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    Italia Bass

    I have owned a Torino Bass for a while. Really cool, but heavy and the positioning of the strap buttons combined with the arched back made it want to topple forward at all times when playing it standing up. I did gig it on several occasions and loved the HUGE tone I got out of it.
  2. Looks really cool! I've been impressed with everything I've seen from Alpher on this forum so far. Not a fan of the relic finish, I have learned to embrace them on some Fender-style instruments but have some trouble with them on such modern instruments that haven't been around long enough to have reached that condition from heavy use. It does suit this version though, with some of the more old-school features.
  3. You could try raising the pole pieces first, that might beefen things up already.
  4. Nice! I really liked that on the OLP's I tried too. Very useful control layout, and much more tonal variety than you'd expect from two coils to close together.
  5. Yep, ash. Often it's alder for the opaque finishes, and ash on transparent finishes. Fender did that too in many occasions.
  6. For a minute I thought that would explain why I've been seeing Sadowsky basses with a "Roger" decal on the front of the headstock, but then I looked it up and it turned out to be made in 2009. Whats this then? https://reverb.com/item/36602301-roger-sc-5-left-handed-sc-5-jazz-bass-2009-white-wash-northern-ash-body Edit: sorry for the hi-jack!
  7. Cool, that would actually work! And reversed too: if you lower the area of the fingerboard between the nut and the 12th position and fret it, the higher area from the 12th position up would be totally useful for fretless playing with good action. Awesome!
  8. Cool! Thanks for the replies. I'm really looking forward to trying one out. I hope there will be a nice black friday deal on them, but I doubt it.
  9. I've seen more attempts at this, but the problem is usually getting the action high enough so the few frets it has don't buzz, and low enough so fretless playing is still comfortable. Ibanez made a signature bass for Alphonso Johnson in the early 1980s based on the Musician MC924 but with only 12 frets, called the AJ10. Not a huge success... Fun gimmick for people who genuinely don't venture above the 7th fret and like to show that off.
  10. I've been looking into getting one of these as a practice amp for home use, as I'm deeply impressed with all the videos and reviews I've seen of these tiny amps. It's a collaboration between Yamaha's musical instruments branch and their hifi branch, and packs a 20 watt stereo amp and two full-range 3" speakers. It has 15 guitar amp simulations and 3 bass amps and a whole bunch of effects. I'm planning on using it for guitar mostly, as I really like the idea of a small all-in-one solution that I can take anywhere, that doesn't necessarily have to rely on a computer or external amplification (like a POD). I'm really curious if anyone has ever tried one, and in particular for bass - as none of the reviews I've seen seem to cover bass.
  11. Do keep in mind that area where the mudbucker goes is pretty vital for the neck's stability. There have been several cases where the neck started bowing forward after rerouting the neck pickup cavity (although those I've seen were 4000's, that don't come stock with a neck pickup). Make sure the model you use is suitable for the mod, and that you don't route the cavity too close to the end of the fingerboard.
  12. The Warwick is still available in their webshop: https://shop.warwick.de/de/merch-promotion/merch/warwick-promo-mini-warwick-streamer-stage-i-gig-bag?c=3221
  13. LeftyJ

    PJ conundrum

    I much prefer the looks of the Lakland, I love that colour scheme with all the natural wood and black blocks, bindings and pickguard. I do like the wider pickup spacing of the Fender though, but I don't like the look of a P-bass without a pickguard, it looks too bland to me (unless you're in an 80s rock band).
  14. Good call. I would love one in Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock and rosewood fingerboard.
  15. I'd hit it When it first came out, I hated the Mustang PJ and I still prefer a regular Mustang with the smaller splitcoil. But now I would happily grab one! I don't care if it's MIJ, MIM or MIA, or even a bloody Squier FFS
  16. I'm really gassing for one at the moment, but lack of funds currently stops me from getting one. It's called the Baby Z-4 PJ. There's a JJ too.
  17. I don't have a lot of wishes at the moment. I'm really happy with my Status S2 Classics, followed closely by my MIJ '75 Jazz Bass RI and my Ellio Martina Forza 5. The only thing I would really love to get my hands on are a cool shortscale (come on Fender, give us back a lefty Mustang already!) and a bass with fanned frets. I would love to try a Dingwall NG3 5-string or something along those lines, I've been intrigued by them ever since I first heard of Dingwall. And if Fender won't deliver, I'd be happy to settle on one of these by Atelier Z. Cool Competition Mustang looks, but with a very solid Hipshot B-style bridge and active 2-band electronics.
  18. Found my answer Flat back, curved front:
  19. I can't tell from any of the pictures I've seen, but I was wondering: are these slab-bodied (i.e. fully flat front and back), or is the top curved like a Fender Aerodyne Jazz?
  20. I have an E series Strat that has been my main guitar for over 10 years. It's just great in every way. If this Jazz is of the same quality, it'll be a no-brainer (depending on the price).
  21. I love when he explains the pickup configuration, and it sounds like "Fronto, middle, the other" 😄
  22. Oh man I was never a fan of the c*ck stock (despite having owned a Horizon guitar with that headstock) and this isn't making it better.
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