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  1. Cheers! Must admit I was hoping to use a jazz width neck, though I guess there's nothing to stop me doing what you've done and set the string spacing at the nut to be more jazzy...
  2. May I ask where the neck was from? I have been pondering a tele bass "barncaster" style build, and have been looking at those TL necks on eBay for £70 odd, but no idea how good they are...
  3. The guitarist in my band bought a TC-Helicon Go Guitar (though that too is only a single input). Worked well for recording a lockdown video.
  4. I've played through that combination too - oodles of trouser flapping. Sounds like the 1x15 is the way to go, and just add a 2x10 if you find you need it.
  5. Yes - from talking to Mike Walsh (Zoot) about it, he has done it that way in the past.
  6. Chris, not sure how I missed your reply - really glad he worked out well for you! I'll let the guitarist know he's been useful for once
  7. Looks like a version of the FocusRite Scarlett. Let us know how you get on with it - I really like my Scarlett, but a cheap version would be handy to recommend to bandmates...
  8. Yes, that's really handy - thanks. 29.7fps sounds familiar!
  9. Yes, I used Adobe Premiere Elements for ours. I extracted the audio tracks from the video tracks (band members used iRig or equivalent to record the audio for their video tracks) using Audacity - you can open a video track in Audacity and it grabs the audio. I then aligned the tracks and set the levels and exported to single MP3. In Premiere Elements I again aligned the tracks using the associated audio tracks and also imported the mixed track and aligned that. I then muted the video audio tracks to be left with the mixed audio. The only thing I did apart from altering levels on the tracks was add a bit of reverb to the vocalist's track, and some compression to the drums. It's useful if you get everyone to tap along to a click intro to the song to help with alignment. I also had a weird issue where the guitarist's video was running at a slightly different frame rate from the others (he started in sync, but ended up about 2 seconds out by the end of the track). So I used Premiere Elements to squish his video down very slightly to keep the sync correct throughout the song. Here's the result, FWIW
  10. Can one of you kind people who own one of these do a couple of measurements please? I'd like to know what the string spacing at the nut is like, and also an idea of the string spacing over the neck pickup. I'd go out and try one, but that's not possible at the moment really!!
  11. The guitarist has just lent me one of these pedals. As mentioned above, it works well into a Scarlett - I used it straight into a Scarlett 2i2 to record the bass for a "lockdown" video - sounds pretty good, though I say it myself. If anyone's interested, here are my pedal settings ...and here's the result
  12. For some more £££ than the HB, I think Fender are doing a Squier 51 Classic Vibe bass again now in white blonde...
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