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  1. Glad your still up[ for another bash next year, but please just try to avoid a clash of dates with the Stafford classic bike show which happens in October ....that's my other money pit (oh, I meant to say hobby).
  2. Yes! I'll add my thanks to Mike and the team for another great day with fab food as always and good to meet faces old and new. Cab shootout was very interesting and good to know that the BC112 is well up there with the commercial cabs.
  3. Try grounding different things with a wire to see if makes an improvement before spending time on screening to track down the dominant source of noise
  4. Yes that would be great. It's really interesting to hear others cabs and chat about their experience and what works and doesn't as well as the design process and tools.
  5. Spot on. These basses have a low impedance circuit. It will only work correctly with the 2.5K pots
  6. This post is a bit old now so you may already have it fixed. I am an amp tech based in Wells and would be happy to take a look at your speaker. PM me if you are interested. From memory the master volume is a dual gang pot and it might be tricky to find an exact replacement. Spare parts at module level are usually available. The last repair I did on one of these was to replace the entire amp assembly. The cost was about £140 for the part and £30 to fit it.
  7. I did a similar thing to a fairly noisy Warwick active bass with Nordstrand pickups. I was slightly surprised that I also had to ground all of the pickup pole pieces to make the bass really noise free. I used a combination of conductive paint (the kind used for car rear screen heater repair) and the self adhesive copper foil to get good continuity across the back of the pickup. This did not affect the tone but the bass was much quieter.
  8. Looking forward to the bash tomorrow. Marshall DBS200 combo is now sold so I will bring my home build 1 x 10" combo as well as my BC 1 x 12 cab.
  9. If your circuit is the one above with the switched resistor in the op amp feedback then the sound you are hearing is because of a small dc offset in a very sensitive part of the circuit. You could quickly try switching in a resistor in the other part of the feedback ie the grounded part. Try maybe 2k plus 2k switched. Better yet swap round the resistors and low cut capacitor so resistors are connected directly to ground. Hope that makes sense and is worth a try before the passive attenuators option. Good luck
  10. Nice old Dual cs505-3 turntable for sale. In full working order. The only points to note are the cracked cover, which has been glued back together and that the cartridge shown in the photos is not included in the sale, but is fitted for test and demo purposes only. Can be seen and heard working in Wells Somerset.
  11. Hi Stew, The soldering on the jack socket does not look like a factory job to me, so it is possible that the socket has been re-soldered or replaced at some point. They're not the most reliable of components and I've lost count of the number of sockets I've replaced on instruments, including Warwick basses (even made in Germany instruments) that use this type of jack. It is possible that it's been incorrectly wired. The ring connection should be connected directly to the battery negative and nothing else. The tip is signal and sleeve ground. As the bass works when a fresh battery is fitted, it is likely that the tip is correctly wired but the ring and sleeve may be reversed. If you have a TRS jack lead and a multimeter, plug the lead in and check for continuity between the ring and battery negative terminal with the battery removed.
  12. 1990s Crate GX80 guitar combo for sale. In good condition this is a 2 channel 80 w solid state amp with reverb, made in the USA with single crate badged 12" speaker in open backed cab. It all works as it should and is reasonably light and compact as well as being quite loud!
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