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  1. @LukeFRC it's the sound/tone, I'm after something in the Motown / Jamerson (was he a Motown man?) style, I guess you'd call it vintage, not all clangy and bright. If I ever get to play with other people I'm hoping it would be soul or reggae/2tone/ska or on double bass.
  2. Thanks Paul_c2, you do have a point, I could always stick some flats on the Jazz for now, I'm not kidding myself that the bass is holding back my playing at the moment, ability and lack of practice is doing that. The thing is that unless a fellow carrot cruncher can correct me, we are not spoilt for music shops round here, between Bath and Bristol I think there are 3. The only place that apparently stocks Yamaha basses is PMT in Bristol, and they don't appear to carry any BBs.
  3. Giving up is probably how I ended up with a Skoda! Oh and not only is it a Skoda it’s a Roomster, no one ever called it a looker. However as a great tool for the job very hard to beat. Fine in the supermarket car park and with a roof box and bike rack on the takes a family of 4, dog, bikes and surfboards on a camping holiday for a week. We’ve had it 8 years, not cost us much either. Not completely off topic as I’m probably looking for the bass equivalent of the roomster, the Yamaha might be close, but much better looking!
  4. That's good to know about the Yamahas, I'd really like to get my hand on one for a try but I can't find a shop with one in anywhere near here. There's a BB1024 for sale just over the bridge tho. I can't make the quote button work, but if I could put LukeFRC's quote in here I would. 'Least interesting........ high quality for their price point' well I drive a Skoda so that sounds like just the ticket!
  5. Thanks folks, so I've tried a Squier cv P, a Sterling SUB4 and a G&L tribute Kiloton , and the necks on all of them were more my style than my Jazz so if I am going to change it will definitely be to a chunkier neck. Of the three the one I preferred was the P, so whatever I go for will have a chunky neck and a split pickup, whether it has another pick up as well is still undecided but I think Grahambythesea has a point - I've not seen anything mention a P style neck on a PJ bass I have looked at. Are the Yamaha BBs jazz style necks? I think this probably going to end up with either some flats on the jazz for now and some saving up, or a P bass of some sort.
  6. Hi there, this looks like a lovely bass, can I repeat the same question re the neck width and thickness, is this the neck standard CV 60s? Thanks
  7. Hi folks I think part of the problem is I don't really know what I want! Plus tryout options are quite limited. Is a P/J set up useful or a compromise that doesn't really deliver on either front is one of my questions. To prowla, sounds like I'd better check where the Farida comes from if that is possible - I'll get digging. I think I saw the Tokai and it did look interesting and I'm not too concerned about the name on the headstock, playing it well is my first priority! However it is a bit outside my budget unless the Farida is worth more than I paid for it! To Graham good point, I do wonder if I'm looking for a 5 legged cow if I go down the P/J route and look for a chunky neck, as several Precision style basses appear to come with Jazz style necks, eg The Bass collection talk about super slim necks on their P style basses, but I think the Vintage version is a bit more solid from reading a review, however I haven't read much about chunky P style necks on any other style of bass. It's that 21st century problem of too much choice again.......
  8. Thanks for the replies folks so in order: Geek it’s more about space than cash so I have to stick to one bass. If I go for a P it may come down to either vintage or bass collection, unless I can find a second hand option. @stewblack The neck on your pj might be a bit skinny but then again you are just down the road (I’ll update my profile) so maybe if it was ok I could have a look? So what are the pros or cons of a PJ over a P or should I try to find what I’m most comfortable with and worry about pick ups later?
  9. Hello Folks, so after some brief and unsuccessful negotiations with Higher Command it seems I am only allowed a second bass when it is going to earn me money, this is unlikely and she has a point. So my plan to keep my Farida jazz and get something precision-ish and stick flats on it is scuppered. Comfort wise I don't really get on with the Farida and prefer the MIM P that I used to play at church, I think the neck on the P is wider and thicker than the Jazz but I am happy to be corrected? Budget is £300 plus whatever I can get for the Farida. So I think my options are just buy a Precision of some sort like the one in the classifieds that warwickhunt is selling or a vintage V4 or a G&L, or some sort of PJ - there's a modded Squier in the classifieds. Other PJs would be a Yamaha BB - two old ones in the classifieds or a BB234. Then there's the Sire p7 that seems very popular on here or something Harley Bentonesque. Is flats on a PJ a thing? Final option I can see is a Sterling Sub4. Anyone have any other ideas or thoughts / experience of any of these? My limited experience so far is the MIM P, my Jazz and a noodle on a Musicman which was gorgeous but was about £2k. With luck I will be able to play a Sub4 and Squier CV in a shop next week in Bristol but limited other try out options that I can see. All thoughts and experiences appreciated.
  10. Thanks Stew, think it's a bit skinny in both senses for me, plus I'm now restricted to one bass so I have a more difficult challenge - in fact there's a post coming up.. GLWTS
  11. What’s the neck like stew? I mean thickness and nut width. Thanks
  12. That’s brilliant it worked. Thank you very much 😀
  13. Can anyone help. Set up as above and things are not right. The amp will buzz/ crackle sometimes when I move and or the cable moves and occasionally I'll be playing nothing moves and the amp will start to buzz for a bit then stop, sometimes on its own and sometimes if I wiggle the cable or jack plugged in to the bass. To a complete amateur these seems bass related. I've tried a few cables and they all do the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Scoobs

    P Bass options

    Judging by the other forums which flats looks like another can of worms altogether! But yes I'm planning on putting some on whatever I end up with. (best budget for them too)
  15. Scoobs

    P Bass options

    Thanks for all the replies folks they really are appreciated. I'm a bit spoilt for choice at what feels a relatively small budget. In terms of tone if I said Jamerson and Dunn I'm guessing that would be vintage? (I wonder if they would play P Basses if they were around now though?) I like the feel of the neck on the precision I've played - I've got big hands so the thickness doesn't bother me. Yamaha do get a lot of love and have a great reputation for reliability. The idea of two basses is great and a SUB does seem like a good cheapish start down the Music man route however the idea is a bit optimistic as I don't think higher command / swmbo would cope with 3 basses in the house as the Jazz is staying for now. The Black precision does look like a good option at a good price however knowing junior's taste he'd be all over something that black. In terms of aesthetics I'm a sucker for sunburst and a tort pick guard and it just so happens there's one for sale on here that's not that far up the M4 from me.... Lots of choice and once again thank you.
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