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  1. I like Scott and I've learned tonnes from him over the years but I only managed 3 minutes and 45 seconds before I had to switch it off.
  2. I do not think that synth players should be replaced with anything. Synth players can produce sounds that non- electronic instruments can't and are a specialism in their own right. But if it was a choice between my Bach being performed by a synth player or by an orchestra I'd chose the latter. Whatever your view is as a drummer/ composer that is fine but on a forum which is supposedly for people who love bass guitars I find it surprising that I'm having to argue that, as amazing as today's music production software is, good quality live bass guitar is better than programmed, and that the role of the bass guitar in live music should be cherished and promoted.
  3. Because if bass guitarists don't fly the flag for using human bass players who will? There are some awesome synth bass lines out there (Funkin for Jamaica immediately springs to mind) but the above Jake Bugg tune is one which clearly sounds like electric bass yet the bass player has been cut out of the picture. In a post some time back I complained about the Tower of Power gig I attended having no bass player (last minute sickness). Some on here were saying that if none of the punters notice then does it matter? Bass guitarists should defend our role and highlight the value we add to music.
  4. Just heard this on radio 2, really nice and prominent bassline. Please don't tell me it's programmed...😟 https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=toWAlr5MIKs&feature=share
  5. I'm pleased you're happy with it, I've been keen to hear more about these since I first watched Ed Friedland's YouTube review of the MV Jazz a while ago. They are very tasty looking instruments and I love the look of the roasted necks. I agree with the comment above regarding the price though, I think far eastern build quality is very good but the profit margins on these must be very fat indeed.
  6. Agreed, lovely looking 615 has just appeared on ebay in a great natural finish. Highly conservative colour options on the current range of BBs. We must be due a new range of BBs soon? Last ones released in 2017. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334064513759
  7. I wish I hadn't seen this. GAS is on the rise once again after I thought I had defeated it. Love G&L. Hate GAS. Help.
  8. I've acquired one of these recently and it is a lovely instrument, excellent quality all round. Mine is sub 4kg so with the lightweight tuners I'm sure yours will be extremely comfortable on the shoulder.
  9. Tremendous. He also plays with Louis Cole
  10. Recently acquired this Taiwanese built BB300 on a whim. What really attracted me was the reverse P pickup and the 2 simple 'sucked sweetie' knobs. And the fact it just looks cool 😎 It had 1 wonky tuner and one non original one and it has a new generic but decent replacement bridge. @AndyTravis very helpfully supplied me with 2 proper original Yamaha tuners from his tool box which I have now fitted and work a treat. Now just need to spend some time with it but my BB414 is such an all round monster of an instrument that cost so very little I've decided to put some flats on the BB300 and experiment a bit to try to find a role for it. Apart from the pickup the only other thing I really notice is the neck which is really chunky, far more so than the 414. Time will tell if we bond but you'll hear about it on the BB mega thread first 😁
  11. Andy very helpfully supplied me with some parts for my new yamaha bb300. Sent them over so me without delay, top Basschatter with whom you can deal with confidence.
  12. I think these are very tasty instruments indeed but the prices are off putting for me. Well over a grand for a far east assembled P/J bass copy? Sorry, they look lovely but at that price are just not worth it.
  13. Does anyone happen to have a spare set of BB300 (or the type used on the BBs from the early 80s) tuners lying around? I need 2 for my new BB300. There is a set on ebay but they're in the states and the seller won't send anything overseas. It's not the be all and end all but as it's an old bass in good nick I want to keep it original. Pics of the tuners I want below. Cheers!
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