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  1. Here is my contribution to the November 2019 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by the previous winner: Lurksalot. Some reminiscing on past glories in her more senior years, musing on a very well-known theme. It is customary to stand for this piece, but I'll not insist upon that in this form (Can you see what it is yet..?) The structure is not quite as one might expect, being arranged as 'stretched' 3/4 bars in 3/4 time. The baseline composition was given over to BIAB for the skeleton, the bones of which are still in there, but behind several washes of differing textures, floating in and out, some to LFO waves. A Ruby bass, of course, Superior 2 drums, a Kontakt classical guitar, various keys, brass and strings all add flesh to the edifice. Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.
  2. There must be a joke in there somewhere..!
  3. Hmm... £3.7M at current bullion rates, eh..? They're gonna miss me when I'm gone..! ...
  4. ... and finding best ways to reduce blinding headaches from having listened to one's own Big Beet. I should hav... Oh, no..! Here they come again..! One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one,
  5. And the winner is... Lurksalot.! Here, then, is your Winner's Certificate (download and save as pdf file, then proudly print and frame...) ... BC_Chal_Cert_2019_10.pdf ... which looks like this (but bigger, of course..!)...
  6. 38,000,000 is a number. Chin up; all the best.
  7. I'll miss your dulcet tones. Good luck with the sessions.
  8. In 'stereo' mode (or, in your case, two distinct mono channels...), if one amp fails, the other keeps going. In 'bridge' mode, if either amp fails, the whole PA fails. In reality there's little chance of that, so, just for simplicity's sake, I'd keep the 'stereo' mode, and be able to set the volume level separately at each side (useful in an asymmetric stage set-up, for instance...),which 'bridge' mode won't allow, either. Phonically, for the audience, there's no perceived difference. 'Bridge' mode would be useful if expanding the PA, doubling the speakers, for instance, and adding a second, equivalent, amp, as it permits getting the full power from the amp, to drive one side of the new PA rig. Hope this helps; subject to completion, correction and/or contradiction from others.
  9. Who said that..? Is there someone there..? I'm sorry, I can't see in this dark room with my eye-shades on. What..? What's that..? Oh, the pain has almost gone, but the thumping at the back of the skull keeps fading back . My own fault..? Oh, yes, I now know, at my own cost, why I dislike so intensely that Big Beat Disco 'Thump..! Thump..! Thump..!' No, no, leave me; leave me now, please. It's all starting again..! Good gracious, will it never cease..? One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one,
  10. I'd suggest that the most inexpensive, and very effective, method is to have everyone, singer and drummer included, using headphones. It doesn't sound too 'rock'n'roll', maybe, but needs must etc. The physics of it are simple enough; sound is changing air pressures. If no air can leave the room (and none enter, so problem..!), that's a start. Next is the floor, wall and ceiling themselves vibrating, transmitting the air pressure changes inside to sound outside. To stop this, one needs to absorb the energy inside, and that means mass. An extreme would be to play inside a WWII bunker; that's the 'logic' one is looking at. It can be done fairly cheaply (all is relative, isn't it..?), but becomes very quickly industrial, with inner 'Russian doll' rooms of breeze blocks. Complete phonic isolation from the outside world is a Big Deal, so limits would have to be set on what's achievable with whatever budget is available. Headphones then become rather more attractive (to those paying, at least...) Hope this helps; Good Luck with the very worthy project.
  11. Done (but it's certainly not BC's finest. There's a right lot of old carp in there ...)
  12. Here is my contribution to the October 2019 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by the previous winner: Lurksalot. The track title says it all, really; a Big Beet, with a hefty chunk of Cheese. A complete antithesis of the bucolic calm of the photo, but I can't dictate what comes into my head when I see these pictures, so... Two Superior 2 drum kits, and a subtle bass drum sample, three VST bass tracks (Ruby, a Rickenbacker and a Moog...), a sprinkling of free-of-rights samples, the whole caboodle liberally dosed with my 'standard' Cockos treatments (Compression, EQ...), plus Neutrino, Ozone and some sparing dollops of delay, tastefully garnered and mixed with Reaper. When dancing, please try to avoid trampling on the plants; I'm off to buy some more aspirin. Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.
  13. If they are not euphemisms for bagpipes, yes.
  14. Well, it's not Roquette science; how Chard can it be..? I'll do a Big Beet for this month, Cos I can. S'gonna be a Little Gem. Lettuce see at the endive I win, eh..? ...
  15. Hmm... 'Dogless', eh..? Freudian slip..? Intended malice..? Pure coincidence..? The jury is out... Dad3353 ('Douglas' to his friends...) ...
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