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  1. Hi all, I have this bass and absolutely adore it. The play-ability is amazing, it looks cool as and the tone is to die for. My only issue is, the notes are less powerful past the 12th fret. It doesn't seem to have the same heft as my P basses up the dusty end. Is this a jazz bass thing? Any advice on how to improve or compensate for it? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
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  3. Hi all, does anyone know where I can get one from please? Thanks, Dave.
  4. Hi all, I sprayed my red bass white but have (possible stupidly) used cheap rattle cans from Wilko. It's all white now, after lots of coats of primer, gloss and lacquer, looks great but doesn't feel solid enough. Putting the pickups back in again yesterday, I lightly scraped a screwdriver on the body and it's left a big rip! So, what do I do now? Sand it back and start again or just find a decent lacquer to seal over the top of the current paint? Thanks in advance for any help, Dave.
  5. Hi all, I have a Precision in Fiesta Red that I want to spray white. Do I just remove the electronics and spray it over the current finish? Sorry if this sounds idiotic but I've never done it before. Any tips greatly appreciated!!
  6. This is lush Marc. Please stop selling such amazing basses, 5 miles up the road. It's not good for my anxiety when I can't afford them!!!!! GLWTS mate, Cracking guy to deal with by the way.
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  9. Hi all, I owned two 2 pros but always found them way too heavy and impractical. I now own a 3 and 7 pro and as much as I like them, I often hear old recordings of my 2 pro and wish I had another one. I always knew it would be a compromise but am wondering how much of one. Any thoughts please? Or has anyone A/B'd both amps? Are they that much better that it's worth the almost two man lift?!! Thanks in advance, Dave.
  10. How much better would you say the 2 is than the 3? I had a 2 and loved it, now I have a 7 and a 3. I often fantasize about getting another 2, but remember the weight and the cost of valve replacement kits!!
  11. I had an SVT 2 Pro, and although it sounded amazing, it was just too heavy to justify. I now have a 3 and 7 pro and although they're not as good, they're more than good enough. The 2 Pro gave me a hernia whilst lifting it into my car, seriously!! I've just concluded that these amps suit touring players who have roadies. When I listen to live recording of me playing through that amp, I often wish I'd never sold it. They are that good, but the weight is honestly ridiculous, like almost a 2 man lift!!
  12. Not sure how to tell mate I'm afraid. The cab is here at my home if you know anything I could look at/for?
  13. Hi mate. All on here: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Genz_Benz_Neox_212T_2.html
  14. Thanks mate. Yep, it's a lovely cab. Too good to be sat in my spare room!!!!!
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