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  1. I've set my string height with a depth gauge to the top of the string rather than using this ruler as I find it more consistent.
  2. It is difficult to get a decent photo of action but that first one was just trying to show the angle of the fret board. I'll try and post another for action on B shortly. Any lower and I get buzz on first 2-3 frets but the action is plenty low enough for me I think! My skills are not near the session musician end just yet! This was a little compensation for knuckling down to some more dull time with scales. Gap under the 7th fret with the first and 24th held down is about 0.25-0.5mm. Photo of action to follow...
  3. 2.7mm at B string 12th fret.
  4. It'd be more useful if you suggest what action you believe to be correct between an open B string and the top of the 12th and the same for the C.
  5. Think the saddles are high to cope with the neck angle. I'm going through setting up the action. To be honest action at the 12th fret was in the right ball park as pictured. Bridge pickup was high as I was part way through experimenting with improving passive mode tone. Pickup was moved toward strings, not strings up from pickup. I'll see what the saddles are like with the action set right.
  6. Thanks @Doctor J relieved to hear it's not a fail straight away. Will run through a setup and see how things go. This is the guide that I have followed in the past for - but not specific to - my Squire Jazz Bass: https://www.jerzydrozdbasses.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-the-perfect-bass-guitar-setup
  7. Hi all, I was half expecting issues with this because of the price. Return this bass? The finger board isn't parrallel to the body. Looks like the action has had to be set very high.
  8. So thinking something like: Intro 1 2 3 Verse 1 2 3 4 Giving the ability move about a bit it somrone comes in a bar or two too late for a solo, or singing a verse?
  9. Yeah, I know I've been too hard on myself this time. Need to change my mindset for gigs vs practice.
  10. Recently jumped at the chance to join a band pieced together from our local music school. Up until around early 2019 I'd been learning bass at the school but had lost enthusiasm. This band is the first time I've played with others - aside from a tutor - and required many big steps for me such as comitting songs to memory and ditching my tab comfort blanket. Playing with others has given me back the spark for playing that I had lost. Our first set was a short 25min one Saturday just gone and the amount information and experience gathered from that is mountain like, and I am now slowly chipping through it in order to get the most from it. Two big question areas. How you folks structure the songs in your heads to learn them? How do you balance self critique? Learning songs to play in their entirety without tab to refer to was new to me. I took the approach of tabbing it out (with a few tweaks or simplifications) on my computer so I could hear an isolated 'perfect' bass line to help get the muscle memory sorted. Next step was playing over and over against album tracks of the originals - including versions of songs that I hacked to suit changes we had made. On the later rehersals where we all 'knew' the songs it fell apart in the abscence of the singer. We were relying on the vocals to guide us through the song stucture. The gig also highlighted an issue with practicing against original tracks and dealing with not bring able to hear everyone clearly on stage. While playing at the gig it all felt odd, almost deja vu like as I suspect key parts or sounds I had subconciuosly anchored my song structure to were either missing or lost in the mix. What methods do you use to structure songs in your head? Sure no one size fits all, but can you simply play your bass parts in their entirety with nothing to guide you? I found that most tricky on the simplest bass lines where a 2 or 4 bar pattern is repeated to death before a suden change. Do you learn the lyrics to the songs word perfect and have an internal monologue singing them out or think more interms of intro - verse 1 - verse 2 - chorus - bridge etc? Practice the complete songs in isolation against a metronome/click track? And now the big one, managing you mindset! There's no subsitute for experience. For a newbee to gigging the stress levels were up in the beams as I juggled with many new to me experiences and challanges. I'm sure gig 2 will be more enjoyable for me. For this gig though while on stage I felt like I was playing chicken with a dump truck at night. I was mentally cooked when I came off stage and rather than enjoying the posative vibes and feedback I had already begun to over analyse my mistakes and spiralled, taking the best part of a day after to sort my head out. How best to manage a healthy balance of self critique for continual improvement and enjoying the moment? Deep questions really, and things many of you manage with little thought. Not quite asking how do I be a bassist, but not far from!
  11. Think I've been given green light from my missus for this! I'll be picking up the Harley Benton. Looking at the reviews it's aproaching the quality of the ~£350 pound models, or at least close enough for a student, so fine for me! Oposite end of the spectrum on spacing from what I originally thought would be good - thanks for the advice on that. So, plan to get the songs down on this that I have recently learnt on the Squire Jazz and move onto learning the extended patterns. I'll be aiming for BEADGC tuning to start. The squire is definitly not being retired, the 6 will likely be a stay at home for a good few months at least.
  12. Yeah, hearing protection is a big thing for me. I've a collection of ear issues including asymetric hearing loss with a big drop in high frequency loss on my right side with associated tinitus, and a fluctuating mid-high loss on the same side. Can't wear in-ears, but sport drum isolation headphones. I'm using these as my monitor for the first time this evening.
  13. Scouting options so I can spend my hard earned as efficiently as possible. Never considered stage amplification in any great detail so this is largely all new to me. I've only got a 65W practice amp and a pair of loud guitarists in the band, so some spend required.
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