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  1. Fender made a lefty Hot Rodded American Standard Precision around 1999-2001 with PJ pickups, all passive.
  2. Wouldn't an LX have a flamed maple body? My 5-string does.
  3. I can highly recommend the Koch Classic SE. There's a 6 watt version and a slightly larger 12 watt version, with the same circuitry but different power tube. I have the 6, and I love it. It's a no-frills design, single channel, no reverb, and just a tone control rather than a 3-band EQ, but the range of tones is huge and it sounds brilliant and responsive. I love mine.
  4. And now it's probably wickedly expensive rubbish and still out there πŸ˜…
  5. Pretty cool! Somewhere between a Wal and a Gibson.
  6. Yes, with a headstock like that, it has to be one of those two.
  7. Just get an EBS amp with phantom power πŸ˜› Both the input jack and the FX return are 9V powered, and will power your bass or the last pedal in your chain through a stereo jack cable.
  8. I played a lefty Thumb doubleneck once, and I've never laid hands on any instrument heavier than that. Just crazy! Really cool though. It had a fretted 6-string neck and a fretless 5-string neck, both strung reverse. http://www.leftybass.com/h_h_thumb.jpg
  9. Great price! And an old one (1996 according to the serial) with a wenge neck. Nice!
  10. I have an Ampeg SVP-PRO, SVP-CL, SWR Grand Prix and an EBS Microbass II. The SVP-PRO is my favourite, with a host of classic Ampeg tube tones, a versatile EQ and plenty of drive at the turn of a knob if I want it. It's basically the preamp section of the SVT2PRO in a single rack space. The SVP-CL is the preamp section of the SVT Classic and maybe even better than the PRO, with less bells and whistles and the ability to produce a fairly flat and uncoloured tone too, but I just really enjoy the drive of the SVP-PRO.
  11. The lighting was poor, but here's a try. There's a LOT going on in there, so I hope this helps. Mine's a lefty, so everything is backwards but the soldering shouldn't be. If you need to see anything in more detail, drop me a PM. Most of the wiring from the active/passive switch is heading to the narrowest of the two connectors and to the output jack, but it's difficult to see.
  12. Supercool! That fingerboard hasn't seen oil for quite some time it seems. Could probably use some TLC πŸ™‚
  13. Edited after I got home and checked my other MIJ Strat. Strangely, one does have the shim and the other doesn't. Not very helpful then πŸ˜…
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