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  1. I ordered the passive long scale for several reasons, one being I really wanted a natural Ray with black hardware - but the other thing is the sound from 5:30 in the video in the OP - passive tones with mutes engaged - sounds fabulous!!
  2. I have ordered a long scale passive one as well (it’s natural ash/black hardware/ebony board). I was going to order a white Bongo and then saw these!! No shipping date for mine yet.
  3. I’ve heard the GR Yaris is highly regarded 😁 …….ok, I’ll leave instantly (I’d get my coat if it wasn’t so damned humid) 😂👍
  4. An early one then - I love these old SR5s but this one looks great - I did exactly the same with mine (replacing the scratch plate with a white Pearl one).
  5. Lack of space to accommodate them focusses the mind but I agree with the sentiment 👍
  6. Has there been a change to the size of photo which can be uploaded to the site? Seems to be limited to 1 mb or lower, which rules out most up to date phone photos unless significantly compressed?
  7. The entire group was sessions players (Les playing on work by Chris Spedding for instance). According to wiki, Spedding used his usual white Gibson Flying V when playing (or miming in the case of TOTP) as part of the Wombles - maybe Les Hurdle had moved on to a Rickenbacker bass for this. Having been asked to write the initial song (which was very successful) and waived his fee, Batt had negotiated an arrangement whereby he could write more songs and he and the band make money from this - resulting in a stream of hits over several years. According to wiki, on one TOTP the band Steeleye Span donned the outfits as the proper band wasn’t available. So folks, this is what the average session musician and writer/producer (or famous folk rock group) might get up to (making money playing music as part of a sort of park keeper/rubbish collector furry creature franchise). Well I suppose Ringo narrated Thomas the Tank Engine, but somehow the roles played by the likes of Carol Kaye, Herbie Flowers (what a great, creative player he is) etc etc always seem more glamorous - I guess they’ve all had to play questionable music, but wonder if any of them performed in quite such silly outfits as this!!! Now badges - I believe I’m now on level 10 of 14 but only about 800 to go till my next level is achieved 😀 I’m expecting the odds are the site will be updated again and the ‘badges’ dropped before I reach the next level….. even if it’s not done for several years….
  8. Very tempted by this one - though of course I don’t ‘need’ another bass!! 😬
  9. What year is that bass @Stingray5? The necks on Musicman basses do darken quite nicely with age and use - but the combination with the white body looks great. Many years ago I saw a Stax musical and the bass player used an SR5 (white/maple) and the board looked like rosewood in some lights, it was that dark.
  10. I think he was one of the culprits (it probably says on line somewhere which one he portrayed)!! 👍
  11. Many of the better groups did - isn’t one of those costumed gentlemen the renowned producer and writer Mike Batt (just to disprove the Talkbass and SBL theory the producer will blow a fuse and send you home if you don’t turn up with a Precision).
  12. Funnily enough I always preferred Brunel’s bridge design to his bass playing 😬 (though I’d confess to having dabbled a little with that Peaches/Beaches part more than once) (Oo f’ck - I’ve gone from blue star to green star as a result of that merrie jape 😂 apparently I’m now ‘proficient’, only taken me 9 yrs…….what are you on Basschat - I remember being declared proficient quite a number of decades ago 😬
  13. Yeah quite different. My Classic has TI flats on it - but the Classic Sabre has brand new Elixir stainless Steel rounds - combined with the mahogany body of the Sabre, and roasted maple/stainless frets (so a bit of a forerunner of the Specials - but with a figured roasted neck) - the Sabre is getting most usage followed by the SR4HH with brand new EBMM pink pack nickel rounds!! I think you can see where my current tone choices lie!!! It’s helped by needing to do Tony Levin’s line on Sledgehammer, with an octaver!!
  14. Yeah I’d agree - both of mine are HH - originally cost £2299 (a 4 and a 5). I use them a lot along with my Classic Sabre. That Classic looks nice (no it’s not mine!!) - it’s up for £45 less than I paid new for mine! Mine has birds eye, flame and a bit of quilt in the neck. That colour (coral red) was only available between NAMM 2010 and NAMM 2011 so they’re thin on the ground. As close as you’ll get to a 2 band Classic in fiesta red (one of the members here has the original prototype which actually is called fiesta red 😏)
  15. I have a US Sub 5 - it’s very light. They probably vary. I’m not sure on price but I’ve heard of others paying that much. The 2 band makes a certain sound that many struggle to achieve with a 3 band Stingray (I can get quite close with mine - its a question of cutting the mids, in particular). Id say they are sufficiently different to be an asset and most people seem to like the tone (they’re poplar bodies and rosewood board). They also seem to hold, if not increase their value. Remember they’re very much a 2 band Ray in cheaper (industrial-like) clothing - if you’re happy with that, I’d say they’re a great bass for the money.
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