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  1. Being bored on a wet and cold day .... I decided to play with the big G search engine. Looks like Fender also do truss rod washers in brass. Given the choice. I'd probably prefer brass to nylon or steel. But as I'm not an engineer ...
  2. Well nylon wouldn't have been my first choice, but if you look at the description of the Fender ones, they are nylon ....
  3. Check out Ebay, pack of 10 similar size black nylon washers £1.99 for 10 delivered.
  4. Stop emptying your chamber pot out the bedroom window, we have toilets in this day and age!! Think of it this way, that file you submit is your CV. As an employer, which will impress me more, a well presented document or something scribbled on a piece of paper? A laptop running Reaper will bring you into the modern age. At the moment those nice Reaper people are giving away free temporary licence's due to Covid. Is there a learning curve? Naturally, but on You Tube there are complete courses you can watch on how to use your DAW. Get stuck with some function or other, Google will find the solution. No need to wade through a 500 page manual these days. I've recently bought a Focusrite 2i2 interface, it really is plug and play. Technology isn't going away, jump on board you won't regret it.
  5. OK, I'm bored as well so I'll play! Your signal chain comprises, guitar, lead, amp. So you need to eliminate two items before you identify the one that's giving you the issue. My first port of call is the connectors, clean the cable plugs and the in/out sockets, dirt/corrosion are common culprits. Have you a spare cable to try? They can break down and cause issues. Different guitar/lead into the amp may help remove that as the cause of the hum. Can you try the setup in a different room? Transmissions from electronic items can be picked up and end up coming out the speaker. Is the bass active of passive? If active change the battery. That should get you started ...
  6. Think it was the 80's when brass nuts became the next great thing. That fad lasted 5 minutes, tells you all you need to know about brass nuts ....
  7. As for parts. I can usually find whatever I need on eBay. Scrubbing the tolex with soap and water is the way to go in my opinion before you finish it. I have used two products on the cleaned tolex which bring them up better than new in some cases. Armour All or Aerospace Protectant 303. Armour All is a stock Halfords product and is half the price of 303.
  8. If you're saying that you can't raise the saddles higher because the grub screws are running out of adjustment, you can always buy some longer ones on eBay. I've replacing some of mine with stainless steel. A pack of 20 depending on length will cost no more than £2-3.
  9. Welcome to the forum. First the simple answer, anything can be fixed. How much and is it worth it, another thing entirely. Lets be clear, electricity kills. Knowing nothing about elecrtronics and having no electrical test equipment is not a good starting point. At least with the unit unplugged from the mains, you could look to see if there is a fuse or two. If you were really lucky to find a blown fuse you could try to replace it with one of the correct value. The caveat here is fuses don't blow for no reason, replacing a fuse won't cure any underlying problem. Looking at your picture, there is a large doughnut shaped thing with a nut and bolt on the top. That is a torroidal transformer, if that's gone you're looking at a good £100 to replace, plus probable shipping from the states, if it's available. That transformer is wired up to a Poundland terminal block, it didn't leave Trace Eliott like that ... So it's probably had one failed transformer already. Has that one gone as well? Is it part of a failed repair? Who knows? Well that would be an tech with test equipment. Personally, if it's not a fuse I'd consider it potentially not worth repairing. Sell for spares would be my plan.
  10. Take a look at your strap. A wide padded one won't reduce the weight, but it may spread it and make it more comfortable. As a last resort, there's always air guitar ...
  11. There's no problem using more than one wire in the ground connectors. As long as their is a continious ground it makes no difference. Standard wiring convention would be to run a ground between the pots. However the pots are screwed on a metal plate, so that will maintain the earth.
  12. You picture is pretty blurred, but I'd suggest your assumption is spot on.
  13. Currently from outside the EU, you can import £39 worth of gear tax free by post. Over that, they whack on VAT, import duty on the whole amount and the PO add £5 for the pleasure of calculating how much you owe. However, if you bring stuff in personally, you get £390 worth of gear tax free. So from Jan next year, forget the booze cruise and get on the bass boat ...
  14. Europe's still fine. Ordered from Thomann last Monday, received Thurday, cheaper than anywhere in the UK.
  15. I've used Peek for decades to remove tarnish, this will give you an overview: https://www.thepolishingshop.co.uk/peek-products
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