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  1. Meinl, from Thomann..? Don't go for retractables, and keep 'em (with all your sticks...) in a decent drumstick bag. I have ha the same pair from more than a couple of decades ago, with no issues (breakage, loss of bristles etc...). Disclaimer : I'm not a 'shed builder', especially with brush-work. Hot Rods are an option, too, if more 'oomph' is required, but they are always on the 'breakables' side, whatever the marque. If you're 'swirling' on the snare, be sure to use a textured head (Evans Genera Dry Coated are splendid...). Hope this helps.
  2. I'm amazed at how many posters in this Forum have 'gold standard' hearing, despite the sometimes kilowatt rigs and shed-building drummers they apparently frequent, and the age groups of many. I'm pleased for them, naturally, and long may that last, but I'm still amazed.
  3. I suppose now you're hopping for a swift recovery..? ...
  4. In moving to France, for some years my sole income was from playing drums, in a variety band, depping and functions. Then I married, bought a (ruined...) cottage and got a real job (technicien in a music shop...). I kept on with the gigs, but now had a salary as well. Happy daze.
  5. In the '50s and '60s there was much less exposure to commercial pressures, or even presence. We had no television, no music magazines, just the BBC's Home Service for radio (Listen With Mother, The Archers and the News...). I had no idea whatsoever when I bought my first guitar, no more when I bought my first bass, and still nothing when I bought my first drums. I have no childhood 'heroes', and would not associate any instrument with any player; my firm belief is that it's all in the fingers, not the instrument/amp/Fx or whatever. My 'idols' impressed me by their playing, whatever the rig, if I even knew what stuff they had. I've seen many of 'em, with many different set-ups, and they always sounded like themselves. (Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Spencer Dryden, Christian Vander, Joe Morello, Richard Thompson, Martin Lamble, Frank Zappa... to name just a few...).
  6. When Blockheads meet Beefheart (sub-title 'Hit Me With That Trout Mask Replica...)
  7. It was very common, in the rigs I've had to handle, to have two 'bass' channels anyway; one for the DI, the other for the mic on the cab. Two DI's wouldn't bother me at all; I'd simply pach the second DI in the stead of the cab mic. I'm not talking about a six-channel Peavey desk, of course, but I wouldn't call such a set-up an 'expensive PA'.
  8. Yes indeed. Paganini has rather sunk from view, too. How fickle folk are.
  9. You're entirely welcome, but I can't deliver. Collection only (but I make a pretty decent cuppa...).
  10. Well, when you're next over here in France, depping without your usual instruments, pop in. I'll even brew a cuppa, with a ginger nut or two.
  11. I'm not sure that many would ask often to borrow my n° 1 bass...
  12. What..? Shirley not..! Was it not a 'super expensive PA'..?
  13. Do you play Cream covers..? Asking for a friend.
  14. Keys are very capable of putting out extreme frequencies at extreme levels, yet pass through many PA systems with no issues, when dealt with correctly. A bass causes no 'special' issues for any PA that can handle keys.
  15. Well, I was thinking more Schubert's Ninth, but... whatever. Hmm... Food for thought.
  16. In all the venues I've seen and done sound for, a pair of Xlr's from any instrument would be the dream scenario. Just plug 'em into the channel strips, correct for gain and balance in the mix and 'Bingo'..! I've yet to come across a PA that a bass could harm, if fed in this way. From the rest of your 'issues', I'd suggest that you were unlucky in getting a below-par sound guy, s'all. Change nothing.
  17. I've yet to meet up with enough like-minded trombonists. Substitute keys just don't cut the mustard, I'm afraid.
  18. My kind of music..? Schubert etc, but not much call for drummers playing that repertoire in pubs'n'clubs.
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