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  1. For sale: Summit Audio TD100. The TD-100 from Summit Audio is a high quality tube / transistor preamp for instruments. All components are specially selected to give the user the highest possible sound quality. The TD-100 works simultaneously as an instrument preamplifier and a DI box. It combines the clarity of a transistor preamplifier with the warm Summit tube sound. Control your amplifier as usual with the TD-100 and send the signal to the Live/Studio mixer simultaneously. The Summit TD-100 is specially designed for professional studio and live use. But at the same time, it is also excellent in connection with HD recording systems. The TD-100 offers you the legendary Summit tube sound for an affordable price. This Summit is as new, always in my home studio. Amazing sound for bass. https://www.summitaudio.com/td100_features.html The price incl Shipping. Thanks.
  2. Amazing bass and Amazing seller! If i Gad the money i would buy it. Fu** crisis 😢
  3. I appreciate your words and above all that you put in value that I show all the flaws of the guitarron in the photos: as you say I do not try to deceive anyone ... I am very serious in my dealings and I like to put all the cards on the table. I still maintain that this is a good instrument. Although for us in Europe it may seem like a bad instrument in Mexico, this is a good Guitarron. a hug from spain and thanks.
  4. Possibly the Mexican man who sold me this guitarron deceived me when he told me that this type of construction is the usual one in Mexico. maybe yes ... maybe not ... I do not insult anyone: I only know that I have had many guitarrons in my hands and this is one of the best finishes ...and I just know that it sounds very good and it is one of the best guitar I have had. I am not trying to fool anyone: I just need money for the house and I sell this guitar, as well as I sell my fodera (that is well built) and my infinity.
  5. For example this: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Lucida/Guitarron-with-Bag.gc Tunner=imposible
  6. I appreciate your wise contributions ... I am sure that as you are experts in Mexican guitarrons, are right in everything you say 🙈... or no...
  7. Please... Do some research in webs and you will see that I am right. I assure you that this is a great handmade instrument. If you saw thomman's guitarron (which can't even be tuned) you would see that I'm right 😉
  8. the instrument was built 2010 and it is all original. It is completely hand built and therefore has imperfections. A high-end guitarron like Morales can cost about 3000 euros: That is totally perfect. This is an instrument of about 1200 euros and has some improvable finish. however the guitar is very comfortable, professional and sounds great! mexico its diferent jeje
  9. Fodera Emperor 5 for sale, very good condition... as new! Sold with original hard shell case and certificate, trussrod key. The previous owner of this Fodera is actually a fairly famous professional bassist in the US. His name is Jeff Carney and he's the principal bassist for the New York Symphony Orchestra. He also used this exact bass in live concerts, playing with both Andrea Bocelli and Barbara Streisand. It's just a cool story about this Amazing instrument.
  10. Hello. I am selling this Mexican guitarron. Built by hand by a well-known Mexican luthier. This is not a cheap and bad copy: it is a top quality luthier instrument. It sounds spectacular and is very comfortable to play. Very good condition. Includes cover.
  11. Hello: yes... this is my bass: http://www.warwick.de/en/Warwick---Products--Instruments--Customshop---Masterbuilt--Basic-Bass-Models--Infinity--Infinity--Infinity-5-String--Infinity---12-2101--5-string--Pictures.html http://www.warwick.de/en/Warwick---Products--Instruments--Customshop---Masterbuilt--Basic-Bass-Models--Infinity--Infinity--Infinity-5-String--Infinity---12-2101--5-string--Features.html Hi,up for sale is mine Warwick Infinity 5 Koa Top AAAAA high gloss. the bass it's in excellent condition and it's a dream to play. The bass is great for all styles of play and it's just brilliant. As new (8,9/10). Incl case original! thanks
  12. Hello... Yes: a fortevio EUB! The best EUB in the world. All hand made by Valentin in UK: Amazing work. This bass sound as a double bass and its delicious to play. Im a bass/guitarrist player and this eub its big for me (for my hand 🙈): i need a small eub... as a ns nxt5 for example. sale or trade for a ns nxt o cr 5. incl shipping cost and case; no stand (you can use any speaker stand).
  14. Thanks to all but now has a new owner 😊
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