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  1. Having a pedal clearout as I've seen something else I want and I don't use a couple of them! VT Bass (boxed) £70 Xotic RC Bass Booster (boxed) £60 Boss SYB- 5 Bass Synth £45 MXR Bass Blowtorch £45 All are used but are fully operational. The VT is missing the battery cover. The logos/markings on the blowtorch have faded slightly. All have velcro on the bottom as they have been on my board. Priced separately but sell as a bundle for £200. Based in Leeds and all prices will include postage.
  2. Ooof. That is lovely, Karl! Deal with confidence folks! Karl is a top bloke.
  3. PRICE IS £425 or trades welcome. Hi all, I'm looking to move on my Sterling by Musicman SB14. The bass has been modded slightly and has a John East preamp (I'm not sure of the model) and Seymour Duncan MM pickup. The bass is in great condition, with a few slight Mark's near the strap lock on the bottom, which I've tried to photo. There is also some slight buckle rash on the rear of the bass, but this is only slight. I believe these are a little hard to come by these days and it is a great bass, I'm just GASsing for a nice precision! I'm based in Leeds and can post/courier this at the buyers expense, or can deliver within reason whilst adhering to all relevant social distancing requirements! Thanks for looking. AB
  4. Thanks John Cribbin, I'll have a look and run through the steps you mentioned. Much appreciated.
  5. I don't I'm afraid - it's not looking good, is it!?
  6. I'll have a look and see if I can see a model number, will also take a pic. Cheers.
  7. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice. I recently purchased some active Seymour Duncan p bass basslines from a guy on Facebook. They were attached to the wiring loom, pots, Jack and 9v battery socket. I've installed them into a bass I'm modding and they don't work! The guy I bought them from has been fine and offered to refund the money, but I'd quite like to keep them, if I can get them working. My question is, as I'm pretty new to this, could I remove the pickups from the loom and install another loom, with pots and Jack, but that doesn't require a battery? Or is the battery powering the pickups as well as the active eq? Any help appreciated! AB.
  8. How do, Is this still available? AB
  9. I've got VT bass incoming so I'm moving on my RC bass booster by Xotic. Great condition and boxed. £75 includes postage. You can get some great tones out of it or use it as subtle pre amp.
  10. Carry bag for a Markbass TTE head. Decent condition and good for carrying pedals, leads etc. Based in Leeds and can post for an extra £5. AB
  11. For sale, EHX mini a tron with box. Great little filter but just a bit too big for my board! Runs off a 9v battery or the old style ehx pin adapter. Based in Leeds and can post. Postage included. AB
  12. Great little compressor. Have just got myself an Xotic SP. £55 posted.
  13. Hi Corey, Yes I still have it if you're interested? Drop me a PM and we can discuss? AB
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