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  1. I have an NS CR5, and it's really well made. Definitely go with a 5, opens up lots of possibilities that a 4 might not. If the choice were mine, I'd go with the NXT.
  2. Like this? Turns out I was looking at the Basshouser FatFish...
  3. Calling @BigRedX https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/retro-bass-guitars/reverend-brad-houser-bass-in-midnight-black Don't know if that's the one you were looking at. IIRC, the one on the Reverend site looked a bit different...
  4. Nice to know that at least 81 people on the planet have good taste... 82 if you include Brad Houser, I guess.
  5. Nice. I've been eyeing the Brad Houser signature model myself.
  6. Trace 1153 Trace 2103h They're the 1x15 and 2x10 with hf horn that match the combo. They're both 8ohm cabinets, so the ~300w will be evenly divided between the cabinets, and the drivers if you use the 2x10.
  7. *driven more by a desire to recoup any costs than the belief that the repairs/upgrades necessarily add value per se...
  8. I always base values on what I paid for it plus the value of mods/repairs minus a bit for depreciation.
  9. Edit- Happy ending to this story; the EDC700 the Gallery sold me was vapourware, but two lovely chaps on here replied to my Wanted ad. As a result, I now own an EDC715 and EDA900.
  10. Not the first time this has happened. They did it to me over an Ibanez. To the point that they took the funds then had to refund me when they realised the instrument was gone. I don't care what stock they have. I won't deal with them again. I also had a negative experience in the shop itself.
  11. As no- ones mentioned them yet (with one slight exception); Nicko- super drummer. maybe hasn't quite Clive's feel, but the pace, stamina and delivery are amazing. Adrian- plainly works hard at his craft, both playing and writing. Definitely Puts in the effort live. Dave- just makes it look easy. All held together with "Harris glue." I might have missed Jannick. Never saw what a 3rd guitarist added to the party, TBH. I know why he's stayed, though. Contentious as it may be, I wouldn't say that Iron Maiden are greater than the sum of their parts. They might have been until Clive left. Something in me says that Sabbath pre- Ozzy's departure were.
  12. I've an old Phonic- branded 12 track mixer. It has plenty of gain without a DI box in front of it. Turn the gain up and it even distorts quite acceptably. It drives headphones with ease and the onboard EQ is pretty good, too. I use one of the in unused to run a tuner, and mix in a "music source" via a 3.5 stereo jack to 2 phono cable. The mixer has phono sockets for the last pair if stereo channels. Playing through headphones can be a bit of a culture shock. Lots of string noise, and undamped strings ringing. These are good t things. Teaches you to eliminate them from your playing. A good pair of headphones will easily cover the entire frequency range that a bass can produce, but it does lack the physical element of the lower frequencies that amps & cabs generate. Think it cost me £80. Has no onboard effects that some do. Another bonus; the first 4 channels have gain controls and XLR inputs. It's possible to configure each channel for a different bass and just plug into that depending upon what instrument you're using. It also allows the use of stereo effects and also instruments with more than one output; Rickenbackers, Yamaha Attitudes, Chapman Sticks, anything driving synths with midi, or even just a wet/dry mix from a pedal that has a clean output but no control of its own.
  13. Never seen that before. For speakers, yes. But not for mains power.
  14. Me making Marmite sarnies looks more like someone surfacing a road.
  15. Yup. The Trace Dual compressor. Better still, the "sound balance" control that sat in the middle. Footswitchable mute/ Tuner out -Useful for tuning silently on stage without giving it away by running over to your amp.
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