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  1. In the late 90's I bought a fabulous brand new Japanese fender Duck Dunn signature P Bass. I was restless and being too young and immature to appreciate the virtues of the P Bass I had a MM humbucker fitted in the bridge position and EMG active EQ installed. This widened the tonal range immensely however it doubtless wiped hundreds of the resale value. In hindsight I would not do that today and if necessary sell the Duck Dunn to release funds for the very best possible alternative instrument I could afford.
  2. Great energetic bass lines in the tunes below but I get the impression (perhaps wrongly, who am I to judge?) that whoever is on bass is winging it and it has been recorded in a single take. Any other well known tunes hit the charts with bum notes included?
  3. I did but I woke up shortly afterwards 😉 Highly unlikely to come across one on my travels I suspect. Wouldn't mind another read of @Mike Brooks BGM review though, can you access old articles online somehow?
  4. That's the one thanks @Mike Brooks This is the one, absolutely lush... Been googling every term I could think of related to a very posh P bass with no luck.
  5. Hi all, A couple of years ago Bass Guitar Magazine reviewed a fabulous bass which was based on the P bass with 4 strings, a single split coil pickup with just a volume and passive tone control. It was natural finish wood body, and the reviewer gave it a good review. It was around the £1500 mark if I remember correctly. I can't remember the name of the company or model. It wasn't one of the well known firms like Sandberg etc. Anybody else recall this wonderful looking instrument?
  6. This won't be here for long. Great instruments, GLWTS.
  7. I'm a little bit obsessed with this. These bases are £1450 new, this is an absolute bargain, how is it still here? I love Yamaha basses. I'm intrigued by the 'IRA' treatment, the lovely tuning pegs and knobs, the inlays, the lovely colour of the back of the multi laminate neck... I simply cannot justify buying it but the GAS, the GAS!
  8. Big respect to you having a go at Analogue Kid, so many wicked bass lines on this whole underrated album. My favourite song (and bass line) of that album is Digital Man. The last tune I sat down to fully learn as a challenge was 'Easy' by Nik Kershaw after I was very fortunately introduced to it by @bubinga5 in another topic. It sounded so bloody hard I just needed to unpick it. I eventually did but I had to sit down with it for several hours.
  9. EJWW

    Gig Fees

    Would be good to get some historical perspective on these figures and filter them by the type of gig eg pub gig, corporate, wedding etc. I'm under the impression that pubs are not paying what they used to although I'm not certain of this. I've not played more than a handful of functions, some many years ago, and I've been in different sized bands each time so the dosh would have varied.
  10. My uncle owns a 1962 Jazz bass. He is a total show-off and can barely play a note. I hope and pray that he will leave it to me in his will. In the meantime though what a waste. This got me thinking- considering that, unlike cars, most bass guitars are unlikely to be totally worn out and scrapped/ crushed/ converted to other uses, since the 1950s when production started they're must now be literally millions and millions of instruments lying around somewhere. My question is where? They keep on manufacturing them but if they're not being scrapped there must be an enormous and growing stock of second hand instruments out there. Are they unplayed and gathering dust under millions of peoples' beds or in their lofts. There must be some real diamonds tucked away waiting to be played. Is this being reflected in the second hand market, is there just more and more gearout there nowadays? Funny the things you end up thinking about on boxing day...😃
  11. It's just a way for me to pick a couple of goals which should be achievable in a 12 month period. There is no way I could move forward and tackle everything I ever wanted to do on the bass in one go without it resulting in failure and disappointment. I can't forget I've got a job, a Mrs and 3 kids to try to attend to as well... Small but significant steps forward is the way to go for me.
  12. Some people thing they're pointless but my favourite thing about the xmas and new year downtime is the opportunity for reflection and to gain some perspective. Over three last two or three years I've managed to make some real progress following a 10 year hiatus from the bass guitar. This process followed some challenging but realistic new years resolutions: I found a terrific teacher and took some lessons, listened to lots of new and old music, attended local open mic gigs and because of the networking opportunities these offer joined a gigging band. I videoed myself playing and was able to address my duff stage presence and miserable demeanor. I finally smashed my confidence barrier and started singing backing vocals and later took over lead vocals on one song. I've taken a few singing lessons to improve my technique in this area as well. I am now in a new covers band with some great players and I've also taken over bass duties in the local open mic house band which is every week. So finally, my new year resolutions for 2020? 1 I want to become accomplished at reading chord charts so I can open up more varied gigging opportunities; 2 I want to make original music. Covers allow me to scratch one particular itch but I'm craving some deeper creative satisfaction. I think these are realistic aspirations. Does anyone else plan to set themselves any new challenges on 2020? Merry Christmas and happy new year to all BCers 🍻
  13. Thanks for the advice, I'm going to try this and see what happens.
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