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  1. Dad3353's post in 'Report post' link was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the comment (and the compliment..!). We'll see what can be done. Please understand, however, that any 'customisation' of the Forum has a high penalty associated with future updates, and the policy is always to limit this as far as is reasonable. Thanks in advance for your comprehension.
  2. Dad3353's post in Basschat's issue with advertising trades? was marked as the answer   
    Trading an item is not what the 'Wanted' section is for. You may place an ad in the 'Basses For Sale' section, giving the value of the item to be traded, and specifying 'Trade only; no cash sale'. Any bass can be offered or asked for as a trade, except, of course, Rickenbacker basses, as BC cannot guarantee the authenticity of such instruments. Trading a 35" scale for a 34", for instance, is perfectly permissible, provided that the valuation of the bass is correct.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Dad3353's post in Deleting Posts.??? was marked as the answer   
    To get a post deleted, Report it, with an explanation, and a tame Mod will have a look at it quite quickly.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Dad3353's post in Un link from thread was marked as the answer   
    Select your login ID (top right...); there's a menu entry 'Manage Followed Content', where any or all topics followed may be seen and edited.
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