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  1. Bright Onions Mini Dual Momentary Footswitch In excellent condition for use with HX Stomp or similar applications via a TRS cable Aluminium enclosure, Neutrik socket, Point to point wiring, Size 93x38x31mm £25 Delivered signed for
  2. I know what you mean, of the three short scales I own the Mustang is the worst for 'neck dive on the knee' Warwick Corvette is a little better and the Music Man Stingray balancing the best for me ... but not prefect Guess it all down to how you sit too ... arm contour does help a lot for comfort
  3. My go too for years now is Jim Dunlop GATOR GRIP 2mm, good to hold, don't slip that easily, the thickness gives plenty of attack but at the same time doesn't have the 'click' that thinner pick have Blurb from them is spot on ... superior playing control and a dark, beefy sound. A matte surface allows for a tight, nonslip grip, and a molded, beveled edge provides for a smooth attack and a soft release so you can play with unimpeded intensity and dexterity.
  4. As suspected the price for the POD GO Wireless seems to be around £550
  5. Yes it’s a Rockbass ... 2015 I believe
  6. For Sale is my 30.5" Warwick Corvette Basic 4 Short Scale. This bass has 24 frets so double octave and is equipped with 2 Active MEC pickups and is in very good condition with only minor swirling you always get on gloss black, no dings, any marks are light reflections etc. Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, Adjustable Just-A-Nut III, Nut width is 38.5mm, weight under 8lbs. The tone of this is what you'd expect from a full scale bass, it doesn't have that short scale woodiness and is very punchy / articulate. 2 Band Active - The 4 controls are Volume / Blend / Bass / Treble Cut & Boost ... which is very useful on hand. £475 collected only, I'm looking for a straight cash sale please, no trades. From Oakham Rutland LE15 6QA or I'm willing to travel for up to an hour for a socially distanced dodgy meet up in a McD's car park once we are able too.
  7. Same, however I have basically built my version with HX Stomp / G70 Wireless / CS6 / Footswitch / Tuner on a Nano+ Tempting for the simplicity and maybe reliability, but probably not worth changing for the sake of it, let's see the price
  8. The POD GO .... goes WIRELESS with built-in Relay receiver and G10TII wireless ! very neat, not sure on the actual price point at the moment, best guess it will retail at about £500-550
  9. Matt Freemen of Rancid had done some 'Bass Bunker Session' just love his busy melodic bass lines !!
  10. Thanks, no just a small overlap and black on the back
  11. That looks excellent !! I had a Kramer wrapped in leopard, the wrap is actually very durable
  12. Oooh they look good, I currently use Jim Dunlop Gator Grip 2mm so might be right up my street ... ORDERED!!
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