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  1. Good luck @Bobthedog I got my first fretless in 1978 and have never been without one since. Usually comes to gigs for a few songs. Take your time - it's a whole new tone/ expression pallet.
  2. Where does the aircon come from/ go to? This is crazy at the moment. What a lot of folks don't seem to get is that the guidelines are just that- chaos systems like the world don't work in absolutes. 2 metres is a guideline distance that is achievable generally outside. 1 metre wouldn't be as good, 3 metres would be better. Could the virus transfer at 2 metres? Yes- it's unlikely but not impossible. 2 metres apart for several hours in a small enclosed space would count as a close contact for the purposes of contact tracing. If there is singing or horn blowing involved the risk becomes much higher. I don't honestly expect to be in a rehearsal room or at a gig this year.
  3. That brings a special smile to my face because strangely, I always fancied doing it. Never managed though. I still have the unicycle and at my peak unicycling proficiency I could reliably go for about 50 metres but unfortunately in a completely unpredictable direction. So it will remain now an unattainable dream for me, but I'm pleased to see someone doing it with such aplomb.
  4. Still don't seem to have one with quite enough frets?
  5. That's always been an annoying issue to me. I'm not suggesting this if you have expensive pickups and are worried about damage but on the restoration of my old Aria Jazz which has pickups epoxy potted into the covers, I found that you could carefully push the pole pieces down till they were flush- didn't affect the sound at all and kept the appearance.
  6. Firmly in the PC camp here but then again I've worked with them both at home and professionally for over 30 years. If you're familiar with Windows and some of the ins and outs of keeping a system like that running, it would have to be a very compelling argument to change. As far as if you've had a Mac, you'll never go back, my wife wanted something nicer looking than her aging desktop pc back about 2009 and had heard about how the Mac was much easier to use etc. etc. so I got her a Mac Mini and set it all up. She *hated* it with a vengeance to such an extent that after about six weeks I relented and it then ran Windows for the rest of the time she had it! She still uses the keyboard though- pretty keyboard!
  7. Has this thread reached perpetual motion yet?
  8. Which itself was better than I got when suggesting a change to the part on a session I had been called in to replacing a fairly well known player who shall remain anonymous but had refused to change his strings - "Have you... completely lost your mind?"
  9. "And I am not professional but I love basketball The squeaking of the sneakers, the echo in the hall" - Michael Franti and Spearhead from "The People in Tha Middle" 1994 Don't know why but your plimsolls made me think of that.
  10. In all honesty, I didn't have much option anyway on a Steinberger shaped Status but yep - makes it look as if there's nothing unusual going on.
  11. This sort of installation keeps it out of the way and lets you see what you need or don't need without permanently disfiguring the instrument.
  12. Oh well, this has gone exactly as expected.
  13. Well I thought that was great and I don't really care!
  14. Love the slap and always did. Still tend to use it a bit for effect - it's just another sound. This forum gets itself tied in knots over it in exactly the same way as "who needs more than 12 frets", "the fender precision is the only bass I will ever need" and Jaco was just tuneless noodling. Also, if your bass doesn't supply enough bottom end when you slap it, you're not doing it right, you're using the wrong bass or you've not set up your sound properly. Forgive me basschat - I'm just in that sort of a mood today!
  15. Can't help you with 1 - 5 but Emmet Chapman modifies hex pickups to match the string spacing on the Chapman Stick so he may be able to help or point you in the right direction?
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