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  1. stevie

    deer hunter

    Mods, none of Greyparrot's videos show in the Firefox browser.
  2. Aha. Your link said £75, which is why I asked. 😄
  3. No, in fact that's all you need to do. Halve the internal volume of the cab and halve the porting (which will maintain the current port tuning as stated by previous posters) and you've got yourself a 2 x 10. If you're doing this for fun and to learn, it sounds like a good project. The good thing is that you could take all the parts like handles, corners, input panel, etc. from the 4x10, saving you a lot of hassle. You could certainly keep the tweeter if you wanted, but the crossover values will need to be changed. If you provide the crossover details, I'm sure someone on here will tell you what to do. If it works out, you could then build yourself a 1 x10. A build thread would be good.😁
  4. I look for the very last note in the piece. It's almost always the root note of the key. There are exceptions, but they are pretty rare.
  5. Gerry answered my plea on here for a small, cheap mixer and came up with the goods. The unit I received was in brilliant condition and a bargain at the price he asked. Very happy.
  6. If the event goes to plan, there'll be at least three Basschat 12" cabs at the Bash - probably more. I'd be interested in a comparison with the BB2, too. Last year, nobody brought one - so we couldn't compare, although we were able to compare it with a Fearless 3-way. That was very interesting. The previous year, we ran a head-to-head which included a tweeterless Barefaced 12 but, if memory serves, the consensus was that the horn on the Basschat cab gave it an unfair advantage.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I really enjoyed her music and will be listening to more. Yes, very good guitarist but even better singer, IMO. I'll raise you:
  9. I think most people would consider SRV a blues guitarist. Whether he's better than BB King, for example, depends on what you consider important - like any discussion about 'who's best'. Steve Vai's pretty amazing, IMO. And Gary Moore.
  10. I'd have thought that bass players would appreciate Brian May's talent, as it's based on musicality and inventiveness rather than how many notes you can play in a second. There will always be somebody who can play faster than you, but crafting the kind of solos that Brian May produced is much more worthy of respect, IMO.
  11. I was involved professionally in the cable business for a few years and can confirm that Neutrik plugs are the business. I wouldn't contemplate anything else. If I needed a new cable, that would be the first thing I'd look for.
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