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  1. Similar to the MiM PJ model but with different bridge, thru body string, US vintage pups, colours, MiJ Link to the Fender Japan website Another announcement link
  2. It is perfect for paper, plastic, composite and especially amazing for MET-TAL \m/
  3. You can both fur cough !!! I’ll have you know that if it had a tuner built in I’d be keeping it !!!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Yep Billy Sheehan all the way for me! Amazing playing style and unusual tone, neither I would really ever use but love listening him, met him a load of times and he's a genuine down to earth guy and worthy Rotosound endorsee and bass ambassador
  6. https://www.ampband.co.uk/ Very good value
  7. I have the HXS running from the 2x 500mA and the G70 from 2x 200mA both worked fine using single but found the CS6 ran cooler when both were doubled
  8. @Osiris any comments?
  9. That is nice ! ....Whats the width at the nut?
  10. I’ve just installed a CS6 under my Pedaltrain Nano+ fits perfectly powering HXS and G70 Wireless using current doublers for both, it runs cooler and hopefully less chance of any issues, very tidy! Andertons currently have them at a good price
  11. Probably been asked a couple of times before but I’m looking to power the HX and G70 wireless off one power supply, anyone successfully using a Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS6 ? I did see ‘talk’ of powering the Stomp off just one 500mAh output on the CS6 anyone tried it ?
  12. LINE 6 Relay G55 Digital Wireless System Fully Boxed in excellent condition comes with additional quality Neutrik silent jack cable
  13. Always difficult, have you asked what budget they are working too? if you've not done anything like this before it could be an amazing experience (as long as you are all confident one of you won't say or do anything that's against their 'different' laws ... or it could be an entirely different experience !!)
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