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  1. The weight of the bass is 10lbs dead on my bathroom scales 😊
  2. The nut width on this bass is 1.73” and fine looking nut it is 😊
  3. Hi All I bought this bass from Andertons on the 6th of April 2020, it was delivered on the 15th April it cost £1599.00. This was totally an impulse purchase and I would like to replenish the cash!! It is totally unmarked and in new condition and has had around 25 mins of play time. Is is truly a beautiful instrument but unfortunately is not a Stingray!! It has been set up professionally by Tony Edwards in Fakenham and is wearing a brand new set of Chromes This is a straight sale, no trades and is £1300 - now £1150 delivered Any questions just ask
  4. Virtually unused, got two pairs of headphones at the same time and preferred the others. They were purchased from Andertons 4 weeks ago £50 plus postage - reduced to £40
  5. With a budget of around £50 or less that’ll work well with a Zoom B1 Four. Its just for home practice only Thanks in advance
  6. Can these be used successfully in a non metal/rock environment? Does anyone gig these in different genres of music with enough clean headroom? Thanks
  7. These are my favourite genres of music. I believe that solid state amps were gaining popularity in the late 60’s and through the 70’s. I guess my question is, what current brands of amplifier are better at getting close to that kind of sound. I want to buy a new amp but I’m not keen on the “hifi” modern sound too much, being old and all. I hope someone can point me in the right direction
  8. Hi Folks Just a quick question, is it possible to use this with headphones without it being connected to a cab or will this screw up the amp or worse my ears? Thanks
  9. Do these Sterling’s have an oil/wax finish on the fretboard or is it a satin lacquer? Thanks
  10. Also used to play for Pompey #Legend
  11. lancer

    Combo help

    No, because some venues won’t have pa. At least I don’t think so
  12. lancer

    Combo help

    No, I’m open to any suggestions as I truly am clueless
  13. lancer

    Combo help

    Hi guys Please help I’ve Just joined my first band at the age of 53 😊. I need to buy a gigging combo for pubs, village halls, small function rooms etc. The band plays pop, disco and soul covers and comprises of drums, keys, guitar, vocals and a couple of brass. Im looking for a warm clean combo with enough power to handle the above venues, I mainly play finger style and i’m not a slapper (only at weekends!!) Budget, under £700. Please guide me in the right direction as I haven’t a clue, only played on a 50w amp before!! Thanks in advance
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