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  1. Just sold a Laney cab to Vin. Very easy, honest sale to a top bloke! Thanks Vin.
  2. Ha yeah it's not you, it's me? 🤣🤣🤣 First step in your recovery is acceptance 😉😉 Guy seemed very happy with it bud 👌👌
  3. Hi bud This SOLD I forgot I had it on here 😳😳 I'm pretty sure you don't need any more basses 😉😉😂😂 Will mark it appropriately now thanks!
  4. Thanks bud 👍 got my sights on a replacement for the RBX 🤞🤞
  5. For sale only please. My OLP Levin sig in Peach. In Excellent condition I can't find a mark on her. I upgraded the tunres to a licensed hipshot ultralight set to reduce the weight which it really did. Large pole MM pickup coupled to a vol pot and an active 3 band eq. It sounds great and plays really well with no issues. It weighs in at 10lbs not light but still feels OK to me after a long evening. Would prefer collection but can arrange postage to UK. Hard case is in good condition but not new and handle is a little loose. Any questions please ask. Craig.
  6. For sale Laney Nexus 4x10 neo cab in excellent condition as its always been stored in its well padded cover. 700 watt of power at 8 ohns, never pushed too much and still sounds superb. Weighs in at a shade under 28kgs it's a very manageable cab. The cover literally covers the whole cab, bottom too, so there are some small holes starting to appear on the bottom of the cover. Any questions fire away. Craig.
  7. Sold a bass to Grae with no issues as expected. Top bloke, deal with confidence 👌👌
  8. For sale Ashdown labs D600 head in very good used condition and housed in a 4U rack case. Straight ahead powerful amp not relying on bells and whistles. 12 band eq which can be switched out a harmonic emphasis button accompanied by a pot for level. A mute button and of course the classic VU meter. The led in the power button doesn't work but I didn't see the point in replacing as the VU lights up to show that it has power. Tuner out and a line out on the front alongside the DI out with pre/ post switch. I would absolutely prefer collection for this but maybe swayed....... Any questions please ask and I will try to answer but I'm no expert Cheers
  9. For sale My daughters I phone less than 12 months old but she desperately needs an upgrade 🙄😬😬 😂😂 It is in immaculate condition, unlocked and returned to factory settings. Black with 64 gb of storage, comes with a plug but no headphones. Postage is included, insured and very well packaged. Any questions please ask. Craig.
  10. For sale Two gents seiko pure titanium allergy free half rim Spectacle frames. Japanese made superb quality and durability suitable for all lens designs. One silver and one bronze , both in excellent condition. Silver frame sizes are 53 eye 19 bridge and 140mm side length. Bronze frame is 54 eye 19 bridge and 140mm side length. These will have to be glazed at your local opticians (frames only). Any questions please ask Price includes p&p
  11. For sale Giorgio Armami Spectacle frame in Grey mottled plastic. Shallow frame but can still accommodate most lens designs. Beautiful quality made in Italy and in excellent all round condition. This would need to be glazed with your prescription at your local opticians. Size is 52 eye 18 bridge and 135 side length. Any questions please ask. Price includes p&p.
  12. For sale Gents Armani oval plastic metal combo frame in black. Made in Italy, excellent quality and suitable for all lens types. In excellent condition all round and is new old stock.size is 49 eye, 23 Bridge and 140 side length. This would need to be glazed with prescription lenses at your local opticians ( Frame only). Price includes p&p. Any questions please ask.
  13. For sale Gents Armani brown plastic metal combo frame suitable for all lens types. This is a quality made in Italy frame which is new old stock. The size is 53 eye 18 bridge and 140mm side length. It is in excellent all round condition and is very lightweight. This would need to be made to your prescription at your local optician (frame only). Price includes p&p. Any questions please ask
  14. For sale or trade. Korean built Kramer Striker in suitably yellowed White with a relic finish. The body is ply but the bass weighs in at a shade over 9 lbs. The neck is a 1 piece maple with a skunk stripe and a solid set of generic tuners. The bridge is a Kramer branded schaller unit and accommodates string spacing as well as saddle and intonation adjustments. 41mm at the nut and currently 18mm at the bridge. Pj configuration with a master vol, 2 tones and a pickup selector switch. Big full sounding no frills bass plays great and it functions as it should. Price includes postage and functional gig bag. Cheers.
  15. Removed from an olp MM5. Therefore 4 right 1 left in excellent condition comes complete with screws and ferrules. Price is UK postage included.
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