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  1. I'll tick the Dremel type multi tool as well. Don't use mine very often, but it's got me out of more than one hole when nothing else will do.
  2. Try Axecaster for the Switchcraft one. The one fitted is junk.
  3. Personally I would have gone with Telecaster type knobs, ie held on with grub screws, but .... No, no way, never superglue. Once upon a time I inherited a shower unit where the knobs must have come loose in the past. The owner 'solved' the problem with superglue. Had to destroy the knobs to service it, so if you're not that bothered ... PTFE tape might work, I've used a bit of paper in the past, you just need to increase the grip a bit.
  4. The answer is yes, no, maybe .... Depending on who you ask .... Some swear that only tubes made in the 50's sound good, others hear no difference. But yes there can be differences, some people will hear them clearly, some a slight difference. It's normally the power tubes which work a lot harder where differences are more audible. Unless you are looking to fork out for NOS tubes, JJ and Tung Sol are well regarded for current production tubes. It's fairly well accepted that the Tung Sol 12AX7 is possibly the best sounding modern tube, but like everything else, others will have a different opinion.
  5. I've always figured it's a factor of a given design. If there was a simple solution, it would have been designed out at the R&D stage.
  6. Don't ignore the option that the socket could be faulty.
  7. Were you watching, 'Can't Pay We'll Take it Away' while putting it together? It might have been repossessed ... I'll show myself out ...
  8. I hear Darrin Huff has offered to build the new server.
  9. For decades I've been spraying a drop of contact cleaner on a cotton bud and doing the same thing. Probably get a box of 200 in Poundland.
  10. Well, most people would say can't see the issue with the existing ' simple cheap and reliable' option, pull the lead. A simple push pull on the volume, or the Fender S1 would do the job to cut the battery + feed. of course you would have to religious in your end of session routine, if you forget to hit the switch, it's gonna stay powered.
  11. It's a bit unfair to blame the shippers for these issues, they have to follow the rules laid down by HMRC and if those procedures have not been finalised and circulated it makes things somewhat problematical .... Back in the pre EU days, I worked for a company that prepared and shipped industrial machinery all over the world. Sometimes there were parcels that needed to go by post, being young and fit I sometimes got the job of dealing with those. It was also pre internet, so we had a book from the Post Office which detailed all the postal requirements for every country in the world. In reality it was a simple process, there were only two different customs forms for the whole world and some countries required a copy of the form placed inside the packaging. Pretty much the forms were: contents, weight, value and tick box for gift or merchandise. Forty odd years later, I can't see the process being any more complicated. Hopefully we're just in the teething period, in a few months when everyone knows what is required and it should be all systems go,
  12. This post is like deja vu for me ... Good luck getting a reply from the UK suppliers, even providing the part numbers I didn't get a response and I'm not the first. Yep the continental suppliers have the parts, but can't sell to the UK. I ended up buying some dirt cheap tuning pegs on Ebay from China and canibalising the parts so I could do a rebuild and keep the original color. One day I'll even find some B200 bridge saddles, even though they are supposed to be an available part. If you do find someone wiling to supply original parts, please let us know ...
  13. That power supply is fine it's universal 100-240 volts. It will happily work over here, just need a travel adapter and job done.
  14. The only thing I can suggest is some form of voltage spike which has blown the circuits. For at least the last 20 years, all my electronic stuff has hooked up to the mains behind 'surge protector' plugs. Cheap way to add a bit of electrical safety. This kind of thing, available everywhere:. https://www.screwfix.com/p/masterplug-13a-4-gang-unswitched-surge-protected-extension-lead-2m/8068g
  15. Can you take the neck off? Often the answers are hidden there.
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