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  1. Exact same thing happened to me with a bass I bought on here at end of June, same courier, also ended up lost and the company weren't very helpful but after lots of chasing by the seller, it was eventually located and delivered to me, took about a week all in all.
  2. Ha, this was mine - I was the one who got Andy to defret it...only sold it 'cause I needed the cash. Would love to buy it back but would then need to have it defretted once more... Absolutely amazing bass though, GLWTS.
  3. Very prompt postage, great comms, highly recommended! Cheers Joe
  4. Brilliant short-scale bass, am only selling to fund a short-scale 5 string because I've loved playing this so much. Some very minor dings but overall in very good condition, frets are very good and have loads of life left. This is one of the earlier Korean-made examples (Unsung factory), not to be confused with the later Chinese-made versions. Great sound, great feel and really fun to play. I've strung this as a 'tenor' (or at least I imagine that's what it might be?) so it's tuned A-F, the highest string is plain/unwound. Haven't changed the nut or anything else so really easy to return to 'normal', but I will say that playing A-F is incredibly good fun and very useful for songwriting, for some reason it makes me much more creative. Pics here https://imgur.com/a/M3wAhcR Comes in a very basic hard case that's mainly for shipping purposes so don't be too disappointed that it's not very good 🙂 The Korean versions seem to (rightly) go for more than the Chinese ones, one just sold on eBay for £340 so I think £275 + shipping is fair for this? Would consider trades but only for 6 string 30 inch scale basses/baritones, short scale 5s or, long shot, a Status Graphite P or J neck...
  5. That is lovely, good job it's not a 5er otherwise I'd have a financial problem to deal with. GLWTS
  6. It sure is, if I didn't have a Status, a Sei and another Warwick I'd be keeping it for sure! Can do a video call if you'd like a more detailed look at it 🙂
  7. 3.7kg according to my bathroom scales and perfectly balanced. Also a lot flamier in the flesh than it appears in the photos
  8. Happy to listen to offers...I don't want to start using this given its brand new and I think someone will get more use out of it than I will as I already have plenty of fretted 5ers. I've also just ordered a new fretless so could do with some cash!
  9. Just bought some strings from Adam, very prompt postage and great comms throughout. 🙂
  10. Brand new (old stock) 2008 Warwick Corvette Special Edition. One of only 25 ever made and only available in the Spanish market - this one is no longer in Spain however, it's in the UK. 100% made in Germany, unplayed and with all the accessories and the lovely accessory folder that no other manufacturers seem to do these days. Incredible workmanship and very high quality woods; it has a tigerstripe ebony fretboard with Warwick's signature bell-material frets and AAA flame maple top on an American ash body. What appear to be marks in the photos are natural variations in the wood. RRP is €2699...was being sold in Spain at €2294. I took this as a trade for something I was selling but it's surplus to requirements as I don't really need another 5 string bass, amazing as this is. It is unplayed and brand new, even includes the swing tags. Price here:£1800 ono NOW £1550. Although I really don't need another bass I will never rule out an interesting trade, particularly custom shop Fenders but ideally I'm looking to raise some funds. Could possibly be tempted by 6 string electric or acoustic guitars as well. Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/zNQmWhX Spec details from the shop (DoctorBass) below: American ash body - AAA Flame maple top - Ovangkol neck - Tigerstripe ebony fingerboard - MEC Soapbar pickups - Black hardware Two way truss rod so you can tweak the neck yo suit your climate and/or playing style. The truss rod can be accessed easily. Also electronics are easily serviced. No tool is needed to access the battery which by the way is found inside an ultra clean electronics area. Just use your fingernails fo open the rear electronics plate. Conductive paint is used thoughout and just the right amount of wire and top notch parts. We love it. Warwick's trademark headstock is also ergonomic. All tuners are placed for the player to reach them easily. The adjustable nut (a classic feature from Warwick) is the final touch on a perfectly designed bass. Controls are Volume, Balance, Bass and Treble (stacked). Of course you also get Passive mode by pulling the Volume pot. Two German MEC Soapbar pickups deliver an amazingly deep anc crystal clear type of tone. The Low B string in this bass is simply perfect. Loud, clear and in perfect harmony with the other 4 strings. Comes with the original Premium Line RockBag gigbag plus all the tools you need to set up the bass as well as straplocks.
  11. Very very rare Alvarez AV2, handmade in Japan. Designed by two well-known and well-respected bass guitar builders in the USA, Michael Tobias (MTD) and Joe Veillette (Veillette-Citron and Joe Veillette Guitars) and handmade by Kazuo Yairi at the Yairi factory in Kani, Gifu-Japan. Not to be confused with the cheaper, Korean-made Avante models that have recently been produced. Scale length - 27.75" Nut width - 1.75" This guitar sounds absolutely incredible, really beautiful sounds - if you've never played a baritone acoustic, you are missing a treat! Guitar itself is in excellent condition apart from two chips on the top of the fretboard as per the pics, no idea how these happened and they're not noticeable when playing unless you curl your thumb round the top of the fretboard (my hands are far too small to do that). Comes with high quality TKL case. Has new Gotoh tuners fitted, I will include the original ones as well but I think one was broken. Lots of pics here: https://imgur.com/a/yzFiZjr £800 plus postage or can be collected post-lockdown from High Wycombe.
  12. Thanks! It certainly is a lot of fun to play and has a sound that very few people believe is coming out of it
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