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  1. Well, without the tassels, just the same. One has one's pride.
  2. I've had Vespas and BSA's (and a Sunbeam...), so I lay claim to both camps..!
  3. Nah, hippy generosity (and naivety ...)
  4. Use an italic 'i' when it's a person's name (but not for swearing, naturally...).
  5. No, that's Surf. ... (and not my style of drumming, either..! )
  6. Even in my heyday, no-one would have classed me as a 'thrash' drummer; these days the wheel-chair would be most appropriate, though. Maybe that was what was lacking..? ...
  7. ... and rightly so.
  8. We tried to add this to our repertoire, and rehearsed it a few times. It didn't end well..!
  9. I will never understand why Casady is not more listened to. Superb stuff from the Master (there's plenty more out there...). The others aren't bad, either..! Best listened to as complete albums, of course, even with the 'strange' stuff. Naturally, the segue between tracks is interrupted by the separation into files, but still.
  10. In general, the solution to condensation is ventilation. Heating, whilst inside, makes it more convivial in winter, but it's not the low temperatures that harm stuff, it's the lack of moving air to dry the place out. If there is any valuable stuff stored in there, a camera would be a useful accessory to have. In fact, I'd recommend two, with both of them feeding a remote recorder (in the house, or on t'web..?). This might be able to provide the constabulary with evidence, in case of infraction. Just my tuppence-worth.
  11. Your location might be useful. On the other hand, it might give away your location...
  12. ... although comb and paper, and the kazoo, have been guilty, too, in the past and ongoing.
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