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  1. Put rubber feet on the same side of both cabs and lay them sideways in a stack? Yes, yes! I know the badges will be sideways! Or do the castors pop out?
  2. Battered basses? Not for me. Breadcrumbs make for a healthier option.
  3. They've been recouping the cost of that CMA fine in advance...
  4. I use Elixir strings on my Fortress MM5 and Infinty SN4. I used them on my Streamer LX6 when I had it. I've never had any issues, and I've been using 130s as B strings alongside 45,65,80,100 G,D,A & E respectively.
  5. Doesn't quite fit the bill, but I ran an Ampeg SVP-PRO (pre-amp) into a QSC power amp. That sounded like a valve preamp should when pushed into OD/distortion that used 3x AX7 and an AU7. No Solid State option in there, but the clean sound was fine.
  6. Babooshka- Kate Bush. I like it because of the bass line. And, to a lesser extent, the lyrics. The rest of the song is er.... Not so good.
  7. In every iteration of this news I've read, it only mentions "guitars" Does this mean we, as bassists, are exempt from Fender's retail price maintenance? No? Thought not..
  8. Another beater favourite (though it's in good nick) is my Ibanez EDB605. Yep. A plastic bass. Neck is very slim and truss rod needs a tweak from time to time, but tonally it's great, if a bit cold-sounding. Inspired by this thread, I slackened the strings enough to get the ball-ends out of the bridge and shoved a couple of bits of corrugated card under the neck pick-up as it's always been too low. Adjusted it properly for string-to-string volume and BAM! Now it's really good. Especially for £150.
  9. I picked up a Warwick '97 Fortress Masterman 5 a while ago as mid-price beater to preserve the better basses for nicer jobs such as home practice and recording. It's proven to be a firm favourite. Tough, dependable and sits well in the mix (think Stingray) If it is a shade heavy, the balance is excellent, thanks to that epic long upper horn...
  10. This. Or find a suitable replacement neck in fretless?
  11. That is awesome. But for some reason it screams "make me into a P/P" instead of a P/J...
  12. Could've been worse. His name could've been Smith. 😉
  13. These look interesting... But The difficulty of getting your favourite brand/type of string in double ball-ache format would put me off. Particularly if you've got the multi-scale 6-er. Been there, seen the movie, got the T shirt with a Status. Even if it's got string clamping screws at the top, it's still a real pain. A pity, because DBE strings can feel really nice in terms of tone, feel and consistency.
  14. Just cheat and bend the G string up that last semi-tone!
  15. If you're referring to the phenolic fretboard with regard to the delamination issue, my Vigier and Yamaha have been fine. My Status' fretboard, on the other hand, was disintegrating before my very eyes. Just keep the fretboard dry and clean and wipe off any sweat. Use a microfibre cloth, but no chemicals or polishes.. As for the modern tone, it can be tamed with the passive tone control on the bridge pickup. String choice can help with this, too, but I guess flats would be a bridge too far!
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