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  1. Ashdown ORIGINal 300w Amp Head £225

    Last bump before being withdrawn
  2. Feedback for Karlfer

    Karl's latest victim! Only took him 9 years to finally get me haha. Traded a Fender Mex Geddy Lee Jazz Bass in sunburst and a Gibson SG bass in Fireburst Satin for a Yamaha Billy Sheehan Attitude LTD 2 (25th anniversary). Initially sorted through Facebook sales page (I missed the advert on here!) but all went extremely well with Karl making a drive to me to trade basses, which was really appreciated and I'd have loved to spend more time with Karl to pick his brains on basses and gear but timing was off this time. Maybe next time Karl All the best for now and enjoy the basses. BSB
  3. Traded- Gibson 2014 SG Bass Fireburst Satin

    Thanks guys, traded now
  4. Traded- Gibson 2014 SG Bass Fireburst Satin

    PM me with what you have to trade, I'm pretty open at the moment for anything
  5. Traded- Gibson 2014 SG Bass Fireburst Satin

    Trades welcome
  6. Traded- Gibson 2014 SG Bass Fireburst Satin

    £500 will be the lowest you'llsee these at without somethibg wrong, grab a bargain!
  7. MGbass Extreman 8 strings

    I came expecting octaves. Was not disappointed
  8. You should minimise the title just a tad dude. Lovely bass and have a bump from me. GLWTS
  9. Traded- Gibson 2014 SG Bass Fireburst Satin

    Hi Tom. This is a 30" short scale.
  10. Traded- Gibson 2014 SG Bass Fireburst Satin

    Cheers Shambo and unfortunately it's the way it goes... I won't be the first or last person to go through this on here but still got other basses to keep me going. Wishing you well bud
  11. YAMAHA TRB 5PII - 5 string - gorgeous maple front

    Beautiful! Have a bump from me 😁
  12. Ashdown ORIGINal 300w Amp Head £225

    Haha cheers dude... wasn't thinking straight when I posted it
  13. Hi all! I've got this nice little Gibby short scale up for sale, if you're looking to learn and want something deluxe to start on and keep on playing with OR you already play and want something quick and comfortable to play on. This bass is for all players and of all ages. Real earthy, vintage and classic rock tones from its neck pickup and why not add some zing, some brightness and clarity to cut through with the bridge pickup, the lightning to your thunder! The fireburst finish is just so aesthetically pleasing: the 'sunburst' of the 2014 Gibson models and the most sought after finish too! Limited colours and numbers released for the 125th anniversary of Gibson and a special 12th fret inlay to credit this celebration. Overall condition is great, considering the satin finish is easily worn in and wears so easily, I can’t appear to find any marks. Same goes for the hardcase too. Gibson site specs: >>>Click Here <<< Price: £575 sale or £600 trade value Paypal, bank transfer and cash on collection accepted. Item is located in Eastham, Wirral, Cheshire. Trades accepted but with cash my way. Price non negotiable Next day delivery included. BigSmokeBass
  14. Hey guys and girls, Beautiful compact amp head with 300w of pure power and incredible tone to play with, an amazing piece of kit. Especially for those tired of HEAVY amp heads!! Ashdown says: The OriginAL clinches the key fundamentals of everything that makes a great bass amp. This lightweight, portable and stripped back bass amp head takes Ashdown back to the origin of their Tone. Starting from the top, a passive/active switch determines the whether the amp is being used with a high or low output instrument and sets a clear signal path to the input control. From here, the player can fine-tune their input level using Ashdown’s trademark VU meter, which takes pride of place at the very centre of the amp head. £265 in next day delivery. £225 collected Paypal, transfer and cash on collection accepted. please PM for details. Price is non negotiable, sorry. BSB