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  1. Dad3353

    Bands that wont learn covers properly.

    Is that a modern version of the expression 'Get on your bike'..?
  2. Dad3353

    Good Grunge Bass

    Maybe not worth labouring the point; it's only semantics and pedantry, really. Does 'blues' come only from the Delta (to some, it does...). Is 'jazz' only New Orleans..? Does Beatlemania include The Dave Clark Five..? There are more, and all good talking points, but... whatever, really. Just my view, of course.
  3. There's not enough room on top of the bass drum for everyone.
  4. Dad3353

    Good Grunge Bass

    Wikipedia, on 'Grunge' ... Grunge ...
  5. Aha..! They perform and play in 3-D..! Good Stuff; thanks for sharing.
  6. Dad3353

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    This being a 'modelling' bass, I'm not sure that the strings themselves affect the sound so much as the modelling that follows. Here's the list of models; the 'flat-wound' notion has already been built into many of them... The 'feel' of the bass would change but, to paraphrase the song: 'the sound remains the same', to a great extent, I'd say. Disclaimer: I've not played a Variax, but I (think I...) understand the technology. Hope this helps.
  7. Dad3353

    Can I learn to stretch further?

    ... or use a shorter scale bass..? T'will sound just fine.
  8. Dad3353

    Very small cab - options?

    The menace of larsen (feedback...) is much greater with an acoustic instrument, so 'rock arena' volume is not going to work. Enough to hear oneself play is usually the goal, I believe, as the instrument itself produces enough volume for many circumstances, and simply requires a little reinforcement. Bigger venues would be covered by a PA, so sheer volume is not the objective. Disclaimer: I'm a drummer, so...
  9. Dad3353

    Hi from Paul F

    Good evening, Paul, and ... Plenty to read and amuse him here, and lots to learn and share.
  10. Dad3353

    Saturdays gig - recorded using Soundcraft UI24

    Well done; that's bloomin' excellent..! You're right it's a great sound, well balanced, even the drums..! Are they mic'ed up or triggered..? He's tight, too, and for those with a log-felling drummer, there's an example of how to drum in the 'rock' genre without bashing away like Keith Moon. An especially superb-sounding snare drum, played very well. One small remark, and I know that space is very limited, but I was afraid for the vocalist's head now and again as you swung around with your hefty long-scale. Swap places, maybe, so she's on the non-neck side..? Splendid Stuff, in any case; thanks for sharing.
  11. Dad3353

    Bass Cab Power to Weight Ratio ???

    Same result as the 1x10 above: Watts : lbs 250 : 15 = 16.7 : 1 S'easy, really. Watts divided by Weight, in lbs, so 250 divided by 15, in this case. Completely different result in metric kilos, however.
  12. Dad3353

    Greetings from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

    I'm a drummer, so P, J, XYZ... I do play bass, though (and guitar, and a bit of keyboard stuff...); my main instruments are Hofner Verithins (bass and guitars...) and a splendid old Hofner Comittee guitar, amongst others. Yes, I'm old..! Plenty of joyful bun fights here, in good humour for the most part, and quite a lot of jovial banter, too. Jump right in, the water's lovely..!
  13. Dad3353

    Greetings from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

    Good evening, Kawarthabass, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  14. Dad3353

    Bros Doc

    And I retained a contrary opinion. I watched it the other day (bought as being recommended as a good documentary, despite not being a fan of their music...). I took them to be almost incapable (on film, at least...) of expressing any real feelings without being misunderstood, or fudging around for fear of being misunderstood, or finding meanings where there were none, and more. The 'shrink' seemed to be manipulating the propos much of the time, and clouding whatever issues they may have wanted to bring up with all sorts of hocus-pocus. For me, the film failed to show just how they get to work stuff out, between the laying down of a rather mundane riff and a basic 'four on the floor' back beat, with a sprinkling of shouty cigarette-packet 'lyrics', into an almost coherent stage performance. Either the interesting parts were left on the cutting-room floor, or were not filmed at all. Still, it was cheap enough, s/h from Amazon, so no regrets, really. I'll not be studying it closely for tips on people management, though.