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  1. I can vouch for Callum as a trustworthy, honest seller and a thoroughly top bloke ☺️ I was fortunate enough to try out this very pedal for myself recently, and can attest to its superb cosmetic and operational condition... buy with confidence! GLWTS mate!
  2. It seems unbelievable to me with all the gear we've both bought and sold on the forum that Chris and I haven't dealt with each other until now, but it was worth the wait! I recently took delivery of his Mesa Boogie Buster head, concluding a sale that began in late October whilst I was away on tour. Chris couldn't have been more accommodating- happy to wait until I'd returned back home to the UK and was able to meet him in person to collect the amp. When work commitments at his end meant a change of plan, he instead made sure that the goods were packed extremely securely and flightcased, and shipped the lot to me (which couldn't have been cheap- the parcel weighed as much as the van it arrived in!) at his own expense... what a gentleman! His communication was great throughout too, as you'd expect. Furthermore, when the goods arrived and it became apparent that a switch wasn't functioning, he didn't hesitate to make good on the situation and immediately offered to cover the cost of a replacement for the offending part... a much appreciated gesture. Ten pages of positive feedback can't be wrong, but it's my pleasure to add my own thoughts to these and reconfirm what a credit Chris is to the BC community. Thankyou mate! Etienne
  3. Steve recently bought a Fender hard case from me... all good! Paid fast and organised the shipping himself too. Great comms and no hassles. Thankyou Steve! Etienne
  4. I took delivery of an anodised P-Bass pickguard from Jake a little earlier today. Communication was excellent, and the goods were shipped out very quickly the morning after my payment had been received... great stuff! Thanks mate
  5. Lee recently bought a Nordstrand NJ4 pickup from me. Everything went nice and easy- fast payment & good comms. Thanks again mate! Etienne
  6. Etienne

    MB1 Feedback

    Not long home after driving over to Sunny Manchester this afternoon to collect an SKB/Fender case from Martin... what a nice chap he is! Martin very kindly threw in some brand-new patch leads and a brand-new strap to sweeten the deal, and was great to chat with too. Thanks again mate! Regards, Etienne
  7. Recently bought a set of Hipshot HB7 replacement tuners from Lozz and took delivery of them over the weekend... Goods exactly as described, very robust packaging, very fair price, great comms, fast shipping and hassle-free throughout! Thanks again Lozz, you're a credit to the BC community Regards, Etienne
  8. I should clarify that this is the 60's wind version to the best of my knowledge- also has the standard flat polepieces (non-radiused)
  9. Hello everyone, I'm selling this fine pickup as it's now surplus to requirements (I've recently swapped over to the NJ4SE split-coil version for my PJ fretless). It sounds great, and is in excellent condition throughout, with plenty of wire left for installation. Comes with an unopened set of 4 black mounting screws. I'm looking for just £45 for this- the price includes mainland UK postage. **EDIT: NOW SOLD**
  10. Thankyou Jamie, I will!
  11. Just took delivery of Jamie’s Bergantino HD210 this morning- another nice & easy Basschat deal done and dusted! Excellent communication, and did exactly what he said he would do... great stuff! Etienne
  12. I very recently took delivery of a lovely Fender Precision fretless from Guy (courtesy of fellow BCer Gaz- big thanks to you too mate!), and am very happy with the goods! The sale went fantastically well, and was as straightforward as you could ask for... bearing in mind the seller lives in Spain and the bass was in Bristol Payment was hassle-free, communication was excellent and packing was comprehensive. Super-fast shipping too! Am happy to recommend Guy wholeheartedly... top chap!
  13. Thankyou Simon! ...and thanks Roman!
  14. Just took delivery of a Darkglass VMT from Roman this afternoon, and couldn't be happier. Good comms, straightforward transaction, decent shipping and quality goods... great seller
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