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  1. Just completed a trade with Hugues and it was perfect in every way. Great comms, great packaging and bass exactly as described. Merci beaucoup!
  2. Now parting out. First up, Luthier-made walnut and maple body, Schaller bridge. Few dings here and there but nothing serious. Strap button on the base appears to have been moved at some point so screw hole remains. £100 plus postage NOW £90 NOW £80 NOW £75 posted or can be collected (socially distanced and masked) from high Wycombe. Or make me an offer! https://ibb.co/mDxRWPL https://ibb.co/MBsDxJc https://ibb.co/YtKYxtV https://ibb.co/FDW6zcF https://ibb.co/MGvvGgj https://ibb.co/0tJ52Y1 https://ibb.co/HCktKs2 https://ibb.co/8dWtqtS https://ibb.co/YcsbH58 Next, EMG MM CS pickup. All working when wired up but may benefit from new connector as it looks like the previous owner performed some surgery on the cable. £45 posted NOW £40 posted SOLD https://ibb.co/rk3zYJg https://ibb.co/s3jbsL1 https://ibb.co/sRMc3xM Next, EMG SJ5 pickup. Again, all working when wired up but think this definitely needs a new connector. £35 posted NOW £30 posted SOLD https://ibb.co/Z6RYp1s https://ibb.co/sbfF54L https://ibb.co/J3JLgRJ Finally, EMG 157c board/preamp and associated gubbins. £10 posted. SOLD https://ibb.co/6sF1gnK https://ibb.co/28tNdd9 https://ibb.co/ySgFQHg https://ibb.co/Mpg84N8
  3. Just bought Sambrook's Firecreek, fantastic transaction all round, great comms, very prompt postage and thoroughly helpful. Highly recommended.
  4. Now parting out, feel free to make offers for pickups etc but would greatly prefer not to have to take it apart. Mods, please move to Parts forum if possible - thanks
  5. Excellent basses; that's definitely an early one, before they changed the headstock to use the newer (less pointy, more 90s, worse) Peavey logo.
  6. Luthier-made walnut and maple body, Schaller bridge, EMG musicman and jazz pickups. Few dings here and there but nothing serious. Strap button on the base appears to have been moved at some point so screw hole remains. 2 pickup screws missing in pics but have since been replaced! Neck no longer available. £200 posted or can be collected (socially distanced and masked) from high Wycombe https://postimg.cc/gallery/btNmqYq
  7. Exact same thing happened to me with a bass I bought on here at end of June, same courier, also ended up lost and the company weren't very helpful but after lots of chasing by the seller, it was eventually located and delivered to me, took about a week all in all.
  8. Ha, this was mine - I was the one who got Andy to defret it...only sold it 'cause I needed the cash. Would love to buy it back but would then need to have it defretted once more... Absolutely amazing bass though, GLWTS.
  9. Very prompt postage, great comms, highly recommended! Cheers Joe
  10. Brilliant short-scale bass, am only selling to fund a short-scale 5 string because I've loved playing this so much. Some very minor dings but overall in very good condition, frets are very good and have loads of life left. This is one of the earlier Korean-made examples (Unsung factory), not to be confused with the later Chinese-made versions. Great sound, great feel and really fun to play. I've strung this as a 'tenor' (or at least I imagine that's what it might be?) so it's tuned A-F, the highest string is plain/unwound. Haven't changed the nut or anything else so really easy to return to 'normal', but I will say that playing A-F is incredibly good fun and very useful for songwriting, for some reason it makes me much more creative. Pics here https://imgur.com/a/M3wAhcR Comes in a very basic hard case that's mainly for shipping purposes so don't be too disappointed that it's not very good 🙂 The Korean versions seem to (rightly) go for more than the Chinese ones, one just sold on eBay for £340 so I think £275 + shipping is fair for this? Would consider trades but only for 6 string 30 inch scale basses/baritones, short scale 5s or, long shot, a Status Graphite P or J neck...
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