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  1. I do like a bit of sparkle!
  2. I've been using a HX Stomp now for about 3 years, superb bit of kit either in front of an amp or completely by its self direct, I've had no issues get the tones I want, whats not to like! Not totally sure you'd need the Dark Glass as the Stomp does some decent good distortion ... Only thing you might want to look at too is the Line 6 Pod GO which 'seems' to pretty much do it all too ...
  3. The Prism finish is cool, I went for a Starry Night and love it, you could possibly pick up a Sunburst and have it repainted in a colour of your choice, could be an option, although just finding a used one might be a challenge! The Tim Commerford shorties were nice too!
  4. Absolutely brilliant ... so we all agree if you have a silly lapse of judgement again ... we'll collectively come around your hoose and slap you tits ... HARD !!
  5. I have a JMJ Mustang and its purely coincidental, great spec, cool looks (IMHO) sounds ace, solid ... whilst I totally respect Mr JMJ I only own this particular bass cos of the spec as it prefect for me ... might not be for others
  6. Hi has anyone ordered a replacement pick guard for their Ernie Ball Musicman EBMM Short Scale Stingray in UK Ive got a Starry Night and fancy clear instead of the black
  7. Absolute steal at this price, if you are looking for a short scale that feels and sounds like a long scale, punchy and articulate … well worth a go !!
  8. Excellent basses and a steal at this price, I had one and the necks are very nice GLWTS !
  9. Beware the short scale version is indeed a load of turd and should be avoided
  10. Adee


    Looks suspiciously like an EUB !?
  11. Seems like a good price as long as you can thoroughly test them bearing in mind they are a few years old and you don't know if they have been used and abused
  12. JMJ all the way, I've had a lot of the variants, couple of Japan re-issues, Mex PJ, American Performer and the JMJ is the keeper, feels, looks, sounds superb !
  13. FYI my EBMM Starry Night Stingray Short Scale weighs in at 7 lbs 10 oz
  14. Yep a bandanna is a must or nans wig might end up somewhere it shouldn’t!! … works for me
  15. Definitely very happy with Designacable all good quality parts and great service
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