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  1. Just saying hi

    Good evening, ZP, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  2. OK, I'll concede. Bangwesi it is, then. I'll get on to Toto tomorrow and get that pesky line changed; they'll be recalling all the currently-sold disks for exchange, of course... "...As sure as Bangwesi rises like Olympus above the Serengeti I seek..." It'll change the scansion a bit, but that won't worry Mr Kimball that much, I don't think. Cool..!
  3. A mirage, maybe..? An optical illusion caused by refraction of the atmosphere due to the equatorial temperatures..? No..? Oh well...
  4. NBD

    If it plays half as good as it looks, you've a winner. Beautiful.
  5. It rises to just under 6000 m, though. (... and in the song, it's the Serengeti that he's seeking, not the real Serengeti. Poetic license, anyone..? Pedants, the lot of you..! )
  6. Would you go to see your band ?

    Then how do you get to know the songs..?
  7. No..? What's that on the horizon, then (view from Serengeti Simba Lodge at sunrise...)..?
  8. Is it me?

    +1 ^^
  9. Music stand for singer

    There seems to be an automatic association between having a music stand on stage and having a stock-still singer peering constantly at the words, ignoring totally the presence of the audience. Whilst admitting that this could, in fact occur in some, rather odd, scenario, I'd suggest that it's a rather pushed exaggeration, and that the simple presence of a music stand is not the cause of such behaviour. Some folks (not just singers...) can, and do, use stands in an intelligent manner, and do not neglect the 'show' aspect of the occasion. Maybe I've just been lucky in witnessing this, but in that case I've been lucky on numerous occasions. Things aren't always as 'black or white' as that; there is scope for at least fifty shades of grey.
  10. Secretive Hello!

    @SodaDreamer Just a suggestion... It may generate more 'traffic' if you could redact a rather more anodyne version of your request (ask for suggestions of 'special' gifts for db players or similar..?) and post it in the 'General Discussion' section..? This is the 'Introductions' section, but not everyone reads these; the GD section will have a much wider, and maybe more reactive, readership. Just be careful to not give too many details as to the recipient..? Just a suggestion...
  11. Secretive Hello!

    Good evening, SD, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. I can't help with the request (I'm a drummer, you see ...), but good luck with getting your nice thought materialised. A lucky bloke, it would seem.
  12. Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    Thanks for all that; very interesting, which I shall certainly follow up. There's no question of me gigging anything of the sort (that ship sailed long ago... ), but for recording at home in our µ-studio, an assembly of such elements would be very useful. I have several Vst kits that could be driven by this, including the very excellent Superior 2. T'will take me a while to go through the videos, and to assimilate the info here; thanks for posting with such alacrity.
  13. How important is the band name for you?

    Yes, mid-September. Sorry you missed it.
  14. Music stand for singer

    Those were the reactions 'back then' when the electric, fretted bass first appeared, though..! 'Real' bass players (those who knew their stuff, and didn't need crutches...) played 'real' upright basses. Only namby-pamby lazy tykes showed up on stage with a wooden shovel and a heavy black box. How times have changed (and tolerance become the norme, eh..? ).