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  1. Musicman have brought out an updated version of it (and the SR5) which have been very successful (whilst still producing the Classic models). I've got a couple of them and they're great. However like most other companies, they are only a fraction of the production of Fender. Youve got to wonder just how saturated the mass market Fender aims at actually is. Guitar shops are incredibly busy at weekends but these places have walls full of their guitars (less so basses). Presumably these mild product refreshes are designed to stimulate the market - I must admit I've bought a new bass in the past based on a new colour becoming available. The name change seems a bit extreme though .......
  2. Good evening - my stage name from the Basschat approved generator is:- Shanklin Pumpkin....
  3. That looks like Donald J Trump in his earlier days, prior to 21st Century anvil shaped hair style. Stage name - Lytham Caffe-Nero Is the chap in the picture a Basschatter, who perhaps enjoys a pint of beer in his avatar?
  4. Louis Johnson Andy Fraser Jack Bruce I would have agreed entirely until yesterday - saw a TOTP performance of You Really Got Me - with brass section and Steinberger headless bass (🤔😬) - sounded a little un-Brunel like, whether he was miming with a studio prop or not!!
  5. I can see how the sad face would help with this - and although the impact of body and fretboard wood on tone is an oft discussed impact with much disagreement - although many luthiers think they do which is good enough for me - yes from personal experience I think a rosewood v maple fretboard does darken the sound (especially a Stingray with ash body - I would imagine it would be similar with other basses).
  6. Yep agreed. According to Joe Dart and Jack Stratton that cheapo Robelli was the inspiration for the signature bass - they got them to make a top quality version of it, basically.
  7. My 2003 SR5 ash/maple sounds great recorded, in a live band - has that balance between a warm vintage sound and more modern focus, so it's great for most genres including Motown and Stax - as I say I'd go ceramic. This is mine - really my favourite bass. Of course, they've now gone neodymium/18 volt - still a great bass. In this case, ebony!
  8. The Tesla video, if not the other one have been around since before the Musicman signature. It all sounds great to me - and oh for a drummer like this who knows how to play funk - without a whacking great fill which removes all the space and clashes with the other instruments every fourth bar (a la many 1968 rock bands - ok though it was back then). Rock drummers should study Steve Gadd 😏
  9. I think factors to get a ballsy dark sound:- A pick up at the neck (possibly a humbucker); a rosewood fretboard; preferably not an ash body; a bridge pick up to add the bite and definition. It's not coincidence that people are talking EB2 and Hofner. You could add EB3 and a lot of more modern basses to that list also (eg a Stingray HH). Intereting to read the Motown comment!! And yes that DI is available these days commercially - I wonder if any of the Jamerson/62 P bass devotees use one for authenticity (Mr Devine as an example)!!
  10. So if you're going on aesthetics you have a problem as they're both fabulous. Id go with the ceramic - I think they can produce a more punchy sound. Although mine is way over 10 lbs in weight I won't be selling it - it sounds absolutely great and although I have a 8.5 lb Stingray 5 Special i still love the ceramic one. Regarding rolled edges, I think these were introduced in the mid/late 90s - my maple board 2003 has them - I have a 1993 SR4 which doesn't.
  11. The output (of the ceramic SR5) can be relatively low compared with some basses - might be worth changing the battery and strings as you say. Also the output changes as EQ is boosted. I always refuse to use those DI boxes which bypass everything at gigs - I use the amp DI out with post EQ and on a Markbass you get a volume control for the DI output so can adjust if necessary as required by the sound engineer. That way the sound engineer gets the sound you want amplified to start with and can do whatever adjustments they think are needed to deliver FOI. Interesting you should say this - I did an outdoor gig through a house PA recently and the sound guy came and asked if I'd turned up the bass volume after a particular song - the answer was no I hadn't but I played it harder as it had a driving bass part... Just goes to show they need to mix the bass in the same way as any other instrument!!
  12. It does make you wonder how hands on this role would be as opposed to management. Such as transporting and setting up equipment for video shoots, organising interviews, transport etc. Rather like a PA (personal assistant as opposed to public address) cum roadie etc. Who knows!! Or maybe the D Ops manages the people who do that? It sounds like the CEO comes up with the strategy and the D Ops sorts out the implementation. A bit like John Hall and his senior management team.
  13. Yeah I thought so as well - I don't know but wondered if it mightn't be referenced to founder member Boon, who passed away in April. Anyway I thought it was a really nice cover - lovely rythmn guitar and sound on the Les Paul and the whole thing sounded really good. Like others, I've followed this band since they first appeared, seeing them live for the first time at a University Union bar in 1983. I last saw them a couple of years ago at Hammersmith - they seriously get better as a live act every time I see them.
  14. Would you be talking the COmmander in Chief (COC) here? If so this is most definitely fake news - a terrible, that's a terrible travesty. Perhaps the COC is planning to buy and set up another resort - and JH is the warm up act? 🤔
  15. This is right on the nail. And we are lamenting the days when it was obligatory for our Eurovision entry to either be written or change somewhere into 3/4 - presumably to appeal to certain country's judges, and to contain copious amounts of onomatopoeia (Boom Bang A Bang - Boom Boom Boom Boom etc)
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