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  1. Feedback for skb558

    I had the pleasure of selling SKB558 (Shaun) an EHX Micro Pog FX Pedal recently. The communication was great, even when I did have trouble using the courriers website finding his postcode and have to call Shaun in attempt to resolve the issue together. The pedal was also delayed due to the delivery service collecting (no weekend service)and delivering but Shaun remained patient and polite. I can't praise Shaun enough for how friendly, understanding and patient he is. A true gentleman to deal with and someone is happily buy from/sell to again. [B][u]Buy/sell with confidence.[/u][/b] Grae
  2. Feedback for Conan *

    Gibson thunderbird 》trade 》 Fender Geddy Lee & G&L M2000 I was approached by Conan regarding my Gibson for sale/trade and came to a good deal on trading basses. Conan came across very polite and open in the first message and stayed true throughout, an absolute gentleman. Someone open, honest and willing to go the extra mile should he know it would benfit both parties. We came to the conclusion pretty early on that it was going to be a pain to meet up to trade and after talking, we both trusted each other to send the instruments directly. Appreciated that Conan was an eager beaver to get his hands on the Gibson, he had already packaged up the basses before we even decided on when we were going to send them. I did recieve my half of the deal before his was even collected too, so I really do appreciate him having to wait on his bass arriving. Thank you very much Conan. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope our paths cross again... musically or trading more equipment. The very best of luck to you, my good man.
  3. Natural Bitsa Precision - SOLD

    Congratulations on uni and the new job, sorry to see you leaving for Bristol Have a bump from me. Shambo knows his stuff when it comes to basses, so a 'bitsa Precision' will be the dogs doodles and Shambo himself is a true gentleman to deal with. Buy with confidence here
  4. Sold! - Electro Harmonix EHX Micro Pog

    Sold to SKB558. Many thanks
  5. Sold! - Electro Harmonix EHX Micro Pog

    Pending payment from SKB558.
  6. Traded. Gibson Thunderbird.

    Traded with Conan. Many thanks
  7. Sold! - Electro Harmonix EHX Micro Pog

  8. Sold! - Electro Harmonix EHX Micro Pog

    [quote name='grantgam' timestamp='1508683373' post='3393737'] Currently bidding for a couple on eBay, a few hours till the auction ends - if I don't win either then I'd be keen to take yours [/quote] Thanks dude but maybe some good news from eBay?
  9. Traded. Gibson Thunderbird.

    On hold for Conan. Trade pending
  10. FS Gibson 2013 EB 5string Bass £600!!

  11. Traded. Gibson Thunderbird.

  12. Sold! - Electro Harmonix EHX Micro Pog

  13. WTB: Tokai Hard Puncher

    You need to remove this (edit, change title to 'remove') and post it to this part of the forum. http://basschat.co.uk/forum/22-items-wanted-no-trades/
  14. Fender Standard Dimension Bass IV RW Black

    wow! ive yet to see a passive version upto now.... would love to hear how this sounds. somewhat like a Pbass?