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  1. LeftyJ

    NBD - AV Basses PJ5

    @BassAgentneeds this in his life, even if he doesn't know it yet.
  2. LeftyJ


    I had a Horizon guitar (with that same headstock, the so-called "c*ck stock") and loved it. I still kinda regret selling that one. The neck was terrific, and the fretwork just impeccable. Enjoy! Looks fantastic.
  3. LeftyJ

    Best Female Bassists - Top 25

    Men could, though 😅 But I agree, and there are definitely some names missing here. Yolanda Charles (Paul Weller ao), D'arcy Wretzky (Smashing Pumpkins), Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle, Pixies), Nik West, Ida Nielsen, Divinity Roxx and so many more.
  4. LeftyJ

    Great 5 string shootout...

    I liked the NG3 and the Peavey best in the clean samples, although I found the NG3 a bit flat and dull. The Thumb really shines with distortion, and keeps a lot of definition and clarity with all the notes still clearly defined, and the NG3 is a close second for me, sounding like a beefed-up version of the Warwick. The Lefay sounds fantastic too, but a bit metallic. The Stingray stood out in a mess of undiscernable rumble with a painfully harsh top end and no midrange, and probably needs some EQing to sound good. I think all basses on display are great in their own right, but some need their own EQ settings to work well.
  5. I'm going to keep an eye on this, I'm really curious to see if I can keep this up. Coincidentally, I've been telling my girlfriend how happy I am with my current gear so I bet she's expecting me to 😅
  6. LeftyJ

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    Same here. I bought a new lefty 4003 at Guitar Guitar in 2009 and it just wasn't for me. Worst ergonomics of all the basses I've owned. Wide, square neck with a totally flat back, uncomfortable angular body, that bridge pickup surround with nowhere to comfortably anchor my thumb. And that bridge design with a loose, wobbly bridge that just rests on two small screws on the tailpiece and would rock back and forth when tuning, rendering any attempt at properly adjusting the intonation useless. I really wanted to like that bass. It was a thing of beauty, and I had lusted after one for years. I sold it at a profit to buy a new car and haven't missed it one bit.
  7. LeftyJ

    Geddy's Bass Book - Out In December

    Just ordered it through Amazon UK too. Considerably cheaper than here in the Netherlands.
  8. LeftyJ

    Geddy's Bass Book - Out In December

    Now now, what would the Nickelback museum need Geddy's basses for? 😉
  9. LeftyJ

    Nordstrand bridge pickup advice

    Humcancelling would be a great match with a splitcoil, as it is wired in series and therefore humcancelling too. Blending a singlecoil with a splitcoil often results in hum when both pickups are on (and when you're playing the bridge pickup solo, of course). Any stacked-coil or side-by-side splitcoil will mix nicely. Nordstrand has some lovely splitcoils in a J-style casing. Nordstrand does not normally make a 5-string version of the NJ4SE, but it sounds like this would be a great match. Might be worth emailing them for a custom quote, as they seem to be open to this. https://nordstrandaudio.com/collections/4-string-jazz-bass-pickups/products/nj4se-hum-cancelling
  10. LeftyJ

    Musicman Stingrays - Overrated ?

    Owned a Stingray 5, and loved it. It had no shortage on the low end, and especially in serial mode it packed quite a mid punch too! I don't think they're overrated, just a bit overpriced (new) outside the US for a fairly basic instrument.
  11. Do these no longer come with magnetic pickups? The CR used to have single-string EMG pickups in addition to the Polar piezos.
  12. LeftyJ

    The One That Got Away

    My "one that got away" eventually did end up with me, just 11 years later! I spotted a unique solid white Status S2 Classic headless for sale on Leftybass.com, with the white epoxy Roman numeral fret markers of the John Entwistle Buzzard model. I'd never seen another one like it, and despite never having played a Status before, I had to have it! But I was too late, it had just been sold to someone in the US. Just before the summer of 2017, 11 years later, it popped back up for sale. In Israel this time! The guy bought it through Leftybass.com when he was studying abroad in the US. He already had a potential buyer, but the guy kept doubting and asking for more pictures. Finally the bass was sold to me, and I've been hooked to Status Graphite ever since.
  13. I don't recall any bass-related purchases this year. I did buy a bassier guitar! (7-string, tuned to B)
  14. LeftyJ

    What is this bass?

    My first bass was a Condor Jazz Bass copy from the 1970s with a heavy plywood body and a fairly nice maple neck with block inlays. It played fine and sounded more or less like a Jazz Bass should. I sold it when I bought my first "proper" bass (Yamaha TRB5II) but later bought another one out of seller's remorse and it was AWFUL. Just sounded dull and honky. Quickly sold it again. I'll never know if that first bass actually was a good one, or if it was just my inexperience and the thrill of owning my first bass.
  15. LeftyJ

    Is this left or right handed? Please help

    I agree. Definitely a righty, and I agree with Beedster and wouldn't buy from this seller.