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  1. Hi all For sale a Heavy Relic Squier precision in black with yellow pickguard (original cream pickguard included). It is Chinese made but plays and sounds really nice. I have stuck an easily removed F decal sticker which is a little crude but from a distance and all that... New Wilkinson black bridge is the only deviation from the otherwise original bass. Basses of a relic nature are always down to taste but it looks good to me. Selling as I am sticking (for now) with 5 strings. Weight is 9lbs and string spacing is 19mm. Postage to UK included. Any questions please ask Craig.
  2. Hi all Finally moving on my old faithful friend the EHX Bassballs filter pedal. I have used this a lot and will probably live to regret selling her but times are very hard. Not in the greatest of condition cosmetically but the sound is all there and is very hard to fault. Super solid USA build quality. Not the smallest for your pedal board but worth every inch!! No power supply. Any questions please ask. Cheers Craig
  3. For sale a pair of Active Seymour Duncan pickups. Removed from an Aria 5 string Steve bailey Signature but they are small enough to fit most 4 string bases. Excellent condition, Postage included, any questions please ask. Cheers Craig.
  4. Evening all I am selling my Bitsa Boner P bass which is all original but for the obvious after market neck. A sunburst on alder body with the altered Longhorn design to accommodate the 22 fret neck. Loaded with Lace sensor pickups in P/J configuration it is wired to a pickup selector switch, vol, series/parallel button and an overall tone. The pickups are excellent and are both beefy and yet quiet in operation. All original hardware is still with the bass but I only have 3 of the four fine tuning screws for the bridge unfortunately. The bass has had a life so bares some battle scars but is decent cosmetic condition overall. A laquer crack is visible on the rear which developed after the second neck was installed. It is only laquer as can be seen through the clear finish it doesn't continue alongn the back. It has been painted black to make is less noticeable. Weight is 9lbs, nut width 41mm, string spacing is 19mm A super player and sounds really great. The neck is new but aged to look more authentic and is 70's inspired with blocks and binding. . I have a decal on order which I can fit or supply with the bass. Old neck has long gone too. Price includes uk postage. Cheers Craig.
  5. Hi all I had this up for a short while but the electrics developed a problem so I had to sort it. I have replaced the original Seymour duncan active pickups and pre for some Aguilar ag70's and have replaced the pre with a passive jazz style harness. The controls are v/v/t but the first vol is a pull up series/parallel pot to combine the pickups as one big humbucker. The capacitor is a pio which I really like. The body is alder and has a good cut away for easy access to the 24th fret. It is a warm two tone burst and I have made a new gold scratchplate as the old one (included) wouldn't accommodate the new harness. The neck is 3 piece maple and the board is tiger stripe ebony and is nicer than I can really describe. It is 34" scale length. Weight is 4.2kg Battery compartment and wires are still in situ should you ever want to revert to active in the future. I would give the bass 8.5/10 for condition and it will come with an old semi hard case. UK postage included. Cheers Craig.
  6. It's on Ebay with a postage option buddy 👌👌
  7. Hi all Selling a set of Duncan active jazz bass pickups taken from a 5 string bass but are small enough for a 4 string bass. They are in excellent used condition and in perfect working order. The bridge measures 94mm and lug centre to centre is 40mm The neck measures 91mm and lug centre to centre is 38mm I will obviously try to answer questions best I can. Postage is included UK only please. Cheers Craig.
  8. Hi I'm selling my Tanglewood practice amp. Its 30 watt and comes loaded with all ins and outs you could need. Alongside the connectivity it has four built in effects. Its is an extremely well built amp and feels super solid unlike a lot of practice amps. It is more than loud enough for practice situations and with a acoustic I would wager it would be capable of small gigs. This is not a bass amp but I have been using it for my bass and it sounds great. Excellent condition and postage is available at a reasonable price. Cheers
  9. Yeah bigJim I am usually in that position!! Basschat is a curse in the nicest possible way. Not really my thing the starfire sorry but thanks for the offer 👍 I will try to get to the bottom of the scale conundrum when I get in from work this evening.
  10. Hi all A bit out of the norm this one. Superb bass in every way, condition is 9/10 but seen a BB that I am really keen on 🤩 so need funds. Made in conjunction with Steve Bailey (obviously) but designed from the ground up according to Steve. Ash/alder? body with a two tone burst, Seymour duncan pickups and preamp with Stacked vol/blend and bass/treble. Neck is 24 fret, 3 piece maple with a beautiful ebony board. Hardware is in house bridge and tuners but all nice and solid and feel of good quality. Scratchplate has a vinyl stick on in Matt black and is a vintage tort underneath and can be removed if desired. Weight is 10lbs so in the normal sphere of a fiver. Balances perfectly and plays flawlessly with a nice set up and a new set of Ken Smith Stainless steel 40's. Info i have found states that it is a 34 scale but it feels tighter to me more like 35?? B is nice and taught. If I have missed anything please ask away. Price includes a teardrop shaped foam type hard case in fair nic and UK shipping. Should be feedback on here somewhere from several trouble free transactions. Cheers Craig.
  11. A very smooth, swift transaction buy with confidence. Craig.
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