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  1. JIMMY PAGE , 1988 OUTRIDER OFFICIAL, TOUR PROGRAMME . Condition is good with slight scuffing to spine from storage.
  2. Overwater Bass, Active CircuitS. These came out of early 1990s Fusion and Progress Basses. This is their classic filter circuit for Volume, Pan, Tone, Tone. Each tone pot has an adjustable frequency centre on the board so it acts like a semi parametric eq. Both have visibly different connections but are the same circuits, just different build times. Unable to test but these were both working when they were removed. £60 each or £100 the pair plus postage. Thanks
  3. Pedaltrain Classic Pro With Pedaltrain Gig Bag. Excellent condition. Has some Velcro attached but has had very limited use. Collection from Byker or plus postage Thanks
  4. Male - Female GENUINE LESLIE SPEAKER 6 PIN CABLE, 15ft. Condition is Used.
  5. Despite finally settling on these two stacks. I’d still jump on another 408 or a 406w though 🙄
  6. It’s private, non commercial. https://www.facebook.com/theroomsatimmediateaudio/
  7. Bet you’re like the queen, think the world smells of fresh paint 😆
  8. I’ve always fancied an early G&L, particularly an ASAT
  9. Distant cousin but still got the cold shoulder. So much for northern hospitality 🙄
  10. Favourites for me are @wateroftyne 73 Sunburst, @walshy Walnut 62 and my 73 BBM. Honourable mention to my 79 Ray despite the “Booos” when I dared to plug in an active bass 😆
  11. 2 Ritter Padded Gig Bags. Both got what feels like 1” firm padding all round. 2nd bag cost a lot more so definitely higher quality. Plenty of pockets. Bought both new but I’ve never gigged them and only stored basses in them in a cupboard, as such both in immaculate condition. Case 1 £30 (Black and grey) Case 2 £40 (All black) or swap +/- for a Hiscox STD case. prices excludes postage. Thanks
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