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  1. If anything, it’s a clean cut. My guitarist at the time had recovered his amps but used some ancient corners, one of which was razor sharp. The bag got it on it’s second outing, as did the leather in my car and my forearm. Done probably 200 gigs or more since so not an issue in regards strength or durability. The covering is remarkably strong. Just not stronger than said guitarist was dumb. Heres a better pic.
  2. Black one sold, grey/orange one still available £140 posted in UK.
  3. Got two one of these mother of all gigbags but don’t really need as no longer in van so switching to a smaller double bag. Black one is barely used and is almost pristine, £160 posted in UK. Grey one has done the bulk of my gigs and shows signs of use. £140 posted in UK. PM me or txt/call 07515 929935
  4. P-T-P

    Lakland DJ5 Black Sparkle

    Has this got the Aero pick-ups? IIRC, think the Aero have black and white, plastic wrap while the Fralins have black and white (ish) cloth wrap.
  5. P-T-P


    Open to cash offers if anyone wants to make them. Pete
  6. P-T-P


    About 4.3kg or 91/2 lbs on the kitchen scales. Not superlight but definitely not monster heavy either and sits very nicely on a strap.
  7. P-T-P


    Looking to sell this lovely thing . These are epic tone machines, same materials, design and pick-ups as the (now) £2000+ 2024x, just without the aging process and Made in Japan tag. The P pick-up does the P-bass thing perfectly and the jazz is superbly matched to it in output and delivers a really burpy tone when the two pick-ups are both engaged while solo it is ace for snarly fingerstyle. Great slap tone too. The bass is in really good nick but has been gigged so has a few scratches and dings. Nothing horrific, will try and get some more pics for anyone who wants them. Comes with a hard case that is pretty much on it's last legs but which would provide ample protection for shipping the bass. Looking for £475 including delivery to UK addresses. Open to offers for collection (from Chepstow, S. Wales). Ideally would like a quick cash sale as have my eye on something so very much open to decent offers. Not really looking for trades excepting possibly a Yamaha BB 734a, BB 735a or BB 1025x or maybe one or two of the smaller MarkBass cabs. PM me or call on 07515 929935. Pete
  8. Yeah, all new. Will take some pics when I get a mo.
  9. I've got some string sets I'm not likely to use so looking to sell or possibly swap. 3 x GHS Bass Boomers 4 String, Light Gauge (40 55 75 95) - really liked the tone of these but just a bit too light for my taste. 2 x EBS Northern Light Titanium Nickel 5 String, Classic Medium Gauge (45 65 85 105 128) - these cut through the mix really well but a little too bright for me Looking for £17.50 each posted in the UK. Could potentially swap for other strings as I'm still in search of a new string of choice since they changed the coating on the DR Extras a few years back. Quite like the Lakland nickels which, I believe are GHS boomers repackaged, also had a bass a few years back with great but unidentified strings that had silver/grey silks on them. I like a medium or medium/light gauge so 40/45 for the G to 100/105 for the E. Cash always good though too. I'm in Chepstow, S. Wales if you're thinking of collection. PM me or send me a txt to 07515 929935. Pete
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  11. P-T-P

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    On the whole 1024/5 versus 2024/5 thing... I questioned the price difference, though I have to say I can recall the 2024/5 being available, new, at around the £1200 mark with the 1024/5 at the £650/700 range. Anyway, I went back and fore a few times buying/selling 1024x basses and always loved the tone but also always felt something intangible was missing. As much as I really wanted a 2024, I couldn't justify the new price and the rare occasions they came up as second hand, were always priced using the "These originally retailed at £250,000,000 so my secondhand price of £50 less than you can buy a new one for..." method stayed my hand. Fast forward to a few months back where I picked up yet another 1024x and I finally was convinced enough that I really liked the PJ combination, the neck and body shape etc. so I decided to take the plunge on a BB P34 I know it's not like for like, but it is the replacement for the 2024 series with the same refinements. Worth every penny. The hardware is flawless, the finish spot on, great weight, smashing set up and the bass absolutely sings, before even being plugged in. It is unbelievably resonant. My one and only criticism would be lack of colour choice. Otherwise, better than any Fender, Lakland, FBass, Warwick, Status I have owned and I've had numerous of each!