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  1. The course library at SBL is a unique resource in bass education and has given me insight and instruction that wouldn't have been available to me short of trying to take lessons with some of the players in question. A lot of Scotts free lessons are also a fantastic resource, especially if you go back through his channel to the tutorials he released prior to the YouTube algorithm changing (some of them continue to shape my practice and playing to this day). considering everything I've gained from SBL (the podcast among them!) im prepared to put up with being hit with marketing most times I go on YouTube
  2. Scott was far more accommodating and diplomatic than I would have been, given the utterly crass behaviour of some in that particular thread
  3. Floor Jansen, Anette Olzon, Simone Simons, Orianthi Panagaris, Anika Nilles, Me'shell N'degeocello
  4. If you haven't bonded with it by now, then you never will. Take a deep breath, take the photos. put it up for sale and use the proceeds to fund something else, otherwise it will continue gathering dust.
  5. The number of strings has no impact on increasing the players ability, in fact 5 and 6 strings are harder to play for various reasons, muting and string crossing being two. ive seen wonderful players on 4 strings and awful players on 5/6 strings. Its what the player does with the instrument that counts... Following on from that, musical quality is entirely subjective. Most of my heroes on the bass (Anthony Jackson, Tony Grey, Damian Erskine, John Patitucci, John Myung, Rich Brown etc. etc.) all play 6 string so I would say that the 6 string bass has gotten us a long way....if you don't dig any of their music you may have a different opinion!
  6. Ive been using the same bass for almost 10 years now and only changed amps because my old one was beyond repair. The only reason I would change is if I suddenly ran into enough money to afford the spec of the Fodera I would go for, but since that's unlikely im GAS free!
  7. If I came into enough money tomorrow I'd be calling Fodera and ordering a monarch 6. For me its a beautifully elegant and compact design, especially with 33" scale and 16.5mm spacing
  8. Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation II is north of £30,000 last time I checked, that would be the most expensive ive yet come across
  9. Thats a gorgeous bass but I cant understand Warwick offering 20mm spacing as standard on a 6er. GLWTS!!
  10. Its an interesting topic for debate for sure. I had around 15 years of classical training, alongside my delving into the world of popular music and jazz fusion, and I feel I have an awful lot left to learn in both worlds. The skillsets for both are incredibly diverse and disparate, but both are 100% valid and just because you haven't delved deeply into the classical mindset doesn't make you any less of a musician
  11. thanks so much for the very kind words, they are very very much appreciated!! I haven't seen either of these videos but I will be checking them out this evening, but I do find that Bach does translate very nicely onto other instrumentation, which I suppose is part of what defines a masterwork
  12. thanks very much! I should say it took me a long time to prepare this!!
  13. Just uploaded my performance of Bach's first Cello Suite In G major. Link is for the prelude but the 6 movement playlist should open via the link
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