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  1. Hi everyone, I've just moved to a house with a garage so can finally set up a proper workshop for building basses. Does anyone have any recommendations for which bandsaw, drill press and planer/thicknesser I should buy? All suggestions much appreciated! Thanks 🙂
  2. Thought I'd share my current project in case anyone is interested. Melodic-ish death metal in the vein of At The Gates, Carcass, Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder. https://handaxemetal.bandcamp.com/ It's a one-man project (the drums are programmed). All the bass was recorded using the various creations my over on my build diary threads, so it comes to you partly thanks to the sage advice and encouragement of many members of this forum. 🤘🤘🤘
  3. There's always the through neck option too - just a matter of gluing the wings on - no neck pocket required!
  4. I can't see what it is you're quoting here...
  5. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Beards are everywhere these days.
  6. I thought the same thing - had no idea they were now a four piece and was wondering whether they'd added a bassist or a singer. Turns out Fernanda and the drummer both left and were replaced with three entirely new members!
  7. A band-member, as opposed to a band, but I feel like Frank Beard deserves an honourable mention.
  8. It's very unlikely to be a solid colour - I much prefer stains, oils, etc to using any kind of paint
  9. It's only a rough sketch at this stage - I'll play around with it when I draw it out full scale - I could move the neck in a bit.
  10. Well in an odd twist, having let this project gather dust for way too long, I ended up getting kicked out of the band (unrelated to the slow progress on the build), so the guitarist won't be getting his 10 string V after all. But I still have a 27" scale neck that I've started work on, so I'm going to make an altogether more civilised tele-ish baritone instead. I did consider making a very short scale bass, but I already have... well, I won't say "too many basses" for fear of getting banned, but I have a few, and only one (barely) functioning guitar. And a baritone is at least leaning in the right direction, right?
  11. +1 for the EMG Geezer butler - a great option. Does the bass have the kind of knobs with grub screws or the ones that just push on? If I recall, the EMG comes with solid shaft pots, so you might need to get screw-on knobs if you don't have them already.
  12. The EMG website has all the PDF manuals with diagrams showing how long everything is
  13. Nice to see Gibson paying attention to the little details and positioning the strap buttons for maximum neck-dive 🤣
  14. I admit I haven't actually tried it myself, but those I've seen look too narrow for a P pickup - though they may vary. I think it would also be closer to the neck than the regular P position.
  15. You'll need knobs. For finishing the Crimson Guitars stains and oils are nice. With a bit of effort you can get a very pretty finish without having to spray anything.
  16. Sung by their current bass player, about their old one
  17. This one's about Lemmy and includes the line "he's playing bass and melting your face" And this one's about Fat Mike, as far as I can tell
  18. I've done this a couple of times too - I was scared to try it at first but it worked really well.
  19. True - I had a Hartke 810 up for sale for peanuts for ages way before the virus came along. Ended up building 210s with the speakers, and giving the empty cabinet away to a guy who said he was going to try and cut it up to build a cajon!
  20. I suspect it also depends where the perpendicular fret is. I put mine at 7 as I thought it would make things feel a bit more familiar at the lower frets, compared to having it up at 12 - seems to have worked.
  21. I just built a multiscale 4 string - 900mm to 850mm, with the perpendicular fret at the 7th a la Dingwall. I leave it in the rehearsal room, while all my other basses at home are standard frets, 34 inch scale or shorter. I've had no problems switching between the two - it's really not that much of an adjustment.
  22. I used these in a build https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113988807342 - well, actually I haven't finished it yet, so can't completely vouch for them, but they seem pretty solid. I went for 6mm simply because I already had a router bit of that size. I might have used smaller ones otherwise. Regarding length, I suppose it would be good to have them about the same as the truss rod, but probably not essential. There was a bass build on the Crimson Guitars YouTube channel a while back where he used four 4mm rods, two on each side. Perhaps you could do that and sort of stagger them so they run the whole length of the neck - the inner two starting at the nut end and the outer two ending at the heel end.
  23. Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe. My old band supported Whitfield Crane at some dive in Newcastle last year and I got to share this fact with him 😂
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