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  1. Bought from Bass Direct last week. Unused, no longer required I have good feedback £40 delivered
  2. It’s been quite a week for me , I’ve been made redundant, sold my Stingray Special in a panic and then got a better job, hooray. So in celebration I have reserved a Stingray Classic, coming in February. I’ve been informed it’s one of the last ones coming to the UK as they have been discontinued. I loved my special and I’m kinda wondering to those who have played both what are the fundamental differences in the sound of the two basses? I’m still undecided whether to go with the classic or another special Thanks in advance
  3. Due to financial complications in my life I have to sell this fantastic bass. It weighs 8.5 pounds on my bathroom scales and balances perfectly when sitting, no neck dive. The bass is in pristine, unmarked as new condition. It is the best bass if ever played. It comes with EBMM Stingray hardshell case with case candy I have good feedback £1350 plus insured courier £40
  4. lancer

    Pedal help!!

    Ok, I know nothing about pedals all I owned until yesterday was a boss tuner but today I have three pedals 😁 Today I was given an Xotic bass booster and a EHX the corset. My question the the learned amongst us is as follows: Is there any specific order in which these pedals should be linked/used? sorry, I know nothing thanks
  5. Hi All Purchased this from GAK 6 weeks ago for headphone practice but my situation changed and have genuinely used it once. It is an awesome piece of kit. Its totally in new condition Grab your self a bargain. £120 delivered
  6. Hi Neil It’ll be £4.00 for postage - £44 in total All the best Andy
  7. Hi All For sale is my Zoom B1 Four, used once. Totally new condition. Purchased from Anderson’s in June £50 delivered
  8. The weight of the bass is 10lbs dead on my bathroom scales 😊
  9. The nut width on this bass is 1.73” and fine looking nut it is 😊
  10. Hi All I bought this bass from Andertons on the 6th of April 2020, it was delivered on the 15th April it cost £1599.00. This was totally an impulse purchase and I would like to replenish the cash!! It is totally unmarked and in new condition and has had around 25 mins of play time. Is is truly a beautiful instrument but unfortunately is not a Stingray!! It has been set up professionally by Tony Edwards in Fakenham and is wearing a brand new set of Chromes I have good Feedback 😊😊 The only trade I would consider is a Stingray Classic in unmarked minty condition with cash your way Now £1150 delivered Any questions just ask
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