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  1. I have a cordless Dremel 8800 and like it, but for tiny precision work I would recommend getting one that's lighter, or adding the flexible shaft extension / snake. The exchangable battery adds substantial weight at the back.
  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that's only the primer, waiting for the final colour to be applied 😎 Edit: posted without checking page 2. Nevermind! I'm never free of GAS. I've become less prone to it since I got my two Status Graphite S2 Classics, I've never been more impressed by a bass than by these two. However, there's always that itch. I browse Basschat and a Dutch forum several times a day, and I make my daily round on Leftybass.com, Leftybassist.com and the Dutch advertising site Marktplaats and have been able to resist temptation for the most part of the last 3 years, but two months ago I bought back a Carvin LB75 I previously owned and more recently I came across a Hohner B2A that spoke to me. Guitars and basses combined, I'm at 22 now and a few things need to go. But I will have a hard time not immediately spending the cash I get out of that on something new 😰
  3. These are great! I have one in black with a black 3-ply guard and they're great basses. These come with Fender USA pickups and have a nice 70s style U-shaped neck.
  4. The workmanship on the body is absolutely awful. I can't imagine that came from any respected luthier. The neck maybe, but that body... The wood isn't pretty, the bodyshape is a very rough approximation of a Jazz Bass but not quite there, the shape of the horns and the edges looks rough, the neck bolts are arranged weirdly, that leather pickguard looks awful (the square cuts around the pickup mounting screws! Come on!), and what happened to the back of the neck does not look like "light playwear" as described. For that price!? Hell no.
  5. Not a pretty sight though 😓 https://reverb.com/item/34245265-mike-lipe-the-lip-custom-5-string-jb-left-hand-1992
  6. The Omni-Adjust (Gotoh 206) is actually narrower than the Accu-cast B IV, so it's unlikely the routing was made for that bridge. The Omni-Adjust was my favourite bridge Ibanez ever used, with everything adjustable and firmly locking into place. I had one on my 1987 SR800LE.
  7. The only use I can think of is when you buy a new or used bass, really like the strings that come with it and want to be able to identify the brand from the colour of the ball ends or windings so you can get more.
  8. Does anyone really need to rely on the colours to tell them apart? My Elixirs and Status Hotwires are all the same colour.
  9. I love ATK's! I have owned two 1996 MIJ ATK300's and still own the 1998 MIJ ATK305 in the background.
  10. Dance with the devil? And Time is Tight, also by Booker T and the MG's
  11. That one time when the guitarist / pianist / organist of my old band emailed a sketch for a new song with just keys and guitar, and everybody actually did their homework! Next rehearsal we played it for the first time and it all clicked in one go. Just felt so good! Of my 4-5 years with that band, it's still the song I'm most proud of. 2 years later I got kicked out because they decided an upright matched their sound and image better.
  12. Was going to post just that! Here's the Reverb store: https://reverb.com/brand/papian-ezo?product_type=bass-guitars Here's Reverb's bass category, sorted by price in descending order, for sh*ts and giggles. https://reverb.com/marketplace/bass-guitars?sort=price|desc This one has to take the cake, although I have to assume that's a typo or a mistake in exchange rate by the Japanese seller: https://reverb.com/item/27777222-atelier-z-m265-jerry-barnes-free-shipping
  13. No doubt about it! And looks like it indeed has a U-Retro now.
  14. Yes! Looks nicely made, and the electronics package is cool too. Old school EMG's and what looks to be a U-Retro or ACG preamp. I wonder where the hardware came from, the bridge looks a lot like a real Steinberger bridge.
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