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  1. stevie

    Trace 1518, Original Driver?

    Trace did use some Fane and Precision Devices speakers, but it looks like a Celestion to me from the photos I see on the internet - same one they used in the 1153. If it has a small dome, it's a Celestion. You could use a more modern driver if you wanted.
  2. The vertical integration helps - they also make their own drivers. Another important aspect is that the market is much bigger and more competitive than the bass cab market, and margins are therefore much thinner.
  3. Does Acme publish a frequency response curve? Or Bergantino and the others? That's your first clue.
  4. stevie

    Running a pair of 1x12"s...

    It's fairly easy to do. You don't even need a switch.
  5. stevie

    Replacement speakers for SWR Henry 8x8

    Do you know something that the rest of us don't know?
  6. stevie

    Eden WT550 problems

    Yes, you should always leave feedback in the Feedback section - even (or especially) if you're not happy, as Basschatters tend to trust their fellow forumites.
  7. stevie

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Is anyone going directly into the Line In of these PA cabs rather than using a preamp?
  8. stevie

    Free Bass Transcriptions

    That's an amazing collection of transcriptions. Thanks for making them available. You don't know how helpful this is.
  9. stevie

    Unexpected NCD. Marshall experts opinion please.

    Those were the days - when you could blow up a 4x12 with a 100 watt amplifier! 🤑
  10. stevie

    Power Amp questions

    In which case, in addition to the suggestions that have already been made, you might like to look out for a Peavey IPR1600 on eBay. It's just 3kg and a good, reliable amp with plenty of power. Your easiest and lightest option would of course be to sell the Tonehammer preamp and get an Aguilar TH500.They're not cheap, but used ones do come up in the Basschat For Sale section. I expect that's crossed your mind.....
  11. stevie


    From your computer to the amp - a signal cable with a mini jack on one end and 2 x phono plugs on the other. The black and red sockets on your speakers are for banana plugs, but you can also use bare wires. So, standard speaker cable between the amp output and the speakers. Bare wire at both ends I'd guess (without seeing the Denon).
  12. stevie

    Power Amp questions

    As Dan Dare says, you can get some good bargains in used power amps these days as long as you're happy to carry 12kg+. The PA guys tend to favour the lighter amps with switch mode power supplies nowadays - which is understandable if you're carrying several dozen. I sold a 900W QSC on here for £90 a few years ago and a Carvin 1000W for £100 - both really nice old-style amps.
  13. Does anyone have a transcription? I quite fancy a go at that.
  14. Yes, it's a problem I recognise well. Anyone playing through a small cab in venues like pubs, etc. has to contend with this. As I'm sure you're aware, the difficulty with hearing yourself when you're standing close to your cab is less a matter of volume and more a matter of hearing the frequencies that let you make out the pitch of your bass notes. Those frequencies aren't there when you're standing off axis with cabs like this. That's why I'm unconvinced that a more powerful amp is necessarily the best solution for gjopnes - but that's obviously his decision to make (although having plenty of amp power on tap is always a "good thing"). As well as providing additional SPL, adding a second cab on top of the first lets you hear those pitch-identifying frequencies a lot better because the top speaker is a lot closer to your ears.
  15. stevie

    Pickup Windings broken

    I agree with this, and have done it several times myself. It's really fiddly because the wire is incredibly thin, but it's not that difficult. I can see why you might want to let someone else do it.