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  1. I have the PM4 which I’ve had for over 10 years great basses👍 GLWS
  2. Hi Jack I have sent you a pm

    regards  Trevor 

  3. Also would trade for Marshall gov’nor pedal Boss digital delay pedal Ibanez ts 9 pedal
  4. Would accept a tech21 sansamp para driver di pedal or px for a panda audio future impact pedal
  5. Gary Thain on my left Trevor Bolder on my right John Wetton behind watching Jaco in front! perfection! 😊
  6. Board bassist ☹️ looking for band / friends to jam with
  7. Still Available ! Footprint measurements are 30 inches wide 16 inches deep when opened
  8. NOW SOLD!! sadly now returning to the states☹️
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