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  1. 1994 fender stu Hamm bass 32” scale length with a slim 24 fret neck Active EQ and blend,compact body size,plays really well,though the body finish does have a load of fine scratches on it would be pretty easy to buff them out with a bottle of scratch remover and a bit of elbow grease,also the underside of the top horn looks like it’s had some chemical spill on it,it’s nothing that would effect playability,trade it for a precision bass,so let me know what you have,and can post it for £20
  2. 2012 American standard precision in Olympic white/tort guard a couple of dings on it,but is Rock solid,strung with a new set of rotosound flats,and a basic hardcase,can post it or collection
  3. Price drop to £450,and still up for trades for a precision
  4. 2012 MIM classic series 70s jazz bass very good condition with no dings,chips or fret wear,very fast neck,comes with original black pick guard and the aluminium one in the picture,also has a basic hard case,I’d trade it for a precision of the same value,or I could add cash if you’ve got a USA precision to trade
  5. Hi to all my nephew made the hardwood rests,but he’s gone back to uni now,so they aren’t getting made any longer
  6. Fender precision bass special passive version made in Mexico in 2000,sports a jazz neck and PJ pups,excellent condition,ive changed the knobs,but still have the original one that will be included,in my own humble opinion this is one of the best basses to come out of fenders Mexico plant,very easy to play,and rock solid build quality,can post for £20,any questions please ask
  7. This was my lockdown project! genuine fender reissue neck,quite the baseball bat,thick,plenty of wood,Wilkinson tuners,2 piece ash body from guitar build UK,sealed with oil and wax could do with a couple more coats really,blood stone pick up,and a gotoh/Wilkinson adjustable bridge,full size CTS pots,and strung with flats,and it’s pretty lightweight,would trade for an amp of similar value,no case,but can post,wrapped and boxed for £20
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