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  1. Loving "Birdhouse In Your Soul" - They Might Be Giants, there's more where that came from (Why Does the Sun Shine?) "Foxtrot" (Genesis) harbours some winners in terms of lyrics. "Get 'em out by Friday" and "Supper's Ready" The repeated rhyming of "heart" in the Marillion track actually scans properly because of Fish's pacing and delivery against the music. It's "Kayleigh", by the way..
  2. I'll warrant that the balance is better than a regular Thumb NT6..
  3. Re: the Modulus; The consistency might also be partly due to the Phenolic fretboard.. My Yamaha had one, as does my Vigier, so that's a Maple/Phenolic combo and a 10/90 & Phenolic combo. Both are great basses.
  4. Just as well I don't gig... I'd have to sit down. Mine's not my back, it's my right Achilles' tendon. I can barely walk at the moment, and running is out of the question. Does this mean someone else would have to carry my gear? 🤣 Seriously, though, I hope your back improves, or at least that you find a work-around that lets you play comfortably.
  5. A generic observations from electro-acoustic (fretted) ownership; They only produce limited volume when played acoustically. They'll not keep up with an acoustic guitar being played hard. Fretless may prove worse still. They do sound nice through amplification, however, the large top can make them prone to feedback in louder environments. A soundhole bung/plug may help in this regard.
  6. Nice basses. Don't think I'd sell mine too readily.
  7. What? The Bass or the Band? "It's a S*** business" - Les McQueen
  8. ^^^^ I had the good fortune to see that live when it aired. Classic TV!
  9. They'd have done better if they'd got one of BassChat's better fretless players to demo it. Or, in fact one of BassChat's worst fretless players...
  10. And then there's Phenolic boards instead!
  11. I've used a small, compact mixing desk into a QSC PLX1202 power amp. Sounds great, and you can easily run items like tuners from any unused outputs on the desk. Better still, if you're amp sharing at gigs, you can set up spare channels for other people, spare instruments etc.
  12. I was going to disagree with the notion of spending 2k on a bass in your position, but based on personal experience, I wouldn't rule it out. Over 20 years ago, I saved up what seemed a ridiculous sum of money, went to the Wapping Bass Centre and tried out everything I could get my mitts on. I ultimately purchased a Vigier, and I still have it today. It's as good as ever, done some good stuff and has lots of good memories attached to it. It could be argued that you could achieve the same with a cheaper bass, and that's true. If you can get yourself a "keeper", cost becomes less relevant. It depends, of course, on your financial position. I did it when I was living at home and had no outgoings except running a car. In that respect, everyone's mileage may vary (pun not intended) If you can find a real winner, almost irrespective of cost, then grab it.
  13. Challenge accepted. Translucent Snotburst.
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