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  1. A REALLY cool bass and not a bad seller, if I say so myself 😉 Buy here with confidence. GLWTS
  2. https://www.basschat.co.uk/forum/22-items-wanted-no-trades/ Post a topic on here, not on a sale page 👍🏻
  3. Is he playing bass as well? 🤔 Make it fit, flip what everyone else thinks.
  4. You'll need to edit the topic to "withdrawn" if it's no longer for sale dude 👍🏻
  5. Trade wise: Pedals + any cash difference
  6. Price: £175 £155 Fantastic little basses from the 90's era of Yamaha, around the time of Mr Sheehan's first signature bass and around the end of the Attitude series. Well, other than the £3000 Billy Sheehan signature at least. A little research and these tend to sell in the region of £280-350 in good condition. However, despite doing well for its age and not a common bass to find around, it could do with some TLC in the form of some new electronics as the tone pot/capacitor is duff by a previous owner (£20 set on eBay) and has some wear on the neck. This is reflected in the price considerably. Nice little project for the right person to have a groovy little bass to love. Trades welcome, offers aren't. Collection preferred but can post at buyers expense. Any questions, fire away 😁 book included 😉👍🏻
  7. Trades: I'm not ruling them out but I have no interest in amps, guitars or active basses. Will consider a Rickenbacker 4003S with cawsh my way.
  8. @AndyTravis I'm quite happy not giving you my address right now, even if you do owe me a pickguard 😜😂 Your bass is a hell of a bass and at £400 trade value is still underated for what they are. If Ibanez, Suhr and such make 'Super Strats' these Yamaha's are Power Precisions 😂
  9. The Attitude is the result of continued collaboration between bass legend Billy Sheehan and Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood. Providing the low-end for some of the biggest names in rock including Mr Big, David Lee Roth and Steve Vai, Billy demands extreme performance from his basses and the Attitude delivers on every level thanks to custom-spec construction, hardware and electronics. Billy' trademark sound owes much to his choice of pickups, and the Attitude's Dimarzio Will Powers don't disappoint. The neck woofer pickup - with a high-cut facility - is known for its ultra-deep character and superb definition while the middle pickup is a split-coil P-style packed with tremendous punch and midrange power. For extra versatility the pickups are wired to separate outputs, allowing the choice between combining the two sounds or - as Billy does himself - amplifying them separately. This is one of a limited run of 50 making it a very rare instrument. In Billy's Own Words: Key Construction Features of the Yamaha Attitude Bass For Me, There are quite a few important things about this bass, but the joint between the neck and the body would have to be the most important. On the old bass I had before I started using Yamahas the neck would move sideways when you bent it. However in the Attitude bass, there are two screws on both the front and the back of the joint, so there is no movement at all. It's the strongest joint I know of. I sometimes bend it very strongly but it never breaks. It is just fundamentally different to the neck joints of other basses. Then there is this "hipshot" D-tuner. A lot of people who play four string basses want to be able to play lower notes than conventional four string can provide, but don't want to use a five or six string bass. The D-tuner means that you can get to those lower notes. Of course different players use different tunings, but I like to use it in D. The other thing is this big, thick neck. Many people think that the material of the body is what gives you sustain, but actually, the neck is more important. You can't get a sustain like this from a small, thin neck. This neck is what gives me my solid sound. Pickups and Electronics Both front and rear pickups are custom made by DiMarzio and deliver powerfully heavy bass tone with a solid fundamental. Stereo output jacks provide separate outputs for the front and rear pickups. Mono output is also possible. A high cut switch in the front pickups tone control boosts bass output from the front pickup. Bridge The solid brass bridge captures and transmits string vibration directly to the body, creating great low-end tone and attack. Neck A big, thick neck features jumbo frets from frets 1-16 to produce outstanding sustain. The neck is held to the bass body with 4 screws to create a solid bond and tone. The neck also features scallops from frets 17 through 21 and a slap cut ground into the neck that provides greater string access. Hipshot "D" Tuner The Hipshot tuner drops the "E" string down a whole step to "D" with the flick of a lever. A gear adjustment provides precision tuning. General specifications 1. •Construction - Bolt-on 2. •Scale Length - 34" (863.6mm) 3. •Fingerboard - Maple 4. •Radius - 10" (250mm) 5. •Frets - 21 6. •Body - Alder 7. •Neck - Maple 8. •Bridge - Solid Brass 9. •Pickups - DiMarzio Will Power (neck, middle) 10. •Controls - Front Volume, Front Tone, Rear Volume, Woofer High Cut Switch 11. •Special features: 12. •Fitted Case 13. •Cat stickers 14. •White pearloid pickguard 15. •Matching cover on neck pickup 16. •New Yamaha Logo on headstock 17. •Limited run of 50 hand made
  10. Told you @AndyTravis 😜😂 me and your mum aren't the only ones 😂😂👌🏻
  11. The Yamaha collection, including the @AndyTravis BB300 😉👌🏻 #FullTrav
  12. https://reverb.com/item/22144283-yamaha-bb2005-fender-tweed-case-great-bass-must-see?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share Great little BB going for a good price
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