyone that way is interested?
  9. Massively regret selling that beast, would buy it back in an instant!
  10. Lovely looking P! Do you have any full frontal (cheeky!) and full rear pictures?
  11. Decided to see if anyone fancies my John east preamp which is currently fitted in my bass collection jazz. It's the flat response version and is in perfect working order. A few very light scratches from general use visible up close but other than that a brilliant preamp. Comes in original box and will include postage in the UK. Thanks!
  12. *I am now selling this WITHOUT the east preamp as I've sold it separately* After a couple of recent investments in other basses, I think it's time to move a few on. This is my bass collection jive bass in crimson. It's in excellent condition and plays so easily. Comes with the neck pickup chrome cover (not pictured). Not after any trades. Not really able to post as I have no box or case so meet up or collection, happy to travel about an hour from Gosport if it helps. Anything else give me a message. Thanks!
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