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  1. Woody, did you manage to compare the BCcab with the TC112?
  2. Bought some speakers from Gerry. He packed them up really well and sent them off quickly. Everything went like clockwork and the speakers were in very nice condition. Thanks!
  3. I've updated the Parts List and you'll find it at: This should be the final update to the list of parts, as I won't be supplying any more kits after this batch. There may well be developments and improvements, in which case all builders will be kept in the loop. I'm picking up the cabinet kits on Friday and will be assembling all the crossovers and cable kits over the weekend. So builders should have their goodies for Christmas. PM's on the way with payment details later today. Incidentally, I notice that the latest plans have been downloaded 130 times. So there may be a few more of these cabs about than we think.
  4. I think that's the idea, Lozz.
  5. What could be better than a Supercompact?
  6. It looks like the next batch of cabinet kits will be ready next week. I'll be in touch with everyone as soon as I have a firm date. In the meantime, I've put together a pack containing all the screws, machine screws, t-nuts, washers etc. that builders will need. This will save you having to order them from different sources and ensure that you have the correct types.
  7. Richard, I've had a look and I don't see a problem in creating another cutout at right angles to the existing one to allow for rotation of the horn.
  8. Cheers, funky. It's definitely something for the future but I think I'll have an uphill battle persuading the rest of the band.
  9. Indeed. It's a 90 x 65 degree horn. On a PA cab, you'd want the wider, 90-degree dispersion in the horizontal direction, but turning the horn round gives you better dispersion directed at the player's ears when the cab's on the floor. You will lose some dispersion horizontally but it's not critical, and turning the horn round does make a difference when you're standing in front of the cab. It would also be useful to be able to rotate the horn if you're going to use the cab sideways, which isn't currently possible with the cutout as it is. So it's worthwhile finding out what's possible.
  10. Yes, it is. And the horn is square. So in theory it should be easy enough to cut a hole in the baffle that allows it to be used either way.
  11. I have a cab that has been cut out to allow for rotation of the horn. Before I commit myself, I'll check it out later today. I seem to remember that it was not as straightforward as you might think.
  12. That's interesting. Do you have a sound engineer, or do you set the PA up yourselves?
  13. We can't all be rock gods.🙂 For a lot of us, it's a way of socialising and being involved in music-making. I do tend to forget sometimes that there are plenty of players out there for whom the backline is not very important, but it does have an important job to do when you're playing a smaller venue. Unless you're using in-ears, of course, but I've yet to see a band using in-ears in any of the pubs around here.
  14. Talking of clamps.... Lidl are selling some neat, one-handed clamps, which would be a useful addition to the longer ones. Starts today - so won't be available for that long. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/product-recommendation/powerfix-profi-one-handed-bar-clamps/p27850 If you're on the wating list for the next batch of kits, or if you plan building from the plans, I'd recommend you get yourself a set of the 150mm ones for £6.99. Cheaper than anywhere else.
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