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  1. 1978 Mocha Precision. ash body in see through Mocha lacquer, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Comes with original case, original bridge and pickup covers, original bridge, original machineheads and strap buttons. I’ve added strap locks, schaller 3D bridge and hipshot DTuner but will return it to stock for a sale. Beautiful playing wear and dings consummate with its age and testament that it’s been played and not a case queen. This is without doubt THE best P I’ve owned. Sounds amazing and has the easiest playing setup on any P I’ve tried. Firm at £1950 plus postage (or meet for fuel costs) for this and absolutely no trades. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I’ve had 2 of these and one of the 80s horizontal ones and as I say, this is the best out of all of them. I assume it’s the foam controlling the sound so well. If I didn’t have to be sensible once in a while this would definitely be a keeper. As it’s not being gigged and doesn’t have the sentimental value of some other cabs, unfortunately it’s in the firing line. All I need is a lottery win and a warehouse 🙄😆
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    Current Sensible collection.
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    Got to love a good collection of cases.
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    My current rehearsal room rig. 2 Acoustic 370 amps and 2 408 (4x15) cabs.
  6. Apologies, i’d copied and pasted from another ad elsewhere and deleted the wrong bits. It’s rated at 130 but nearly as loud as my 300 watt version. Sorry 😞
  7. My two keepers. Black and Maple 1973 and Mocha/Walnut 1978.
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    Guild Porn

    I’ve been a sucker for the Guild B series of basses since being a fan of Ali McMordie of SLF when I started playing. Over the years I’ve owned two B301F fretless single pickup versions, one B301 a fretted one pickup, but the holy grail had always been a 302 or 402. The 301/302 are passive and the 401/402 are actives. Without a suffix the basses are mahogany and with an ‘A’ suffix they are ash. A 402A is an active 2 pickup with ash neck and body. I finally found and got hold of a B302 nearly 18 months ago, pictured below. I fell foul of cites regulations. I could have risked having posted without the certificates but having waited over 20 years to find one without a headstock repair I wasn’t prepared to do that. It took 502 days from purchase to having it in my hands. That was down to English and US processes and my procrastination. Ironically the regs had been amended during this time and longer applied to instruments containing rosewood. 🙄 Anyway, it was well worth the wait. 😎 Picture 1: The B302 Picture 2: B301F fretless I had about 15 years ago. Picture 3: B301 repaired headstock, sold to fund the 302.
  9. Throw some fabric over the top and hey presto, doubles as a consul table 😆
  10. U.K. made Peavey Hisys 3 PA cabs. Scuffs and marks consummate with age but no tears or missing carpet. Passive 700 watt continuous per cab or 1200 watt peak. fantastic cabs with option of bi amping or running full range. Tested at volume with all drivers and horns working with absolutely no barks or farts. Collection from Byker, possible meet up for fuel costs or courier at your expense. Any questions please ask. Thanks
  11. Mid 70s HH 215. In good condition for its age. It has many scuffs but no rips or missing tolex. full working order. It has been upgraded with full metal handles and lined acoustic foam which gives an unbelievably tight sound, huge bottom end and smooth top. it is without doubt the best sounding HH cab I’ve owned, I’m only selling as I currently have 7 cabs and need to be remotely sensible. collection from Byker, possible meet up for fuel or postage at your expense. thanks
  12. Series 6 Trace Elliot AH130 amp. Good condition and in full working order. Great sounding amp and very loud for its wattage. collection from Newcastle or could meet for fuel or postage at your expense Thanks
  13. I bought back a 406 off Damö. I’d originally swapped it with him for my first 408 (left hand cab) and 220 amp. Since then I’d restored a 406 narrow and realised I really wanted another 406 so jumped on this when it became available.
  14. Apologies for the lack of updates on the restoration. I actually finished it last year and sold it on. The tolex wasn’t a great job as it puckered in a couple of places. It looked a lot better than it was but not my best restoration.
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