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  1. Feedback for Tanuki

    I very recently took delivery of a lovely Fender Precision fretless from Guy (courtesy of fellow BCer Gaz- big thanks to you too mate!), and am very happy with the goods! The sale went fantastically well, and was as straightforward as you could ask for... bearing in mind the seller lives in Spain and the bass was in Bristol Payment was hassle-free, communication was excellent and packing was comprehensive. Super-fast shipping too! Am happy to recommend Guy wholeheartedly... top chap!
  2. Feedback for Etienne

    Thankyou Simon! ...and thanks Roman!
  3. Feedback for roman_sub

    Just took delivery of a Darkglass VMT from Roman this afternoon, and couldn't be happier. Good comms, straightforward transaction, decent shipping and quality goods... great seller
  4. Feedback for sifi2112

    Just took delivery of a Rothwell Love Squeeze compressor pedal and a set of Hicon patch leads from Simon this morning- very smooth & easy deal with great comms, fast shipping and goods exactly as described... thanks very much!
  5. foxyFuze feedback

    I took delivery of a Pedaltrain JR board (complete with Mono gigbag and PSU brackets) from Al a few days ago- great guy to deal with! Fast communication meant that I could arrange payment quickly, and in return, he had the goods packed up and dispatched the same day... amazingly, the parcel arrived on Christmas Eve morning, way ahead of schedule for the festive period! Highly recommended, and I would certainly deal with Al again
  6. Feedback for Etienne

    Thanks Al!
  7. Feedback for Mike.Kennedy

    I just took delivery of a Gallien-Krueger MBX 112 cab from Mike this morning- an excellent seller, just as others have said!

  9. Feedback for Gareth Hughes

    Gareth just took delivery of my K&K Bassmax pickup- he paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with!
  10. Feedback for Rick's Fine '52

    Rick took delivery of a pair of Jazz Bass pickup covers from me this afternoon, and was an absolute gentleman to deal with! I was only asking £2 for them both including the postage, but Rick insisted on throwing in a bit of extra cash to make it worth my while... a small, but massively appreciated gesture He's one of the good guys people, deal with total confidence! Etienne
  11. This is a superb pickup, which I'm only selling as I upgraded to the K&K Rockabilly Plus system (based on the same Bassmax pickup) a couple of months ago for a tour, and this hasn't seen any use since. The pickup is in very good functional and cosmetic condition. I've strategically reinforced the cabling neatly with black heatshrink tubing, to give more strain relief and to make it a bit more roadworthy (e.g. when swapping between instruments), so it's all ready to go to work. I'm looking for just £45 for this, including UK postage. No offers please! ***EDIT: NOW SOLD*** Please PM me with any inquiries/questions, and thanks for looking. Etienne
  12. ***SOLD*** Found these whilst having a recent clear-out... I bought them on Ebay a while back, thinking I was getting a neck/bridge cover set, but ended up with two neck covers instead... Both covers are unused. External dimensions for both are identical: 92mm width, 19mm length, 19mm depth. Yours for two quid posted! No offers please PM me if interested, thanks! Etienne
  14. [quote name='silverfoxnik' timestamp='1502039533' post='3348907'] All good thanks Etienne; hope you are doing well too? �� [/quote] All's well here in Liverpool, thanks for asking!
  15. [quote name='zomnius' timestamp='1502035823' post='3348877'] wow this is a serious beauty. love the paddouk since Aria's SB... [/quote] It really is a beauty! It's hard to capture the true colour, but the second row of photos from the top gives you a pretty good idea