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  1. I've been trying to get rid of our upright piano for a couple of weeks. Really strange how you literally can't give them away. Gumtree, Facebook etc I've had so many timewasters and dreamers who have no idea how difficult it is to move a piano and end up going cold once the novelty wears off. I was considering whether it would be worth charging a nominal fee of some kind to deter the tossers and attract a more serious enquiry but I'll give it a bit longer and see what happens.
  2. Did you have it modded for the pan pot? I would much prefer a single volume pot like on the 734A but I don't want active electronics.
  3. I should have posted this as a comment in this thread... Can anyone advise me regarding the BB434? I'D like to know whether the volume pots affect the output throughout the whole turn as opposed to the last bit of the turn like on some basses, and also what is the weight like? I know two models are never identical but I really can't take much over 4kg. Cheers!
  4. Hi BCers, Can't explain why but I've become a little bit obsessed with the current BB range, the 434 in particular. I'm considering adding one to the family but have a few questions before I pull the trigger: 1) do the volume pots affect the volume output throughout the entire turn as opposed to the last little bit? 2) Are they heavy? I'm not willing to go over 4kg. 3) Do they balance, is there any neck dive? Thanks in advance for any advice 😀
  5. I really don't want to scrap it, I've put it out there on Facebook, gumtree etc so hopefully someone might pick it up.
  6. It will need collecting. Ad now amended for clarification.
  7. Hi all, I need to get rid of my upright piano which is no longer used but takes up precious space in my living room. It's perfectly playable and sadly will end up going to the tip if nobody wants it 😕. It requires collection and I'm in North Birmingham. Thanks for looking.
  8. In the late 90's I bought a fabulous brand new Japanese fender Duck Dunn signature P Bass. I was restless and being too young and immature to appreciate the virtues of the P Bass I had a MM humbucker fitted in the bridge position and EMG active EQ installed. This widened the tonal range immensely however it doubtless wiped hundreds of the resale value. In hindsight I would not do that today and if necessary sell the Duck Dunn to release funds for the very best possible alternative instrument I could afford.
  9. Great energetic bass lines in the tunes below but I get the impression (perhaps wrongly, who am I to judge?) that whoever is on bass is winging it and it has been recorded in a single take. Any other well known tunes hit the charts with bum notes included?
  10. I did but I woke up shortly afterwards 😉 Highly unlikely to come across one on my travels I suspect. Wouldn't mind another read of @Mike Brooks BGM review though, can you access old articles online somehow?
  11. That's the one thanks @Mike Brooks This is the one, absolutely lush... Been googling every term I could think of related to a very posh P bass with no luck.
  12. Hi all, A couple of years ago Bass Guitar Magazine reviewed a fabulous bass which was based on the P bass with 4 strings, a single split coil pickup with just a volume and passive tone control. It was natural finish wood body, and the reviewer gave it a good review. It was around the £1500 mark if I remember correctly. I can't remember the name of the company or model. It wasn't one of the well known firms like Sandberg etc. Anybody else recall this wonderful looking instrument?
  13. This won't be here for long. Great instruments, GLWTS.
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