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  1. Man cannot live by in ears alone, grasshopper. 😁
  2. If I were looking for a cab for slapping, I'd look very closely at the tweeter being used. Some makers - not very many - fit good quality tweeters to their cabs but most fit a generic cheapo Foster of P.Audio phenolic diagram bullet tweeter, which is awful and one of the reasons so many bass players turn them off. Sad to say, no bass cab manufacturer fits a genuinely high quality HF unit. If you want one of those, you need to be looking at a PA cab.
  3. When I lived in the north west, Salford was the place to avoid like the plague. Unless things have changed since the arrival of the BBC, that area probably accounts for the city's number one position.
  4. You mean if he'd made a racist comment it would have been a racist comment. Too true. You seem to have missed the 'joke' bit. 😄
  5. It will certainly be easier to hear yourself with the GR than what you currently have. So you may have found your solution. It'll be interesting to hear what you think anyway.
  6. With a 10" Jensen and a bullet tweeter in the box, it's unlikely to be uncoloured either. A little puzzling indeed.
  7. I can almost predict the way this thread will go. I've been on Basschat too long. 😀
  8. I have samples of both the Pulse 10 and the B10N-300X drivers. The Pulse has a bigger bottom end than the BN10 in this box but isn't quite as loud. Top end extension is about the same. Although there's a difference of 100W in the thermal power handling, the excursion capability (xmax) is fairly similar. So they should start to complain at about the same time.
  9. With these kinds of comparisons, it really is necessary to compare like with like. It's not clear whether both amps were set flat but they should be. Was a DI being used or the matching cab? This can complicate matters because you are then comparing two different components at the same time. Interesting though.
  10. Interesting. I'll give it a go after a quick listen. The Tonehammer has no lows and no highs. It's all mids and they're not very pleasant. The GR has more lows and a smoother sound, but the top end is lacking. I'd personally be much happier with the GR. The drums sound great but are too loud for this exercise. Nice one @johnpaulbass! We could do with more of these.
  11. With 2 Faital Pro 10s and a Faital Pro 15 in the box, it's perfectly possible that the thermal power handling is 900W (rms). That's already quite impressive - so why bump it up to 1,100W or 2,200W? And the 300W peak power handling tweeter is just nonsense. Thermal power handling is irrelevant here anyway, as system output will be limited by driver excursion or port air velocity - more likely the latter - well before the thermal rating is reached. You can't compare power handling figures unless you know how they've been calculated. Most manufacturers very sensibly base their specs on the power ratings supplied by the driver manufacturers, in which case you'd hope to see RMS or AES standard next to them. If this information is missing, you could well be looking at a figure that is up to twice the actual one.
  12. Interesting to know that which cab is better was actually irrelevant to your choice, Al. What mattered was which cab is lighter. We could have solved that one for you three years ago.
  13. Tilting a cab (or raising it up) doesn't improve a cab's dispersion; it just allows the mid and high frequencies to be beamed in the direction of your ears. It's a fudge because, if you step to the side, those high frequencies disappear. When a cab has good dispersion, the sound remains the same no matter where you're listening from. For the audience too. A good PA cab can do it, but bass cabs usually fail. Which is why they're often tilted or raised.
  14. This is a new Celestion 10" bass guitar driver, the BN10-200X. I bought it to use in the Basschat 110T but decided to use the Celestion Pulse instead because it's a lot cheaper. The box has been opened and I plugged it in (I couldn't help myself). They sell for £99. Thanks to the neodymium magnet, weight is an amazing 1.5kg. Here's Celestion's web page: https://celestion.com/product/bn10-200x/ £49 delivered. Photos later but here's a stock photo for the moment.
  15. Although there doesn't seem much point in fitting a tweeter and then switching it off (unless I'm missing something). Bear in mind that, despite its relatively low cost, this is a good quality HF unit and a class above what you find in most bass cabs. As far as I can tell, most players who switch tweeters off do so because they sound bad. This compression driver/horn combination sounds really nice
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