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  1. If you are persistent then they will replace your item, I had a sticky stand a few months ago, they sent the lower half and I used my existing top half ... dodgy batch aside they are excellent stands
  2. Just stumbled upon some Suzi Quatro 'The Bass Line' Lockdown Videos She's posted about 34 so far, If its your bag fill yer boots !!
  3. (Not) funnily enough the exact same thing happened to me ! Try emailinging Tim at Fender UK [email protected] very helpful fella that responds very quickly even though he's working from home he sorted a saddle issue on my JMJ
  4. I can confirm this to be true ...
  5. Excellent bass and one of the best collection 'arrangements' I have ever read ... but very sensible too !! GLWS
  6. I picked up my daphne blue JMJ up for a steal (less than £600 used) ... ... although pick up might be a bit of a problem at the moment! Definitely worth looking around
  7. Get one, they are superb and two colours to choose from now !! You won't be disappointed
  8. Some might have seen this useful tool from Stu Mac call the 'Truss Rod Crank for Tele'. It makes Fender truss rod adjustment much easier if you have the cross slot style access at the neck heel ... Down side its a 'tad' pricey for a small bent piece of toughened steel !! Up side you can make simple neck adjustments without taking the neck off or loosening the screws ... you could also make your own if you have the know how. I use mine on my Fender JMJ and Performer Mustangs although some Jazz and Precisions have the same slots
  9. That's my old bass, cracking bit of kit !! GLWTS
  10. Surprised this is still here, fun little bass that will make you smile, ideal for drummers, children, people of diminutive stature or indeed giants ...
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