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  1. Colour me grumpy; I don't mind. I chanced upon this Róisín Murphy, doing a song called 'Incapable', and that was the impression she left on me. Details..? Why not. Daft 'dance' steps, little depth (to me...), lack-lustre 'singing'; I felt no 'presence' nor emotion. She may be a mega-star for all I know, but I saw no 'brilliance'. Never mind; she probably wouldn't like what I do, either, soooooo...
  2. How odd. 9 + 6 = 15. 7 x 2 = 14. How odd..! Now standing at 19 votes from 9 voters.
  3. Look up the web sites of a few function bands and look for a set list in there. Most will have a (possibly very long...) list of what they're offering prospective clients. Here's one, picked at random; there are hundreds in your area... Electric Soul Club Repertoire...
  4. But... but... but... Isn't that how Democracy is supposed to work..? Folk vote for what they want, or that they believe in, and the Majority get what they voted for..?
  5. I ticked the first choice. Disclaimer : I'm a drummer.
  6. M4a. I can pop it onto my Google Drive if you want; you could pick it up from there..? Edit: PM sent...
  7. I had no trouble downloading it using 'get_iplayer'. Worth a try..?
  8. Electricity is supposed to come down one wire (the 'Live'...) and go back up the return wire (the 'Neutral'...). All is well with the world. Then comes the Incident, whereby a Fault somewhere allows the electricity to get to something other than the Neutral wire (a short-circuit, a breakdown in insulation, ingress of liquids, dog chewed a cable... The list is long...). In such a case, the sum of electricity going down the Neutral wire will be less than that arriving from the Live wire, the difference going, perhaps, through the body of a poor unsuspecting Musician, thanks to the Fault. This situation is what the 'Plug Thingy' (a technical term...) detects. Any imbalance above a certain 'safe' level between Live and Neutral is deemed to be potentially life-threatening (indeed, it is...), and the Thingy cuts the juice until the Fault is located and corrected. There, that's the 'simple' explanation. Is it sufficient..?
  9. Syncopate, to leave space for the solo, by playing the root on the 'one' for the first chord (assuming 4/4...), then the root on the 'three' of the following bar. the. Link up with the drummer, who also stops, except for a heavy beat along with your bass notes. Rinse and repeat. So : One ... ... ... |... ... Three ...| One ... ... ... | ... ... Three ... | etc. Plenty of attention given to the solist, and an intereting break from the rest of the song. Try it..?
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