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  1. I'm honestly curious at to what that something else might be Hiram because that is absolutely fabulous. Not my thing as basses go but incredible nevertheless! ben
  2. I'll second ForScore, you can use the scan function to take photos of those cheat sheets and it will save them into the app as a PDF, you can then create setlists and put them in whatever order you choose, then all you have to do is tap page right to scroll through the set. If you have songs that segue one into the other, you can get a relatively inexpensive page turn pedal that Bluetooths to the iPad so you never need to take your hands off the bass. Ben
  3. The whole bass is made from Ebony? That will make it heavier than the sun, surely?!
  4. I've played one other shorter scale Fodera and the B was indeed thunderous Having listened to Tony playing his new headless, the B seems pretty rock solid to me! Only a few months left to wait!! Ben
  5. Thanks, I'm really excited for her to arrive so I can start getting to know her! A lot of stars unexpectedly aligned to make this build possible, and I've got very high hopes! It'll be sometime between Jan and March, depending on Fodera's build schedule, and yes, I'll be sharing pictures and some sound clips once she's here! Ben
  6. I love Warwick, I've used mine for 10 years and its a bass I'll never part with, but seeing the quote from them for something that would have relatively minor alterations really surprised me. Heres the spec for my Fodera Monarch 6 string Elite 32" scale 26 frets 16.5mm spacing walnut body, alder tone block 3 piece white oak neck, thin profile ebony board (side dots only) solid flame koa top, matching peghead Duncan dual coils custom shop preamp Garrison control layout and pickup spacing Ebony ramp and pickup covers black hardware Ben
  7. I've got a Fodera on order right now (due for completion early in the new year) and before I pulled the trigger I looked at what it would cost to spec something v. close with Warwick......and it wound up costing more than 2K more.... Ben
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Johns customer service is absolutely top drawer in my experience. When a part broke on my U-retro he had me over to his place and sat me down with a brew while he fixed it for me free of charge even though the unit was out of warranty it also helps that his electronics sound amazing (IMO of course). Ben
  10. All of these less well known players influence different facets of my playing Scott Ambush Munir Hossn Damian Erskine John D'Ercole Evan Marien Tony Grey Nick Blacka Rich Brown Me'shell N'degeocello
  11. I've not gigged my Warwick Hellborg rig yet, the first gig can't come soon enough!!!
  12. Thats interesting WH as far as the pickup types vs string types is concerned The thing that made the biggest difference to my bass was having an East U-retro preamp put it, it totally transformed the bass. To my ears, the MEC pickups/preamp have a thin top end with a harsh edge to it, the East pre really sweetened it a lot while still retaining the Warwick growl. I'd never heard of a Warwick being fitted with alembic pickups before, they must be a rare beast indeed! Ben
  13. Thats Andrew Gouche. And he was the MD when he was playing with Chaka Khan.... If you want to find out what the actual show was like, the record is called All The Hits Live. The band is absolutely smoking IMO. Ben
  14. I'll add Hadrien Feraud, Matt Garrison and Tony Grey to that list not people that need any sort of crutch whatsoever for their technique Ben
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