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  1. This made me chuckle. Ive not had my Stomp for very long but playing with the with comps settled on the Rochester. I use it for drive eq and modulation, the other two pedals I have are C4 and FI. The former I really only use for the envelope filters. I have a great octave patch on the FI but like the Stomp one on a dual path with the FI on the other.
  2. I think the 8 blocks is great considering im using up two blocks for my C4 and FI. Doubt the effect loop blocks use much DSP so more free for fun.
  3. Latest itteration. Goodbye to the MS3 and Aftershock (for now at least) and hello to HX Stomp. All still on probation.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I can totally recommend the future compact housing. It's pretty easy to swap out the insides. Just need to take your time.
  6. I have just purchased one of these for this exact purpose. (sorry) I was immediately impressed with the sound quality and ease of use. I replaced my current headphone amp as I wanted the built in drum machine which is great. I had a quick go with some of the effects and these are also are good. Recommended.
  7. A future compact and mounting the hub underneath would free a bit of space.
  8. I look at it like it's a separate hobby to itself.
  9. Compact and versatile. Also runs on battery with Joyo JP-05 (for a while anyway). The C4 is mostly replacing the Manta so far. Does anyone know where you can get one of those button covers that will fit the FI. Would go with the nice purple housing its just got. Changed from the super compact and ditched the tuner. Hense button needed.
  10. Hi there. Thinking of swapping my super conpact out so i can use the tuner. What color combos can you do? Black and gold does look rather cool though. Also shouldn't you be updating tbe 1 to 3 now
  11. Just sold mine to a mate. Kicked off by the cheeky newcomer. My mate totally loves it BTW as did I. Best filter out there.
  12. Yes but I was more excited by some of the others you have created. I wish they would release the new editor. You really dont need a load of presets when you have a great community as SA have just proven. BTW Im picking up my C4 today, I have to confess I got it from Rich tone after you recommended them so probably stole yours. Sorry.
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