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  1. A very smooth, swift transaction buy with confidence. Craig.
  2. Hi buddy I will take this if it's still available. Is PayPal family and friends ok? Cheers Craig.
  3. 40+ Mags from last 2-3 years most just had a quick flick through. Hundreds of interviews, reviews and lessons. Prefer collection as postage will probably be about a tenner but can do if necessary. Cheers Craig.
  4. Thanks gents! Gutted to be moving this on 😖😖😖
  5. For sale (or trade) my Cort GB75 in trans black. I bought this recently from a stand up bloke here on basschat. Unfortunately I didn't do my research very well as its a 35" scale and has a wider string spacing than I can get along with. This is a real disappointment for me as it is easily one of the best basses I've ever played. The bass is superbly built and plays beautifully. I know there is a lot of praise for Cort basses but I didn't think it'd be as good as it is. High spec hardware with a huge Omega bridge and Hipshot tuners, swamp ash body and a flamed maple fretboard make the price point hard to believe.The bridge allows for some string spacing adjustment but is happiest at 19mm. Tones come from a Musicman, and a single jazz pickup coupled with an active/passive 2 band eq. Weighs in at 10lbs. I am open to trade possibilities but a sale gives me more freedom to look around. Any questions fire away. UK postage included. Cheers Craig.
  6. Keir was a gent and it was a pleasure to have dealt with him. Highly recommend seller. Craig.
  7. Thanks very much buddy have sent a message 👌👌👌
  8. Hi all Offering up my Jap made Fender Geddy Lee signature jazz in sunburst. As these have been around for a good while I guess I dont need to give it a full sales pitch..... That said the obvious Japanese build quality is on show with excellent fit and finish. 9.5lbs weight. The binding and blocks on the neck are perfect against the light maple neck and board. Hardware consists of Fender tuners and this is the model with the Badass bridge. Set up is excellent and she is a joy to play. There is a small scratch on the upper horn (front) but it is a lot more prominent in the pics than in the flesh but wanted to capture it at its worst as it were.besides that it is in 8.5/10 in my humble. Strings need changing but I dont see the point in putting my choice on just to be removed again with yours. Not being lazy or tight fisted just seems a bit daft but all can be sorted to seal the deal. UK POSTAGE INCLUDED. Thanks for looking my reason for sale is the dreaded 5 string addiction 😉😁😁 Any q's please fire away. Craig
  9. They must have been pleased with your efforts 😇😀😀
  10. For sale Dean edge q4 (Korean) quilted Maple top on an alder body. Loaded with Bartolini soapbars wired to a generic 2 band eq. Lightweight at a shade over 8lbs and a real looker. Neck is 5 piece construction with a jazz nut width and I would say a D type profile. Grover tuners complete a comprehensive package for not much outlay. If you can get past the Dean label and its metal associations it is a lovely bass which sounds really smooth and the Dean decal is more subtle than most of their models!! Will try to capture better pics later. UK shipping is free Any questions will do my best to answer. Cheers Craig.
  11. For sale my Seymour duncan studio Bass compressor. I reckoned a compressor would solve some of my live problems but not so. Possibly just cause I dont really get compression completely? Therefore not being used so up for grabs. Boxed and velcroed on bottom I great all round condition apart from the two small mics on the side clearly shown. Quite a few good YouTube reviews. Cheers.
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