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  1. Just heard this on Steve Wright in the afternoon, great to hear such a monster bit of bass work on radio 2... It's by Oliver Heldens (no me neither 🙂). Any tech bods know if it's real though, or is it programmed? https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lDle12GkvLn_w9vWKYUr3t1DhQ8CCLCy4&feature=share
  2. What a delicious bass tone they've got going on here.... Love this!
  3. This is what I use. So simple but does the job perfectly with the built in drum machine and aux line in to play your tunes through. The only thing that is annoying is the cables. I would like to have a look at the wazz air unit but it's bloody steep...
  4. This topic really resonates with my experience! I have worked shifts all my working life in the transport industry. After a long hiatus from playing during my 20's I decided to get back into playing and try to join a band but the rotating shifts and rest days meant I just could not commit to a band which rehearsed etc. I decided to change jobs and did office work for 6 years which I absolutely loathed but stuck it out as the hours allowed me to literally say YES to every opportunity that looked worth doing. Now I'm returning to my old job back on shifts but in the last 6 years I've built up a reputation with the local musician community, got regular gigs booked and am in 3 bands who are thankfully understanding of the realities of my situation. The main problem as far as gigging is concerned is having a Mrs and 3 kids who I miss seeing when I'm out on a Friday or Saturday night in some dump of a venue while they're snuggled up at home on the sofa watching a film and eating popcorn 😔
  5. Lovely bass GLWTS. I think it probably weighs around 4.1kg. Use a set of luggage scales brother!
  6. Some gigs over the last few years that I've attended: Scritti Politti at Birmingham Town Hall- no bass player Tower of power- same venue, no bass player (due to late notice illness) Yungblud- O2 Academy, Brum- no bass player except for 2 songs at end of set, huge bass drum and nausea-inducing throbbing bass, total mush sound mix There are unfortunately some on this very forum who do not recognise any problem at all in the fact that an increasing number of acts are choosing to ditch the bass guitarist 😪
  7. Played a rather rough pub in a northern suburb of Brum last night. It was packed and they loved us (we always deliver a big crowd) but too many idiots and pi55heads for my liking. Plus the landlord didn't offer us a drink before or after the gig and has the bloody cheek to switch to online payment and forcing me to wait for my money. On the plus side the stage sound was excellent and I dropped barely a bum note all night. The Squier Cv P once again delivered the goods with ease and comfort. It really is a terrific instrument and I can't understand why the GAS for another P bass just won't subside 🤷‍♂️
  8. Dan Deacon, he was supporting last night as well. Was a decent show at the Ally Pally. I'm not a proper fan but my wife bought tickets for me as a surprise after I showed her the clip of them playing on Letterman which was nice of her. Agree that the band are tight. Sam Herring is an incredible frontman. He gave it 200% all night, the nuclear dad dancing was something else. The sound was poor though (not their fault). FOH was was too bass heavy, so much so that everything in the middle was squashed. Bass player played a tasty natural P bass for most of the set, picked up the Jazz for one song. One again i suppose he will be Marmite but Sam Herring is something else.
  9. Off to see them tomorrow, really looking forward to it.
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