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  1. We rehearse at Starfish, but we're not sure what the recording facilities are like - did you ever use them for recording?
  2. Hmmm - either it's a different place I've found or they seem to have changed focus. Looks promising!
  3. Moved down near Lewes in Feb, joined a band, and we want to get some decent demos recorded. Between us we're spread from Worthing, Brighton, Lewes and Hastings, so anywhere around these places would do. Looking for somewhere that has a decent live room to get a decent drum sound. 4 piece alt rock band, so somewhere not too cozy
  4. Love the crescent effect with the circles!
  5. Of all the angled tuner options, that last one is certainly the nicest, Christine.
  6. Square for me. To my eye, they just "get out of the way" visually and don't detract from the headstock itself. Any other alignment draws my eye to the tuners - I find myself looking to see what they are aligned with. Square enhances the headstock shape, in my book.
  7. Stevie is doing an initial run of 10 kits, but they are all spoken for. Hopefully (if Stevie isn't driven mad by the first run) a second run will happen, but of course that depends on Stevie!
  8. You're all lightweights.... come on, someone must be up for a bit of bling
  9. That "proper" speaker wadding is quite lightweight - I think Stevie specifically commented about this recently, but darned if I can find the reference. So probably best to stick to his recommendation. I wonder if the backed stuff that you mention is as good as the recommended one though, as that sounds like it would be easier to use. The listing suggests that it is the same weighting. Stevie?
  10. Tuffcab - goes on with a mini paint roller. Blue Aran sell rollers too - depending on the roller you can get different finishes. Really quick and easy to do, and you will end up with a good finish that can easily be touched up if it gets dinged. 1kg of paint will easily do that cab.
  11. ...quite a good reason to by a new Stomp then!
  12. Unless later RS450s are different, I don't think it has any facility for tone printing - mine certainly doesn't!
  13. Amazing what you can do with crayons these days....
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