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  1. Thanks guys I will just carry on with hanging some and the rest in there cases vertical 👍
  2. Is it better for the necks to be on a stand long term or hanging on wall ? I have two basses hanging in my bedroom and notice the truss rods need adjusting a little. I rotate my basses and leave the others in there cases until I play them but keep two ready just to pick up at anytime. Thanks you for any advice
  3. Buy with confidence Dave is a good guy and a top quality berg cab ( sadly I don’t need it or it would be at my home now) glws
  4. Yes great cab, I have one already otherwise I would have bought it. GLWS
  5. Something very special about Ken Smith basses everyone that comes up for sale I want to buy , even though I have two already.🤔 GLWS 👍
  6. Wish I had the money ☹️ and the gigs to use it . lovely bass though ,I don’t think you can get much better than a Ken Smith
  7. Simply Gorgeous 😳
  8. I’m selling my Vanderkley MNT210 bass cabs these are great cabs Very light , as new condition, on there own sound great but two together sound amazing. They come with vanderkley covers prefer to sell as a pair but will sell separately for £500 each or £900 pair ( new they are £765 each) only selling these as using my Aguilar db751 with my db410 cab whilst I can still lift them😊 And cant afford for them to be sat not being used. Reading area ,welcome to come and try them out. Prefer no TRADE. unless a USA fender jazz
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. These are great cabs , I have the same and they sound great with any amp ,
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