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  1. I think Phil described the differences between the 30 and 50l cabs very well in his first post - quoted below with my bold highlighting.
  2. Ahh - interesting. That's OK then!!
  3. The One10 has a floor firing port that is (from the photos) set towards the back of the cab. I did wonder if angling the cab would mess with the performance of the port, but with it near the back it might be OK. However, you will need to be sure that whatever you use doesn't impede airflow for the port.... I would think that anything elevating the cab off the deck to any large degree might cause a loss of performance (though am happy to be corrected!!!)
  4. ...and just to reiterate - Mike is building these for me to repay a favour and has used up his last stock of lightweight ply.... he is not going to build them commercially!
  5. Possibly, though I think Mike usually tolexes them. We'll see what he comes up with!
  6. Yes - particularly with the rebate and tolex tucking under for them to seat into. I know Mike used to use them when he was building cabs without any problems.
  7. No, they are being done in between Mike's "proper" work, so have to take a back seat. Hopefully quite soon, though!
  8. Spondon's borrowed two for his nipples?
  9. If anyone wants to bid on this, that is only 10 miles up the road from me - happy to collect and arrange courier shipping if it helps!
  10. Tolex time! Tolex cut to size Tools required for cab covering Tolex getting glue applied Cab with glue applied and getting covered Sides of cab number 1 done. Test fitting the handle, it fits perfectly and is flush in the rebate
  11. I can't claim credit for that - it is @Cosmicrain (Mike Walsh) who is making them for me as a HUGE favour using the remaining bits of ply he had left as I said earlier in the thread... ...so it's Mike workshop that's the tidy one - mine is still in bits due to too many other (house related) projects needing doing first...
  12. Some more progress on my cabs.... Two cabs now built and ready to have edges sanded and rolled. The bottom cab is going to only have the 12" driver in - though I will fit a horn with a blanking plate over the mouth, so if at some point in the future I want to turn it into a full range cab it can be done without getting the jigsaw out. Decided to "hand" the front baffles. Edges sanded and square Roll over cutter selected and height set Rolling the edges Edges rolled and ready to be covered in Marshall black levant tolex
  13. Bit more progress on my build.... Ready for the edges to be sanded flush and then rounded over. Rebated handle with backing/damping behind. Ditto for the back connection panel
  14. I find that style really hard to remove - I can never find the little "flap" to grab on to them with.... though I haven't tried that particular brand before. The flap looks longer than on other brands - might give them a go! They seem very good value!
  15. I have tried various of the "mushroom" type plugs - eytmotic ER20 and various clones, as well as the lower profile ones with the little tab you use to remove them (which I find less easy to use that the etymotic type with the stems). All of them seem to do a similar job frequency wise - in that I find that the top end is reduced, despite what they all claim. However, I also had a set of custom moulds done and didn't find them that much better to be honest.
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