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  1. This one has been a long time fav of mine. Made even better by Greg Philinganes' amazing Moog bass going briefly out of tune around 1:57! We Can Work It Out - Chaka Khan - YouTube
  2. Liked that @WalMan- definitely shows it's lineage too. Good work!
  3. I traditionally hate basses like this but even I like this one! Beautiful!
  4. Keep going- stubbornness and persistence will get you there!
  5. A few of my favourites already quoted but I always liked this one. At the time there were loads of rumours that it was McCartney under a pseudonym! Keeping the dream alive - Freiheit 1988 - YouTube
  6. Nice one(s) @Happy Jack. Not sure if the upload to vimeo might have mangled your footage as well but as @EBS_freak says HD 1080p is a good target to aim for. If you shoot in 4k for example then you can crop and pan your shots whilst still retaining the target resolution in the output. Good work!
  7. EMG456


    No, not necessarily. Original Steinbergers were moulded in the traditional glass/ carbon fibre way. A mould was first treated with a release agent and the gel coat was sprayed into it. Then carbon and glass fibres were layer in the mould in a very specific way and the phenolic fingerboard placed on top. The mould was then vacuum injected with the resin/ hardener mix. When that had all cured the neck or neck/ body was prised out of the mould. No wood or foam core. I could be wrong but I suspect that the original GMT Status basses ie the ones where you couldn’t see the carbon weave on the neck were the same. I think the German Basslab instruments had fully hollow necks. So, many different construction methods.
  8. Late to this as usual- do all you guys not do anything else? 😀 Joni fan since the 1970s here- my all time favourite artist. The Guardian falling into all the usual time-honoured traps with JM - a nostalgia for the "simpler" times when Joni was a west coast acoustic guitar playing singer songwriter in the mould of Dylan, James Taylor etc. My all time favourite Joni Album is... Chalkmark in a Rainstorm! Heresy, I know but it has everything - great storytelling, performances, collaborations, arrangements, production. Truth is, whatever album Joni released over most of her career is likely to have been one of the best released in that year. An amazing career and portfolio of work.
  9. Never heard this before but it's absolutely right up my street! Thank you for posting. I checked out the Jones Girls original version and it's great too!
  10. Very good, very clever, very funny- as you say, ace! Thanks for posting.
  11. Oh god- POV! I had totally forgotten that horror story. Now I'm having flashbacks!
  12. Me too- mainly arcviz stills and animations. We had a wee render farm of half a dozen high spec (for the time) PCs and they would all have to run overnight to provide a 30 second clip at the huge TV resolution of 768*576! Usually when you came in in the morning and checked it, you would have forgotten to switch some object on for the render and it would all have to be done over again- how we laughed!
  13. Ah, Chris Rainbow/ Harley- an old pal of mine, sadly missed. He’d have been really chuffed to have been given a shout on a thread like this. Thanks.
  14. I had this and it also managed to break my Arturia virtual instruments. Try Shotcut- much easier on the hardware.
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