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  1. Hohner has a rather excellent online shop for spare parts: http://www.hohner-cshop.de/en/Guitar/Headless-Bass-Series/Basses-Bass-Headless-BB/Hohner-B2ADB-Headless/ Looks like there are no D-tuner bridges in stock though. Only for the headed models.
  2. Don't forget about Laurus 😎
  3. I have owned three Carvin basses, and still own a 7-string Carvin guitar. The basses were a B4 (that I believe I bought on this site) which was rather excellent, with a natural gloss ash body, and a lovely birdseye maple fingerboard, a J and MM pickup and passive electronics. The other two were LB75's, with that same pickup configuration but an active 3-band EQ. One was all black, and the other was natural walnut with a flamed walnut top. The black one was all stock, played nice, very versatile but a little dull (as in boring). The walnut one sounded a bit weak, and the previous owner had the neck sanded down to remove the gloss finish and a couple of mm of wood and I hated it. I like Carvin as a brand, but I would never buy one new. Resale value is terrible. On the plus side, you can get a really nice used one for great prices. All three Carvin basses I owned cost me less than 500 euros (I believe the B4 was just 250 pounds even).
  4. Gretsch Billy Bo bass? Based on the (fairly recent) Billy Gibbons / Bo Diddley signature guitar version.
  5. I've had two of these, and both were excellent! Great players, wide range of tones and tough! What's cool about the dummy coils is there is an internal trimpot for each pickup individually to blend in as much or as little of the dummy coil signal as you like.
  6. Same goes for Clapton and the Les Paul. It was more or less replaced by the SG, when all of a sudden someone cool started playing one. Something similar happened more recently with the Ibanez ATK series from the 1990s. Some masked, lefthanded fellow by the name of Paul Gray played an amber ATK300 on stage a lot, so Ibanez brought it back for a couple of years by popular demand. Prices have remained normal, although the old Korean and Japanese models are generally favoured over the later Indonesian versions.
  7. So you can leave one cab at home for smaller gigs, and still be able to use the amplifier's full capacity, I recon.
  8. Obviously no longer in use, but I think my parents still keep this: Me and my sister played a LOT with this back when we were (very) young, and I still think it's brilliant. The red mouthpiece top left is a kazoo, and the orange one is a whistle, and you could make the craziest musical instruments with them. And it stuck, because way before I started playing guitar and bass I played the recorder in school, and my sister played the recorder too and later switched to the flute, which she occasionally still plays today.
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing, there's clearly a wire in the pictures heading towards the bridge.
  10. Keep in mind, when mixing a humbucker with a singlecoil, the center position of your pickup selector switch will no longer be humcancelling.
  11. Quite the opposite: I once brought this to a gig with a rather "serious" pop noir band with Nick Cave-like murder ballads: I'm on the left, this picture was taken 10 years ago. It's a Longbow Bass, and I still have it but never play it. It's a fretless tuned E A. The one on the right is a righty that was originally mine, with the strings reversed, but when I got the chance I ordered one new, a proper lefty (yes, there IS a difference between the two 😛).
  12. It is a long scale, and that's exactly how it was intended! It didn't sell (only around 200), and the remaining unused bodies in the factory were remodelled into a small batch of Fender Swinger guitars in 1969:
  13. I resolved this by having my purchases delivered at my work address 🤫 On topic, my purchases are never really unexpected, but I don't always fully think them through either 😅. When I bought my first Status S2, I HAD to have it, based on looks alone. I had lusted after the very same instrument years earlier but missed out. I was unable to try it first, as it was located in Israel. It was a huge and expensive gamble. The asking price was alright, but I would also have to pay import duties and added VAT so the total price would be higher than I would be able to retrieve for it if I wouldn't like it. It turned out fine, because I absolutely love the thing, thankfully!
  14. Haven't bothered browsing through the whole thread, but since there were several Mustang-related requests, I thought of my own. I'd like to see a lefty Mustang again (the original lefties are rare as hen's teeth and expensive as hell), and I'd love Fender to replace the Mustang PJ with a model that incorporates a regular Mustang split-coil and a '51 P singlecoil with a closed cover in the bridge position for big tone and looks that stay more true to the original design.
  15. LeftyJ

    Ibanez Porn

    Cool! I kinda miss my lefty 1987 SR800LE, it was the easiest playing bass I have ever laid hands on. Didn't get along with the tone and the onboard EQ, but I loved playing it.
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