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  1. Hey Guys, Just checking to see who else on here has a JDouglas. He seems to have made and sold a few UK and internationally. Got to be more than me rocking these on here?? 👀 For those who haven't heard of these guitars before, they're hand made by a fine chap in Leeds, (usually) short scale basses and Baritones, inspired by Rickenbacker and Gibson models but with an unorthodox twist and even designs and makes his own pickups, which sound awesome! The ones in my basses are like P90's for bass but he's made others and I wouldn't be surprised if there's more on the way. By all means, check him and his gear out with the links below. Reverb for items and feedback Instagram for your gear porn and GAS YouTube to potentially increase GAS 😂 Here's a few of mine to get this gallery started.
  2. Not much of a shorty fan myself based on years of buying and selling a few models on a whim of finding the perfect one. I found for my size, they were just too short but also tonally they were pretty "muddy" for a clean and clear sound I hoped for. Mainly had 2X Gibson 2014 SG (120th Anniversary) chocolate brown and sunburst and numerous versions of the Fender Mustang bass each time they released one. Now I'm not saying they're bad by any means, they just weren't for me and I couldn't justify the price for basses I weren't happy with. This funky thing though, I got by accident. I was looking for UK made basses on Reverb, just out of curiosity of what we make over here and give a stab at something that wasn't Fender, Gibson and other mainstream names/shapes. Found a guy called J Douglas from Leeds who made his own instruments and after exchanging a few messages, I managed to purchase this to see how well he makes his basses and quite honestly, it's really not something I'd pick at first sight but after some play time, I fell in love and surprisingly, considering the neck pickup, isn't muddy sounding or lacking tone. It looks all sorts of wrong but it grows on you over time and sounds much better than it looks. It's a keeper for me, lives in my living room and picked up more than some basses I've spent far too much on 😂 John actually makes some awesome short scale basses though, from Rickenbacker and Gibson inspired, to his own creations. All handmade and shipped worldwide. I've actually got a full scale prototype and a custom made "studio" bass. Jay from #GuitarNerds podcast also did an episode namely around one of JD's basses. Check it out: Podcast Instagram YouTube
  3. Was also in my possession for some time. Excellent bass. Got a great quality build, top end hardware and crystal clear sound. Absolute bargain and a one off.
  4. Yeahh... Something tells me he gave up and kept it or sold it elsewhere. So probably a pointless bump 🧐
  5. @AndyTravisyou can finally have an orange Yamaha 😉🤣
  6. God damn! This post should come with a G.A.S warning 🤣 I'm sure this won't last much longer. Such a beauty and digging the mods 😁🤘🏻
  7. The USA basses aren't credited enough for how amazing they are. I'm sure this will go in no time 😎👍🏻 GLWTS
  8. Nah, I've got a Westfield P bass, all original parts from 17 years back and it's definitely additional parts but wouldn't go as far as saying 'modded' 😅 Great sounding beginner basses or a great back up Pbass for anyone in need of one. Even recorded with mine fairly recently, so make of that what you will.
  9. Dude, that was a ransom note from the pirates onboard Trav Cruises as we coasted Somalia 😅 Turned out to be nice guys, spoke good English, disliked brown basses and favoured a low slung bass.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  10. Seems like a good trade to me. Especially if it's the one with a set of EMG soapbar and MM style pickups. Definitely good basses, well made and pretty versatile too. Also, I've never found BC marketplace that good for sales of all the years I've been on here. With the likes of Facebook Marketplace, Facebook sales pages (you might have to apply to join some pages) and Gumtree to list for free but that's just my opinion.
  11. Looks like I'm going to North Korea with @Cuzzie's MDK 😎 .... This is how it works, right? 😅
  12. Hate to let it go to your ego.... But I prefer your pickguard 😂
  13. That flex though, don't hurt yourself 😜😂 I've lost track of what I had and who I sold to 😅
  14. Did I.... Just read... Cuzzie actually likes G&L? 😵 times are a changing, indeed 😅
  15. Too brown for my liking, @Cuzzie loves these though 😉🤣
  16. E-C sorted 😉👌🏻 Ask for offers 🙌🏻
  17. Funny how all 3 are 6 strings and neither made it to production. However the Attitude 30th anniversary... Looks wrong but I bet it sounds amazing 😍
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