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  1. Two years ago members of TB were up in arms because of what they perceived massive price hikes - issues caused by various factors but CA specific requirements being one. EBMM was one of the first to mention the swamp ash shortage - long before Fender swapped their ash production over - presumably it takes longer to redirect the great oil tanker that is FMIC - maybe they keep a lot more stock as well. Anyway some more real world (UK) EBMM prices:- August 2014 Classic Sabre Neptune blue PDN (you're unlikely to see another!!) - £2233 new Oct 2016 old smoothie 40th anniversary Stingray - £2100 new June 2010 Classic Stingray (one of the first ordered in the uk - Feb 2010) - £1650 new
  2. Absolutely. Will be v interesting to see Thomann pricing I guess.
  3. So that's £600 uplift in 2 and a 1/2 yrs (my aqua sparkle of Sept 2018 is on a par spec etc)? I really don't know the answer to the question - I do know there was a big hike in the US a year or two back which caused outrage on TB initially - I do know I looked into buying a new car recently - the equivalent of mine, bought just under 2 yrs ago would cost me £41k - mine cost £34k. That's 20% in 18 months or so.....
  4. @Ian McFly you may find this is a combination of increases - without wishing to 'dis' Andertons because they've been very helpful to me in the past, but they do noticeably mark up Musicman basses (say compared with other retailers), a recent example being the champagne sparkle BFR Stingray Special HH - available elsewhere for a good £200 less. But they have provided a much better service than one or two well known names who will remain nameless here. I guess it's a factor of - in normal circumstances - being able to go to a shop and try a multitude of basses ( they had about 20 Stingray Speciaks when I got mine). I suspect they build in their loyalty points scheme to the prices as well. I was one of the first 'customers' (as opposed to dealer stock) to order Stingray Specials in 2018 (April) via Andertons - the price of the 4HH Aqua sparkle was £2299 and the correct price of the Cruz teal 5HH was £2499 (I got a reduction but had to wait 7 months for it to arrive). Those prices were two years ago. So I would call £3000 a 20% rise (10% per annum) against the 5 string. Nonetheless still very expensive. My understanding (from informed sources on TB and EBMM on their forum) is the factory has had to reduce production for Covid reasons. They also sell more guitars than basses these days so make of that as you will in terms of relative production levels. I doubt I'll be buying one of these currently - indeed anything bass wise!!! I'm still enjoying playing the ones I already have. I do like the latest colour offerings though - except the prices!!
  5. This has to be fact checked as it's wrong. The level of human input is on a par with a Fender team built Custom Shop (though arguably the EBMM result is a far better instrument). I don't understand why people are comparing prices of new instruments 20+ yrs ago!! 😂 The two side by side instruments being shown are also somewhat of a misnomer - one is a pre Brexit instrument in a standard solid colour at a reduced price (January sale?). The other is a brand new post Brexit one is a sparkle colour (Mark up price) with a matching headstock (another price mark up). Come on guys, yes they're expensive but this is GCSE O level fail analysis and comparison!!!
  6. US made ones though? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. I really like the blue and the frost green colours - they're the cheapest but still too much - even more so the Orange Burst Bongo - goodness knows what the price of a 5 HH Bongo will be (or SR5HH for that matter 😯)
  8. The one in my fretted Bongo 5HH sounds great - anyway your £1500 must have been early 2000s? I also think these new prices are bonkers but think it's likely it's caused by leaving the EU and any trade deal there was with the US. The champagne sparkle Stingray on Andertons is a BFR model which attracts a mark up - from last year - but is around the same price as one of the new sparkle models (the colour will also attract a mark up from base price) - my guess is there is around 20% or more added. Is this just the start of another all round hike in instrument prices from the US following Brexit actually happening? Thanks Nige 😏
  9. Amazing - I've never seen that before. His Stingray is a 79 which he bought in Mannys (New York). It appears on most of his work in that era - indeed he still uses it with some of the projects he works on. As stated the board has been dealt with numerous times. I wonder whether this was an instance when the board was being fixed and he put a separate neck on - who knows but it's very interesting. He also had at least one additional back up Stingray fretless bass, one of which was fairly recently re-sold.
  10. I'm pretty sure my 2003 Sub 5 is parallel. I asked EBMM about these basses and they said they were all issued as parallel, and indeed that's also quoted on Musicmanbass.global also. I'm not sure about the US Sterlimg Sub but that didn't appear till 2004 - the Classic Sterling certainly had a 3 band EQ and series wiring. Maybe people modified these basses? Or maybe some got out with SR5 wiring. The SR5 is actually quite diffetent as it has a phantom coil for use in single coil mode. My guess is the sound derives from a combination of the body wood (poplar) and the fact they have rosewood boards (unless fretless) and the 2 band preamp. I have an SR5 which has a series setting, which does not produce the classic Stingray sound in that setting (when set in parallel it does). The 3 band preamp has two key differences - the mid range control (you need to cut it significantly to achieve the 2 band sound), and the bass control has a filter which cuts some of the boomier frequencies - so the 2 band has more apparent 'bass'. However as @ped says, running the 2 band with the controls set around the centre of travel gives a more balanced sound - I tend to use mine with the bass up towards full and the treble backed off towards centre then adjust occasionally if I need more mids for a specific song. The original manuals advised not using full volume as well - I must admit I've not really experimented with that and tend to play with the volume up - must check out the difference at stage volume if we ever gig again 😕
  11. Indeed - and each border you go through with the carnets could involve you proving you're not carrying any 'additional' undisclosed goods (ie smuggling). The problem for general goods is it slows everything down in the supply chain, increases costs which inevitably fall on the consumer and in some cases (eg Northern Ireland) creates supply problems as companies decide it's not worth bothering - I suspect there will be other fall out which will come to light. Yes you're not allowed to export (or import) a whole rake of food stuffs without licence etc and that includes sandwich ingredients such as cheese or meat. So they'll be confiscated if the Authorities have got time to or view it as important. I also think the financial services migration would be a gradual thing - frankly if it costs significantly more to operate from GB, then it will fail to be competitive and gradually lose its position so firms would either lose money or move to maximise their financial effectiveness. As a Kent resident this is like turning the clock back 30 yrs - I'm firmly of the belief that those responsible for selling the populace daft ideas and claiming all the downsides were fake or project fear should be immortalised - the two brand new 1200 vehicle lorry customs clearance centres being built under 'Brexit' powers on green field sites near residential areas in Kent (so no planning process or appeals even if it's right in front of your house currently overlooking fields 😏) really should be named the N Farage Memorial xyz facility. Still we can bask in the new found ability wave our UK flags and sing Rule Brittania without fear of contradiction these days as a proud and independent nation - oh wait - we did that before surely 😂
  12. The neck width is closer to a P than a J but they are very comfortable as the profile is relatively shallow and the same as a standard Stingray (one of the key reasons I bought a Ray instead of a P in the 70s was for me, the far more comfortable neck - plus the sound of course!!). The US Sub is in all but finishes, a 2 band full fat Stingray with the same sound. The neck is painted (like a far more expensive Musicman Bongo - interestingly that model started manufacture around the same time) and with a rosewood board. Some people, me included, like the quirkiness of the US Sub, as a separate model giving the right sound, and thus don't mind the 'industrial' nature of the textured finish and checker plate looking pickguard - nice contrast to the deluxe nature of the full fat model if you have one. If you don't, a nice way to get the Stingray playability, rock solid build, and broad, iconic sound palette. Prices vary but bearing in mind a bog standard US Stingray (pre Special) will probably cost £1000, more (sometimes much more) for anything unusual, rare, or one of the more recent Stingray Specials, then a US Sub may cost £600 - it depends how urgently people want to sell. It's also worth checking the serial number on the EBMM site (or even that the bass has a serial number - they are on a sticker on the neck).
  13. I definitely don't need (another) 5 string - I've already got four of them 👍 However ive also got 4 string basses - in fact far more of them than 5s. My experience of 5s is they're great (well mine are) - if you don't have one it's worth investing in one and it's quite reasonable to use one as a main bass - I certainly did for years 😀
  14. Yes - a retailer who wants to offend the female population just by the acronym/ name being coincident with the much more commonly known acronym for a female only (I think?) medical condition - reminds me of that Tory politician/ ex leader who (seemingly accidentally) didn't mind being referred to by initials which sound very like the acronym for Irritable Bowel Syndrome - quite accurate maybe 😂 We have to take the bass player mild joke/slur on the chin - but it would be like advertising part of their store as - gentlemen (because they seemingly haven't considered female musicians exist), for those non-musicians who cannot knock on a door without the knocking speeding up (btw that's how you can tell it's a drummer at your door without seeing them 😏👍😂), step this way - into their drum room/area 😁
  15. He is too low in the mix at the start of that solo - the drums and percussion are far louder! And arguably, the sound is too scooped. When I saw them live, circa 1978/79 Louis Johnson played an Alembic Series 1 or 2 - sounded amazing. For an encore just Louis walked on with his bass - played about 10 seconds of groove laden slap and then asked whether the people at the back could hear his bass! Then another 10 seconds of even more intense slap - repeated 2 or 3 times - then played a bass line and the rest if the band appeared and they played one of the hits (maybe Get The Funk Outta My Face) 😀
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