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  1. There's always the through neck option too - just a matter of gluing the wings on - no neck pocket required!
  2. I can't see what it is you're quoting here...
  3. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Beards are everywhere these days.
  4. I thought the same thing - had no idea they were now a four piece and was wondering whether they'd added a bassist or a singer. Turns out Fernanda and the drummer both left and were replaced with three entirely new members!
  5. A band-member, as opposed to a band, but I feel like Frank Beard deserves an honourable mention.
  6. It's very unlikely to be a solid colour - I much prefer stains, oils, etc to using any kind of paint
  7. It's only a rough sketch at this stage - I'll play around with it when I draw it out full scale - I could move the neck in a bit.
  8. Well in an odd twist, having let this project gather dust for way too long, I ended up getting kicked out of the band (unrelated to the slow progress on the build), so the guitarist won't be getting his 10 string V after all. But I still have a 27" scale neck that I've started work on, so I'm going to make an altogether more civilised tele-ish baritone instead. I did consider making a very short scale bass, but I already have... well, I won't say "too many basses" for fear of getting banned, but I have a few, and only one (barely) functioning guitar. And a baritone is at least leaning in the right direction, right?
  9. +1 for the EMG Geezer butler - a great option. Does the bass have the kind of knobs with grub screws or the ones that just push on? If I recall, the EMG comes with solid shaft pots, so you might need to get screw-on knobs if you don't have them already.
  10. The EMG website has all the PDF manuals with diagrams showing how long everything is
  11. Nice to see Gibson paying attention to the little details and positioning the strap buttons for maximum neck-dive 🤣
  12. I admit I haven't actually tried it myself, but those I've seen look too narrow for a P pickup - though they may vary. I think it would also be closer to the neck than the regular P position.
  13. You'll need knobs. For finishing the Crimson Guitars stains and oils are nice. With a bit of effort you can get a very pretty finish without having to spray anything.
  14. Sung by their current bass player, about their old one
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