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  1. Brand new unused £30 Delivered I have great feedback 😊
  2. Bought from GAK a couple of months ago. Band new and sealed £70 delivered I have great feedback
  3. As new condition Standard Fender 5 hole 4 sting £60 delivered I have excellent feedback
  4. But I don’t understand it’s an American fender with 5 holes, had a regular fender bridge on it which intonated fine. This bridge is supposed to be a drop in replacement. I was only after a bit more sustain which this bridge gives but I can’t intonate the e string. Strange
  5. The strings are brand new, I’ll check see if the saddles line up with the fender bridge. What I don’t understand though is, that there is very little adjustment left in all the saddles on all strings? They are all pretty close to the back of the bridge to get them intonated
  6. Hi I fitted a Babicz bridge to my p bass today. The neck relief is correct, so is the action. The intonation is spot on, apart from the E string. 12 harmonic is perfect but 12 th fretted is sharp. There is no more adjustment on the bridge. Any ideas?
  7. Or do any of you guys use them in on non Rock/Metal/Punk applications. Their endorsers would suggest no 😊 Country/Jazz/Blues/Pop anyone? How do you use yours?
  8. I am on need of a small practice amp, in the current climate I can try either of these amps. I play a P bass with flats, I play most genres of music, not hard rock or metal I am after opinions which would suit my needs better Thanks in advance
  9. For Sale is my tuner, purchased from Gear4Music is July, very lightly used, as I tend to use clip on tuner. Pristine condition, no Velcro. Please note power supply not included. I have great feedback £80 Delivered
  10. Hi This amp was purchased from Cooke’s Norwich in June It is new and unused, it has been tested and that’s it. I bought it for a building of a home studio, which unfortunately is not going to happen at the moment. The price is £275 delivered. I have great feedback Here’s some blurb: Product Details Bass Combo Amp Characteristic sound of the analogue Markbass power amplifier Power: 250 Watt at 4 Ohm / 150 Watt at 8 Ohm 4-Band EQ VPF & VLE filters Line out adjustable with pre / post EQ switch Ground / Lift switch 15" Speaker Weight: 15.7 kg
  11. I purchased this bass from GAK in December It is in unmarked, pristine condition, still with film on pickguard. I would like a trade for an American Ultra Jazz- American Professional ii Jazz - Stingray Special The trade must be in the same unmarked pristine condition. Thanks for looking
  12. These strings have had less 20 hours use They are cut for a EBMM Stingray Special
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