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  1. EMG456

    Steinberger XL-2 1983/4. Almost immaculate

    This looks almost new - amazing and a far cry from my own battered and worn but much loved L2. I have enough Steinbergers in my possession but if anyone is vaguely interested in this bass, my advice would be that the minimum number of Steinbergers a bass player should have is definitely one! Someone will be getting a rare treat! GLWTS
  2. EMG456

    The Stick Thread

    Even odder is that in an emergency, you can just play all the patterns you usually play on the bass but string to string jumps take you to the right note but in the “wrong” octave.
  3. Haha - how did you come across this or is it already notorious and I just didn't know? Genius!
  4. EMG456

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Bobby Watson on Michael Jackson's Rock With You.
  5. EMG456

    The Stick Thread

    Welcome to the crazy world of the Chapman Stick! The only advice I feel qualified to give would be to "stick" with it. (Ouch!) I don't know how you're feeling about it but I certainly thought that having about 33 steady years of bass experience before I started with the Stick would give me a head start but I actually found that my skills were not so transferable after all. I found the reverse 5ths tuning on the bass side very difficult for playing bass lines and found even interaction between the hands not easy, let alone independence! Fortunately, I'm stubborn and persistent so I'm finally getting somewhere but in reality it's taken me a lot longer than I thought it would and I'm still no virtuoso. Play as often as you can and pay attention to your setup - If you're playing out make sure you have the truss rod tool with you - the neck can move from one environment to another and if the action is out of whack, it can really throw you especially at the start. If you want to play "normal" bass lines on it, some players change the bass side to a 4ths tuning - easy to play fluid basslines like you are used to but against that you lose the compact open chord voicings that 5ths gives you. You're right to think that it's easy to take over a whole band's sound with the stick - played all at once it can be an enormous, dense sound leaving little space for anyone else but if your bandmates like it, they'll likely start to make adjustments to accommodate you. For example, the guitarists I play with will often switch to mandolin or Dobro if I'm going to be playing stick - there's lots of room to experiment and no real rules or traditions with the Stick - it's very much whatever you choose to make it. Also be prepared to make lots of new friends if you play it out. It may be different if you mingle in the prog-rock circles but for most types of music, yours will be the first Stick an audience has ever seen and the questions come thick and fast! 🙂 One last thought just now - Sticks sound much better in Stereo than mono, even if your just going through a mono setup like a bass amp - something to do with the impedance loading on the pickups I believe so if you don't have multiple inputs on your amp setup, invest in a little mixer - I use a Boss LS-2- and it will sound much brighter and livelier. Overall, my Stick journey has been at times frustrating but hugely enjoyable. It hasn't diminished my love for the bass but it has enhanced my musical knowledge no end and frankly I can't imagine being without one now. Best of luck and if there's anything you want to know, just ask!
  6. EMG456

    Kubicki !!!

    Yep, that escalated quickly! Hindsight and all that - moving on the Buy It Now would have been the right thing. Good for the seller assuming of course that the sale goes through... I'm pretty certain that you could pick one up for a lot less but of course that one was in particularly nice condition. Onwards and upwards.
  7. EMG456

    Kubicki !!!

    Here's the thing - this Kubicki is a top notch boutique bass from the early 90s albeit assembled by the Fender custom shop. New, they were priced alongside Steinberger, Alembic, Sadowsky, Modulus etc. and thoroughly deserved their place there. Lots of people nowadays routinely pay £2k-ish for a 1970s Fender. As long as you're not one of the "all you need is a precision with flatwounds" crew, this Kubicki will eat any of those dodgy Fenders for breakfast so £1500 seems more than fair to me. The interesting thing is that at the end of the day, it's all down to individual taste and what the market will stand. After this discussion, I now want an Ex-Factor. Fortunately for me I have an imminent bass arrival in the next few weeks so I will not be joining in the last minute bidding frenzy if there is to be one. And I can console myself with the fact that I already have a Key Factor 5 which goes both higher and lower than an Ex-Factor! Still want one though... GAS!
  8. EMG456

    Kubicki !!!

    It's an unusual tuning arrangement so best to just watch somebody...
  9. EMG456

    Birthday Bass - ACG Build

    Could you say that any bigger?😀😀
  10. EMG456

    Birthday Bass - ACG Build

    Woodworking complete. Finishing about to start. This is getting exciting!
  11. Any function bands I've played in and there have been many, the perceived success of the evening is generally directly related to the quality of the buffet!
  12. EMG456

    Found this.....

    Make a lower offer. Fill the frets yourself - it's not difficult and contrary to popular opinion you don't have to do it with beautifully cut pieces of thin veneer - just use wood filler in your choice of colour! Let it harden and lightly sand it smooth. It's not a vintage Fender although in fairness I have done this before to vintage Fenders! Pretty sure that's what Jaco did originally to his Jazz Bass.
  13. EMG456

    Kubicki !!!

    To each their own but Kubickis feel and sound great and the pickups and preamp go from old school warmth right through to thunderous mayhem! If it’s the same circuit that’s on mine, it will have two active and two passive modes as well as an “off” position. Fantastic basses and the Ex-Factors are 32 inch scale. At £950 now and probably worth every penny.
  14. EMG456

    Rare Basses

    Last time I checked - couple of years back, everything on the Wal still working perfectly!
  15. EMG456

    Rare Basses

    Right, not having completely mainstream tastes in this bass lark, I've got a few rare-ish things in amongst the herd so, lets start with Steinberger and related. XL5W wide neck 5 string - searched for years before this one came up. Next up, XL2TA. XL2s are not that rare, even in White but the T stands for Trans-Trem so... Shouldn't really put this one here as it was custom built for me but it fits with the first two - Status Custom 6 'Berger Enough of that headless nonsense - this is more like it. Wal Mk2 5 string - not very rare? OK - the clue is here... Kubicki Key Factor 5 And last amongst my rarities - Ibanez Studio 8 - it even matches the couch!