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  1. The guitar lead jack is supposed to make the contact to turn the battery on, with its barrel. It is probable that the guitar jack socket has a short-circuit such that the contact is permanently on. If this is the case, it could probably be fixed by changing the jack socket. That's easy on some guitars, less so on others. Hope this helps.
  2. Good morning, MM , and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  3. I dunno; I've tried cleaning my glasses twice, now, but the picture is still fuzzy. I'll have a better look tomorrow once my old eyes have rested a bit.
  4. No, I don't do clock plates, just Certificate frames (although, now you mention it, that one does look particularly interesting. Hmm... Maybe, with my 3D printer ... )
  5. Ah, at last. You'd be the first to profit from my splendid range of perfectly-fitting frames, hand-crafted from the finest materials to set off the Certificate in the grandest of styles. A very moderate cost, with easy payment terms over twelve months make this a fine investment, making you the envy of your entourage, and very attractive to intelligent and discerning young ladies. PM for details; discreet packaging assured.
  6. Dublin is six hours ahead, so it would have been one minuit past midnight (so the next day...) in Dublin at the time of the assassination of MLK (18h01...)
  7. It was early morning somewhere on the planet.
  8. @NickD Well done indeed, although I must admit I couldn't listen to your track twice, and even the once was with the volume turned right down..! I wouldn't have stayed long at that gig..!
  9. And the winner is... NickD..! Here, then, is your Winner's Certificate (download and save as pdf file, then proudly print and frame...) ... BC_Chal_Cert_2020_06.pdf ... which looks like this (but bigger, of course..!)…
  10. Good evening, Sam, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  11. Whatever. @Thundr: I was joking about the Ampeg stack etc; they're not essential for playing along to jazz, funk, salsa at home
  12. The bloke's beginning on bass. I doubt he'll be playing Bootsie Collins licks, slapping and popping, or envelope following for the first year or so. The Hofner will do 'funk' darned well, with the right strings (helped by some mastery of the techniques by way of the fingers, naturally...). It's certainly not the 'one trick pony' you're suggesting. How would I know (I'm a drummer...). My principle bass is a vintage Verithin, strung with black nylon, and it sounds fine for the wide repertoire our group played, back in the day. The Ibanez would give a good account of itself, too. I don't understand this notion of any one make of bass for playing at home in different styles. Still, I'm not the OP; he'll decide for himself, maybe by acquiring an Ampeg stack, a p-bass and a Bass Balls pedal. I'll leave it there...
  13. Such a shame, to see such sectorism on the Forum. There's nowt wrong with any of the basses the OP was inquiring about. One may play any of the styles, and more, with any of 'em. He did explain that the aesthetics of those basses pleased him, and that noodling 'unplugged' would be a 'plus'. I maintain that the Hofner and Ibanez are fine for his needs.
  14. I got up early this morning, to taxi Our Daughter to the station. Upon return, I listened to Schubert's 9th, but nodded off after only a couple of minutes. When I awoke, I set it off again, so got to hear it all just the same. It was ending just as the post lady arrived. Happy daze.
  15. Of those, I'd suggest that the Hofner (HTC500/7...) or the Ibanez would fit the bill. The Hofner has a centre block, and produces much less acoustic sound (but can be amplified to a higher volume without feedback...). The ibanez has a fully ajustable bridge, for setting up intonation. I play a vintage Hofner Verithin bass, and for home noodling, there are no intonation issues, but the set-up is a bit more primitive than the Ibanez. One enormous advantage with any of these basses is the light weight..! A boon for an old fogie such as myself. The Hofner is a 'normal' 4-string, the Ibanez a 5-string. I can't say if that's of any great value to you or not. Be prepared to invest in a decent case for any of these guitars, as they are more easily damaged than 'planks'. Some 'soft-hard' cases for acoustic guitars can be found to fit, but the dimensions would need checking. Hope this helps, if only slightly. Douglas
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