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  1. The bass needs to be more forward. The whole thing sounds like it's in mono. Otherwise, it sounds pretty good to me. I'm no expert though.
  2. I'd be very careful with this if I were you, @B.Flat. There's a very good chance that the lowpass circuit Bill has suggested will drop the impedance of your speaker to 2.5 ohms. Your Yamaha is 2-ohm stable - so you should be all right. However, you should be aware that the circuit will probably also induce a nasty peak at 2kHz, which won't be very nice. Just sayin'.
  3. The cheaper cabs in this list, @stewblack (the first four) all have ceramic magnet drivers. Barefaced also use ceramic magnets. The more expensive ones are fitted with neo drivers, which is what you'd expect. Those Harley Bentons are ridiculously cheap. As a DIY'er, it would be difficult to build a poplar ply cab for those prices - never mind buying the drivers.
  4. I can't imagine that there is a more friendly, better organised bass bash than this. I'll be there!
  5. It looks like an interesting project. However, if you want to by bypass the passive crossover in the BC12 cab you'll need to be able to programme the crossover and DSP. I've no idea if that's possible. Simply bypassing the passive crossover with the Mackie one will not work properly and will definately sound worse (as Chienmortbb has already said). To adjust the active crossover, you'll have to time align the drivers by delaying the woofer. Then set the crossover (24dB L/R) to 2kHz and use the parametric function to equalise the response of the CD horn. If you're going to use the separate 50W amp for the HF, you'd need to adjust the sensitivity to compensate for the higher sensitivity of the HF driver. Even if you can do all this, chances are that the passive crossover will sound better anyway. So I'd agree that connecting a full range signal to the regular input on your cab is probably the best solution. Should be good.
  6. Graham bought a cab from me and drove all the way from Kent to collect it. It was nice to have a chat about basses. Lovely chap and a delight to deal with.
  7. Mark bought a cab from me. He was a delight to deal with and is a credit to Basschat.
  8. There's a lesson in there somewhere.
  9. Agreed. I looked at the 15" cab and the porting is the first thing I noticed. I don't think you can manufacture for those prices without cutting corners. I would imagine that being outside a customs union would make returning a faulty product quite complicated.
  10. My bathroom scales tell me 17kg, @Marky Screen. So it's thereabouts.
  11. Cab and one driver gone. That was quick. One driver left.
  12. I'll have to get my scales out. It's not Barefaced-light - more like Mark Bass weight. But I'll let you know.
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