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  1. OK, OK; I'm on the case. We'll see what I can do. (No peace for the wicked, eh..? Still, keeps me fit'n'active, up to a point. Mustn't grumble, and it's good to feel wanted...)
  2. You will not have noticed my lack of attendance of late on this forum. Attitudes of the sort are the reason. I'll get back under my rock. I still moderate, but my modest contributions are apparently not appreciated. Never mind; I've other hobbies. Carry on...
  3. Why so touchy..? It's a genuine question; do folks really find this level of detail that important..? OK, I play drums, but I've several basses and guitars; not once have I considered the nut width, even less measuring it. I'm pretty sure that they're all different, though. Does an 1/8th really make a bass unplayable..? Maybe; what would I know..? No need to go off in a huff, though, no kittens have been hurt.
  4. Do people actually sweat over these things..?
  5. @Jack... I can't see why you'd want to inverse polarity. There are no phase issues in sending sound to left and right of the stage. Keep the volume as low as reasonable to reduce 'slap-back' echo from the end walls and that's about it. There's no issue, really. Enjoy the event. Hope this helps.
  6. Would something like this do the job..? ... I printed this, and the p/up surrounds, on my 3D printer for @PaulThePlug (his photo...); he attached them with double-sided tape. I can print any (reasonable...) length or size; any use to you..?
  7. Good evening, @Basschateric99, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  8. Good evening, @Andrewvexx4, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  9. If it wasn't driving the Ampeg, maybe..! I have other small powered monitors I could have brought, but the idea of the cut-down kit was to be a simple, plug'n'play rack, and it's our first time out with e-drums, so it's part of the learning curve (who'd 'ave thought it, eh..? Still learnin' at that age..!). If I have to go complicated, I might as well bring the whole caboodle laptop an' stuff and have Superior Drums to play. Or bring the Camco back into the swing of things and give everyone a treat..!
  10. Not last night, but last Saturday, a three-hour afternoon 'invitation only' private do, organised by our 2nd guitar/keys. The hall, originally, in bygone days, a stable for coach and horses, it's quite spacious enough for the fifty or so folks attending. Firstly, though, a clean sweep... Plenty of access from the wide-open side door... S'not as easy as all that, this 'ere keys stuff... ... but it all works come the sound check ... A first outing, too, for the newly-built and as yet unpainted, Hartke-driven bass combo (more on that in the Build section of the forum...). Unproven for 'live' work, we'd hedged our bets with the Ampeg, just in case, and just as well, as the combo isn't up to the task on its own. Maybe with the planned 4x5 extension cab..? The Ampeg was fine, of course, so no worries for the evening... Some pre-gig ambience from our LED PAR lights... An unusual format for this, our first outing for a couple of years, with a two sets alternating two or three as The Daub'z, with all five of us, and two or three songs as a solo or duo, giving a sort of cabaret feel to the occasion. A first outing, too, for one of my e-drum kits, for a more cut-down, one-hand set-up, which worked quite well. No need for a massive FOH for such a small room; it's the Behringers on sticks that you see in the corners. This meant, however, no foldback, which makes e-drums a little... erm... 'delicate' to play. All I hear is the clickety-flack of the nylon tips on the pads, and nothing at all from the bass pedal..! The event went off well, with a good turn-out, despite hard rain all day, and a splendid time was had by all. If I get any decent shots of us playing, or, even better, any video, I'll add them here. As a group we shared a marine choucroute for evening meal after breaking down the gear and I was home at half-past ten. A format to be repeated, with some slight technical adjustments. I'm not sure it would work quite so well with a 'cold' audience, but we're unlikely to be playing out again for some time yet, in any case. Altogether a very satisfactory, if modest, event, so 'Happy Daze'.
  11. This would be a starting point; I often use it as a 'baseline' bass line, as it's so darned easy and simple ... 4Front Bass Vst ... For splendid ones, I'm afraid some monies have to be disbursed; Spectrasonics 'Trilian' comes high on my list, but we're up in the 200€ stratospheres (it's worth it...) ... Spectrasonics Trilian ... Toontrack's EZBass does what it says on the tin, too, at 150€ ... Toontrack EZBass ... Ah, but 'Free...', you said..? OK, AmpleSound offer this one from their excellent range ... Amplesound Bass P-Lite ... There, that'll keep you busy for an hour or so...
  12. Here is my contribution to the September 2021 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by the previous winner: Doctor J. Introspection again, I'm afraid. Taking stock, reflection, inspired by the (apparently...) more simple life led by (apparently...) more serene sentient creatures. Are they telling us something..? Can sentiments be transmitted..? Yes, they can (apparently...). Mostly Oliviya Nicole (Ghosthack...) samples knitted together, E minor vocals underpinned by G major guitar work. Tempos have been adjusted to create the overall feel. The drums are... absent; there are none..! I played the basson 'live' with my tiny MIDI keyboard, and all mixed in Reaper, with no treatment at all, save my usual Cockos NY Glue on the master track. The lyrics are further down (originally titled 'Alone'...)... Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy. Lyrics... All we have is now Yesterday is gone We have so much time Let’s not stay alone Alone No one should be on their own Alone There’s light after every storm Let it go You’ve got to move on With your life No time to wait Find a new someone Love is not to waste Let it go Love is the cure
  13. Good evening, @D0gS0litud3, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  14. The workshop area has been occupied lately with guitars being built or repaired, and other luthier nonsense, but we have a private concert to play this Saturday, so it's high time to turn this flat-pack into a combo. I've all the components ready and waiting (all except small screws for the corner protectors, but they should arrive Saturday morning, with any luck, and can be fitted later, anyway...). Here's some snaps of the last couple of days. First, the 'cube' gets clamped up, after having routed out the handle spaces ... The speaker baffle is used to check the installation of the shelf for the amp at the right height... 'Measure twice, cut once'; an excellent maxime... Nearly there; this is the 'port' being glued in. Not much space for the clamps..! The handles have been fitted, too, and the edges routed round, ready for the corner protectors.... Tomorrow should see the shelf fitted and the baffle glued in. It only then needs the back screwed on to make it functional, once we've passed the cable through to the amp, which will be bolted to the shelf. All that remains is to allow the glue to cure a little before testing. I may have time to paint it (well, a first coat, maybe...). If the corner screws arrive, it'll be complete, just in time..! Fingers crossed, then...
  15. And the winner is... @Doctor J ..! Here, then, is your Winner's Certificate (download and save as pdf file, then proudly print and frame...) ... BC_Chal_Cert_2021_09.pdf ... which looks like this (but bigger, of course..!)...
  16. Dad3353

    Hi all

    Good evening, @Fat1975j, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  17. Sorry, but there's no help for it; it's a whole subject, with much (or all..?) subjectivity. It depends on what sound you're aiming for. Do you have any reference examples, any tracks that have the sound you're after..? Could you post a sample or two of what you're already getting, with your comments as to why it doesn't 'float your boat'..? The basics for drums start, as with the bass, with tuning. If we leave aside the snare and toms (you seem to be content with those...), the bass drum has to be tuned to the sound you want, before getting into mics and stuff. If you've no resonant head, this makes things a little simpler, so lay it down on its reso side and tune the batter head to the sound you want. The short version is: loosen all the rods off, then tighten them each to just starting to move the head. Once they're all at this same point, go around in 'star' fashion, tightening one turn at a time, until the drum starts to 'sound'. from then on, tap lightly on the head (finger will do...) a couple of centimetres from the lug. Listen to the pitch, tap each lug and tighten each until they all sound the same pitch. This pitch can be altered to suit the resonance of the shell (there are several; take your pick...); you'll need to have the drum sat on its feet for this. Get the head to the tension you want, testing now with a beater, but making sure that each lug has the same pitch. That's the important part. Normally, a quarter turn of a rod will be quite enough to adjust finely, once you're 'in the zone'. I'm assuming, again, that, if you're no resonant head, you're looking for a 'thud' or 'thwack', rather than any 'boom'..? You may want to dampen the batter head, in that case, with a folded towel placed inside the drum, between the bottom and the head. Again, adjust to taste. Once all this is done, you can think of recording. If it's this 'dead, cardboard box' sound you want, any decent mic, inside the drum, aimed at the spot where the beater strikes, will get you started. No real concerns about placing in the room, as it's the 'dry' sound you want (no resonance, remember..?). For my taste and style, it's pretty much the exact opposite of how I go about drums in general (I'm not a fan of 'concert toms'; they had their use at the time, but Time marches on...), and consider the resonant head as being an essential part of the 'soul' of a drum, but that's just me. If you're playing without, then well-tuned, very close-mic'ed will be the entry point. Any special mic needed..? In theory, yes, but a lot can be done with any decent mic with enough resistance to sound pressure (so no ribbon mics up close...). A good mic recording a badly-set up drum won't help, though, so get the drum sounding at its best first. Any help..?
  18. Not this time; I'm good, but not that good. These are Superior Drums 3, using a sound set called, appropriately enough, and by coincidence, 'Birds'. I do, on occasion, record 'live' drumming with my e-kit (usually, again, Superior Drums...) and, on even more rare occasions, my acoustic Camco kit. I tire very quickly these daze, so I tend more and more to opt for the 'armchair' solution, but it all depends on the inspiration of the moment.
  19. You'll get on well with Mr Garcia, then. High quality stuff.
  20. A difficult one, as their repertoire is so vast in styles, and evolves over time and concerts, so there's no 'definitive' GD album (nor concert...). If choosing for other than sentimental reasons, I'd recommend, for their musicality and 'ease of access', 'Music From The Mars Hotel' and 'Blues For Allah'. I'm constantly harking back to 'Anthem Of The Sun', but there's some 'experimental' stuff there that might deter those wanting a clear run. Of course 'American Beauty' and ... No, no point; the list would be too long. If neither 'Mars Hotel' nor 'Blues For Allah' hit any spots, try Abba. Hope this helps (but it probably doesn't ...).
  21. Good afternoon, @DanutBlaga , and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  22. Someone has to keep the Lords and Masters supplied with cream crackers and bourbons. They don't grow on trees, y'know. Anyway, what's a few groats between friends..?
  23. Do-able, but costs a fortune. Worth it..? Maybe. @Seashell2 : Welcome back...
  24. Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
  25. Update: I received an email from Rod, at PineGrove Leather, advising me in friendly terms that, since the new EU set-up, it would cost me more to receive if posted by them directly. He offered me the option of cancelling the order, then going through their EU outlet (Etsy...), for which he'd create a special 'one off' sale for me to order. The result is lower postage costs, and no import fee from the French gumment. I've accepted this solution, and the original order has been cancelled, with the new one now gone through. I think this is worth mentioning as being Good Customer Service, for an item which is, let's face it, rather small beans for such a company. Other companies could take a leaf from their book in pro-active consideration of their clients. Well done, Rod, and thank you. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the post lady to stop by..!
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