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  1. Hmmmm ... not for a while unfortunately
  2. Hmmm I'm not sure what colour it is underneath, I'm tempted to have a look as I think the 'purple leopard' is putting people off just a tad
  3. Yes I believe it was just the bridge, I think supply issues from Leo Quan led them to produce their own hi-mass bridge
  4. Adee

    Mustang - Suitable Strings

    Yep D'Addario EXL170M medium scale are perfect fit
  5. That makes sense ! thought the angle was a tad steep, however it does seem to be strung correctly looking a pix etc
  6. SOLD is an original issue Fender Nate Mendel Signature Precision bass. The neck is very playable, with a slimmer C profile, and 7.25" radius rosewood fretboard The pickup is a Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pounder It has a Leo Quan BADASS II high-mass bridge. The body is in a roadworn Candy Apple red finish, All subtlety aged to fit in with the 70s feel. It comes in a padded Fender gig bag with all the case candy tags etc as well as the all important FF neck plaCollection from Oakham LE15
  7. Adee

    MIJ/CIJ Mustang owners able to lend a hand...

    This should do the trick ... https://www.originalscratchplates.com/product/mustangs-bass/ They didn't have the Mustang listed when I was looking, but now they have every config !
  8. Kramer Forum IV Bass Made In Japan in the late 1980’s 2 band active circuitry Spector pick ups (original pick ups) Purple animal print vinyl body wrap - this could be removed Overall condition is very good for age with some dinks and marks to be expected £225 Collection from Oakham LE15 6DG or could arrange convenient meet up Only selling as I now have too many 'Jeff Leopard' basses after acquiring a second Washburn B-80 You are welcome to come and try the bass anytime
  9. Rambo playing a Keytar, nuff said !!
  10. Our Keys player uses a keytar for one tune, Van Halens Jump ! We big it up and gets him out front, the audiences lap it up Tasteless probably but then we are an 80s rock tribute show www.that80srockshow.co.uk Dudes and Dudettes I give you Fish Fingers ...
  11. Awesome looking bass GLWTS !! What is the worthy short scale replacement to something like this ?
  12. Adee

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    No piezo bridge, it’s a Kramer D-1 Disciple
  13. Adee

    Okay, so who here has twins?

    Washburn B-80 twins, never thought I’d find a second ...
  14. Adee

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    I have a new addition to my harem of sexy 80s basses ... a 2nd Washburn B80 in Pearl White, I think It would be easier to find hens teeth !!