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  1. Funny you should say that. The guy who I’ve been speaking to used to be Marshall’s R&D tech and he said exactly the same. He’s going to look at it next week. Either way the step down transformer works a treat.
  2. Yes all of the Max 800s were flightcased
  3. Thanks it is a beast. It’s a very flexible amp, with the pre and post input gain you can go from clean to growly tone and the eq being 8 band gives tons of flexibility. It almost has a valves sound to it if you drive the pre.
  4. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much of an issue as the amp is based on the CS 800 power amp which had 240 clout transformers in.
  5. Incredibly rare in the U.K. Peavey Max 800 watt amp. Flightcase with front and back lids, bi amp or full range 800 watt min 4 ohm load. Pre and post fx loops, cross over, 8 band hi/low eq, DI, line outs. Unbelievably loud amp. Unbelievably solid. This is no light weight in either power or physical weight. This is 110v but comes with a hi power 240/100 converter.
  6. Ampeg SVT 410 Pro. 600 watts 8 ohm cab. USA built cab in good condition. Drivers are all working fine with no coughs or farts. Dolly with casters screwed to base for ease of transport. Collection from Byker £200 or parcel monkey £32 U.K. delivery or could possibly meet halfway for fuel.
  7. cd_david

    Rack Porn

    SSL, Neve, API, VIPRE dear lord 😍😜
  8. Gary Moore, sat listening to his songs tears running down my face. Although not my favourite musician by a long chalk I don’t know anybody that can put as much emotion into notes as he could. I wasn’t too bothered about Freddie Mercury dying at the time as I was young and probably didn’t appreciate death the way you do as you get older but every time I watch him perform I can find myself getting really choked up. He is without doubt the best frontman that has ever taken to the stage.
  9. I’ve had all my Ernie Ball necks and maple boards lacquered. I hate the dry feel of an unfinished or oiled neck. I wish they’d offer it as a factory option.
  10. cd_david

    Rack Porn

    Found myself a Trace GP11 for the bargain price of £75. Ordered a couple of knob caps from Britishaudioservice.com for £6.50 plus postage.
  11. I’ve only got one of these left now (Stingray) but it dawned on me, of all the fretless basses I’ve owned, they’ve all been unlined. Something very ‘proper musician’ about an unllined fretless. Until I play it on a dark stage 😁
  12. Oooh, that’s the 3rd one I know if in the U.K. yours, My fretless and a piezo 4 string reviewed in Bass Guitar Magazine. Very rare colour bass at a ridiculously cheap price.
  13. I’ve just bought back my June 1976 4001. I bought it in 1989 for £325 from DGC in Durham. I stupidly sold it in the summer of 2017 and regretted it ever since. Thankfully the guy I sold it to offered me first refusal when he was considering shifting it again. Needless to say I didn’t think twice. It’s now back where it belongs with my 1985 4003s
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