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  1. Cabin bag for gear?

    Thanks guys. I'm going to give it a go, and I'll let you know how well it works.
  2. Cabin bag for gear?

    The old bag in which I carry my amp, guitar stand, cables, tuner, mics, etc. is on its last legs. I've been looking around for something that would take a lightweight amp and all my bits and pieces - something with wheels could be good. The only music-specific wheeled bag I can find is the Protection Racket cabin bag at £110, which is a bit pricey. Does anyone use a normal cabin bag/trolley for their gear?

    I think Trace is a yardstick for many people - not without some justification. Ashdown's efforts with lightweight amps over the years have been very hit and miss. I had a miBass 550 at one point and didn't keep it very long, and the less said about the jolly green giant amps the better - although you can't knock Ashdown for trying. At the said bassbash, we compared the Ashdown Retroglide with a really nice early Trace 150 head. The Trace had the heft (sorry!) and the Retroglide didn't. We then compared the Trace with the Ashdown RM500 I had just bought at the bash, and it sounded very close - the same "slam", if you like. I have no idea why the RM500 had "it" and the Retroglide didn't. A few days before the bash, Chienmortbb and I compared one of the RM500s (that Ashdown had kindly supplied for the bash) with my highly rated, US-built lightweight head that currently retails at close to a grand - and we both preferred the Ashdown. It's all subjective, of course. That's just my experience. So make your own minds up.

    Don't forget to check out the Ashdown RM500 and RM800. I compared the former with an old but respected Trace Elliot head at a recent bass bash, and it was in no way inferior. It has a well considered feature set too.
  5. Neo v Standard speakers

    Without checking, more than likely in an enclosure.
  6. Neo v Standard speakers

    “My slight reservations are with the bottom end. Bass is tight,…” Siegfrid Linkwitz - Dipl.. Ing. (on his website) "The phrase "deep, clean and tight" comes to mind." Floyd Toole - Phd (in his book), ex head of acoustic research for the Harman Group (JBL, etc.) "... all other things being equal a sealed box often sounds tighter than a vented box and a vented box tighter than a high order bandpass." Tom Danley, R&D director of Danley Sound Labs on the AVS Forum website
  7. Neo v Standard speakers

    Just out of interest, Kevin, do you remember the model number of the Sica 12 that Ashdown fitted?
  8. Amp repair - Manchester

    Sorry about that.He certainly used to do solid amp state repairs. I guess he has now decided to limit himself to the more interesting work.
  9. Neo v Standard speakers

    Actually, any speaker engineer will tell you that the thermal rating of the voice coil does affect driver performance. Why else would speaker manufacturers have spent so much time over the years trying to improve the power handling of the voice coil? Think kapton voice coils, high temperature glues, high temperature wire coatings, sophisticated cooling mechanisms, etc. Kevin, I'd guess that the 15" ceramic driver in your RM cab is underdamped, i.e. a bit loose and boomy, while the more expensive neo version is exerting more control over the bottom end. More bass doesn't necessarily mean better bass. Without measurements or proper data, however, nobody can tell you for sure what's happening.
  10. Amp repair - Manchester

    Roland Lumby in Salford. Lovely guy and a genius with amplifiers. https://www.facebook.com/theampclinic/ {Edit] Also as honest as the day is long. He won't rip you off.
  11. Easy 12" cab build

    No need to alter the tuning.
  12. Easy 12" cab build

    The Beyma that Phil uses costs around £90 from Blue Aran now, although if you order it directly from the UK distributor it's under £70, which is great value. If you want to go lightweight, the neo Faital Pro 12PR320 is similar in performance and costs £128. If you're on a budget, the older version of the Celestion Pulse 12 , the B12-200X (which seems to have an identical specification), is currently selling for £45 at Watford Valves and Lean Business and is definitely a budget "best buy". If you go for the Faital Pro, you should be able to convert your cab at a later stage to the two-way design currently being finalised in the 12" Cab Diary Continued thread on here.
  13. Easy 12" cab build

    The nice think about this cab is that it is not restricted to that one Beyma driver (nice though it is). Others will work too - although it would be sensible to check with Phil before using any old driver.....
  14. Gibson files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

    I wonder if a Chinese company will snap it up. It wouldn't be the first time.
  15. Ported v sealed

    Ashdown made a claim and proceeded to provide proof of that claim. Such transparency has to be applauded. It is a fact that many high profile musicians (or at least their managers) expect to get their gear free in return for being seen with it. None of the companies ever mention that, do they?