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  1. Wired up and going well had to get some different power cables. 3 per daisy chain maximum the power unit underneath is a Modtone
  2. I use the 105 E set Got some last year as emergency back up given New Zealand susceptibility to freight crisis Very impressed bought a couple more sets. Not as tight or old as LaBellas Not as bright as Chromes A nice variation of a theme. Good balance string to string. Smooth without being dull. I’m using on a Fretless Jazz
  3. Has anyone had a whirl on the CTM pre rack?
  4. Gibson Tobias Arkansas Growler 2005
  5. That looks very rock and roll what does John Birched mean?
  6. Ordered some more patch leads Should have this fired up properly end of the week
  7. Yeah I’m only slowly getting to this YouTube product channels Generally I think “right, check this “ and some guy is slapping an Alembic 32nd note style and that’s me tired out I did watch an Ashdown one on the CTM which was ok but it was months after I bought mine (which was second hand as well)
  8. I still use the 1998 ABM 1510HX cab Doesn't appear to exist anywhere else in the World
  9. Next time your over sing out / heads up are you Mum and Dad still Halswell way?
  10. “I looked an Australian car mechanic in the midst of some kind of mental breakdown “. Still an an upgrade on what Nick Beggs was styling
  11. I really like that version. It’s of its time. Extra credit for the Steinberger. The haircut cut is a shocker , yes
  12. Well here we go https://guitar.com/news/gear-news/exclusive-gibson-ned-steinberger-collaborating-new-guitar-design-headless/
  13. This arrived today Solidgoldfx Beta Overdrive Germanium
  14. Christchurch You attended. Pedulla Fretless what a lovely Bass
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