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  1. LeftyJ

    Rare Basses

    Nexus did too, back when Jacek was located in Belgium and worked together with Noel Coquet. Jacek stopped working with Noel in 2004 because of financial differences. Here's a little bit about it on the old Nexus website, which Jacek still keeps online for some reason: http://www.nexus-guitars.com/old/news.html#3
  2. LeftyJ

    Rare Basses

    Is that one of their models with a polished granite fingerboard? I've always been intrigued by those. Looks beautifully made, and all the veneers between that top and the back really look lush!
  3. LeftyJ

    Rare Basses

    It isn't. That's why I said:
  4. LeftyJ

    Rare Basses

    All my basses are rare, being left-handed 😜 I used to own a lefty Aria SB-1000 that stands out - you just never see any. The set-neck models come by once in a while, but the neck-through models are very rare. Mine had two extra pickups installed, and was originally fretless but had been fretted by a previous owner. My Ibanez MC924's are also kind of rare as lefties. Rumour has it there are only about 250 in existance. I had been looking for one for a few years, and then found three within a couple of months and bought all three, and kept the best two. Fantastic basses. My 1983 is an absolute keeper (it's just one month younger than I am). And I own an Esh Stinger that is somewhat unusual, especially as a lefty. It's a fun bass, with two EMG DC35's and a piezo bridge. Lots of punch, and a bright and powerful attack. Cool looks too, with the sandblasted ash with blackened grain beneath a white finish. It looks similar to this one, but left-handed, with a deeper neck pocket and longer heel, and with two big EMG soapbars. Controls are volume, passive tone, 3-way rotary pickup selector and 4-way "Esh-tronic" switch: mag only, mag only bypassing all controls, mag + piezo, piezo only.
  5. That's beautiful! Is that a satin finish on the body? Don't see that a lot.
  6. LeftyJ

    Lefty Hipshot Extender

    There's a lefty BT2 for sale in the Netherlands, the guy accidentally ordered the wrong version. It's not cheap, but he's been trying to sell it for quite a while now so he may be willing to negotiate. https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1344096562
  7. LeftyJ

    Identifying Japanese fender jazz body...

    JB-62 is a legitimate Fender Japan model number, usually followed by two or three more numbers to indicate where in the range the model sits (there are a few different levels of '62 Jazz Bass reissues, with different pickups, body woods and hardware). Most bodies on these are basswood, but there are some exceptions made of alder. Basswood is a little less dense and a bit softer, and therefore more prone to dinging. Could explain the damage around the body edges.
  8. LeftyJ

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    It's The One Bass for him, he's very unlikely to ever sell it. He's had it for over 10 years.
  9. LeftyJ

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    I've seen (and heard) that yellow Kubicki in the flesh and it is AWESOME. Someone on a Dutch forum owns it (or an identical one). I wish they made some lefties, but unfortunately there is only one in existance and it has a righty Ex-Factor neck for a lefty who plays upside down 🙁
  10. LeftyJ

    NBD - coming in .......

    There you go! The white one is an older S2 with Hyperactive pickups and the old Board 300 preamp without a gain trimpot, and it could really use one because it is LOUD. I love the white epoxy Roman numeral inlays! The black sparkle one I got from fellow member Bonin-in-the-boneyard and was made to order in 2012 I believe. Both have bolt-on necks.
  11. LeftyJ

    NBD - coming in .......

    Nice! Very happy with the pair I bought last year. They're fantastic instruments!
  12. LeftyJ

    NBD - coming in .......

    Do tell! What did you order?
  13. Oh man, is this still here to torment me? 😥 I love everything about it except the (to my taste) overly complicated preamp.
  14. LeftyJ

    Reverend basses

    A limited run of only 8 😯
  15. LeftyJ

    Twins on the sofa

    Same here! Both are classic colour combos but there's something luxurious and elegant about a 3-ply black pickguard on a black body paired with a maple board that I absolutely love.