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  1. One other thing - be careful of where any cooling vents are and make sure they are still given access to free air!
  2. The alternative to Tolex is TuffCab paint - you can apply it with a small foam roller and get a nice textured tough finish - it is easy to touch up if you do get scrapes as well. The good thing is that Blue Aran who supply tuff cab also do all the cabinet hardware you are likely to need as well.
  3. Yes - but if you can build in 18mm poplar it will be an easier build - though poplar isn't the easiest to get hold of.
  4. I juts played with that very nifty ply weight calculator: An area of 1.57m2 using 18mm MDF gives 20.76kg (plus the 8kg of the driver and allow some for hardware etc gives the quoted weight of the current cab). Here are the weights for various materials 18mm MDF: 20.76kg 18mm Birch: 17.55kg 18mm spruce/poplar: 12.42kg 12mm birch: 11.7kg I wouldn't use 12mm poplar unless you really know what you're doing with bracing etc. So if you can get hold of 18mm poplar then you'd be nearly as light as a 12mm birch cab - though the cab will still weigh 21kg once the driver etc is added.
  5. I would work out how much of a weight saving this would be before going over to 12mm ply. I can't see the slight dimension change you mention making a difference. The panels will definitely need bracing (adding more timber to the total), and don't forget the weight of the kappa driver will remain the same - so the cab may not end up that much lighter. Poplar ply would be much lighter - in fact 18mm poplar would probably be lighter than 12mm birch. Poplar is softer though and can "ding" without a decent covering - rat fur, tolex or tuffcab (which has the advantage of being easy to touch up if scraped/dinged).
  6. Looks like it might well be graphite - this might be of interest Wal Pro 1E neck rebuild
  7. Pat was a great seller when I bought his Squier Precision 5 special. Well packed, great comms, and a friendly chap all round!
  8. No, not yet I'm afraid! Mike (who's putting the cabs together for me as a favour) is very busy with "proper" work, and it's not like I have any gigs coming up.... Hopefully soonish though!
  9. Thanks to Frank for the passing on of a bass neck and bridge - very friendly comms etc!
  10. The matching headstock looks great to me - not "too much" at all. The spalting on there almost looks like slightly tangled strings!
  11. I'll see what I can arrange.... I'm over in Lewes, but might be able to get the band's singer to pick it up as he lives in Brighton.
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