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  1. It's a sort of similar thing to the Helix Stomp, I guess you could say. Here's their landing page with more general info on it
  2. A Kickstarter happening in February 2020, so a way off yet - sounds very interesting (especially their estimated street price of €299....) https://forum.moddevices.com/t/say-hello-to-the-mod-dwarf/4065
  3. They do a "pro" version now as well - apparently tougher, but with a slightly different finish. All of these finishes are easy to apply with a 4" roller. Blue Aran do a roller that will get a nice finish. If it is to cover an existing finish, I would be sure to give it a light sanding and then clean well to get rid of grease and gunge to make sure that the new finish can adhere well. Have a look through the "Stevie’s 12” FRFR Cab Build Thread" for some pics and advice on using Tuffcab. Page 17 is a good place to start
  4. NEOX 212T. Great cabs. Pop up secondhand on here for around £350-400. Early ones are carpetted, later ones tolex. I think they also moved from Eminence speakers to Faital Pros for the most recent ones.
  5. Cheers - we are going to start touting around for gigs in the New Year
  6. ....and here's what we got up to at Brighton Road - Jake is indeed a lovely guy! We had the recordings mixed and mastered afterwards by a friend of the drummer (who's a pro engineer) - meant our time in the studio was used getting as much recording done as poss.
  7. A little sampler video from our recording session at Brighton Road Studios


    1. Muppet


      I enjoyed that. Your singer's got a great voice!

    2. RichardH


      Yeah, he has hasn't he. The vocals were all first takes, too!

  8. Yes, I am sure I have downloaded them several times too. Sorry to get your hopes up!
  9. I moved to East Sussex back in Feb, and managed to find myself a band. They were looking for bass player and singer, so once I was on board, we spent a little time auditioning singers.... and though I say it myself, I think we found a good 'un! He also plays some great guitar, so we've been able to fill the sound out nicely. We spent a day at Brighton Road Recording Studios back in September, and the drummer arranged for a friend to do the mixing and mastering - who's been very busy, so we've only just got these final masters back. Have to say they've come out pretty well - we recorded as a band with the singer doing a quiet guide vocal, then he recorded the final vocal track afterwards... I think he managed pretty much all the tracks in one take bar a small bit of a drop in on one song. Anyway, here we are.... https://soundcloud.com/righteousthieves/just https://soundcloud.com/righteousthieves/figure-it-out https://soundcloud.com/righteousthieves/like-a-stone https://soundcloud.com/righteousthieves/alive https://soundcloud.com/righteousthieves/everlong
  10. Cheers - might be worth doing before the baffle gets fitted....
  11. Am wondering whether to make the cutout for the horn a square so I could rotate it at some point if I fancied it.... IIRC the screw holes are positioned in a square on the horn anyway, so the cutout just needs to be slightly bigger to allow rotation....
  12. Main reason for wanting a pair is so they stack to a nice height so I can reach my pint.
  13. Some more progress... Surround to back the handle cutout Braces going in - plus surround for the rear connector plate. For the "sub" cab, we are going to swap the top and bottom panels so the handle is nearest the 12" driver, and also flip the baffle so that when stacked the ports will be vertically above each other - just a visual thing. It does mean that if I choose to convert the cab to a fully tweeter-ed version at some stage, they will end up being mirrored versions of each other.
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