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  1. Thanks for posting this - had me laughing out loud several times. Very, very clever and impeccably executed.
  2. EMG456

    FS : Steinberger Q bass-pricedrop

    At £800 this is a steal. It's a second generation XQ4 with an active circuit and the Nashville serial number means it's a proper original Steinberger blend neck (no truss rod) as opposed to the early 2000's MusicYo reissues which had Moses necks on them. For anyone who fancies trying the Steinberger vibe but doesn't like the aesthetic of the L series, it is ideal! GLWTS!
  3. EMG456

    Rare Basses

    @FlatEric, I remember we spoke about these a while ago but I can't remember if you said whether your other one has the chequered body binding or not - I would love to find one of those!
  4. EMG456

    Stephen Bishop.

    The album is indeed a classic. As well as Clapton, Chaka Kahn provided a couple of surprise stand out moments on it. Still do On and On with one of my bands- audiences love it!
  5. EMG456

    Dee Murray. Elton John.

    Dee Murray - one of my all time bass heroes and influences - the music just seemed to flow out of his fingers automatically. Many great parts with non standard note choices but never gave the impression that it was anything other than spontaneous.
  6. EMG456

    Bass players who take their hand off the neck

    Feel free to be irritated then- I do it most gigs and occasionally it’s really useful- how else might you change a broken string out mid-song??!
  7. EMG456

    Arthur Maia R.I.P.

    Never heard Arthur before so thanks - truly excellent. Keep well and take it easy.
  8. EMG456

    Unholy Mashup... :)

    Anyone know where the mashers get the raw material for these - isolated vocal tracks etc?
  9. EMG456

    Songs with propulsive chromatic bass runs!

    Is it just me - where's the chromatic run in this?
  10. EMG456

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    Of course you can - it's a bass!
  11. EMG456

    NBD! Music Man Sub USA

    Great basses - I love my Sub!
  12. @MoJo, you were probably just having an off night. If you've been playing fours exclusively for a while, having the five could feel odd and it probably threw you even when you went back to the four. As with all things music, practise and familiarity is the key. A good five is handy to have around in my opinion but it obviously depends on your priorities and what you want to do. It's not an age thing - I just got delivery of my 60th Birthday bass and it's a 6 string, 32 inch scale fretless. Now I've never played fretless while singing lead vocals before but the temptation to take it to the gig was too much. The playing was fine but the excess of strings and lack of frets apparently causes you to completely forget all your words - who knew! By all means, stick to the fours if that's what you want but for me at least, variety is the spice etc...
  13. EMG456

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    The terrific fretless line on Bergerac was the work of Mr Foster also.
  14. EMG456

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Well, just watched the first two of these and have to say like a few others, preferred the drum one. I think essentially the difference between the two is the influence of the presenter. In Stuart Copeland, you have someone who has lived and breathed music and drums from a very early age and has worked at the highest levels both in terms of sales/ popularity and all round musical credibility. In Tina Weymouth, you have someone who was handed a bass at the age of 24 and told to learn it. I'm not belittling her talent here- she has sustained a music biz career for many years so she's obviously doing something right- but more pointing out that her musical experiences seem to me to be much more limited than the likes of Copeland and I think the choices of who/ what to feature reflected that. A programme about bass that misses out Squire, Entwhistle, JPJ? No Stanley Clarke, Jaco, Mick Karnes, Pino? No Larry Graham/ Louis Johnson? No Tony Levin/ Lee sklar? But wastes a few minutes on Dizee Rascal...mmm? On the plus side, she was very personable and had a nice easy way in front of the camera - just needed a more widely informed editorial direction. Anyone know who's doing the guitar one? Hopefully someone like Dave Grohl.
  15. EMG456

    Bass necks

    ACG will actually do set necks or bolt on - your choice. The set neck being a separate neck permanently glued in to a tight pocket. Status now call a set neck a through neck, even though it only goes as far as the bridge pickup route. I believe there is a difference tonally and also appearance wise but I have to say that bolt on joints have come a long way since the basic Fender type. I like both but chose bolt on for my recent ACG build because the sort of sound I was looking for it to provide has in the past most regularly been produced by bolt on basses as far as I can tell. I would suggest you buy what you want, after all, it'll just sound like you playing anyway! 😀 (runs for cover)