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  1. Would that be a Streamer Pro M, perchance? Nice. What are the controls? Bass/Treble stack, Pan, Volume ?
  2. Likewise. Searching the net may eventually yield what you're looking for- I did find out what exactly how the coil switching in my EDC715 is implemented elsewhere, but I'm a bit put out that Ibanez seem to have withdrawn this piece of customer support.
  3. Looks like a lot of the manuals have gone/been moved too. 🙄
  4. Trey Spruance? As in Mr Bungle/Faith No More? That's an odder combo than Doom and Ecstacy! 🤣
  5. To be fair, I'm not entirely sure that MDMA would be the drug of choice for any Doom/Funeral band.
  6. Definitely an SR500. Great all- round basses and easy to get on with, as are all SRs.
  7. I guess Dreadlock Holiday's out of the question, too, then.
  8. Given that I pay extra as they're specified "high value items" and that it's accidental damage rather than theft, I'd like to think they'd pay out. I think I can sort it out more in a more economical and straightforward way, though.
  9. 🤣 I'll chuck Pete Sandoval and Steve Asheim in as well, then! And I can name a couple of drummers I never want to play with again..
  10. Meh. Tried the EDC yesterday. Judging from the intermittent squeals and the fact that it can be rotated back further than its zero position, I'd say the volume pot has had a whack, too. Not necessarily an expensive fix, but beyond my soldering skills, particularly as I don't own a soldering iron.. Fortunately, a man who can isn't too far away..
  11. Ah... Much of the material I play needs a B string, as those notes are in the original recordings. I tend to play the 5 like it's a 4 with a B string when covering material that was originated from a 4 tuned EADG. If playing drop tuned material, I treat it like a BEAD tuned 4 with a spare high G If it's from a 5, well, that's covered. A six? I'm snookered!
  12. I've bought a 4string since, and I wouldn't let it put me off buying a really nice instrument. What is this FB of which you speak? 🤔
  13. I've had one of mine since... 1996 😨 Has it really been that long?
  14. I did think of Brian "The Brain" Mantia, and Tim Alexander (the other Primus drummer) And I'll add another; Pat Mastelotto. Awesome drummer.
  15. Think I'd just get a 5 string to cover the BEAD (and the G!) tuning. And another for ADGC (and F, of course)
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