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  1. Adee

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    That is AWESOME Dude, I used to use one of those in the 80's, I woulds have another !
  2. Adee

    Rare Basses

    This is an '88 Washburn B80, Neon Pink / Blue Crackle finish, rare as hens teeth and very little info about them unfortunately. The 'Stephens Extended Cutaway' is just plain sexy ....
  3. Adee

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    We'll you should see my new Kramer Forum IV !!! .... Purple/Pink animal print body wrap, Spector pickups, Kent Armstrong 2 band active, not sure if that’s original but sounds beefy ... Mr Leopard will be very happy \m/
  4. Fender Original 62 P-Bass pickup, very good condition, brass shielding plate, cloth wire, excellent classic p-bass tone, surplus to requirement
  5. Adee

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    Thought I'd show off the basses I use when playing with THAT 80s ROCK SHOW as my character 'Jeff Leopard' Check out www.that80srockshow.co.uk / www.facebook.com/that80srockshow Charvel 575 Deluxe / Washburn B80 Chicago Series / Kramer D-1 Bass
  6. Adee

    Mustang Bass dimensions (for gig bags)

    The 'Old' Urban is only just adaquate for the mose basic protection and carrying, I'd only get one if you are very careful ... I'd say the same probably applies to the new version Guess it's the price you pay for playing "a fun bass, for beginners, people with small hands or guitarists who want to play bass" (well that how they are usuallly described Grrrrrr !!!)
  7. Adee

    Mustang Bass dimensions (for gig bags)

    This what Fender have to say about the new short scale bass gig bag ... Thank you for getting in touch, 099-1521-106 is the part number you're after, but thats actually a future product and hasnt been launched yet on our website, if you quote this to the retailer they will be able to place it on order So theres a new bag on it's way, it looks like this one ...
  8. Adee

    Mustang Bass dimensions (for gig bags)

    Its ridiculous that Fender make a short scale bass then discontinue the bloomin' bag !!! Luckily I got an Urban bag with my Mustang and its a lovely fit
  9. Adee

    Tiny amps for backup purposes

    I carry a TC RH750 as well as a TC Classic 450 as spare ... never used it but you never know! or ... Peavey MINIMAX ? another ickle amp putting out some seroius Oooomffff for around £250 new https://peavey.com/products/index.cfm/item/659/118756
  10. Adee

    Best Heckle

    I went to a G3 (Vai / Satriani / Robert Fripp) gig a few years ago and Fripp was sat doing his very over indulgent solo piece, it all went very quiet and someone shouted ... "TAXI FOR MR FRIPP !!" Absoloute classic 😂
  11. Adee

    what amp to drive genz 212 nx2

    I'm using a Genz NEOX 212T with a TC RH750 and never turn up beyond 10 o'clock monstrously loud !!!
  12. Adee

    NBD: Classic Charvel Pointiness!!

    Yep rock it Dude !
  13. Fender Bass Moulded ABS Precision / Jazz Hard Case This case is designed to fit Precision Bass and Jazz Bass guitars with rugged extra protection and great comfort and balance. Premium features include durable molded exteriors with molded-in feet, thick-pile plush-lined interiors that won’t scratch instruments, padded neck cradles and roomy accessory compartments, custom-designed TSA latches, black tongue-and-groove valance that ensures uniformly snug closing all the way around, and offset molded handle with comfortable rubber insert. for right-handed instruments only - No key - Stock Photos but case is exactly the same Collection only from CORBY NN18 9BS
  14. Fender '50s Precision in 2-color sunburst with maple fretboard, not the road worn version but the tuners and bridge are tarnishing up nicely although can be polished back if you wanted i guess, the 'Original '62 Pick-up' is smooth and sweet, there are two neat holes where a bridge cover has been fitted but this adds to the vibe . Tug bar fitted, The cavities have also been copper shielded, Fender Strap locks fitted, In all round very good condition - Collection Corby Northants NN18 9BS Would consider a partial trade for a Fender Mex P/J Mustang in White or Sonic Blue with cash my way The Bass ... https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/precision-bass/50s-precision-bass/0131702303.html?rl=en_US The Pick-up ... https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/accessories/pickups/fender-original-precision-bass-pickups/0992046000.html?rl=en_US