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  1. For emulating an acoustic tone, I'd say the amplifier is much more important. A passive splitcoil (i.e. P-bass) or the neck pickup of a Jazz Bass through a wide-range amp with a good presence or brightness control to shave off the brittle top end to your taste will actually get you fairly close IMO as long as you keep things clean and properly EQ'd. That said, installing piezo's in an electric bass isn't all that hard. Most will come pre-mount in a complete bridge assembly, and will only require hooking up the electronics to your existing jack, stashing the preamp and battery somewhere in the electronics compartment (if there's room, since most piezo systems will be active and require a 9V battery) and adding a blend control or switch. I've owned an Esh Stinger I for a couple of years that had a Schaller 2000 piezo bridge and it worked great. In that particular bass, the piezo's are there to compliment the magnetic pickups and Esh wasn't going for an acoustic tone at all, just added brightness and cut to the magnetic tone. However, through my EBS amp with the EQ flat it did sound a bit like my ABG.
  2. LeftyJ


    OMG! Looks like there's still some Ibanez ST980 left somewhere in there, but you need to look hard!
  3. I've seen that for sale, I think it was in the Netherlands? Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like an S2 Classic neck through, with the old Hyperactive soapbars. I have a bolt-on 4-string S2 Classic with those same pickups and it's LOUD. I think mine has the old Board 300 preamp without a trimpot for the output level, unlike the current Board 303 preamp.
  4. My Warwicks came with this absolute unit of a wrench
  5. I also have the CruzTools multitool, but I much prefer using a few good, separate tools. Especially for truss rod adjustments, a perfect fit is very important because you don't want to damage the truss rod nut. I have the CruzTools in my gigbag for small adjustments to the bridge, or quickly fastening a loose screw.
  6. Exactly! The "Custom projects" page on their site pictures the original model with an Eastwood-logo photoshopped over it, but the final product never looks (and sounds!) exactly like the original.
  7. I remember drooling over this on eBay somewhere between 10-15 years ago and ALMOST pulling the trigger on it. The only thing holding me back was potential resale value if it wouldn't suit my taste, because Goodfellow is fairly unknown outside the UK. It still grabs me, it's such an elegant interpretation of the classic Jazz Bass shape!
  8. Funny thing though: Warwick barely do oil finishes anymore. Most of their satin finishes are now a thin polyurethane lacquer finish, including their necks (!). So "OFC" doesn't really cut it on the recent models if it does indeed mean "Oil Finish Colour".
  9. Cádiz is still on my wishlist, and Ronda
  10. Wow, that sounds very weird and unusual! Still kind of cool though, and I can definitely see that working well as long as the EQ frequencies make sense
  11. Does the other way around count as well? I know of a number of unexpected actor sightings in bands I know Johnny Depp plays bass (but is more famously known as a guitarist), and I've seen footage of Keanu Reeves and Ryan Gosling with a bass. And Gary Sinise has the "Lt Dan Band", named after his Vietnam veteran character in Forrest Gump.
  12. Hi, and welcome here! I've been in Andalucía a few times, and hope to be able to visit your region again when we're allowed to travel again. I've been in Sevilla a few years ago during the summer, when it was way too hot to do anything. I'd love to come back in spring sometime, it's such a beautiful city with all its tiny alleyways and patios.
  13. Can you elaborate further? I'm quite intrigued, since you mention five parameters but there's only 4 knobs. I'm curious about that EQ, and especially the twinned-bit. Do you mean the magnetic EQ is like a balance pot, but between the bass and treble frequencies?
  14. Hey, it's the guitarist of that band "Free candy". Pretty sure this is their van:
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LO4i1Gsf84
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