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  1. If I may share some experience of my garden "studio" build.... We took a solidly constructed garage style outbuilding, and used "acoustic" grade rockwool (RW3 or RWA45, can't remember which) - it is heavier than the standard stuff. We then built a room within a room using 4"x2" and used the same rockwool within that (1" air gap between walls), then lined with double layers of plasterboard with green glue between. We also used acoustic double glazed units - but I suspect adding secondary glazing would be beneficial. I would try at least to pay attention to preventing air leakage - good door seals etc, as it is surprising how even small gaps let noise out - cymbals cut through the smallest gaps! We took care to include airflow, with air in and out via a "silwnt" fan through a long wiggly insulation lined hose to cut noise egress. Anything you can do at this stage to improve things - even if you don't go nuts with double walls etc - will be worthwhile. So do consider hefty insulation etc....
  2. Hi, thanks for that - I have adjusted the drawings to take account of this - I'll pop Stevie a revised version he can upload to the thread - does this look better?
  3. I'm sure he could, but I happen to know he is very busy with custom builds at the moment, so the turnaround time is likely to be pretty long.
  4. Yes, I think it is a good idea to try and have "clean" threads with the drawings, parts lists and pics etc, as the current ones have got very lengthy, and are interwoven with various builds etc.
  5. Although not the same as this build, there is a 1x10 build thread with drawings etc here The drawings can be found here
  6. Yes, the Fender style cloths shrink when heated (be careful to not get too excited with a heat gun though, as they will melt!). Key is to fit it as tightly as you can then heat gently and evenly so the weave stays aligned nicely.
  7. Bought a Magellan 800 from Dave - excellent to deal with, very helpul.
  8. ....and given the size of the cab, I can't see the battens adding much more than a few ounces....
  9. All done, finally. Kept going with the oil, then finished with a few coats of renaissance wax. I added indicators to the wooden knobs with a bit of cocktail stick. The guitarist had given me some Seymour Duncans to install in place of the original PRS pickups, so had to re-jig the wiring, but that went OK - the single coil settings on the push/pull knob sound decent, and the volume is pretty even whichever pickup(s) are selected, so job done!
  10. ....so faux pickups that can't be seen - genius! 🤣
  11. ...I suggested Europe Audio because @sergelebasse75 asked for a continental based supplier
  12. These guys are good - I have ordered from them in the past (pre Brexit!) https://europe-audio.com/intro.asp They stock a wide range of Jantzen air core inductors - they took some time to deliver when I ordered as they didn't initially have stock, but they came through
  13. Here's the 10" cab build thread
  14. More of a refurb than a creation, but here's a bench from my bench. We bought some very tired cast iron bench ends last year, and I had them all blasted and powder coated. The slats are iroko. I had to plane off a chamfer because the flanges on the ends were tapered, so the chamfer allows the slat to sit better into the recess. I also cut in some small square rebates into each hole so the head of the coach bolt sat nicely into the hole and was also held tight when doing up the lock nuts. Only three more to complete now... In situ
  15. I picked up a pair of ZS10s recently from Amazon (£25 - warehouse stock.... just a damaged box - the phones are perfect). I'm finding that the have a tendency to slip out with the supplied tips, despite trying the various sizes.... would it be useful to add some links/info for alternate tips? I have used the foam type before and find them OK, but would be good to know what type fits these headphones....
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