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  1. Yes, that does sound useful - my band's talking about doing some QoSA, so a drop tuning would be very handy!
  2. Drop D? How does it tell if you are playing the bottom string? Or do you rather mean that everything can be de-tuned by a semitone (or more, I assume/hope) - sorry if that sounds pedantic....
  3. Yup - Roland Micro Cube RX is the way to go. I have used a U-Bass and one of these chappies to get effect - and the batteries seem to run for ages (I use the 7 Day Shop "Good To Go" AAs). You just missed one in the classifieds for £130, but keep your eyes peeled for another.
  4. Yup, me too! It will be the "here we are, here's something I can be given for my birthday by one of the kids" item of the year.
  5. I had my £15 back order cancelled a few weeks ago, but Amazon have this back in stock now, and currently at £20....
  6. Yep - I've joined a new band (still auditioning singers), and there's some more effects-needy stuff on the list - some Muse, RATM, QotSA etc where my usual clean stock sound may need tweaking, and the pitch shifting capabilities may come in handy.
  7. Well, it's certainly nudging me further towards buying, anyway!
  8. I think someone predicted a few weeks ago that this would start dropping in price, and lo and behold - GAK, PMT and DV247 listing it at £389 now!
  9. Line6 G75 for £160 at Andertons - they also have the G10 for £109
  10. Tuff cab paint is £14 for 1kg, which will do several cabs - so isn't mega pricey. However, if you can get some fabric that looks like it will do the trick at a good price, then give it a go. You will need to find a really good contact adhesive.
  11. I used a Fender Rumble 200 head at a rehearsal studio the other day - highly impressed. Sounds like you've chosen well for your situation!
  12. I'd say avoid. For the amount of time you'll spend doing the covering, buy some decent stuff.
  13. A lot of the cheaper vinyl type stuff is quite soft, and you can get scrapes/nicks in the surface quite easily. The upside is that it's a bit more flexible so that makes it easier to get round edges etc. The better quality cab covering have a tougher outer layer which will be more resistant to scrapes and tears - but can be harder to put on the cab in the first place.
  14. Watch this space - @stevie has now got a CNC flatpack kit prototyped for the 12" cab (which debuted at the South West Bass Bash), so hopefully he will be giving more info soon!
  15. RichardH

    Nemesis day

    Nope - standard maple plus what looks top be more like rosewood/rosewood substitute - here's the very neck in original form plus some very clever staining
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