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  1. I’ve managed to get hold of a 361 rig. It’s in great nick for a 53 year old amp. A little dusty and grubby rather than damaged. I’ve given it one clean but it needs a going over with a nail brush I think. It also had the top grill missing so I’m in the process of making one. Just need to bend the aluminium frame.
  2. its my rehearsal space, thankfully this stage required nothing that would damage the rugs. 😉
  3. I managed to get hold of the Holy Grail of Acoustic rigs. Same as Jaco, JPJ and Bobby Vega, an Acoustic 360/361. it came without the top grill so I’ve made one and bought Some aluminium angle to make the surround with. I need to find someone to aluminium weld the corners but the grills finished. I put new cloth on the old one so they both match. gave the tolex a good clean yesterday too but it needs going over again with a nail brush to get into the contours properly. ill glue down all the tears and edges but I’m not going to re tolex this one, it’s a 1968 vintage and as they say, it’s only original once.
  4. I’ve just returned from a trip down to Richard’s to buy his Ashdown ABM 500. A faultless deal, great communication and a lovely guy. Beautiful amp in immaculate condition. I can’t recommend Rich highly enough. Thanks Dave
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I’ve decided to sell my 2nd (top one in pictures) Dynacord BS412. It’s currently being recapped (precautionary) but ready early next week. The amp is very high end 1980s German studio quality. The bloke recapping it can’t believe the unnecessary quality inside this thing. theyre 250w or 350w with an extension cab The Compressor is amazing, I usually hate onboard comps but this one is very good. Active/Passive inputs Comprssor Distortion Preamp out/in Graphic EQ Bass Treble DI out Power amp in/out Master volume The amp is its own flightcase, remove the front lid and away you go. I don’t need two amps and am currently looking for the matching extension cab instead of the 2nd amp. 70cm x 71cm x 41cm and 40kg Collection/postage from Newcastle or we could meet for fuel costs. Thanks
  7. Hi Mike PM me any gear you may be selling that needs restoration? Thanks Dave
  8. I found another one on eBay. A quick trip to Edinburgh yesterday and its keeping the other one company at the studio. I only bought it as I thought it was better cosmetic condition than the first one but it’s more or less the same. This one is a little older according to the serial number.
  9. A previously owned 301 has returned to the fold 😬
  10. Is anyone selling a 408? Preferably unloaded? I’ve got 4 original eminence looking for a home. Thanks
  11. Absolute Filth 🤤 2 band transitional era in teal is still one bass I’d love to own. GLWTS
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13.  Hello Please see details below of a fundraising campaign for 4 charities. The video release which hopes to generate the voluntary donations is timed to go live at 8pm Sunday 24th. Please feel free to share the campaign if you feel it’s something you’d like to do. Thanks David there’s also some gratuitous 73 P shots too 😁  – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – WISH YOU WERE HERE CHARITY SINGLE The Lockdown Choir… Back in October 2020, as we faced increased social restrictions and, at the time, the possibility of further lockdowns, four musicians based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne recorded a poignant version of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, with the aim of getting as many other musicians singing vocals on the track. The project came about as a fundraiser for musicians and crew: they have provided entertainment and solace for many, both before and during the pandemic, and the choir gave the opportunity to provide some small token of help and show appreciation for those that have provided so much for us in the past. The plan is to use the single not only to fundraise for musicians and crew but also to raise awareness of the crisis facing themduring lockdowns, highlight the serious effect this is having on everyone’s mental health, and, most importantly, the people who have been lost throughout this pandemic. The final video track features 105 members of the ‘choir’, not only from the UK but also contributions from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, North and South America, Canada: truly a global choir. The vocals of all the choir were recorded using phones and computers, plus 25 members of the choir also recorded individual videos; all the elements were then edited to the final version you see today. David Anderson, project organiser, commented “Everyone is missing someone… wishing they were here. Whether it’s people we’ve lost to the pandemic, friends who’ve passed and we couldn’t say goodbye to, or just isolated from friends and family,” going on to say “I think everyone globally has felt the need to express this, and I felt this choir would provide an outlet. I wanted the song to have 100 voices – it seemed important to reach that number, as it matched the feelings of those involved and there are few things as moving as so many people singing with such emotion.” The video single is available via YouTube – end of release –
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