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  1. Gary Thain on my left Trevor Bolder on my right John Wetton behind watching Jaco in front! perfection! 😊
  2. Board bassist ☹️ looking for band / friends to jam with
  3. Still Available ! Footprint measurements are 30 inches wide 16 inches deep when opened
  4. NOW SOLD!! sadly now returning to the states☹️
  5. Hi I am away with work until Tuesday so will sort out when I return. Regards Trevor
  6. Hi where do you live? Need to know so I can get a price for postage. regards
  7. Thanks MNY its a great bass only selling as I have some debts need clearing .☹️
  8. Bump for offers lovely bass needs a good home😊 welcome to come a try it out
  9. Yes johnbiffa it is a bargain I would buy it if I didn’t already have another one 😉
  10. I have now amended date ! Thank you 👍
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