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  1. It is nice but i think 300 is way too high particularly considering the used prices of 414, 424 and 1024s. But if someone has to have it then that's fair enough.
  2. Why buy one with a knackered truss rod when this beauty is available in the best colour... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294129670474
  3. Looks like a BB414 if I'm not mistaken?
  4. Rush, Birmingham NEC, 30th anniversary tour, early 2000's. Was a big Rush fan up until that point but the gig itself was like listening to the CD. Left me cold. I was stood next to an obsessive Rush fan who lived every minute which didn't help. Geddy is still a hero though.
  5. Yes it's rosewood. Do you use the oily baby wet wipes? Wouldn't have considered using those but we do have a baby and associated wipes so might finally have a bass-related use for them!
  6. Hi all, I've recently taken possession of a second hand bass and I am about to give it a good clean before I replace the strings and set it up. I normally use guitar fretboard oil and kitchen towel to clean all the gunk off the fretboard but before I get stuck into this one does anyone have any top tips for bass gunk removal? Cheers in advance!
  7. That is a fabulous looking bass, a great weight, the best colour and a good price. So sorry that you are selling in the circumstances you state above. GLWTS
  8. Tasty models. There are two 2024/Xs for sale on BC at the moment. Darryl's has been up for what seems like ages and is identical in price but 0.5kg heavier. Personally prefer the non-X version myself but I'd jump on either one at the right price. An Olympic white one with a few dinks went on Ebay a couple months ago for around £1250. Ummed and ahhed but I just couldn't bring myself to cross the 1k mark for a lovely but basic instrument.
  9. I think the gold hardware looks class. One sexy bass 😍
  10. Funny, I've been thinking the exact same thought! My appetite was whet by that lovely amber coloured 1024 that sold in the marketplace last week within 24 hours. Vintage white is definitely the best colour IMO
  11. Looks great and a fair price but collection only? No way anyone could legally collect that who wasn't from the area. Pity.
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