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  1. [pendant mode on] On the https://www.scavengermusic.co.uk/repairs page, it should be "manner" not "manor"
  2. Great name/logo and tagline! Love it.
  3. Don't think sending money as a gift is a good way to pay for a commercial item - you lose any buyer protection, and - unlikely as it may be - if there is an issue with items not being delivered, then you could end up stuffed. Shame they won't use TransferWise, as it's a great facility.
  4. Afromosia will be tricky/pricey to get hold of I suspect nowadays. Iroko is very hard wearing but will be £££££. A friend of mine who makes bespoke kitchens uses utile for worktops - that could be worth a look.
  5. What bass model is this based on? ....what pickguard/control plate is that designed for? Telecaster bass with the swoopy pickguard? Looks like a Stingray control plate might fit.. quite fancy a funky frankenbass along those lines...
  6. RichardH

    G&L L-5500

    Lovely!!! I have an L2000 in red swirl - bought it about 14 years ago, and it came with a couple of chips in the finish (which they are a bit notorious for) - stabilised with some superglue and no further issues with the finish.
  7. Thanks for the reminder on that build. In fact your neck looks a lot closer to "proper" than that the one they have on eBay at the moment in that style - which even the Red Arrows on a flyapast would spot as shonky - so maybe the photos on eBay are just samples. I think if I go ahead I'll message the seller first....
  8. I've been looking at their necks. The headstock looks weird on most of them - more like a telecaster guitar shape, with the "bump" further towards the end. Id that just the photographs, or are they really like that? This one looks OK but this looks a bit odd ....oh, and some of them actually have a rounded heel rather than squared off, so there are options!
  9. I've eyed up the CV 50s basses, but the necks aren't jazz width - from the specs: "Nut Width: 1.685" (42.8 mm)"
  10. There's a PDF download on this thread on the TDPRI forum that includes a Mike Dirnt P bass headstock - though if that is exactly the same as a 51 I'm not sure. Looks darned close, anyway!
  11. Yes, that's right - it was me! I only sold it because of the impending house move. Glad you're enjoying it!
  12. Genz Neox 212T are an amazing buy secondhand. Early ones in rat fur, later ones tolex. Weight around 23kg, so not heavy, vertical cone alignment so good dispersion - most of all, sound great.
  13. ...I noticed the most difference on the Scritti Politi (first) track.
  14. Quite a big difference there! NX sounds much more open, doesn't it.
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