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  1. He seems to be using a pair with matching extension cabs here.
  2. Dynacord BS412 amp. 250watt (350 peak) combo From the 80s. Comes in it’s own flightcase. Unbelievable German high end studio quality. Managed to get this one after searching for many years and a quick day trip to a very rainy Skegness secured it. Someone had over painted the flightcase aluminium but that came off with a blunt flat blade driver. Its a great sounding amp with a fantastic onboard compressor. I’ve never really liked onboard ones but this is fantastic. I tried one at a rehearsal room years ago and saw many on touring band stages so I presume they were popular in hire stock. After buying many amps and cabs I lusted after years ago and being bitterly disappointed when I tried them, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this but it’s every bit as good as I remember, if not much better.
  3. I love mine and if I had the spare cash I’d have this in a heartbeat. Amazing instruments, fantastic tone and playability and as you say, very rare due to the limited production period and collectors are just starting to sniff them out.
  4. That is beautiful 😍 congratulations on the score. They are a hidden gem in the vintage world. I can’t believe more people haven’t discovered them.
  5. I’m a little confused by the response but the cab sold ages ago locally. My apologies for not updating the thread. Thanks
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    Not as much as you’d think for a mahogany bass. My 302 is very light. Probably around 8lbs. edit: Just weighed it and it is 8lbs.
  7. Hello If anyone like Guild basses, particularly the vintage variety, I started a group on FB. It’s just doubled it’s membership today. There’s two of us now 😆 Guild Bass Group
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    Guild Porn

    It’s a select group, exclusive of you will 😆😉
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    Guild Porn

    Vintage Guild Basses
  10. cd_david

    Guild Porn

    I’ve stared a Vintage Guild FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/3239641099392762/?ref=share
  11. Played this on the mini bass bash day and it’s a lovely example.
  12. Thanks. I’ve had 2 of these and one of the 80s horizontal ones and as I say, this is the best out of all of them. I assume it’s the foam controlling the sound so well. If I didn’t have to be sensible once in a while this would definitely be a keeper. As it’s not being gigged and doesn’t have the sentimental value of some other cabs, unfortunately it’s in the firing line. All I need is a lottery win and a warehouse 🙄😆
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    Current Sensible collection.
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