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    Hey John, I’ll weigh the bass later on today and get back to you with the actual weight. Due to its maple/alder/walnut construction, it does have a bit of weight behind it, which is part of its tone, but I’ve had previous Warwick and Lakland basses which have been much heavier. A good solid comfort strap lessens any weight issues. As for the balance though, it is possibly one of the most balanced and comfortable basses I’ve had and sits perfectly both sat down and stood up. There are absolutely no neck dive issues at all, unlike the ReBop models due to the very light bodies they have.
  2. Josh


    Hey guys, Here we have my trusty Spector Euro LX 5 that I’ve had for about 3 years now, it’s been my go to bass throughout and I’m only listing this as there’s a chance to get another bass I’ve been wanting for a long time, so this will only be available until it’s either sold or the bass I’m interested in has sold. The bass is around 16 years old now. It originally had the Tonepump preamp, but due to the lack of a trim pot, I had it changed out for a much more flexible EMG BQC system. So, instead of the standard Vol/Vol/Bass/Treble layout, it’s now Vol/Blend/Bass/Mids/Mid Frequency/Treble, as well as internal dip switches for the treble response frequency. I also had a battery box installed to accommodate the new preamp and for ease of changing the battery. All of the work and full set up was carried out by Mark at Wilts Guitar Repairs. Due to its age, it has got some signs of wear and some dings and scratches to the body, hopefully these are evident enough in the photos, but I can always provide some more if required. The brass hardware has dulled a little bit with time as well, but it all still works perfectly fine. As I said above, this is only available temporarily and will remove if I’m unable to sell it in time. I am open to trade offers, but only for either a Warwick Streamer 5 string or Thumb 5 string, or a more recent Spector Euro 5. I have a Ibanez SR600 and Squier Classic Vibe Jazz I could add to sweeten the deal. I currently have no means of posting it, but am happy to deliver within a certain radius of Bridgwater, Somerset. Here’s a few of clips it in action: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Any other questions please just ask Thanks, Josh.
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  4. Bump. I did a new cover with the Lakland last night and part of me is now in two minds😂 But equally I would now happily entertain offers on Warwick’s or 4 string jazz basses!
  5. *Price drop to £700 Hey all, So, something is available very locally to me and I’m about ready to bite the bullet on it, but I need to move this one on first. It’s a Lakland 55-60 (formerly the JO signature) which I bought brand new from Guitargutiar in Birmingham back in February. As such it has only be played at home and is in fantastic condition. I have no means of posting this bass, but if anyone would like to do so they would need to supply the box. It will come with a good quality gig bag. But otherwise, it’s collection from Bridgwater, Somerset, or I can meet up/deliver within a certain area. This is primarily for sale, unless you have a Spector Euro 4 you wish to trade😁 Specs and further info can be found here: Specs Here’s a few clips of it in action: Any other questions, please just ask Thanks guys, Josh.
  6. Quick clip of the bass in action.
  7. Hey guys, Just a bit of a feeler in this one. I bought this brand new about a month ago from PMT in Bristol as a backup for my Spector Euro 5, but for now it is barely getting played despite a fresh restring. I’d be interested in potentially trading towards a jazz bass/precision bass of some description (Fender, Squier, Lakland, etc...). The bass is in mint condition and can be supplied with a ropey but reliable gig bag if needed. I’m located in Bridgwater, Somerset, and can meet up within a reasonable distance. Thanks, Josh.
  8. Josh

    Feedback for Osiris

    I recently sold Sid my EHX battalion, thanks to his paitience it was such a quick and easy transacation and I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again Thanks again Sid!
  9. If that’s the case, then get yourself the B7K Ultra V2! You will not regret it
  10. I currently have one, even though I have replaced it, but I’ll still happily share my thoughts I bought mine after watching quite a few different video reviews, at the time I had managed to get through a Darkglass Alpha Omega, Sansamp VT Bass DI, and a Sansamp Deluxe Programmable Bass Driver. Each pedal was great for certain tones, but I struggled to find that perfect type of distortion. The Alpha Omega was far too much of everything and I really struggled to find a sound I liked. The VT Bass was nifty but the drive was more tube like and not gritty enough for me. The BDDI was a bit better, but I found it heavily coloured my tone and that in order to get that Sansamp sound, you had to really compress your tone and I felt I was loosing too much of my tone. After a couple of videos of the Battalion, straight away I much preferred the distortion on it, and the added features of compression and a noise gate, as well as an extensive EQ section for both clean and distortion. I managed to sell the last Sansamp and it paid for it comfortably. Straight away when I plugged it in, it felt more neutral, my clean tone wasn’t too coloured by any tube emulation, it gave that tiny bit more control over my tone instead of only relying on the amp. The distortion was instantly more to my taste, it was merely finding the sweet spot for the blend and I was loving it. I used it for in-ear rehearsals many times and never had a problem dialling in my tone. The compression is actually pretty good for what it is, I use a TC Spectracomp for my compression so I never needed it too much. The fact you can’t adjust the compression ratio/threshold etc...does put some people off from using it, but set to about 10 o’clock seemed to be the best place for me. The noise gate is a cool extra, but as some reviews make note of, it’s not the best, it’s functional but a bit clunky and can give unwanted noises in your signal chain. I’ve only recently replaced it with a Darkglass B7K Ultra V2 after being impressed by the new cab sim options and more options for mid control. So since then it’s been sat on my desk looking sad for it self. I would recommend it for its price and features alone, it’s a great bit of kit even if you don’t use everything on it. I hope that helps mate
  11. I just recently traded a Warwick Thumb with Ferenc for a very nice Spector Euro 5. He organised the collection and delivery from Hungary and it all went through perfectly fine. Great communications throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again Ferenc!
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