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  1. So.. The consensus is that A=440Hz, or at least ought to be. If pitch changes due to wonky tape machines, time, feel or mixing considerations are largely arbitrary (as are some instruments that cannot be "tuned"), why do tuners accomodate pitches other than A=440Hz? Much of what has been said has been illuminating, but leaves me wondering why as "musicians" we'd want to deviate from a standard that serves us all perfectly well.
  2. IIRC Cass Lewis (Skunk Anansie) had the Gold version of that finish on an ASAT bass. Gaudy but lovely.
  3. Meanwhile, (topically) in the year 10,191...
  4. And likely the most stable "stringed" instrument?
  5. Probably these two! I'd neglected the issues that analogue studios (though not exclusively) have or what mixing/ tape speed decisions might have been made.
  6. To clarify- pitch. Example (which triggered the idea for this thread)- Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by The Police Try to play it against the original on an even-temperament A=440hz tuned bass and it's way off. Microtonal adjustments on a fretless could compensate, but I reckon you'd need to be a stellar fretless player to pull it off. And then there's the guitar...
  7. I know they sound "distinctive" or some such, and they're fine in a (recording) studio setting where there's time to re-tune everyone's instruments. But what does everyone do when it comes to playing them live?
  8. Another vote for the usual G&L suspects. Almost a Fender, but tweaked in all the right ways. Personally, I rather like the MFD pickups.
  9. I wouldn't not buy one on the basis of it being a signature model. I had a Yamaha Attitude BS 10th Anniversary. Brilliantly (MIJ) made instrument. Top-notch pickups and Tuners and a pukka matching Hipshot de-tuner. However, it didn't really suit me. I don't like the strings Billy uses, nor the gauges, and I don't play how he plays with the same equipment. I found it to be just too much of a niche instrument to fill my needs. That DiMarzio Neck pickup was lovely, though. My current G&L SB-2 Tribute is more versatile, easier to play and sounds at least as good. Arguably better in my hands. There's still a few on the hitlist that I'd buy if they came up while I had the funds; Fender Roscoe Beck V Stu Hamm Urge 1 or 2 Modulus Flea with the Lane Poor pickup Maybe an Ibanez GWB Edit- and a Reverend Brad Houser, please.
  10. As a righty, I once toyed with buying a lefty to improve my plucking (right) hand dexterity. Then I ended up with a Chapman Stick. Would learning to play right-handed work? I can't see how it would be detrimental apart from the frustration that you couldn't immediately perform to the same standard that you're used to. Just a thought, and I'm not for a moment suggesting that anyone should change the way they play unless they want to.
  11. (Off topic) It can help earth hum. For some it's aesthetic. For others, it's practical- they catch their fingertips on raised exposed polepieces when they dig in.
  12. £940 is a good price. For reference, the Thumb 5 NT that I tried in 1997 was £2.5k in the Bass Centre. I found the lower horn didn't sit well in my lap. It was too short to "hang on" to my thigh. If you're going to string/play it upside-down, that's less likely to be an issue!
  13. Lop-Sided! Another idea! Yamaha SBV?
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