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  1. And the winner is... Fingers211 ..! Here, then, is your Winner's Certificate (download and save as pdf file, then proudly print and frame...) ... BC_Chal_Cert_2020_03.pdf ... which looks like this (but bigger, of course..!)...
  2. Good gear means nowt without good playing to set it off. I thought that all bass players knew that..!
  3. @MoonBassAlpha Some details as to the execution and production of your track, please..? What drums are they..? Who played each part..? Where can I obtain such talent, within my budget, and legally, if possible..? (NB I have no soul to sell, and my kidneys are almost worthless, even to myself, but I'm willing to discuss...) I couldn't change my vote; serves me right for diving in too early, but I would have, honest..!
  4. They're free to take their chances, as long as they sign up..! They probably won't, though, while we have Lenny in there stealing their thunder.
  5. Jack Casady (Hot Tuna..?) ... Why..? A solid grounding in the genre, and great complicity with Jorma, after all the years they've played together. A very versatile player.
  6. Have a look here, maybe..? Vst Bass Amps ... I use Amplitube Custom Shop (the free one...), and Ignite. YMMV
  7. Thanks for that ^^; really refreshing after all these years. Talent..? The fellow had it in spades. RIP. (The video can't be embedded, but the link ^^ works, and it's well worth the watch..!)
  8. Excellent, so thanks for the gesture. To reciprocate, I've ordered it as a hardcopy (I don't have 'Kindles' and such, being old, you see...). Keep well, stay safe
  9. At least..! (Although I have doubts about the 'decent' bit. )
  10. Freudien slip..? No, just a bad case of reading back with 'senior' eyes..! Apologies; it won't hapen again. ...
  11. A big 'thumbs up' on this, and 'Well Done' on at least trying to get a handle on all of it. One is not required to be a working muso to want to get to grips with this, much as one doesn't have to be a pilot to make model 'planes. It's a never-ending subject, with the promise that there'll always be another page to turn. It does become fascinating, I found, once one or two of the pennies 'drop'. For my part, I entertain no hope whatever of ever being able to play even 1% of what I've learnt over the decades, but I still continue to read through stuff well above my pay-grade, and enjoy mentally fitting it all together. Be warned: it's a slippery slope which, if you're not very careful, may, eventually, lead you down that most dangerous of rabbit holes: jazz..!
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