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  1. The pics show on that link for me...strange. I don't have a PC that's easily accessible (boxed up) and the pics are on my phone. However, think I've managed to attach one here
  2. Don't know what's happened to them but I've reuploaded here: feel free to message me if you want any more sent via email. https://postimg.cc/gallery/2ygc73l34/
  3. Won't be gigging for the foreseeable future so this is surplus to requirements. Only actually gigged it once... absolutely brilliant and very flexible combo though and very light, one handed carry (and I'm not particularly strong). https://postimg.cc/gallery/jiyfxs28/ £599 Ono. Collection only from high Wycombe or other mutually agreed convenient location. PRICE DROP to £550 SOLD PENDING
  4. Thanks, good point - thought I'd done that but evidently didn't click the right button. All sorted now and up for sale...
  5. Thanks for embedding the pics! Also took a photo of the signed spec sheet from Chris: https://postimg.cc/gallery/12pxfsw4w/
  6. Sadly i just don't use this very often... Handmade in Ireland in 2017 by Chris Larkin (RIP), complete one-off ASAP-DBass5. Strung E-C, 32" scale, RMC piezos and preamp plus Lace Alumitone pickup. It has a 300 year old Irish Oak top, sycamore and cedar body, neck is a 9 piece laminate of hard maple, flamed maple and walnut stringers with carbon fibre rods either side of the trussrod, fretboard is rocklite (indistinguishable from ebony; ebony is endangered and Chris was very hot on sustainable manufacturing) , ABM tuners, 18mm string spacing. Currently has a mute fitted (non permanent, uses non-marking double sided tape and there are definitely no marks when it's off) but can easily be removed - I might keep the mute actually. One thing to be aware of is that my name is on the label that Chris put inside the soundhole; sadly I'm a nobody but you can always pretend I'm some famous but obscure Brazilian jazz bassist... Comes with hard case - this is actually a Thomann 335 case that Chris customised with foam to make it fit perfectly. Also comes with an unworn Chris Larkin guitars t-shirt (size medium). Sounds and plays fantastic but i just don't play it often enough - i use my NS design upright for all my fretless needs. Cost me over €3k so am thinking around £2k but am open to offers. Ideally looking for a sale but could be convinced by a trade, only really play 5 string but might be tempted by a nice Precision (would have to have ashtrays and not be 3TSB) - I play a bit of guitar as well so could potentially be convinced by something nice. PRICE DROP to £1800 Happy to answer any questions, would be happy to send all the build photos to any new owner as well. Bass is in high Wycombe and i strongly encourage an in person visit to try it out. Could meet at a mutually agreed convenient location as well. Shipping is possible as well. Pics are here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/23029t8hc/ Spec sheet: https://postimg.cc/gallery/12pxfsw4w/
  7. Yep, you don't see many of them around! Sounds great as well but i tend to use my acoustic baritone more than this one.
  8. Sort of halfway between a bass and a guitar, but if Fender VIs go on this board then this is hopefully the right place! Very rare MIJ Yamaha AES RS7, 26.25 inch scale, custom DiMarzio humbucker. Lovely neck as well. Comes with fairly basic gig bag. https://imgur.com/a/RxQCPyK Would prefer collection from High Wycombe or central London but could post in proper guitar box if absolutely necessary. Trade-wise, I'm looking for something 5 string and fretless, ideally medium or short scale. Could possibly be tempted by a nice P-bass in something other than 3TSB.
  9. Sorry, didn't see this reply for some reason. Condition is 7/10 I would say, some minor dings. Sorry, EU shipping only.
  10. Hi Narrow, Taiwanese. The only Japanese BB5000 was the original, non-active model.
  11. Thanks, good shout although I'm not on Facebook...I'll see how I get on. They are indeed wonderful instruments! I'm just more of a fretless player these days. Cheers
  12. Now FS or FT...metallic pearl white BB5000A. Has a few dings as it has been gigged but plays and sounds great. Frets have plenty of life left. Lovely ebony fretboard, this is the earlier narrow string spacing version. Trade-wise, I'm mainly looking for a BB5000AF but am interested in other 5 string fretlesses, but must have unlined boards. If you have a Rob Allen Mouse 5 string or possibly a Pedulla pentabuzz then I'd put money into the deal. Might be tempted by a nice Precision as long as it has ashtrays and it's not 3TSB. Possibly tempted by an interesting short scale 5 string. I'm in Bucks but often travel about...collection greatly preferred but could post in EU. Must be insured though and I'll only ship using UPS as they are frankly the only courier that can be trusted with musical instruments.
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