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  1. This might be of interest to someone here: For sale: 1986 Vigier Arpege II € 1.600,00 http://link.marktplaats.nl/m1389018096 Not affiliated with the seller in any way, just thought I'd share. Had this been a lefty, then it would have gotten its own thread, starting with the letters N, B and D 😅
  2. LeftyJ

    Warwick confusion

    They weren't allowed to use that name. A violin maker owned the name Altus and threatened to sue so they dropped it. Rumour has it FNA is actually short for "F*cking Not Altus".
  3. LeftyJ

    Warwick confusion

    The $$ ("double buck") indicates a version with two humbuckers. As far as hierarchy goes, there's: - Custom Shop (I think they refer to them as Masterbuilt now). Crazy prices, crazy cool instruments too; - (German) Pro Series. Production instruments from the German factory. Also referred to as Teambuilt; - Rockbass. Asian instruments, with the same hardware and electronics as their German counterparts. There was a Chinese pro series for a while too, but everything imported is now called Rockbass.
  4. LeftyJ

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Mine arrived yesterday, and I just scanned through it a bit. Looks great! I can't imagine paying the price that's on the back of the cover for it though. Seriously? 75 dollars?
  5. LeftyJ

    NBD - Status S2... it’s here 😎

    Wow, that is a thing of beauty! Congrats!
  6. LeftyJ

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    I got roughly the same email this morning.
  7. LeftyJ

    NBD - Status S2... it’s here 😎

    I was just thinking about this thread the other day. Looking forward to your pics when it's here!
  8. LeftyJ

    Bass guitar strap favourites

    LOL. Seriously though, they're great. Keep an eye on their sale page, it updates regularly. Up until last thursday they had a buy one, get one free offer with free worldwide shipping. https://www.italiastraps.com/pages/on-sale-now
  9. LeftyJ

    Anyone Help with colour of this P Bass

    Dakota Red?
  10. LeftyJ

    NAMM 2019

    NAMM news I liked most (although most is useless to me because there will be no lefties) were the Ibanez SR Mezzo medium scale series, the Dingwall D-bird 5, the new EBS MicroBass 3 and the Gibson Les Paul Jr bass. Looks great!
  11. LeftyJ

    Bass guitar strap favourites

    I'm a huge fan of Italia Leather from California, I have several. Fair pricing, made to order, thick leather, and choice of a smooth glove leather back or a rough suede back that will stick to your shoulder. I love them. They have loads of special deals for repeat customers too, by email almost on a weekly basis.
  12. LeftyJ

    Southpaw Spotted

    This Status S2 Classic that has been advertised twice on here now appears to be for sale again, this time for 1600 euros! It's on Arni's site. Same seller is also offering a lush 5-string headless. http://leftybass.com/secondhand_offer_65.htm
  13. LeftyJ

    New Squier Classic Vibes for pre-order at Thomann

    I just found out they're doing a lefty Jazzmaster guitar too! That's seriously tempting 😯
  14. LeftyJ

    New Squier Classic Vibes for pre-order at Thomann

    I really like that lefty CV 70s RI Jazz!
  15. LeftyJ

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    I'd give Rob Green of Status Graphite a call. I would love a headless lefty Chris Wolstenholme 5. The full woven graphite facings on a regular series 2 design look stunning, much better than the Stealth IMO, and I like the idea of moving the pickups slightly closer to the neck and adding a knob for boost/cut level on the EQ section.