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  1. I think the main reason there are fewer Sterlings is many people want the Stingray as it has the much longer history and is thus more iconic - rather like the Fender Jaguar compared with Precision or Jazz. @ead that SB14 looks great with the matt black pickguard - very early 90s (the first Sterlings had matt pick guards in 93/94 ish).
  2. A passive Stingray is quite feasible - some of the US Subs were passive, the short scale Stingray is passive with parallel, single coil and series switch, and both have treble/bass controls as well. The Joe Dart bass (based more on the US MM Sterling bass) is also passive but just with a volume knob. All have the pick up in the Stingray sweet spot.
  3. Interesting that I know of a number who set up a one person limited company and pay themselves in 'dividends' rather than salary (it's far more complicated but this is the net result). This attracts capital gains tax at a much lower rate!!! Not sure if you can claim Govt assistance against that.
  4. At least we got the health service we need - the difference between the approach then and now is the finance was put into the operational costs (ie the cost of running and staffing the new hospitals or roads or whatever) - the operating costs have been constantly squeezed meaning badly maintained roads, a lower service at GP surgeries and hospitals etc etc. The reduction in revenue as against capital budget (government funding and borrowing in the latter) also affects the ability to pay interest fees attached to operating costs (the Govt pays such fees usually whether PFI or not). PFI at a time of relatively high interest rates is clearly going to create costs going forward but the Govt could easily take those costs into centralised costs rather than use them as a political stick to criticise Policies 25 yrs ago that actually gave us a well functioning health service rather than focus on decisions taken which created the cash strapped one we now have - anyone tried to get a doctor's appointment recently?! 😕
  5. The difference is no doubt that the German Government has not been systematically underfunding the operation of all public services for the last 10 yrs. although the Prime Minister has tweeted tonight about Covid 19 testing and a couple of weeks ago about ramping up testing, the lack of staff and resources to carry it out are part of what has blocked it. It will be interesting to see what happens when the additional 1 million testing kits start to appear (next week). Interesting to hear Ped talking about schools - back in the 1990s when my children were at school they had classrooms out of use because of leaking rooves and the like and no funding to deal with it - caused by a systematic underfunding of public services - that Govt got kicked out for it!! Some parallels with the current one as well (not least it was the same political party)!
  6. Nah - pure form, function, elegance and graceful, natural shape - apart from the tort, which I accept is an abomination. No silly pointy bits top and bottom. The problem with the Precision is the design classic is the Strat - the Precision 57 is basically a re-design to more match the Strat shape. The pickguard is an abomination to cover up unnecessarily removed routs and to mount the controls on like the Strat - so it's a cobble together basically - an engineer's solution with little styling - it's only because we're used to it that many don't appreciate it's bonkers, stylistically and functionally. It doesn't even extend to areas between the pick up and bridge you might pluck the strings (especially with the pick up and bridge cover on), yet it covers the extremities of the lower horn which only contortionist pickers might trouble. The Rickenbacker at least reflects its Art Deco shape and styling. The Precision pg is an engineer's solution to cover up unnecessary and expensive routing.
  7. I was wondering whether this could be considered possibly the most appalling piece of unintegrated design - an afterthought with questionable functionality, and a bit of a marmite (or red wine puke) colour 😩 😬
  8. Is that barelo purple flip colour? Even rarer as Fretless.
  9. I find it's ok if you move your other leg over a little. I love mine - has the piezo as well which has another tonal flavour. They do a fuschia sparkle colour on these currently which is so outrageous it complements the shape really well - this is mine - lava pearl 😀
  10. Compact and shiny compact and very shiny Compact and matt finish Compact and Old Smoothie!
  11. Definitely - lovely on this as well with a bit of thumb muted playing at the end. I really like some of these modern pop songs. http://youtu.be/XdBR-SrP6uU And for @Lozz196 AWB doing a very funky number - Alan Gorrie on 2 band Stingray. Notice the drumming - Steve Ferrone is one of the world's best IMO. Hmmm Acoustic 370 and Stingray - I wonder where I got the idea for that set up from!! https://youtu.be/QoAtqfQoaUo
  12. This is a nice bass sound on an SBMM Sub - and some great playing - this girl can groove! http://youtu.be/C-vLEFm8tNg When I eventually decided on a Stingray 5 for my 5 string about 20 yrs back, I did have a dalliance with an FNA Jazzman - nice bass but still didn't do the Stingray sound in my view. If you want the flexibility of a two pick up bass with the Stongray sound, either an SBMM or Stingray HH will give you that. My MM Sabre Classic does Stingray, Sabre and Lakland sounds very well (it has a bridge H + neck single coil setting). It does a good Precision impression with the neck single coil soloed also.
  13. I think the modification referred to above is only applicable to the earliest versions of the SBMM Sub to overcome too hotter signal. If I had one of the more recent ones I might think of upgrading the tuners to Hipshots as per the US Sub Stingray model - more sturdy and less chance of begging bent if whacked. The sound in that video (and others by that You Tuber suggests the sound is pretty good from the SBMM Sub.
  14. I'd say they do reflect the 2 band sound - the full fat MM can be smoother and probably has more versatility, dependent on how you play. There is some good technique there (including muting and note length) but it does sound good IMO. However a 3 band Stingray, although more versatile, can get very close to the 2 band sound with the treble and bass boosted a touch and the mid cut say 50% from centre detent - the major difference is the lack of the high pass filter on the 2 band - removes boomy frequencies from the 3 band. Go and try a Stingray Special if you want to hear major bass boost - much more in the realms of a Bongo in that context.
  15. I like the Vintage - played several and they do a nice 5 string as well. If you want an affordable Stingray-type bass, the SBMM Sub does it very well indeed. This young lady seems to manage well with one. Bear in mind the newer ones are even better - I read somewhere that the Ray 24 and Sub have an EQ based more around the Okd Smoothie version. http://youtu.be/iK1LEt7wr5g
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