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  1. drTStingray

    Rare Basses

    Look again - you missed it 😂 Real reason was the photo upload kept crashing 😕
  2. drTStingray

    Rare Basses

    I have this Musicman Sabre - Sabre's are relatively rare anyway but this one is probably unique as it has a mahogany body and also in this very cool finish - with figured roasted flamed maple neck.
  3. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Thanks - the combination of colour, black hardware and ebony board/roasted maple is quite striking. I may get a black pg for it as well though I like the white as it is - to be honest, I ordered this having seen a photo of one when they were first announced - which had a black pg. The neck profile and string spacing etc doesn't seem any different to me - however I have not had any instance of pushing the G off the edge yet - I find that playing a 5 I have to be more accurate - especially as the spacing is narrower. Ive also never had an issue with my Bongo 5 with that either. I have a gorgeous natural/maple ceramic pu SR5 from 2003 - now I do very occasionally push the G off the edge on that - usually after I've been playing 4 strings for a few weeks and go back to the 5 - that said, done once you just adjust and play more accurately - exactly the same as failing to mute the B properly, getting confused which string you're on - forgetting the ability to play two octaves across the strings. I saw Marcello's video and whilst it's definitely possible to do this, for me it's a case of adjusting your technique slightly so you don't bend the string the wrong way - anyone who plays Fretless will know that doing that on any string wrecks your intonation - so it's an element of the design and doing it continually is a technique issue - one I understand as it's very easy to get excited playing a groove and playing inaccurately in lots of ways (even hitting the wrong notes!!) All basses have compromises and I prefer the overall playability of the Musicman 5 string neck. Btw this roasted maple neck is so slick to play - the ebony and stainless steel frets possibly give a little more ring to the notes - slap sound is great as well - I'm very pleased with my pair of Specials 👍
  4. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Another NBD for me - this time a Stingray 5HHS. I picked it up earlier today - had a bit of a play in the shop and it sounds very nice - I was curious how the B string would sound with the revoiced pre amp - didn't need to worry as its a tight and focussed sound even with the bass fully boosted (and it's got a lot of bass boost). Anyway, after a 7 month wait here it is!
  5. drTStingray

    NBD! Woohoo!

    That's 9 ounces in old money - not a lot so long as the base line weight wasn't 10 lbs in the first place!! I have started wondering whether as bass players we're all becoming wimps - back in 1980 people were raving about Ibanez Musician basses - and they were often 12 lbs +. I count myself in this as I have a Stingray Special - and it's around 8 lbs - having used this a lot it's noticeable when I pick one of my other basses up. Perhaps it's an age thing..... Congratulations I'm sure it'll sound great 👍
  6. drTStingray

    DI box

    Unfortunately such people are very compromised sound men IMHO - the presumption that no bass players use pedals or require certain EQ or even amp characteristics in their sound is staggering - and of course the majority do. Its a bit like taking a feed from a synthesiser before the sound is synthesised if you see what I mean - so no pitch bending, different sounds just the basic keyboard. Or the same with a guitar - no pedals, no drive. Plainly stupid and not doing the job (of amplifying the band sound) properly. And it apparently happens to even the most famous of people - Guy Pratt mentioned this issue in a recent article - Glastonbury IIRC. Most larger events I've played at using a house PA have taken the feed from the amp DI - and I always select post EQ to give FOH the sound I'm using - however on one or two occasions where the back line was provided and it was a valve amp, a DI box was used - on at least one occasion because the amp didn't have a DI out (another good reason for not using 'vintage' equipment for me!!)
  7. Well that's good to hear amongst some of the more negative comments!! I'm not a great fan of Queen - but like some of their stuff but went to the musical with an open mind (as I did with a famous Andrew Lloyd Webber one - and I disliked his music) and like millions of others, thoroughly enjoyed it (liked the ALW one as well). I shall probably try and get to see the film as well. Now if someone made a film about Morrissey or Paul Weller...... even then I might go out of curiosity!! 😧
  8. drTStingray

    Beatles White Album Remix

    Its very interesting and it's great to hear the detail of the bass line. However I'd never realised the similarities with Jack Bruce on White Room by Cream - especially in the areas where the chord sequence turns round. The style is very similar. The only modern sound here is the separation between the instruments and it is unusual to have such quiet drums and relatively loud bass. The bass guitar itself sounds like his bass sound generally from that era. I am also of the feeling that the original, for me, is better.
  9. drTStingray

    Later with Joolz last night

    Interesting - I was a massive music fan back in the 70s and had also never heard of Terry Reid either - great singer and like seemingly a few other people, seems to have been a potential Led Zeppelin member before their line up was finalised. Reid was managed by Micky Most back in the 70s (about as frightful in the 70s as Simon Cowell is today) who seemingly steered him down a ballad style rather than rock. Somehow can't see him in the same vein as Peters and Lee, Davids Soul or Cassidy, or Julio Iglesias (with apologies for any duff spelling)
  10. drTStingray

    Later with Joolz last night

    Yes even I turned it off this week!! Interesting juxtaposition, Marc Almond v Jools on boogie woogie piano - had it been the 70s I would have suspected I was on an acid flashback 😯 (Although I would confess to being a fan of boogie woogie piano 😏 )
  11. drTStingray

    Unmissable Event Opportunity

    Young people seem to like him - however very much a mixed response from the over 40s (or should that be over 50s). However this is much like Dylan in the 60s 😏 (only his songs weren't as catchy) and when he went electric - well you could almost hear all those eardrums popping as the died in the wool folkies wrenched their one finger from one ear in unison 😂😂
  12. drTStingray

    Bass drum mic creating havoc with my sound

    I think there's some truth in the notion they're after some 'monitor' sound and I have known drummers say they play better when they can hear the bass drum better - I've also refrained from suggested they hit the other ones less hard to give themselves a chance. However FOH bass drum sound is often a problem - should it be a thud or a boom - the latter is a real problem especially if mixed too loud. As I don't play in marching bands I really don't understand anyone who wants the bass drum to boom - and it sounds like that's one of the problems the OP has......
  13. drTStingray

    Unmissable Event Opportunity

    Well depends what it is I guess - at least it's getting children and slightly older teens interested. Having been dragged by my own children to various events including several Radio 1 road shows (one included Faithless playing Insomnia which I really liked!!) it's pleasing they showed an interest and developed their own likes and dislikes - even though I thought Rage at that time was a bit ranting, I did like the music!! Mand I know what some of us think of Ed Sheeran - I quite like him and was pretty impressed by his Glastonbury performance. When his songs are played in discos lots of people sing along - like the Dave Clark 5 or Beatgkes used to be. It's all pop I guess.
  14. drTStingray

    Bass drum mic creating havoc with my sound

    If he insists on doing this (I have heard of it as well) then why can't the amp be EQd and the output set at a sensible level so that it doesn't get in the way, particularly if the bass drum doesn't go through FOH.
  15. drTStingray

    Unmissable Event Opportunity

    Having seen this I felt obliged to post it as members and anyone seeing it may well be as excited as I was when I saw the poster during my daily commute.......😳