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  1. Looking to move my gorgeous Aztec Gold Lakland J-Sonic 5. Superb condition with just one significant scratch on the rear (see pic) which occurred a wee while after most of these pics were taken. Ridiculously low action on this and extremely well set-up, wearing a fresh set of D’Addario nickel wound, string through body. Sound-wise think passive jazz but with a smidge of p-bass thump. It sits really well in a live mix, just enough cut without being harsh or losing the beefiness. I’ve just kinda fallen out of love with it a bit since finding 4 string love again. Open to cash offers near the asking price and we can talk about possibly shipping it if you’ll cover the cost. Would definitely consider a swap or part-ex deal with cash either way depending on what you’ve got to sell, particularly interested in: Fender P or J (or even PJ) 4 Lakland 4 or 5 Yamaha BB1024/1025x Yamaha BB P34 or P35 Yamaha BB 734a or 735a Sandberg California II Warwick Streamer poss. Musicman StingRay 4/5 I am a sucker for a pretty paint colour and also maple fretboards so hit me up. PM me or txt/call 07515929935 Pete
  2. My gig journey: Wedeges plus amp/cab for FOH IEMs for monitoring and amp/cab for FOH IEMs amp/cab for monitoring and DI out from amp to PA for FOH IEMs for monitoring and modelling out from amp to PA for FOH IEMs for monitoring and built-in modelling in the PA mixer for FOH Sometimes miss the physical aspect of cab onstage but happy that set-up, soundcheck and strip down for entire band now takes just minutes and my ears are a lot happier.
  3. Have had this amp for a couple of years now and it is absolutely phenomenal. The power stage is pretty straightforward. It can be used to deliver 1000w to an 8 ohm load in bridged mode or in stereo mode 2 x 500w at 4 ohm; 2 x 300w at 8 ohm. It carries a choice of solid state and valve amps from the MarkBass range as well as some classic all of which can be quickly accessed through the dedicated solid state, tube and vintage buttons. Whichever amp you select, the front panel gain and EQ behave as you'd expect them to. Additional features of the particular amp, for example the VLE and VLF filters are set via the controls to the right of the screen. It's here too you can select the speaker models to use (if any), and again there are a nice selection available from the MarkBass range. It's there also that you get to set-up your effects, with up to 8 slots available (two of which default to the amp and speaker, but these can be changed). There are 20+ effects you can deploy in any order you see fit, these include all the usual suspects: overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, reverb filter, auto-wah, compression, synth etc. and all are fully adjustable for their various parameters. You can control all of this using the MIDI pedalboard and you can do so in a couple of different ways: either using the board to turn on/off the 8 effects currently loaded or you can save a patch or a song and then use the board to select the patch. There's also a built-in tuner and DI out. I've gigged this amp for the past few years and it is exceptional. I sent the DI to the desk and had a cab (or two) behind me. Never struggled to be heard. We use in ear monitors and earlier this year we made the leap to abandoning the backline and just going through the PA which for me just meant turning down the amp volume initially and relying on the DI. I've now moved to using the MarkBass models in the PA which, while nowhere near as extensive as the options in the MultiAmp, are usable for our needs and mean we can have a super-quick set-up and takedown. As such, this amp has been on the shelf and I don't see myself using it anymore. The whole set-up cost the best part of £1400 new - I still have the box in the loft I think - but I recognise that it isn't going to be worth anything like that. I've put £700 as a value and if someone wants to make a cash offer, I'd be interested but really keen to try and trade this for a bass(es) or possibly a MarkBass combo or LMIII head, just so I've got something for emergency use if needs be. Part-ex either way could work. I also have a MarkBass Club 121 with cover which I could add to any deal.
  4. Never quite got the pricing on the bb2024/5x basses. The P34 and P35 are their replacements in the current line-up, they just priced them at a more sensible (imho) price point, but there are still a few 2024/5x knocking about at £2k plus. Obviously, arguable as to which is the better instrument due to the new dimensions and I for one would prefer a toggle switch than vvt controls on my P34, but I love the newer neck and body
  5. A lovely bass I'm sure but not my bag sorry.
  6. If I can find a buyer fir my BBP34 I will be all over this.
  7. Done lots of gigs with this over last few weeks and decided it's not going anywhere.
  8. Definitely the BB2024/2024x were selling new for around £1500. I nearly pulled the trigger on one at £1395 (regrets...). I have a P34 now and have owned a few 1024x. The latter is a really great bass and superb value at the pricepoint, especially secondhand. The P34 is spot on though. There is not a single flaw in the finish/set-up/fret dress etc. The hardware is super high quality (not that the 1024x is poor). Would that all add up to £800/£1000 of difference if we're assuming the same refinements apply in the 2024 world? For me, probably not. Definitely not at the current prices I've seen new models advertised at which are more on a par with some of the boutique, custom order basses you can get. Secondhand difference £1300 v £450? I'd personally have three 1024x in white, caramel and sunburst. Or maybe just one and pocket the cash. The P34 is much more realistically priced new. I just wish there were a couple more colour options.
  9. Does it really weigh 11lbs or is that maybe the packing weight?
  10. If anything, it’s a clean cut. My guitarist at the time had recovered his amps but used some ancient corners, one of which was razor sharp. The bag got it on it’s second outing, as did the leather in my car and my forearm. Done probably 200 gigs or more since so not an issue in regards strength or durability. The covering is remarkably strong. Just not stronger than said guitarist was dumb. Heres a better pic.
  11. Black one sold, grey/orange one still available £140 posted in UK.
  12. Got two one of these mother of all gigbags but don’t really need as no longer in van so switching to a smaller double bag. Black one is barely used and is almost pristine, £160 posted in UK. Grey one has done the bulk of my gigs and shows signs of use. £140 posted in UK. PM me or txt/call 07515 929935
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