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  1. Hi Lozz Please could I ask what you prefer about the ‘62s compared to these? What do you see as the differences between the two? Pup buying is such a personal choice 😊
  2. @spongebobYou’re welcome 😂😂
  3. Has anyone experience with these cabs? There is one available near where I live They are apparently 550w 8ohm. It’s available for £150 in good nick Is that a bargain or not? Thanks
  4. From my experience, no different from ordering from UK company, in fact better than some UK companies. Ordering with Visa/MasterCard minimises risk anyway 😊
  5. Dunno, all I know is I paid what was on the website. No extra charges from UPS 😊
  6. @[email protected] I ordered the RM800 on Friday it arrived yesterday in perfect condition, absolutely no dramas. I paid £286 it included Vat and import charges. Some of the Ashdown stuff is cheap but if you look at the Orange products for example, they are more expensive. They may well have their pricing wrong but I emailed to check before I purchased and they confirmed, at the moment, they are the correct pricing 😊
  7. The prices at MP are fully inclusive.
  8. Hi @spongebob I ordered on Saturday arrived today.
  9. @PaulWarning No not at all, all inclusive in the price 😊
  10. @David B I have to say I was hesitant, but at the price I thought I’d give it a whirl. No problems what so ever, bearing in mind if it went wrong I would have been covered by Visa. I can’t believe the price though, this is inclusive of Vat and customs import duty. I think the RM 500 is £232 all in😊
  11. Ok, I will a bit later 👍
  12. Bought this lovely amp from Musik Produktiv on Friday arrived this morning. Arrived safely. It was £286 delivered, brand new. Some of the Ashdown stuff is really cheap at the moment, RM112 cab £132 delivered @javi_bassist Whats not to like 😊 Sorry about the rubbish picture, busy day today
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