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  1. I do. I love the artistry, the combinations of instruments.
  2. It's the pool that you have to recruit from that's the problem. I've personally been gigging constantly since early 80's. It's my main income, although I wouldn't use the word professional. It frustrates me that the folk you come across aren't of the same level of interest. I'm now 50 and the group of peers are just dwindling hobbyists or mid life crisis types. Or so it seems. My mate is a former cruise ship guitarist who has ended up being a care assistant on a shift rota. So sad
  3. Do you find the rosewood(?) in the neck has shrunk past the maple?
  4. Thats a great point. The amount of background work involved, let alone the learning of instruments and the night spent rehearsing. I feel we usually get tge s&£% end of the stick as musicians when it comes to the earnings. Especially here in the UK when it's pub brewerys that dictate how much is in the budget. I played a gig a couple of years ago, and the landlord said to us"its ace when you guys play here. I never take less than £3500" he was paying us £275 between 5 of us
  5. Thats exactly as it should be, hence my point, how hard does it need to be. These days, you find people are stuck in shift work, care jobs on constantly moving rota's. Or the drummer works as a DJ in a hotel and you've to try and get these two guys in the same room at the same time.
  6. Yeah, cheers for that, monkey. I've been trying as I've given up on the bands requiring a bassist in my area who seem to be 16-19 years old and into screamo metal. Getting folk to be available to practice is all down to work commitments (not me, I don't have a proper job) but you're right about the booking gigs side of it..... Dreading that
  7. Really nice. I doubt I'd pay £1000 for a digital album though 😜
  8. So, I picked up this vester clipper recently, in bright red gloss. I had a fretless one a few years ago and loved it. (of course I sold it!! I always do!!) This one is a fretted model, sounds killer, almost jazz style fizzy gurgle. The thing is, the on board electronics are a bit past their best and I want to replace. It's a vol/vol/tone arrangement but is battery powered. Does anyone know of a good replacement?
  9. Holy Hannah!! How difficult can it be to pin down 4 people to rehearse?!?! It's a given that no money will be involved, and that everyone has different schedules, but this is meant to be fun, right?!?! 😆
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