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  1. Update: I did the 7th/8th fret check last night and indeed there was a lot of of relief needed.I loosened the truss rod quite a bit,and eventually got rid of the fretbuzz completely,as well as being able to achieve better action.That was fine,I played for an hour or so and went to bed.This morning,the buzz is there again.Not nearly as bad,but more adjustment may be needed.My main concern is how it happened so suddenly in the first place.Sorta mid-song if you know what I mean.I think you guys are right,its a truss rod issue.I'll let it settle for a day or so and check again.Thanx for your input.
  2. Havent changed the strings at all Velarian.I only got the bass about a month ago.What worries me is that it seemed to happen suddenly,rather than over a period of time.The neck is sighting ok,no dips or bumps.I'll try the truss rod tomorrow.Thanx.
  3. I wonder if anybody can shed some light?I was sitting happily playing along with some Dire Straits tonight when I thought I noticed some fretbuzz on my A string at the 1st fret.As the song progressed I noticed it getting worse.I stopped and checked,only to discover that there is pretty bad fretbuzz on all 4 strings from fret 1 to about fret 4.This has happened suddenly.Bass is a Harley Benton MB-4 SB Deluxe Series (Music Man clone)I have to say it sounds quite serious.Any idea what it could be?Thanx in advance.
  4. If I had brains,Id be dangerous!! Of course Wood,never thought of that🙄Thanx.
  5. Well guys,success at last....sort of.I swapped the blend pot over for a new one,connected it up paying special attention to the 'X' configuration,as Paul suggested and everything works.Just one thing though.The stock Jazz bass knobs are now no longer a proper fit for the new pots.The pot shafts are too tall and now the knobs look ridiculous.But bugger it,I've spent enough time messing about with it.It'll do.Thanx for the input y'all.
  6. I'll make a special point of that Paul.I always use covered wire anyways,but you're right,its a tight space.Just waiting for 2 new pots...just in case.Thanx for that.
  7. You mean the 'X' configuration on the blend control Paul? Or something else? Could you elaborate just a wee bit? Thanx.
  8. Heads up guys, sorry for the delay.I replaced both pots and re-wired to Bigguy's 2nd option.Still no joy.The signal still disappears after the centre detent on the blend control.Master volume and tone are fine,the pups are fine,so I guess its the blend control.2 ordered off Amazon........Watch this space.
  9. Cheers John.Thats helpful.I'll get them ordered.
  10. I appear to have an intermittent faulty VOL pot,so theres no point in proceeding with this for the time being.I'm going to order new components and start again.I followed Bigguys diagram (the bottom one) to the letter and its still not right.Could someone just keep me right.250k and Linear or Taper pots.Which? Many thanx for your input guys.
  11. Right guys I'll get back to you.John,detaching that wire made a difference,but now one pup is louder than the other,but the blend control seems better.I'm going to try Bigguys diagram tho,as it seems clearer.I'll also need to brush up on my soldering skills I fear.Watch this space,and thanx again.
  12. Thanx John,I just noticed that very thing as I posted on Bigguys reply just now.I'll try that.Thanx.
  13. Bigguy one thing I've noticed in comparing your pics to the first one I posted is this.The ground wire from the top of the VOL pot goes to the top of the blend pot on your pic,while on the first pic it goes to the bottom right lug on the blend pot.The bottom pic that you posted is like my layout with the Blend control at the top and looks a lot simpler.For a start the VOL control has only 1 wire connected to its l/h lug,whereas mine has 3 wires connected to that lug.Gonna give that a go I think.Cheers.
  14. How so Wood? You mean the upside down position of the bell plate?Yeah,its weird.
  15. Heres one to be going on with.S'not very clear,I'll admit.
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