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  1. With practise you'll soon be able to line tracks up very quickly. All ours have the same cues at the start - I find that I can just zoom into the waveforms and match them visually. A quick check and maybe a nudge a frame or two sees it done. I thought it would be a big hassle but it really hasn't turned out to be. The last one I did I had four separate tracks lined up with the audio mix in literally about 5 minutes.
  2. Resolve managed to brick all my Arturia V-Collection instruments to the extent that I had to restore the complete machine from a backup. I liked the way it worked but found it to be a huge resource hog and quite flakey. Instead I've been doing the band lockdown videos on Shotcut. Free, light on requirements and versatile. Regularly updated as well. The vids are on a thread here so you can see some of what it can do. All footage mobile phones. Audio either DAW or Zoom H1 recorder assembled and mixed in Cubase before being brought into shotcut as a stereo mix.
  3. Again, the jazz maybe has woods that are assumed to be better quality but it's still a mass produced factory instrument with all that that implies. The pickups just report what the strings are doing - if they are lower output, that is compensated by turning up the preamp gain. You'll likely find that the difference is also noticeable acoustically. That string energy is being sucked up somewhere.
  4. So we've done a couple more... Not playing bass on these but as a bonus you get to meet Ailsa the dog on one and are treated to my mellifluous singing on the other! 😂
  5. You've mistaken price for quality there. And also possibly missed the real measure of quality - fitness for purpose. Me, I like a long, even sustain and have never, ever placed a piece of foam under the strings of any of my basses. The dull thump sound is not one which has ever held any attraction for me.
  6. Like I say, I don't know the detail, just what Pete told me on one of my visits when I was buying the bass. It could well be as you say but I have to say that the actual bridge pickup sounds pretty much as you would expect a Wal bridge pickup to sound and it does that whilst simultaneously in use for the midi side of things. I've never looked in detail at the electronics (just works) but I'll have a wee look about next time I change the battery and see what I can see without disturbing anything lol.
  7. Not my myth- the late, great Pete Stevens told me that they were able to dispense with the separate hex pickup because the Wal pickups used individual coils for each string. The pole pieces nearest to the bridge on the bridge pickup are raised up. This may well be a different arrangement to the standard Wal pickup- I don’t know- but I can assure you that the Wal Midi Bass certainly knows which string you are playing even on open strings which do not use the fret sensing circuit at all. By the way, I don’t believe I made any claim that Wal basses are “magical or mysterious” and I’m perfectly awake thank you, albeit going to bed shortly. 😉
  8. Yes, the circuit made between the string and the fret segments determines the midi note sent out so no delay whilst the system tries to work out the pitch. The hex pickup senses how hard the string is played for midi velocity information. Mmmm.
  9. Are you sure about this? My Wal 5 is a midi bass version which normally would have required an additional pickup (a la Roland hex) so as to provide a separate output from each string but the Wal pickups were deemed to be appropriate so the bridge pickup ( with one set of raised pole pieces) also doubles as the hex pickup.
  10. Ah Leak 2020's! I had a pair of 2030's which were great but the tweeters went at some point and the wifeley one wanted them replaced with something smaller. Still have the Rotel amp which powered them though - currently running the wee monitors in my recording setup! The smaller setup agreed with my wife was an early Bose Lifestyle system with two small direct/ reflect speakers and one big sub. I won't get into whether Bose qualifies as HiFi or not here - suffice to say that after more than 20 years it is still providing sterling service.
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