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  1. We're reached the ten cabs target. 🤩 Anyone who wants one now will have to go on the waiting list - if we do any more in the future. Thanks to those ten early adopters!
  2. Because of ongoing developments (!), the drawings keep changing, but here is the latest one, which shows the final size. The dimensions shown for the port and handle are 1mm and 2mm out respectively. I'll attach a complete set of drawings and info to post #1 once everything has been checked and finalised. Thanks to RichardH and Ghostbass for their excellent drawing work. The cab's not huge - smaller than the Fearless 112 - but neither is it tiny. It's easy to pick up and carry thanks to the light weight, top handle and modest front-to-back depth. 4_2019.pdf
  3. I'm not convinced that DSP can add much to what we have already. We're starting off with very good quality drivers – the Faital in particular has a very smooth response. Our crossover already equalises the frequency response of the drivers in the cabinet and integrates them in a phase-coherent fashion. An active crossover isn't going to offer any improvement IMO and would need a second power amp. I think a new thread on the amp would be ideal. Luke, we're now up to eight cabs. As soon as we reach ten, I'm closing the book because ten is about the maximum number I can conveniently handle at one time. I've only got a certain amount of space and there's going to be quite a bit of packing up and organising to do. I want to make sure that when the kits arrive with their builders, everything is as it should be. I'm going back to the CNC company to get the back panel routed and the input panel drilled on the two pre-production models I have here. Then I'll do a proper assembly (with glue), paint the box and fit all the components. As the cabinet is slightly larger than my prototype model, I'll also need to adjust the tuning (rather than just calculating it). I need to do this to iron out any problems that we haven't foreseen. So please bear with me on this. For example, the two pre-production samples relied on the technical information provided by the component suppliers. The Faital driver and the horn were a perfect fit - but the holes for the top handle and the port were too small, even though they were cut exactly as per the suppliers' technical drawings.
  4. That's very thoughful of you chaps, but don't worry about me. Just order what you think is best for you.
  5. Sorry 'bout that. It doesn't make much sense to me either, and I wrote it. Just ignore that bit and concentrate on the more sensible stuff earlier. There's no right or wrong choice.
  6. Good question. The more expensive crossover contains Ansar Supersound polypropylene capacitors and the less expensive one contains Philips mylar capacitors. The coils and resistors are identical. I checked the prices of the Ansars at Wilmslow Audio and the ones I'm fitting would cost you £24 to buy. Both are film capacitors. They will handle the power no problem and will also have a long service life. However, some people think that polypropylene capacitors sound better and pay huge sums for audiophile versions that cost an arm and a leg. The Ansars have a very good reputation and you'll find them in speakers like ATC's studio monitors. Either will do the job. If you're working to a budget, I'd say go for the mylars. It's unlikely you'll notice the difference. On the other hand, if you want the best and are not bothered about spending an extra tenner or two, get the Ansars. I'm using the Ansars on mine. One buyer has already told me they want the Ansars. If more people go for the Ansars, I can probably reduce the price, as it's more time consuming for me to work with two slightly different board layouts. That's probably not helped at all, has it Stu?😀
  7. stevie

    waveydavy Feedback

    Bought some Gotoh tuners from Dave. The ad description was spot on and delivery was fast. Deal with confidence!
  8. I normally dislike bass solos intensely, but found this enjoyable - and beautifully played. More than anything, it was not a piece that would have sounded better on another instrument, which is my problem with a lot of this stuff. IMO.
  9. Thanks Converse - that makes eight so far. I think we've got ourselves a convoy! 😀 Would you mind just sending me a quick pm for the record? I'm going to have to start a spreadsheet to keep track of who wants what.
  10. Mr Blue Sky is a great song to play. I found the walking bit a bit tricky - so that sounds like a good workout for your ten-year old grandson. Another walking bassline he is likely to enjoy is My Baby Just Cares for Me by Nina Simone. It really is fun to play, swings like crazy, and should be doable if he can play Mr Blue Sky. It's actually a good one to read - so maybe it will help to get him into reading. There are plenty of transcriptions online (the song was written in 1930) and plenty of bad bass playalongs. But listen to Nina Simone's version. If he likes, it - go for it. It's a bit of a musical education in itself.
  11. Nothing against the Hypex, but I think John's considering the ICEPower 700 watt unit because he already has some ICEPower modules and can get hold of more. What I'm looking for is a lightweight, high-power amp that we can fit inside the cab and that will accept the input from a bass or a pedal. It will just have a volume control. I don't need tone controls because I have what I need on my bass and always have my amp set flat anyway. I would then junk my bass amp and just take the cab to gigs.
  12. Dunno, Luke. It sounds pretty good to me through my Sennheiser 650s.
  13. Funny you should say that. My reference is a sealed hi-fi cab fitted with an 8-inch Seas magnesium bass/mid driver and a Scan-Speak 1-inch compression driver. Total cost just for the drivers is about £400 - per cab. Surprisingly perhaps, our bass cab fitted with the Faital Pro and Celestion compression driver actually sounds better in a number of areas - something that would not have been possible a few years ago. The hi-fi boys have now picked up on our Faital Pro driver. Here is a recording of a system fitted with the 12PR320 we're using. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post a recording of our specific cab.
  14. Wow! We've reached five cabs already. 😀
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