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  1. All done, finally. Kept going with the oil, then finished with a few coats of renaissance wax. I added indicators to the wooden knobs with a bit of cocktail stick. The guitarist had given me some Seymour Duncans to install in place of the original PRS pickups, so had to re-jig the wiring, but that went OK - the single coil settings on the push/pull knob sound decent, and the volume is pretty even whichever pickup(s) are selected, so job done!
  2. ....so faux pickups that can't be seen - genius! 🤣
  3. ...I suggested Europe Audio because @sergelebasse75 asked for a continental based supplier
  4. These guys are good - I have ordered from them in the past (pre Brexit!) https://europe-audio.com/intro.asp They stock a wide range of Jantzen air core inductors - they took some time to deliver when I ordered as they didn't initially have stock, but they came through
  5. Here's the 10" cab build thread
  6. More of a refurb than a creation, but here's a bench from my bench. We bought some very tired cast iron bench ends last year, and I had them all blasted and powder coated. The slats are iroko. I had to plane off a chamfer because the flanges on the ends were tapered, so the chamfer allows the slat to sit better into the recess. I also cut in some small square rebates into each hole so the head of the coach bolt sat nicely into the hole and was also held tight when doing up the lock nuts. Only three more to complete now... In situ
  7. I picked up a pair of ZS10s recently from Amazon (£25 - warehouse stock.... just a damaged box - the phones are perfect). I'm finding that the have a tendency to slip out with the supplied tips, despite trying the various sizes.... would it be useful to add some links/info for alternate tips? I have used the foam type before and find them OK, but would be good to know what type fits these headphones....
  8. The prices are more reasonable than I thought. I imagine using an etch primer on the aluminium would give a better chance of a decent finish. I see that Hammerite do a direct to galvanised paint that claims to work with aluminium, too.
  9. Stevie, talking of grilles, would one of the off the shelf 10" round grilles do the trick (might not be the prettiest, but just thinking of those who want to do a tweeterless version at minimal cost). I should also say that Blue Aran do sell metal grill sheet, but I think the sizes are large and will be expensive if you just want a single speaker with masses left over.
  10. Couple more coats on now.... I'm going to get a couple more on before I do any buffing... still getting a tiny bit of stain pickup with the oil. The guitar is in a cold workshop, so each coat is taking some time to go off.
  11. That's a nifty idea - saves having to adjust your posture/angle all the time.
  12. An electric jigsaw is the best bet - so long as you take it slowly and don't try and force things, even a £25 jigsaw from Screwfix will do a reasonable job.
  13. Decided to have a bit more of a bash... second application on the back View from the workshop! ...and a first application of the blue to the front. My sanding of the initial black coat seems to have been more successful... we'll see how it looks once cured.
  14. OK, did a bit last night... Sanded back the black to try adding a burst, but don't think I left enough black round the edges Thought I would do the back first, as it will be easier to hide the mistakes - so here it is immediately after the phthalo blue was applied. The black round the edges a bit feeble... This morning after it had cured (and in different light/exposure of course) ....then I added some black round the edges, using a separate cloth to merge the black and blue as well I could I found that I needed to apply a fair bit of pressure to get the colours to blend, which burnished things a bit. I am leaving it to cure now, then depending on how it looks, I will probably apply a bit more of the blue over the black to catch any gaps.... may need a bit more black in places to improve the fade up near the neck.
  15. Overall port length - so keep the original dims and bring it forward.
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