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  1. Yes I am thankfully but the set demands my P bass and nothing more. So that's what I've settled for alongside the TRB. I reckon that other than fretless I should have all bases covered with these 2. Logical or what? Will it hold into 2022?
  2. That's the theory, I'm tying it in with a new year's resolution to live clutter-free and concentrate on the things that matter like practice and making music.... 不不不不不不不不不 And for @andy67....
  3. @Al Krow you're going to have to demote me from the wall of shame as I'm now BB-less. In my battle to defeat GAS I've got rid of all but 2 basses (down from 7). My only Yammy connection is now my 90s TRB5. On the plus side the GAS seems to have subsided....
  4. What an exceptional instrument. Black/maple combo, G&L, and light as a feather. Why is this still here?
  5. Always fancied trying a Reverend bass.... I seem to remember that you were going to use the silver Squier Jazz as a 'beater' bass or am I thinking of someone else?
  6. Vintage white 414 for 瞿240 popped up in Brum yesterday as well
  7. Many happy memories of the Bass Centre and Musical Exchanges. I did my work experience at MX in the '90s under the supervision of Woz who ran the bass dept. Needless to say very little if any proper experience of work was gained but it was good experience. Woz was a superb 'noodler' i.e. could pick up a bass and slap/tickle etc it and make you feel totally inadequate then hand it over for you to try it out The Brum Bass Centre is where the infamous violated Duck Dunn P Bass that sometimes pops up for sale online originated from.
  8. His playing and tone in particular on Joe Jackson's Look Sharp album is absolutely beautiful. I suppose the production and mixing helped. I always thought he was using a Ricky... was I right?
  9. That has to be one of the coolest basses I've seen for a long time!
  10. I don't like the way this serious and important discussion has developed...
  11. Love it when someone reveals a previously unknown musical talent. I've never heard of Ian Fergusson until now but as well as doing the weather on a local BBC station he likes to smash his favourite Ernie Ball's back door in in his spare time. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=919436542006592 Apart from Martin Bashir are there any other well known bass player broadcasters?
  12. Just look at the finish on that... yum Owned a US LB100, was a beautifully made instrument. Would love to try a L1000 someday but I too dislike too many switches etc. G&L are totally underrated instruments which is a shame. How can they achieve that 'cool' factor?
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