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  1. So they have put Tim Commerford on the short scale band wagon! A passive and and active 30" available
  2. Soooo now there a Tim Commerford Sig Short Scale, one passive and and active too !
  3. Looks ace, fab job !
  4. Not a lot in it really and the JMJ feels and plays so good, it's my go too every time, I love it !!
  5. WELCOME !! I'm just on your doorstep in Oakham, Rutland, you'll find there's lots of bass players in the village !
  6. Ashdown Perfect Ten 60 Mini Stack in very good used condition although the VU meter does not work but doesn’t affect anything, 60w Amp and 2x 10” Cabinets angled / straight with blueline speakers. 2x Piranha speaker cables and IEC lead. Sounds very good, Sturdy solid construction, looks really cool and would be great in practice room and could be used for small gigs, it sounds great but I don't need it! I’ve pictured it with my Mustang and stands approx waist height, previous owner stenciled band name on the cabs and has been sprayed back black again, you can’t see it once stacked
  7. Purchased a Line 6 Transmitter unit off Warren, exactly as described, great price, quick delivery, fab communication, buy with confidence !! Thanks dude \m/
  8. Superb choice … solid, resonant, bags of mojo … you will be addicted and love it !!
  9. Exactly right, the Performer whlist it was a very nice bass was a bit 'sterile' the JMJ is full of mojo and tone still love it and I've had a PJ MiM, MiJ, Performer and the JMJ is a keeper
  10. Couple of interesting mods on this DC ...
  11. Absolute genius! He was so prolific that there is some proper dodge in there but there are some gems too. 100+ albums should keep you going for a while, Zoot Allures being one of my highlights ... ENJOY your journey. The Alex Winter ZAPPA movie should definitely be worth a watch too
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