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  1. The white sparkle versions (4 and 5 string available) are particularly nice IMO though limited in numbers 😎 Starry night version also available.
  2. I was quite used to R and B bands having excellent bassists at that time (of course, I only became aware of Louis Johnson in about 1977 and had no idea at the time I’d seen him). However the problem with the Stones was Jagger was still doing his 60s leaping and flouncing around - and audibly missed vocals and sounded out of breath during everyone’s favourite 60s hits. I quite like the Stones rhythm section - usually very tight in its own way. The Billy Preston band was much more polished in its performance. The Stones on that occasion just sounded generally knackered!!
  3. This is true, but up to 60 yrs ago. @Newfoundfreedom is right to the extent they often exude blandness these days (not always though) - but there again they often did back in the 70s also. Maybe a comment on the players rather than the instrument. I tried a couple of 70s ones out the other day and was pleasantly surprised, particularly that they didn’t have hefty necks, so I was able to play them ok. Sounded and looked nice as well (one was rather heavy). Both were natural with maple boards - nice for that 70s Paul Jackson vibe.
  4. If you’re taking the equivalent (or actual) van load of equipment then the export/ import requirements have to be dealt with going through the border (used to be - pre 1990s - a carnet - listing all the items on a form so the customs could look at it if they wanted to, to see if you were carrying any ‘additional’ undeclared items 🥴
  5. A couple I can think of:- Brothers Johnson - part of the Billy Preston band (I remember seeing Billy Preston live, as support to the Stones and remarking to friends how brilliant the band was and especially the bass player!! They literally blew the Stones off stage - their only saving grace was Mick Taylor, but the Stones looked and sounded weary - I thought they were past it - how wrong can you be - it was 1973!!) Rose Royce - Edwin Starr
  6. I thought I recognised the bass - the first Big Als had alder bodies but they changed to mahogany after a short while so this one, apart from the exquisite neck, is quite special - if it hasn’t already sold I might try it at the Bass Gallery next week 😎 Good to hear from you @rodney72a also 👍
  7. It’s a PDN version rather than a regular colour - 2015 PDN vintage tobacco burst. Unfortunately the Big Al was discontinued before the re-introduction by Musicman of the sparkle colours, which generally happened in 2018 when the Stingray Special was launched (a range of the sparkles was around in the 2000/1 era). Fuschia sparkle only appeared on the Bongo though. I agree - looks great - the colour may also be powder blue - doesn’t quite look like either though - maybe the lighting! I think sky blue is a metallic so you may be right. Cool colour - a Dargie Delight 2 - the colour flips between a brown sparkle and a green sparkle.
  8. Thank you for your observation on my posting - I’m particularly flattered you find it necessary to observe all my posts - however you’ve obviously not done that very effectively as you’ve missed the Jaydee and Wal stuff. Not entirely sure who the ‘we’ you are referring to are? Perhaps you could elaborate??!! 😂😂 is there some sort of ‘Forum elite’ in operation here 🙄 Anyway you’ll be surprised to know I don’t particularly like the Big Al bass. I’ve heard they’re extremely good so might be interested in trying one. I have been a fan of Musicman basses since I first bought one new 40+ yrs ago and realised how good it was - my view hasn’t changed but I don’t like all the models they’ve introduced. Apologies if such enthusiasm irritates some individuals - I’m pretty sure not all members have that view.
  9. IIRC, and it’s the same bass I’m thinking of, it went back to the factory when new owing to a defect discovered and they fitted a new neck. It’s an OE neck I would imagine.
  10. No you didn’t offend but I was surprised so many people felt strongly enough to say they didn’t like the bass, seemingly just to contradict the OP!! I’m not doubting they don’t like it!! I wasn’t thinking it was - however i remain surprised at the volume of ‘I don’t like it’ posts in some threads on bass forums (probably the most idiotic example is re Rickenbacker on this particular forum). There is some reasonable debate often and helpful responses for people but the ‘it’s fugly’ posts are frankly a bit fatuous and dare I say, arguably, don’t add much - there is a fine line between trolling and sensible posts?
  11. Yep agreed - that’s really nice and especially the neck. I think I know who owns (or used to own that). There’s quite a following for Big Als so I would imagine it would sell quite quickly. As for the one at Bass Direct, I’m surprised it was so cheap - was it an SSS though (seems to be the most sought after version) - or maybe Bass Direct weren’t aware of the volume of people looking for them (in the US often though). One thing which never ceases to amaze me is the number of people who are willing to take the trouble to log in on forums and post totally negative views on a thread (fugly etc etc). To the extent we get more fugly comments than anything else - I’m not sure how helpful those comments are - seems a bit like pi**ing in the wind to me as the people who like the instrument will just think they’re rather silly!! I often feel people’s love for certain 50s/60s designed and rather average instruments is odd (I’m thinking, from memory any electrical device from 1960 came with built in hum and other negatives but no-one would dream of using them instead of properly engineered modern stuff using a range of elements invented in the last 50+ years nowadays, certainly on a day to day basis) but mediocre instruments containing the same - well some musicians seem to absolutely love em - such instruments are also fugly in some cases (IMHO) - however I’m really not inclined to log in and tell everyone - like most people, I just walk past what I’m not interested in!!
  12. Im pretty sure you can get them on easy (ish) instalments!!! 😉
  13. Love this - the bass appears to look, sound and play great according to Lobster and the sound on the video. Im presuming you get the ‘tone off’ sound by favouring the neck pick up and playing nearer the neck.
  14. I normally use 100-45 strings on all my basses but tried a set of 95-35s on my Stingray 4HH. I found I used that bass almost exclusively for years. The difference I would describe is it made the bass sound far more modern sounding (eg Mark King - but without the level of skill (obviously!!), compared with say, Bernard Edwards, in term of sound). Ive also had a 125 - 40 set (Ernie Ball pink pack roundwounds) on a Stingray 5 for a while and love the sound of that. However I don’t think lighter gauge strings reduce the groove - groove is in the hands of the player. Clearly these comparisons are based on using Stingray basses which have quite a broad range of sounds anyway - I wouldn't know the difference they’d make say on a Precision.
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