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  1. Oh, try another lead, just in case there is a problem at the plug end.
  2. That sounds like a jack problem. If you're lucky, it might be dirt or corrosion on the contacts causing a poor connection. Best contact cleaner is Deoxit, expensive, but a small can will last a lifetime. If you don't have any cleaner, you could try some spirit on a Q-tip to disolve any gunk. From your description, I'm guessing the contacts in the jack have probably weakened and are not making good contact with the plug. Being an active, the jack socket is probably in a tube so bending the contacts may be difficult. If you need to replace the socket, make sure it's good quality, something like a US built Switchcraft.
  3. The key to this is small amount. Strings will hold the nut securely in place, the glue is just to stop the inconvenience of the nut dropping out.
  4. Buying from China on ebay is the cheapest way to go. It's probably the same stuff you can buy from a UK supplier, but at half the price. Just need patience, delivery may take a month.
  5. This one of those times when ebay is your friend. I get fed up of some of those far east screws with the consistency of congealed butter ... Stainless steel is the way to go, you can probably get a pack of 10 for a couple of quid and replace the lot in one go.
  6. I've used Peek on stuff for years and it really deals with the tarnish nicely. My now secret recipe to keep the shine is ....... liquid car polish. It protects your car paintwork from everything nature can throw at it and does the same with the brightwork on guitars.
  7. Personally, I'd drop an email to: [email protected] And ask them the correct size of screw.
  8. First thing I'd check is the headphone socket. It's function is to break the link to the speaker and divert the sound to the headphones. A weak, broken or corrosion on the connectors and no sound. try contact cleaner first - easy solution if it works. After that, if you're confident ... open her up and with short piece of insulated wire, bypass the headphone switch and see if that gives you sound at the speaker. Normal caution, electricity can kill, don't go inside if you don't know what you're doing ...
  9. At the very least I'd fork out £8 for one of these at Screwfix. I'd want to know the power supply is safe before anything else ....
  10. Not sure where your bass is made, but if it's far east, metric stainless steel grub screws are easily obtainable on Ebay. My Ibanez uses 4mm dia ones, I guess that would be fairly standard for a bass. Obviously, if it's USA made the grub screws would be imperial.
  11. Remember, this is the internet. It's full of people who will give you definitive answers based on nothing ... You want to know the best way to break in a Fane, simple, ask Fane for their recommendation.
  12. I'd say it's just a shim for the neck made from a piece of Fender card.
  13. Well, my gut reaction would be, why have just two pickup positions when three is more versatile. I have a Cabronita Telecaster one volume and a three way Les Paul type selector switch. Nice simple and uncluttered. You could probably opt for a mini three way switch if you wanted it to be more inconspicuous.
  14. Just remember if you import from outside the EU, anything over the value of £39 is subject to VAT. You may also find, depending on value Customs Duty added. Then the Post office will add a charge for calculating the previous charges. Ask me how I found this out ....
  15. Ah a Jedson, legendary for all the wrong reasons .... Personally I'd say try it and decide if a short scale is for you. If the length works for you then sell it and buy something better without forking out for the strings. I've just picked up an Ibanez TMB 30 and it's rather impressive for a bass than you can get delivered for £144 new.
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