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  1. mic mac moe

    Line 6 Pod

    Hey fellow low Enders. Probably a very old enquiry,this but what does everyone use to mount the bass pod (kidney bean) to a mic stand? I see that there used to be a holder available but no one has them anymore
  2. The same seller has another on eBay at the minute. Strongly recommended seller. Went well out of his way to deliver this in person
  3. For sure. I love em!
  4. Got the lockdown blues,so what better way to treat myself than a new bass?! It’s a Cort gb 64jj has an ash body and roasted maple neck,2 jazz pups and a two band eq. Plus push/pull active passive on the vol pot. Just beautiful! Since the pic I have replaced the bridge with a Fender hi-mass jobby.
  5. Heads up...... scammer still active,now selling gym gear
  6. Laughing boy has changed his location from Nantwich to Sheffield
  7. Wow! Looks like the same guy. And under a suspended sentence too. Muppetry
  8. I’ve added a post on guitars for sale UK on Facebook ,which this lowlife was a predator on, and two more victims have come forward. I have been advised to file a report with Action Fraud and that’s what I’d recommend anyone else do. The more reports the stronger the case
  9. Yup,add me to the list. I bought an Alesis sr18 drum machine. Mark S property on fb marketplace. Insisted on Skrill payment, and hey nonny no,it never arrived. His email was [email protected] . I've had contact with another of his victims after I put a scam alert on marketplace. This gentleman was scammed on gumtree for a boss pedal. He is going as far as bringing a legal case and has sent me copies of documents.I have since reported him to Action Fraud which is part of the Metropolitan Police. Also,I researched the Skrill payment platform. Seems it is all above board,but was designed and intended for online gambling.
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