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  1. Bought some tuners from Andy, great comms, prompt postage and exactly as described. Couldn't be better. Cheers Andy.
  2. Nope, it's the flame maple one without the f-hole that's for sale, the semi-hollow one is staying with me 🙂
  3. Custom ordered Maruszczyk Mr Tee 5 string in mint condition, basically has had about 1 hour play. There is a story behind this bass...I ended up ordering 3 5-string Mr Tees because after the first one I was hooked, and still am; these are easily the best basses I have played. I ordered a fretted, a fretless and then a fretted piccolo. However, shortly after I received the fretless, which I had specced up to the skies including expensive piezos and preamp, I bought a Firecreek fretless on Basschat and that gives me exactly the fretless sound I was looking for. It's so perfect for what I wanted in terms of a piezo sound that I found I wasn't using the fretless Mr Tee and that seemed like a waste. I then had a brainwave: I play a lot of piccolo and wondered if the piezo on the fretless would be better suited to the piccolo. Hence, I swapped the necks and... perfect! (Before and after pics attached, the one that's for sale is the fretless with the flame maple top) The only thing that's not quite right is that the wood on the face of the headstock doesn't match the body (body is flame maple, headstock facing is Eye Poplar as it was chosen to match the original bass) but it doesn't look bad, just unusual. The piezo sound is perfect for the piccolo. So now I have a solid bodied Mr Tee with a fretless neck for sale. This is an absolute beauty and sounds incredible, the magnetic pickup is perfectly suited to the Roto Tru Bass strings that are on there and it's remarkably flexible in terms of the sounds available. Body is mahogany with a flame maple top. Neck is flame maple in a matt finish with a Macassar ebony fretboard. Full specs below as well as lots of pics. Comes with original (excellent quality) gigbig, leather strap, unworn Maruszczyk t-shirt (size small) and paperwork although the latter will be a bit confused due to the neck swap. I'm happy to share pics of the paperwork for the other bass as well so the new owner can verify authenticity. Cost was over £1300 and nowadays there'd be import duty and VAT to pay too. Given the modified nature of the bass, I think £850 now £750 plus shipping is fair? Not really looking for a trade but I'd never say never, so by all means try me - definitely don't need an amp though. https://ibb.co/58XFSmX https://ibb.co/wMdZ730 https://ibb.co/17WmT2M https://ibb.co/ygPnYKg https://ibb.co/mzxgqP1 https://ibb.co/hdGWz9y https://ibb.co/k4H4J7F https://ibb.co/jrVK65f https://ibb.co/kX9mnmq https://ibb.co/Tvh3rs7 https://ibb.co/LpPjj5W https://ibb.co/wQ1c97z https://ibb.co/zb9XWqQ https://ibb.co/QKkbvhF https://ibb.co/2gmvhgz https://ibb.co/25QFxh7 https://ibb.co/Vxgc5dd https://ibb.co/ZXMWQjC https://ibb.co/rtj926n https://ibb.co/JkBzck2 https://ibb.co/ncL3GQL https://ibb.co/M72SxH3 Type Righthand Number of Strings 4-String Scale Length Short Scale 30" Number of Frets 20 Frets Body Construction Solidbody Body Wood Mahogany Top Wood Flamed Maple Veneer Without Veneer Color Type Natural Body Binding Without Binding Body Finish Gloss Pickguard 3ply Cream Neck Wood Flamed Maple Neck Finish Matt Neck Profile Modern C Nut Width 40mm Carbon Rods No Fingerboard Wood Macassar Ebony Fretted / Fretless Fretted Side Dots Side Dots Fingerboard Inlays Without Inlay Fingerboard Radius 14'' Headstock Type Flamed Maple Headstock Finish Gloss Headstock Logo Silver Nut Black Pickup Combination Single Coil (SSC) Manufacturer Bassculture Pickup Finish Black Neck Pickup Bassculture SSC 'Black' Closed Electronics Type Passive Passive volume, tone ToneStyler Without Hardware Color Chrome Bridge Spacing 19mm Bridge Type F-Style Knobs Type Dome-Style Tuner Type Standard Y-Style Security Locks Without Security Locks String Type Nickel Nickel Strings M4DN Gigbag/Suitcase Nylon Gigbags Nylon Gigbags Standard Your T-shirt Size S Additional Comments 5 string version, hollowbody-style pickguard
  4. Just bought a Yamaha bass from Rod, very prompt postage and expertly packed. Pleasure to deal with and great comms throughout. Highly recommended!
  5. Brilliant 1990s Washburn MB8 bass with flame maple top and Status pickups and electronics. When I got this it had a broken treble control so that has now been replaced with a brand new pot direct from Status. Really great neck, nice and slim, very easy to play. A few minor dings as per the pics. https://ibb.co/QDm3wLF https://ibb.co/7jZRgPs https://ibb.co/ypJBtxz https://ibb.co/xCcMw7h https://ibb.co/C577dXj https://ibb.co/KL46L8F https://ibb.co/ZzM5xBC https://ibb.co/tXNFHj9 https://ibb.co/Pw09Gry https://ibb.co/YNm63F2 https://ibb.co/Jz4nJfH https://ibb.co/HVk5LFt https://ibb.co/MDyX0Tj https://ibb.co/q9D7S3p https://ibb.co/2YN1Kd2 https://ibb.co/fDJNkXS https://ibb.co/s1BfhCb https://ibb.co/pwNGCVB https://ibb.co/k2LVBXx https://ibb.co/gtQQjFd https://ibb.co/GpTzXnN https://ibb.co/vkD0jwz https://ibb.co/qrr6Bh3 Comes with basic gigbag and will be packed securely for shipping. For an extra £50 I could include a used Hiscox liteflite case. Trades considered but not really looking for anything specific, try me! £250 including mainland UK shipping. PPG or bank transfer.
  6. Just bought Andy's Airline bass, well packaged, great comms and pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
  7. Amazing basses, never ever seen one in black
  8. Just completed a trade with Hugues and it was perfect in every way. Great comms, great packaging and bass exactly as described. Merci beaucoup!
  9. Now parting out. First up, Luthier-made walnut and maple body, Schaller bridge. Few dings here and there but nothing serious. Strap button on the base appears to have been moved at some point so screw hole remains. £100 plus postage NOW £90 NOW £60 posted or can be collected (socially distanced and masked) from high Wycombe. Or make me an offer! https://ibb.co/mDxRWPL https://ibb.co/MBsDxJc https://ibb.co/YtKYxtV https://ibb.co/FDW6zcF https://ibb.co/MGvvGgj https://ibb.co/0tJ52Y1 https://ibb.co/HCktKs2 https://ibb.co/8dWtqtS https://ibb.co/YcsbH58 Next, EMG MM CS pickup. All working when wired up but may benefit from new connector as it looks like the previous owner performed some surgery on the cable. £45 posted NOW £40 posted SOLD https://ibb.co/rk3zYJg https://ibb.co/s3jbsL1 https://ibb.co/sRMc3xM Next, EMG SJ5 pickup. Again, all working when wired up but think this definitely needs a new connector. £35 posted NOW £30 posted SOLD https://ibb.co/Z6RYp1s https://ibb.co/sbfF54L https://ibb.co/J3JLgRJ Finally, EMG 157c board/preamp and associated gubbins. £10 posted. SOLD https://ibb.co/6sF1gnK https://ibb.co/28tNdd9 https://ibb.co/ySgFQHg https://ibb.co/Mpg84N8
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