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  1. drTStingray

    Palladino discusses THAT bass line

    Regarding rounds, I'm not sure he uses them any more - he was using Cobalt Flats at one point recently. However more to the point I have read that he has had the board re-shot or replaced multiple times. It makes sense really because rounds wear grooves eventually (think fret wear of a fretted) - if you have grooves and deep swirls it can affect playability and presumably tuning. I also read somewhere that Pino's wife said that the bass had been signed by Rocco Prestia, presumably one of his heros.
  2. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    He may be better off getting a refund on that one and putting a deposit down on the one he wants to buy. To be honest that is the only one I've seen with that issue - not sure why it has it - the pocket gap is a little bigger than some would desire - although not unusual for other manufacturers. I doubt the one pictured by Hiram K actually came from the factory like that. Generally, stock items tend to be the ones which are more likely to sell - same with Guitar Centre - the spread put on by Andertons was most unusual (and included my customer order...) !! As I said before if you want something unusual placing an order is the best way to get it.
  3. drTStingray

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    What an interesting reply...... they've obviously overlooked the fact that the neck is actually unadjustable as the adjustment facility they provided has broken. Id be interested to know what climatic tolerances their neck design is intended to deal with - a house in the UK hardly seems to pose extreme conditions - suggesting their design or manufacture is at fault. Best of luck!
  4. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Yes it is I think. The two pick ups together as Hs is a great sound also but the single H version is also a very versatile bass - particularly responsive to moving your plucking position around plus the new EQ has the same characteristics.
  5. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Thanks - and yes the combination is very nice. Feels great to play, with the ebony also.
  6. drTStingray

    Bean9seventy - the first UK funk / slap bassist?

    Nice playing - sounds great - I saw Ronnie Laws around 79/80 - great gig 👍 Encore eh? My son still has one of them (was his first bass many years back) - has used it to record several times and people have asked him what year of Precision he was using to get such a good sound!!
  7. drTStingray

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    I quite like it (though am not a great fan of his singing) - can be great to play, with a good singer and tight band (hopefully with a light touch drummer - B and Q shed assembling moon lighters can ruin it!)
  8. drTStingray

    RIP Max Bennett

    I love Max Bennett's playing and along with Larry Taylor was a big influence on my own playing in the late 60s/early 70s. Ive come across his bass on several albums but standout ones for me were:- Gumbo Variations - Frank Zappa - Hot Rats - what a funky bass part all those years back with a great bass/drum solo which I still quote from now! Scratch - The Crusaders - some great bass playing on this. Sad to hear he's passed away but 90 is a good age, especially for a musician.
  9. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    These are my roasted maple neck Musicman basses - 2014 Neptune Blue mahogany Sabre with roasted flamed maple neck, and 2018 4HH Special, Aqua Sparkle with roasted maple and ebony board. They both have stainless steel frets. Note the back of the neck colour is consistent, and although the headstocks are darker (lacquered) there's not a huge difference. My 4HH Special was a customer order placed on 14/4/18 with Andertons - so you can get the colour you want if you persevere - the same was true of the Sabre, and various other 'odd colour' Musicman basses I've bought new. Note the new tuners have a much thicker tip area - feel really comfortable to use. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder - but think my 4HHS looks great. Ive used it now in two gigs with a fairly loud blues/R and B band (v loud drummer!!) - outdoor gigs. The bass sound has fitted the mix very nicely (generally using the dual humbucker or single bridge humbucker settings). I've used the outer single coil setting a couple of times but it simply encourages me to play Marcus Miller quotes. A couple of things I've really noticed - using the classic single bridge humbucker setting, even cranking the mid range (yes, to hear myself v said drummer on occasion), the sound simply becomes more focussed but retains that Stingray Bernard Edwards type sound. I rarely crank the mid on my regular 4HH in H mode as it sounds too much to me - that bass needs a bumped mid in dual H mode though as it naturally scoops. Altogether I'm really pleased with this bass - super playable, light, sounds great, big range of very usable sounds and also turns heads - Saturday night, under a lighting system our lady singer danced over playing an item of percussion and said 'is that a new bass you have there' as it shone in the multi coloured lighting - and then proceeded to make female Kenneth Williams/Frankie Howard sounds of approval - she looked well impressed!!! 😂
  10. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    The necks on the Stingray Specials are standard (not highly figured) roasted maple - head stocks are lacquered and the back of the neck has an oil and wax finish. Mine has quite quite a lot of figuring in it but generally not birds eye or flame. I like mine a lot - the darker maple looks cool in my view. The ebony board is very dark.
  11. drTStingray

    New toys and a rant

    What's the betting JPJ never played Lemon Song exactly the same twice!!?
  12. drTStingray

    New toys and a rant

    Not to diss KT Tunstall and her ideas (as I think she's a great artist), but then so is Ed - but if you really want to look retrospectively, John Martyn was doing this sort of thing in the 70s. You could argue that the likes of Dave Gilmour and others are just doing what Hank Marvin did - whilst you'd be right that they were influenced by Hank they are of course excellent artists in their own right. No doubt Ed's lyrics and imagery have a synergy with today's young people that us more elderly can't comprehend - in the same way my dad could never entertain the thought that Hendrix - or even the Stones, were bona fide artists. I quite like some of Ed's songs and indeed have had to learn two or three for deps I do - I find them fun to play. Great that some youngsters like Led Zeppelin and why not. That many others think it's irrelevant to them is understandable - after all in 1969, few of us mid teens would have been that interested in something from 1919 🤔
  13. drTStingray

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    Yep similar pattern - different feel - also appears in I Feel Good - James Brown - in all cases as riffs 👍
  14. drTStingray

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    I reckon mine is around 8.5 lbs if not lighter. I haven't noticed anything odd about string alignment - in fact they even line up properly on the HH across the pole pieces on both pick ups - the previous HH were slightly off centre on the poles on the neck pick ups. Do you think it could just be that bass? Im waiting on a Cruz teal 5HH - I was given an update and quoted a new delivery date earlier this week - 25/1/19 😧 a 9 month wait from initial order - good job I'm not in a hurry!!
  15. drTStingray

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    Sorry but it still looks like a reverse headstock bass V1 to me - not that SC playing a bass V1 would be outrageous - not quite his piccolo tone but if he wanted to get back to a 60s thick twangy feel.......