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  1. Hi Lowregisterhead.

    I believe I'm now the owner of the Carvin JB5 you sold on Basschat in April.It was in The Gallery in Camden and I snapped it up last month.Great bass! Do you happen to remember what string gauge D'Addarios you put on it please?





    1. DiMarco


      No he doesn't. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the clarity buddy.
  3. Hi there. Two questions please,weight and bridge string spacing.It looks like a Broadneck from the photos.
  4. Great basses. They come with a 3-band eq and have 19mm string spacing at the bridge.
  5. binky_bass how do you find the action after about the 8th fret or so? When I tried it just last Thursday there was fret buzz down at the dusty end. Have you made any adjustments to the bridge saddles or truss rod? Is the neck looking straight to you?
  6. Thanks for confirming. I made the guy an offer yesterday and he's not responded. He could have just said he sold it.
  7. Did you literally buy this bass a few days ago on Gumtree from an address in Chafford Hundred? I viewed an indentical 2004 bass there on Thursday with the exact same markings and ding by the 5th fret.
  8. Sorry I forgot to ask if this bass has active/passive switching on the volume knob or is it all passive? Do you also still have the straplocks? Regards.
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