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  1. stevie

    Bassdude BE

    Don just bought a compressor from me. He was very easy to deal with and I'd happily sell to (or buy from) him again. Thanks!
  2. Hi Aran, Sorry, but it was sold a couple of hours ago. Twice in fact, as it also sold on eBay (which I had to cancel). I've now amended the header. I know they're not very common, but keep looking for one. It really is a superb compressor.
  3. stevie

    Adding another cab

    I think the OP was hoping that someone with a Glockenklang cab who has added a second could advise. You should really audition any cabinet you are thinking of buying. All I would say is use the Glockenklang on top and don't buy a second cab with a tweeter, because you'll get cancellation. And don't change your amp yet. A second cab will give you a useful volume boost and you're better off making just one change at a time (in search of your "tone"). 🤩
  4. This is currently the cheapest Tonehammer 500 on offer here. It is *mint* and comes with the official Aguilar bag worth £50 - 60 - and a cheap delivery deal. I'll even take a cheap lightweight head in p/ex.
  5. stevie

    Active floor monitor advice

    This is true. You also don't want massive monitors if you're playing pubs. I use the Wharfedale Titan 8s. They're dinky and plenty loud enough.
  6. stevie

    AA Craaft?

    Good point.
  7. stevie

    AA Craaft?

    Craaft are a well-estabished company based in Bavaria.I don't think they're involved in bass guitar cabs any more, but they manufacture quite a wide range of PA cabs. Last time I looked, they were the only German company making their own sound reinforcement drivers, and these were high quality. I think there's every chance this is a seriously good 4 x 10" cabinet, although whether it's worth the asking price is a matter for the buyer to decide.
  8. stevie

    Easy 12" cab build

    Nobody complains louder about cab manufacturers' specs that me, but by and large their published power ratings seem to be on the level. They're provided with the power handling figures by the driver manufacturers and any attempt to fudge them would be tantamount to lying to their customers. As far as I can tell, there are very few commercial cab makers who feel they have to resort to that. Frequency response and sensitivity - now that's a different matter.😀
  9. I can't believe I'm having to reduce the price again. This is a beautifully made, top quality compressor with lots of features and a great sound. I had a Boss compressor prior to this one and the difference was night and day. Now £60.
  10. Yes, you're absolutely right. Only a few months ago, TH500s were being snapped up for £500 - and that's without the bag. There seem to be a lot of bargains at the moment. I suppose people are paying off the credit card after their holidays.🙂
  11. A genuine Trace Elliot replacement. These don't come up very often.
  12. stevie

    Easy 12" cab build

    It would be good if bass amp makers fitted a high pass filter as a matter of course. It would only cost them pennies. I know some do, but none of them provides that information as far as I know.
  13. At just 2kg, Beedster, it's not going to weigh you down.
  14. stevie

    Easy 12" cab build

    It looks like a budget version of the SM212. There's no info on the Beyma website, but might well be a direct swap for the SM212, which has gone up in price by about 20 percent in the past few years.