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  1. That's an awful lot of money for a Jazz. It'd need to be amazing to compete with the other basses available for that sort of money.
  2. I have one. My most recent bass purchase. It's excellent. The 2x vol control layout is unusual, but persevere with it. There's plenty of tones in there. I find mine suits me better than my Yamaha Attitude 10th Anniversary.
  3. I had something like this issue with my ill- fated Status Streamline. Does your headless 5 have 5 grub-screws for clamping non double ball- end strings? If so, do you use them? If you don't use them, fashion a brass "weight" and use the grub screws to secure it in place. Failing that, get a small G-clamp and attach it somewhere above the nut Otherwise, maybe a (bass)FatFinger could be made to work. Probably not heavy enough, though.
  4. The Ampeg sounds Soooo good (I'd forgotten how good) Top end is really sweet, and the lower frequencies warm and full but defined and not bloated. The Korg is running from a tuner out, so isn't in the signal path at all. It just sits there doing away with the need for Christmas lights.
  5. Not strictly a head, and certainly not a cab, but I hauled this down out of the loft with the Christmas decorations.. In the rack; Korg DTR 1000 Ampeg SVP-PRO (mk1, black face) Peavey MAX Bass pre-amp. In the back.. my old 10m Whirlwind cable that I thought I'd lost.. and a 4-way extension lead fixed to a 1u panel. Best of all. It all still works 😃 Currently have a line out from the SVP driving a Korg Pandora to drive headphones. Sounds really good with my G&L SB-2 Tribute.
  6. The body of the bass is convex at the front, right? I should imagine that the scratchplate is made from flat(ish) material, and that bending it to conform to shape has bowed it?
  7. Can't fault it. Jazz (ish) neck, remarkably versatile. Andertons have them at £350 at the mo'
  8. Yep. Same here. I've done the bands and gigging piece. There were some truly memorable moments, but the whole thing left me increasingly weary (and wary) of the music biz and other people to the point that it's not worth the trouble. I still enjoy playing. I'm still improving. I don't need to gig and I've no desire to do so.
  9. That someone, somewhere, can't use their oven anymore?
  10. Atlansia seem to manage to get their pick-ups centered pretty well.
  11. Or something with more than one valve in the pre-amp, that's designed to deliver "drive" when pushed.
  12. That's rather nice. Looks like it'll balance well, too. Is it passive? That's not super-common for a sixer.
  13. That's what I felt my Attitude 10th Anniversary lacked; A J at the bridge. Never did it, but swapped it for something completely different. (I'm assuming that the neck HB and P are still working?)
  14. Yep. They're my string supplier of choice. Back in the day, they used to just let me into the stock room for a rummage through the strings.. Even though the store has expanded and changed, its still a good place. Never bought anything from them online, though.
  15. Presumably because they swapped his vaseline (which my phone auto-corrects to "bassline"!) for Vicks..?
  16. Do experiment. I bought a 4 string bass with really good but heavy gauge (50-110) strings. To overcome the crazy tension, I dropped it to D standard (DGCF) When I need EADG (and sometimes it's unavoidable as I need the "open" E), I use a capo on the second fret. Not exactly conventional, but it definitely works for me. Try whatever you think might work for you. There's nothing to lose.
  17. I'm of the persuasion that passive basses with a (very) limited set of features have an immediacy of delivery that some actives lack. Maybe it's the lack of components in the signal path? I had a Yamaha Attitude BS 10th Anniversary, which was brilliantly well-made, but I couldn't get the breadth of tones thatI was looking for. The Neck HB was great, but the P less so. Eventually, it was traded away. Latterly, I've purchased a G&L SB-2 Tribute, and that does everything I want from a PJ configuration with just 2 volume controls. For me, a P would be too much of a one- trick(ish) pony. In summary, in your position, I'd not sell any gear if you can avoid it. Look around at P basses, but don't rule out the (passive) alternatives from the likes of Yamaha, G&L, ibanez, Sire (?), Fender (PJs) and so on..
  18. Perfect match for the BBOT original bridges..
  19. Are the fives all S3 and S4s? Don't think I've ever seen an S2 five string.
  20. Never seen a lined one before...
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