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  1. You're dead on with the body shapes all hanging differently, the streamer has always hung nicely on a strap for me, but the 6 string thumb I tried was too far over on my body when on the strap which made first position awkward. I've never been a particular far of the corvette aesthetically but thats just me. I still can't get to grips with what is made where with the Warwick range at the moment, things were much clearer years ago when you either had a German Warwick or you had a Rockbass. If you want to hear how my Warwick sounds with the East preamp, I'll post a recent recording I did below (using my Hellborg rig). I grant that its not 100% representative of low end playing but since its completely unaccompanied its as clear a sound sample as you're likely to hear short of actually playing my bass. As for the Warwick vs. Spector debate.....I've never played a Spector 6 that I really liked, the spacing is too wide for my tastes and 35" scale is too long. Also the electronics in anything other than a top spec NS with the HAZ preamp seem a little lifeless and 'plastic' to my ears (the older locking bridges also have a habit of falling to pieces the moment you try and adjust them....). Warwick for me every time, though as always YMMV with that .
  2. If you want to dip into the world of Warwick, I would recommend going for a bass made in Germany in the late 90's or earlier with a wenge neck and preferably with electronics and pickups other than MEC (EMG, Bartolini and Seymour Duncan are the other makes often used). Thats a specific set of criteria I know, but the basses that fit within them are better instruments than a lot of the basses made post 2000, unless you were to go for a top of the line custom shop model. The wenge neck is what sets a lot of the great Warwick basses apart, the basses with ovangkol and maple necks don't sound the same to my ears, they miss that lovely Warwick growl. The MEC electronics are the weakest part of Warwick basses across the board, to me their top end is too thin and brittle sounding. My own Warwick has Duncan's (standard) and an East U-Retro preamp (retrofit). The change of preamp transformed the bass, it was literally like night and day compared to the old MEC 2 band unit. Hope that helps somewhat! Ben
  3. Hey guys, Over the weekend I finished my last recording project of 2020, a performance of Patitucci's Heart Of The Bass. This closes the chapter that started when I transcribed this back in 2013, and was on the laundry list of projects to get done during this year. We had some technical issues during the session and the audio isn't absolutely pristine (my engineer thinks its the power supply in his building thats the issue but unfortunately due to COVID we couldn't use his studio). The performance isn't perfect either but its the best I'm capable of right now. It was recording via the following signal chain. DI was taken from the Hellborg Pre and we had mics on the cabs to capture the lovely warmth and harmonic grit from the Hellborg power amp and speakers. Warwick Streamer LX6 TC Nova Delay TC Ditto X2 Warwick Hellborg Preamp Warwick Hellborg Power Amp Hellborg Hi Cab (2x12) and Lo Cab (1x15) I'll link in the YouTube video and also my soundcloud for those that want to listen to a high quality WAV file (I definitely recommend headphones!) Hope you enjoy it. This performance was dedicated to my daughter, Aurelia. Ben https://soundcloud.com/funkypenguin-1/heart-of-the-bass
  4. Finished my last 2020 recording project over the weekend, a performance of John Patitucci's Heart Of The Bass.
  5. Holy moly, thats amazing!!! love the chestnut topped Matt Garrison Foderas!
  6. I would say so, the preamp and power amp are massively engineered (the power amp is heavier than the moon so it needs it....). All the switches and knobs have a really solid, quality feel to them. Obviously I haven't taken the cabs apart or anything but they seem very well engineered to me, and are tuned to work together as a full system (like really high quality monitors), so it might look like overkill on a gig but there is reason behind the madness. I bought the entire rig either second hand, clearance or B stock, so it cost me a fraction of what it would have cost as new back in 2007.
  7. Just finished rebuilding my rig and it’s all Warwick so it fits in here nicely! complete hellborg system with my 97 Streamer LX custom shop!
  8. It works beautifully with my 6 string. Its a great sounding bass regardless of the amp, but through this rig it sounds rich and sweet in a totally new way. I haven't cranked it yet for obvious reasons but can't wait to see how it sounds in a bigger room where I can push it a little! It's interesting you mention the power amp, I discovered the exact same thing. I played through a Hellborg rig back in 2008/9, but was in a room with a bunch of other gear (trade show) so didn't notice the harmonic grit. I wasn't sure if it was a fault or not so I went back to an old copy of bass player mag where they reviewed this rig (club cab rather than Hi Cab) and they mentioned this very characteristic. Its certainly unique and takes some getting used to, but adds a lovely warmth to the sound, especially after the transformers have fully warmed up. I've never played through anything that has this blend of warmth and clarity, and the dynamic range and attack are amazing. Really happy to have the dream rig assembled! obviously it still has to pass the acid test of being gigged, but the signs are very encouraging! ben
  9. Well spotted! The force is indeed strong with your youngest! The Star Destroyer was a present from my better half, she remembered me staring at the same model in the lego store in NYC while we were on our honeymoon last year. I wasn't in a position to buy it then and it would been hell trying to get it back to the UK, but she remembered it and surprised me with it last month! My desk has now been repurposed until I can find a suitable display case for it! Once we eventually get into a house of our own in the next couple of years, this and my UCS X wing will make quite a nice pair in my home studio!
  10. Technical issues 😛 photo now posted
  11. In much the same way as you like EBS I imagine
  12. Just finished putting my new rig together. Warwick Hellborg preamp Warwick Hellborg Mono 500w power amp Warwick Hellborg Hi Cab (2x12) Warwick Hellborg Lo Cab (1x15) joined by my 97 streamer LX Complete U-turn for me as far as rig philosophy is concerned in that its heavy as hell, but it sounds incredible
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. The course library at SBL is a unique resource in bass education and has given me insight and instruction that wouldn't have been available to me short of trying to take lessons with some of the players in question. A lot of Scotts free lessons are also a fantastic resource, especially if you go back through his channel to the tutorials he released prior to the YouTube algorithm changing (some of them continue to shape my practice and playing to this day). considering everything I've gained from SBL (the podcast among them!) im prepared to put up with being hit with marketing most times I go on YouTube
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