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  1. Here is my contribution to the September 2019 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by the previous winner: myself..! A segue of sorts taken from various MIDI files I had lying about, and sewn together to create a toe-tapping serving of toasted cheese. BFD3 drums, Roland percussion, a Sensual Saxophone backed and doubled by The Ladies in fine voice. Roland was used for the piano, a Spicy Guitar for comping, several Kontakt instruments and, of course, my Ruby acoustic bass. No Fx, just a splodge of Neutrino for each track, the Cockos NY Drum and Master busses and a final dollop of Ozone to bind it all together. Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.
  2. Thanks, folks. Something a bit more Challenging for the September Challenge, though, so off we all go (just follow the link above ^^ ...), to be inspired to enter an entry..! Good luck...
  3. And the winner is... Me.! Here, then, is my Winner's Certificate (which I don’t need to download and save as pdf file, but will certainly proudly print and frame...) ... BC_Chal_Cert_2019_08.pdf ... which looks like this (but bigger, of course..!)...
  4. A small cognac, a little before it all starts. Do not exceed the dose, though. You could also set up, yourself, a video camera, pointing only at yourself. This can be done in advance, at home, in the car, at rehearsal... Good luck with the studio takes.
  5. One like this will do the job; they're easily available from many sources... 'IEC'-type mains cable with UK plug and socket ...
  6. I'll repeat the post on September the 10th, then (and I didn't notice any smut... ).
  7. Very tight-fitting lower undergarments.
  8. No, sir, I am not, and any 'planing' I do is down to officially-prescribed medicinal drugs..! ... No, seriously, there is already a splendid 'sticky' topic giving bucket-loads of advice on home recording in general; any 'mixing and mastering' tips would, I think, find a natural home there. I'd post tips there myself, but for lack of competence. Disclaimer: I'm an old, half-deaf dummy with limited skills but almost unlimited time to devote (until my Last Trump is sounded, naturally...), and, once I get an idea in my head, I just work it through until I'm satisfied that it won't get any better. My 'mixing' consists of listening, then listening again; repeat ad nauseum until I like it. I use 3db steps when altering levels, as any less makes no difference to my cloth ears. For mastering, I used to cheat by using AAMS, a mastering software suite with a whole lot of presets; I'd just choose the genre I thought best suited. Nowadays, I'm using Ozone, with another set of presets, with which I do the same. Yes, it's lazy, but my competence stretches no further than that. As for 'subtle': that's the first time I've had that used regarding any of my offerings, and I'll take it as a huge compliment (such is my vanity...). It's far from the usual epithets associated with my contributions. It can't be down to my failing hearing; maybe I'm just getting a little bit luckier..? Many thanks, in any case.
  9. ... and the teeth chattering, and knees knocking..!
  10. Here is my contribution to the August 2019 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by one of the previous joint winners: Upside Downer. A bare bones composition somewhat sparce, with, I hope, a quizical atmosphere. The essentials were teased out of EZ Keys, underpinned with a Trillian acoustic bass. Some horn playing, naturally, by Roland. The purring cat is hidden behind some royalty-free atmospheric pad samples; a dose of Ozone finishes it all off. Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.
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