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  1. Hi all I have a Fender Am Original 60’s P Bass with Pure vintage 63 pickups. The bass is a couple of years old and stock. Ive checked it over with a multimeter and it seems to be grounded correctly. The problem is the noisy humming if the pole pieces are touched, I’ve never had this happen with a p bass before. Any ideas how to cure this please?
  2. Bought last week from Andertons. On my bass for 1 hour, unfortunately not for me. Cut for P Bass I have great feedback £20 Delivered
  3. This is in good used condition, it has some surface swirling and scratches. It is a small chip around the the truss rod access cut away. It will fit US Fender’s not sure about Mexican I have great feedback £30 delivered
  4. Brand new and unused I have great feedback £27.50 delivered
  5. Brand new and unused cable from Whirlwind. High quality with lifetime warranty. I have great feedback £24 delivered
  6. Afternoon Ive got a Bbp34 that I’d like to restring. Does anyone know the what strings this ships with and what gauge they are? Best wishes Andy
  7. Wymondham Norfolk I have all the original packaging and can ship to mainland UK 😊
  8. For sale is my Ashdown Cab This cab has been used once by me to test it. When I bought it, it had been used for home use only. It’s a wonderful sounding cab and is truly in new, showroom mint condition. This cab is only 5 months old and has never been gigged!! It also comes with a Roqsolid cover I have good feedback £220 delivered Trades-Excellent condition lightly used combo-112 or 115. I can obviously add money for nice combo
  9. Thanks, that seems what I might be after!!
  10. Could you tell me if you think these play quiet enough for a home studio situation, without pissing off the neighbours/bread knife? Trying to find an amp that would work for most situations Thanks in advance
  11. Restrung my bass with them, tweaked the neck and they are perfect. Elixir my favourite strings 😊😊😊
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Morning folks I have a Fender bass that when new arrived with the string set of the following: 45-65-85-105 Ive just received some stings that I ordered by accident and they are a slightly heavier gauge: 50-70-85-105 Will they fit or should I order the correct gauge? I realise they’ll would feel different, set up would change etc! Thanks in advance
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