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  1. Standard Js are single coils- but in the standard implementation, one is RWound/Rpolarity and effectively hum-cancels the other provided both volume controls are at the same level.
  2. The real reason is that my OCD can't stand the uneven P pickup with 2 pole-pieces in one half and 3 in the other. So I killed the majority of them with fire. Sorry gents. As you were....
  3. I've no issue with hefty instruments , but I'm glad my Infinity SN4 is chambered. If it were solid Zebrano, it'd be a real boat anchor! I reckon 16lb+ ,and it's only a 4...
  4. Not sure I'd want to Re-lick something someone had licked already! 🤣
  5. Again, I'm inclined to reference my experience with the Chapman Stick. All one-piece, no body at all and very light/rigid (especially the aluminum railboards and bamboo sticks). The sustain is ridiculous. But that may be attributable to the sensitivity of the pickups.
  6. Until very recently, I'd have absolutely agreed with you, citing the low B of my Steamer LX6 as evidence. I now own a 10 string Chapman stick. Lowest pitched string is Low "C". The tone and clarity are simply amazing. And this from an instrument that weighs very little indeed- about 6lbs at the most. I can't rationalize it. But it sure sounds good.
  7. I shall watch with interest, for I, too am intrigued. At the price point I'm not expecting the one bass to rule them all, but 2 pickups with coil switching and a 3 band eq with mid-sweep should give some varied tonal options.
  8. I can't advise you much on pickups themselves, but I do have a suggestion arising out of my experiences with a Stingray 5 and a Status Streamline with series/parallel switching on both pickups. Stingray- Great. Did exactly what you'd expect. Status Streamline- All over the show. Flick a switch, and the output levels went bananas. In short, I believe that the Stingray 5 has a resistor (of differing values) on each of the coil switching options such that the outputs of Series and Parallel taps are reduced to that of the single coil. The volume and 3band EQ then function as normal.
  9. That's rather nice... Do they do a matching headstock option?
  10. Sorry for the pedantry! It's based on my experience with my NS 5CR EUB. Markers everywhere! (though they are subtle)
  11. Not wishing to belittle or avoid the OP's question, but hardware colour is more important (black resists my sweat best!) Also, I'd take a vile finish on a better sounding, better playing bass over a pretty finish that played like a dog and sounded awful. That said, I nearly always end up with black or natural!
  12. Side dots at fret positions- but only where markers might normally be; 3,5,7,9, double @ the octave and so on. Anything else is too much!
  13. Yamaha SBV for me, please. Not nearly as wonky as some posted before...
  14. I did. I saw a lot of 50-110 and 45-105. Don't recall any hybrids being mentioned. Either way, whatever.
  15. Am I the only one who plays 45, 65, 80, 100 (125 on a fiver) ? (Standard tuning, btw) I personally favour a heavier G&D string as I find 40 and 60 a bit "twangy", but that's personal preference for you...
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