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  1. I use Status Hotwire double ball strings on my S2 5-string, and 4 of the 5 strings are taperwound. No intonation or overtone issue at all, I love them.
  2. Don't violins mostly have wooden nuts? Makes sense on a fretless instrument, since it matches the tone of the fingerboard. The fretless Sandberg Bullet 5 I once owned had a rosewood nut too for this reason.
  3. I used to have a Japanese-made ESP Horizon guitar that had a woven-graphite nut. It was incredibly cool, totally unlike any other graphite nut I have seen. Just multiple densely packed laminates of woven carbon fibre, well lubricated and smooth, and the open strings rang with a beautiful clarity. I've never seen another one like it.
  4. Oh hell yes! Just lush. I really love the feel of a well worn-in, played-in lacquer finished neck. It just turns so nice and smooth after years of playing! Look-wise, I really love to look at the carbon weave of my Status necks.
  5. Likely because there's no real passive mode with EMG's: they only work when they're battery-powered, and have an internal preamp which is always on. I'm guessing the switch only bypasses the tone controls, which may colour your tone slightly even when set flat. Very cool find, looks well-made and very pretty!
  6. I've had my EBS HD350 for more than 10 years now, and am still incredibly happy with it. It's built tough, has a powerful EQ, and a drive that resembles a tube amp tone very closely - but it can be ultraclean too.
  7. I've kept the original boxes of all FX pedals that came in one. When I have to ship one, I just wrap the pedal in bubble wrap, put it in its box and wrap the whole thing in brown packing paper.
  8. Fender PJ455 seems accurate. Also, absolutely nothing wrong with the tuners. Those Gotoh's are great.
  9. Yes, I remember that one. I think @BassAgent and @wombatboter have both owned that one too.
  10. Hello back from the Netherlands
  11. Have you ever been mellow? - The Party Animals Oh, the memories...
  12. But wickedly overpriced for what it is. As much as I love my M80, I'm not getting a Tick at that price! It would fit my Pedaltrain Nano perfectly, but I'll stick to the gigbag that came with the Nano (which straps around the neck section of the M80 rather than on the mounting rings).
  13. The 200 isn't shorter, but it is more compact: the body is narrower than that of a 300 (which is huge) and will therefore also be slightly lighter in weight. What's more, it doesn't have the classic triple coil ATK humbucker, but instead has a quadcoil humbucker with different switching from the regular ATK models (on the ATK300 there is a single coil setting with a phantom coil to reduce hum, the ATK200 is always full-humbucking). On the plus side, the pickup of the ATK200 has regular MM dimensions and can be easily replaced by any type of Music Man-like pickup, making it much easier to mod than the other ATK's.
  14. The regular LX is solid flamed maple. The LX Jazzman has a swamp ash back, equal to the FNA Jazzman. I never understood why they're different.
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