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  1. Just bought an Ashdown cab off Wayne. Lovely guy, met me half way (thanks bud)! Buy with confidence 👌👌👌
  2. Just completed a sale to Sid which was great as expected. Quick, easy, hassle free sale so I'm more than happy to reccomend him as a top bloke 👌👌 Thanks Sid 👍
  3. New Wilkinson tuners as taken from a vintage bass. 4 in line in perfect condition and great quality. £18 posted. See pics Cheers Craig
  4. iPhone 6s in space grey in excellent used condition. 32gb version belonged to my daughter who has upgraded. Perfect xmas present for not much outlay (comparatively) . Any questions please ask Price includes postage.
  5. Thanks for your comments 👌 much appreciated 👍👍👍
  6. Hi All Selling my Yammy TRB4 MK1. I am pretty crap at models,eras, MK1/MK2 and so on 🤔 so please feel free to correct me should I be just plain wrong!? Now that's out of the way..... I feel the pics capture the bass really well. It is in, I would say 8/10 condition wise but that is subjective. It is a truly great Japanese bass with some clever tweaks available under the control plate. The stacked j pickups are very strong and punchy regardless of what tones you want to dial in. VOL/BLEND/BASS/3 WAY SELECTABLE MIDS/TREBLE configuration, mids adjustable further with trim pots. One piece Ash I think weighing in at just shy of 9lbs nice unobtrusive weight. Also a slap cut for those inclined to such trickery. A few small dings as shown in pics but kept in its original Burgundy Yamaha branded hard case from new. Beautiful player! Any questions fire away Cheers Craig.
  7. Yeah thanks to all 👍👍 Thankfully the t amp has indeed got a micro switch on the rear for setting different sensitivity 😳😳 I am gigging tonight so will give an update tomorrow but fingers crossed the legends here on BC have saved the day ✊✊✊ Cheers Craig.
  8. On the back of the behringer or the power amp bud?
  9. Erm, switch on the back??? No but I will check!! Now that would be embarrassing!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Cheers
  10. Hi Phil Thanks very much for your reply 👍 Seems like a low cost option for now until I can take stock and make a more permanent purchase. Cheers Craig.
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